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Name: Roro

Birthday: May 29, Gemini

Location: USA

Equipment: Deep blue denim jeans, no holes, very light distress, AE. Cerulean blue polo unbuttoned, Express. White bandanna, custom, wrapped around a black wallet, Guess. Black flip flops, H&M, and black-rimmed glasses, D&G (with contacts its just simple silver aviators). Shamrock Spinel class ring, Jostens. Rubber bands around the wrist, custom. Black necklace with a Cerulean Greek eye pendant crested with crystals, custom.

Games: I love Final Fantasy, particularly the tactics games, Ivalice Alliance games, X and really looking forward to XIII.

Currently Playing: Final Fantast Tactics A2 (again). FFX-2. Lost Odyssey. Fable II and forcing myself to finish FFIX.

If you want to know anything else, just ask.

My Characters:

(High School/Sins of Solaris X-Over) Fàux Gaiss, Nik "Joey" Evans, Dr. Ellen Evans, Steve McCartney, "Jounouchie", Farrasco (TBA), Jester, Cloak, Marrow Dagger, "La Fleur"