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Liz: Hi! This was prevously my account, but now it is Jess-chans ^-^
Jesso: I am NOT Jess-chan!
Drogan: *eats cookie* yes you are
Harvy: *sipping beer* Eh?
Drogan: Damn, you're worse than Blood Beak
Blood Beak: *sipping beer* Eh?
Harvy: Drinks all around! *falls off chair and runs out of Bio*
Drogan: -_-;;
Jesso: -_-;;
Liz: Eheheheheheh ^-^;;
Faln: ... *pokes Blood Beak*
Blood Beak: Faln says that we should say who's who... 'cause he's dumb like that...
Liz: Yeah! A LIST *echo echo*

Jesso: Our wonderful, marvilous, beautiful, talented author... and... yeah *nod nod*

Harvy: Jesso's muse (one of 'em 'neway) He likes his beer... and he is a snorkling rubber duckie who likes beer. Did we mention he likes beer? Didn't think so... *twitch* Oh, he likes to hijack stuff, too.

Moochesca: Jessos other muse. She's a flying cow, with flying gear. I think she likes red wine more than beer, but I'm not sure...

Liz: I used to have this page (but I don't no more! Eheheheheheh ^-^) Ohoh, I can't spell! Yeah! *throws baloons*

Drogan: Liz's other self. Likes to eat, not much can be said of her...

Blood Beak: He likes his Sake, huge yellow wyvern. Drogan and Lizs Id.

Faln: Mute cat guy. Drogan and Lizs Super Ego.

Madoshi: We think he's a male, can't be sure... he kind of stays in the back and laughs evily... Drogan and Lizs Ego.

Faln: ...
Madoshi: Kakakakakaka
Drogan: You sure?
Jesso: Oh! I love Orlando! Pirates of the Caribbean is the best! K, I'm done!
Harvy: Drinks all around!
Blood Beak: Here, here!

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