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NAME: Liam. Zai. Whatever you want to call me. 'Overlord Pengis' is also accepted.
"Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese." - Billie Burke. 17, anyway.
GENDER: I'll go check. Ask again later. edit: I DISCOVERED A PENIS.
ORIENTATION: I don't judge love, bby. Feel free to hit on me.
LIKES: Anything that doesn't annoy me. edit: I love you, you sexy beast.
DISLIKES: Anything that annoys me.

Something amazing I learned from someone elses profile. (No, I do not stalk other people profiles. DD: ...occassionally. BUT ONLY WHEN THEY REVIEW. I mean. Uh. Shit. Nanana.) But. Subtext = BUTTSEX. WTFUCK.

Things I Honestly Believe About Writing/Will never do/attempt AND a list of random stuff that involves my writing:

1. Rape. One word. I don't want that word in my stories unless it's in a joking teenage boy sentence of, "You just raped me!" "Stop whining like a bitch. It's only a headshot." "RAPIST." And such. Most rape fics I read are horribly written, and are usually a minor point an author throws in just to make it more dramatic or lay the stepping stones for another plot idea. There are some good ones out there, and I applaud them. A lot.

2. School AUs. Actually, this carries over to a lot of different AUs. Maybe AUs in general. I believe there are two things an AU can be. Either brilliant, amazing, awe-inspiring, breathtaking. Or it can be complete and utter shit. -- I have actually been writing a lot of AUs. I wonder if I meet my own standards. The ideas sound nicer in my head. I've been thinking about a school AU of some sort.

3. I have high standards of stories. Usually. Sometimes I just follow a story for the plot because I liked it/I'm somehow having an off day.

4. I give short reviews for the most part. God. You have NO idea how hard it is for me to write a long review. Seriously. I try though. I really do.

5. Japanese words in a story confuse me.

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Basic Information:

Name: Zaiyle/Liam/Li/Zai

Age: 17

Place of Manufacture: California

Height: 5'10"/177.8cm

Weight: 138.5lbs

Module Type: Writer

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A white t-shirt with paint stains

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