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Hi! I'm Dia. Welcome to my profile, i'm amazed you've come to check me out and thanks :D Theres a few entries here starting from the bottom and moving up.

April 20th 2012

Hey again, to the few who actually read my profile -.- I've almost finished the 7th chapter of Dark lord, and (since reading the hunger games trilogy) have come up with a new hunger games story idea. I jsut spent 2 hours non-stop typing because thats how much involved i am already, and of course like with the dark lord, Its probably gonna be a slow update T.T

December 2011

Hey guys, hope your still enjoying Dark lord. I've decided that Dark lord is going to have 2 stories afterword. There's too much plot to shove into one story :P Keep reading keep enjoying, Dia.

Febuary 24th 2010

I haven't updated in...well a very long time. I'm currently working on my third chapter of Dark lord and it should be posted today. Thanks for waitng guys, my computer had cut me from the internet for about 3 months. But I'm here now!>.

August 21st

I'm working on a One-shot at the moment. I won't tell you what it's about, but it should be ready next week. (or the week after that.) I'm still trying to update the other stories.Dia

August 18th

Wow, nine days since i last talked on here... ok umm... I'm trying to update as fast as i can but these things do take time, and if i don't take my time they end up well messly writen. I've managed to fix some typo's in my work but its not that easy. On a diffrent subject, listening to music while your reading fanfic really works!! it makes some stories more involved. anyway, after that laspe of randomness I have to say, Bye to you all. Talk at you Later! Dia

August 9th

Sorry I haven't updated for a while. My comuter wouldn't let me on fanfiction... anyway its working now.(I hope so otherwise how am I on?) I'm going to try to update today, though i might not be able to. Otherwise it will be about a week until my next update.

August 6th

Ive had a rather odd hit on the Twilight Twins. lets just say, thats kinda werid to read the first chapter and the last chapter only... (But I don't mind its a hit!) anyhoo, I'm updating footsteps in the dark very soon, maybe even today. Dia

August 3rd

Hello people! I've come up with anew idea of a second story backing onto Footsteps in the dark. Once again it will be following Rosa but in a diffrent situation.( not telling anymore.), anyway, Stories have been updated, (The twilight twins and Footsteps in the dark) and new ideas have formed. Thanks for reading!!Dia.

August 2nd

Ok, I've now published a story in The Dungeon Seige catogory. I'm almost done the fourth chapter in Footsteps in the Dark. soo... I've been working on six diffrent stories all at the same time, and I'm borrowing ideas from all. Its actually working well for me... Anyhoo! That all for now. Dia. BTW If you are wondering what the dress Rosa is wearing looks like (From Footsteps in the dark) heres a link to a picture :

August 1st

Yay! New month! I've talked to the editors of Fanfic. and They've added a new catigory. Its Games: Dungeon Seige. Yah I know weird but to all those Dungeon Seige players feel free to write, and read. So First day of the month, and It hasn't been too good for me..For now.. But things will most-likley look up.Dia.

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