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Last Name: Minagi

First Name: Mikoto

Date of Birth: November 4 1991

Country: Japan

Born as a HiME

Favorite food: Mai's Ramen!

I have a homepage which contains my information, "FAN ARTs", etc! You can find out more about it by clicking on "homepage".

UPDATE (September 7, 2015): Wow, it feels like ages since I'm being here. Probably because it has been. OK, I have made a lot of promises that turned out to be hollow back then. I plan to rewrite Mai-Otome: Decision (maybe choose a new name as well) because both my english and writing skills have improved quite a bit. I am currently working on some original stories as well but I'll try to rewrite Mai-Otome: Decision as well in the nearest possible future.

And what a coincidence as today is the birthday of Arika/Nina/Mashiro which is also the anniversary of me publishing the first chapter of my story six years ago. I just came here to read and review a cross ange fanfic (a very good one: "Melting The Ice by KrayzyKatt") and then decided to update my profile.

UPDATE (January 14, 2013): I'll try to complete the 3rd chapter in two weeks! And by the way if you are a beta reader please contact me! Hm!

UPDATE (July 18, 2012): To all followers of my story, I'm sorry for being this late! I have written about 3/4 of the chapter 3 by now but I think I'll be busy for another 2 months or so. I'll try to update regularly after that!

UPDATE (March 03, 2011): I'm still alive! I wasn't in the mood for writing for about a year, but now I'm getting it back. So for those who have read my story, let's hope I can finish the 3rd chapter soon! See you in the near future! Hm!

Current Status:

"Mai-Otome: Decision":

Main characters: Arika and Nina (though it features almost all of the characters)

Rating: T

Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Humor/Romance/Friendship

Summary: Happening less than one year after the Yuna incident (Mai-Otome Zwei), this story is about the life and decisions of everyone in Mai-Otome, especially Arika and Nina.

Chapter 1: "We are 17!" completed in September 7 (The birthday of Arika, Nina and Mashiro): In their 17th birthday, Arika and Nina must confront new problems in their life. Sergay is curious about how his current mysterious lifestyle has started.

Chapter 2: "Dance of the Maidens" completed in December 3: Mashiro's birthday ceremony. There are several guests present, including Nina and Sergay. That cause emotional clashes between Arika, Nina and the others.

Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome characters birthday (except for Arika, Nina and Mashiro, all the birthdays are for the HiME ones):

Yukariko January 1

Mashiro (HiME) February 3

Fumi February 3

Yukino March 8

Aoi March 13

Alyssa April 1

Midori April 6

Reito April 24

Youko April 30

Nagi May 5

Akira May 12

Nao June 13

Miyu July 4

Mai July 22

Haruka August 3

Natsuki August 15

Takumi August 28

Akane September 7

Arika September 7

Nina September 7

Mashiro (Otome) September 7

Shiho October 16

Mikoto November 4

Tate November 16

Chie December 6

Shizuru December 19

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