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Author has written 37 stories for Teen Titans, Naruto, Avatar: Last Airbender, Yu-Gi-Oh, Glee, Legend of Korra, and Trick 'r Treat.

It's offical! MaidenOfTheMoonlight17, Another Dead Hero and WingsxOfxCaos have become permanet co-writers! As a little refresher, my name is Olivia, and my co-writers are Emily and Jac. We still opperate our separate account but this one is used for our joint fics.

Another Dead Hero- Hello, i'm Jac AKA "Dimebag" James. I'm one of the writers for this group. I'm the one who created Bohusk and some of the minor OC's in mine, Olivia and Emma's stories. I also...Well i guess the one who created the villains in "Sun and Moon". Not saying who they are, just wait and see. I also help with some of the jokes and parts of the stories. The stuff i always put in my stories is baseball bats, funny crazy guys, demented jokes, metal music, horror movie references and the "Tried to stab me with a fork" joke. If you want more info on me, go to my profile. Peace out and see you in hell.

MaidenOfTheMoonlight17- As you already know, i'm Olivia and i'm the creator of Falcon, my OC for Teen Titans. She appears alongside Bohusk, Aj, Joy and Swift in many of our stories. Swift aka Rebecca Roth is an OC character that the three of us made up for Teen Titans. She's the clone of Raven, Falcon and Bohusk. And in alot of ways she's like me, Jac and Emma mixed together. I really love our OCs and think they each have a pretty good place with the team. Jac takes care of the humor for the stories, Emma adds the quick funny jabs and romance, and i'm more detail and dialouge oriented. I'm a big fan of symbolism and I try to encorporate it into all our stories in some way, shape or form. My additions to the fics will be references to rock and country music, ironic puns and a pretty good balance of light and dark. The three of us met online here on FanFiction. Although we've never really seen eachother, we've grown considerably close and I consiter Jac and Emma two of my best friends. We're so different but so alike at the same time and that's what makes us one hell of a tag team. For more on me, go to my profile. Rock On!

And we saved the best for last (Kidding, we're all evenly awesome!) is me, Emma! Well technically my name's Emily, but I prefer to go by Emma, like my grandmother (she passed away recently and i've always preferred her name to mine)... Any ways, I like to think of myself as the mediator of this group. I'm sarcastic and a smart a half the time, but I'm a good blend of light vs. Dark. I'm blunt and crazy but understanding and kind to those who I love. I have three OC called A.J. and Joy Jaisons and Aaron Castillo for Teen Titans. I'm the youngest of this group, and the token Goth chick (I'm kidding about that too, Jac's a good mix of rocker and Goth himself!). Im a mediator for our writing. I can write mushy romance and the turn around and do kick a humor or horror movie gore the next. I am honored to be working with Olivia and Jac, we're so alike that we are already close friends; but at the same time we have key differences that make us such a unique and wonderful writing team. I love both of these authors like my best friends already, and I know what they can do. These two are phenominal writers and I learn from them every day. I can't wait to write with them and hopefull you all love what we write as much as we love writing it!

Updated List Of FalconxBohusk Series: () means not yet published

1) Time Warp (Set 2 years before Undercover, ATLA/TT crossover with Bohusk "Well Jhonen in the story.")

2) Sun and Moon

3) Undercover

4) 6 Days to Hell

5) Two Halves Equal a Whole

6) Forevermore

7) How Bad Could It Be?

8) Meeting the Parents ()

9) Big Fat Titan Wedding ()

10) Somethings Gotta Give! ()

11) Mr. Mom ()

And then we have "Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong" for Teen Titans and it's prequel "Meeting Mr. Right". The third story is called "Daddy Dearest". It incorporates Trigon as both Rachel and Vanessa's father and him disaproving of thier marriages. Loads of humor and violence for that one! We're currently working on a fourth addition to the saga called "Raising Kids; the Mr. Right Way". It's when Rachel and Vanessa are both pregnant at the same time. It involves the weddings and engagements of the other couples, along with a few new 'little' additions to the gang!

Our OCs-

Jhonen Darryl Moore- Bohusk; Appears in our Avatar crossover and many of our Teen Titan fics. He's a total metal head and loves to cause trouble, although he's pretty chill and relaxed most of the time. He's known for his trusty camo jacket and his weapon of choice; a baseball bat with nails driven in it. He has inhuman strenght, lightning abilites and the power to regenerate any part of his body. He's also imortal due to his connection with the Grim Reaper, otherwise known in our fics as 'Death' He has 2 accomplices, Crowley and Disaster who appear occasionally throughout our fics. Description- Tall, blackish brown hair, tanned skin, hazel eyes.

Vanessa Lynn Roth- Falcon; She's Raven's identical twin sister (younger by 2 minutes) and Jhonen's girlfriend. Vanessa is a natural born performer and vocalist. Her passion is music and is always making excuses to debut her talents. Her temper is not one to trifle with, which is why she often gets what she wants. Her powers are initally the same as Ravens, only her aura is white instead of Raven's black. She wears an opal sun gem on a black gothic style coker to symbolize her powers. Raven wears the matching one of an ameythst moon. Description- adverage height, long violet hair, cerulean eyes, ivory skin.

Rebecca Arella Roth- Swift; Becca is the clone of Raven, Bohusk and Falcon. Slade kidnapped the twins and Jhonen in 'Two Halves Equal a Whole' and cloned Rebecca from thier DNA. She favors the Roth twins but also has a bit of Jhonen's metal dispositon mixed in. She, like her sister Falcon, is a natural performer and often duets with her. Swift is very fiesty dispite her short stature and is not afraid to stand up to anyone. Just like her 'sisters', Swift wears a choker similar to thiers, a silver shooting star gem on a black gothic style choker. Description- short, violet/black hair, indigo eyes and fair skin.

Argyle Joanna Jaisons- AJ; AJ is Falcon's best friend and the two love to cause mischief and caos for thier friends. Her loud and opinionated mouth has gotten her into trouble on more than one account. She speaks with a clipped british accent so some words are hard for her to pronouce. Once mistaken for a pixie due to her short stature and goth appearence, a red and black corset top, red jeans and combat boots. Physical discription- Short, dark skin, red spikey hair, redish brown eyes and a star birthmark under her right eye. Her love interest is Aaron, other one of our OCs.

Amanda Joy Jaisons- Joy; Joy is AJ's twin. She's very monotone, like Raven, and dosent speak much. But when she does, it's always with a purpose. Emotions are something hard for her to handle, so she dosent show affection much, unless it's for her sister or Aqualad (who she later persues a relationship with) Description- adverage height, ivory skin, long black hair, blue eyes and a moon birth mark under her left eye.

Aaron Martin Castillos- Aaron; Aaron is Bumble Bee's cousin and AJ's boyfriend. He's a latino and an empath and aura controller. He dosent talk much, but when he does it's always respected by the others. Description- Black hair, emerald eyes, dark skin and a rose tattoo on his forearm.

Archer Achilles Heart- Apollo; The mighty Cupid and Aphrodite's nephew. Arrow is a no nonsence kind of guy who's always sticking to his morals and codes of conduct. He's rather shady and dosen't reveal too much about his past, but is very friendly and affectionate; especially towards his sister, Arrow or girlfriend Demitra. Description- light skinned, blonde hair and ruby eyes.

Amylee Aphrodite Heart- Arrow; Apollo's little sister. Arrow is a very adventurous and outspoken. She hates being judged by her small stature or young age and is quick to loose her temper. She's an archer, like her uncle Cupid and brother, and uses special arrows as her weapons. When in battle, she's extremely graceful and moves with purpose. She falls for Harold. Description- Dark skinned, flaming red hair tied in a braid down her back and ruby eyes.

Jessica Leanne Weathers- Demitra; Jessi, as she's normally called, is Apollo's girlfriend and a native from Gotham. She's a geomancer, like Terra, but she can manipulate more than earth; gems, foliage, any earth made materials. Fiesty and loud mouthed by nature but also motherly in a sense. Description- medium skin tone, long copper colored hair, emerald eyes.

Melissa Raven Wheeler- Aurora; she goes by Melissa, Raven and Aurora; it just depends on the fic. She appears in our Danny Phantom fics and is Sam's best friend other than Danny and Tucker. She's a goth, like Sam, but more demure. She's a sorceress with control over all elements. She often aids Danny in his ghost battles. Description (human)- long black hair with a blue streak, navy eyes, light skin. (sorceress)- solid black hair, light blue eyes, ivory skin.

Jaden Le Gauge- Blane Lovecraft; He's a hybrid both Olivia and Jac developed for Danny Phantom. His main story is 'Danielle Fenton' as Dani's boyfriend. He's a pyro hybrid who controls all fire. He's a musician in a band called 'Rebel Spirits' and often sings a combination of country and metal. It's revealed later that he's actually Ember's brother. Description- (human) copper colored hair, blue/grey eyes and medium skin tone. (ghost)- tanned skin, blue flaming hair, emerald eyes.

Violet Arabella Song- Violet Storm; Aurora's best friend and long lost cousin. She's much like Sam and Aurora put together but with our own special 3OfAKind twist. She's a genius but chooses to often hide her intellegence in fear of being rejected or made fun of. Description- Long black hair, ivory skin, almond shaped emerald eyes. She's a hybrid like Danny, but also had magic in her blood due to her relation with Aurora.

Eria- Eria is one of the five OCs we've created for Avatar; The Last Airbender. Eria is a water 'charmer' because of her ability to blood bend without a full moon. She's normally withdrawn and almost cold when talking. She will sometimes show love and affection, but it rarely happens. She's introduced in 'The Fire Lord and the Air Hybrid'. Each of our charmers are 116 years old, they stay young by drinking the water at the spirit oasis at the north pole. Thier powerful bending ablilities rival those of the Avatar. Description- light skinned, long brunette hair, saphire eyes and wears a choker with a blue teardrop pendant called a 'Sea Diamond'. It transforms into a bending staff.

Hiita- Hiita is a fire charmer who can alter the internal temperature of any living organism. She grew up a very sheltered child and yerns to learn what a normal kid is like. She's known for her fiesty personality and tendancy to loose her temper over even the smallest of things. Almost a gruff exterior. Description- medium skin, dark brown hair, hazel eyes and wears a choker with a red pendant called a 'Dragon Ruby'. It transforms into a bending staff.

Whynn- Whynn is the air charmer who can control sound in the air around her. She is an air nomad who survived the slautering durin the reign of Sozin. She's very detatched and happy go lucky like most air nomads, but is violently protective of the people she loves. Description- Long silver hair, grey eyes, light skin and wears a choker with a clear pendant called a 'Gale Gem'. It transforms into a bending staff.

Aussa- Aussa is the earth charmer who can control foliage and anything that grows in the earth. She's kinda like a 'hippie', with her attachment to mother nature. Very kind and loving. Description- short brown hair, emerald eyes, light skin and wears a choker with a green pendant called 'Nature's emerald'. It transforms into a bending staff.

Yorianna (Yori)- Yori is our most unique charmer. She's an air and fire hybrid and Whynn's twin sister. She's bubbly, opinionated and fiesty. Description- Long flaming red hair, her eyes constantly change colors and light skin. Wears a choker with a silver heart charm called 'Iorn Heart.' It transforms into a bending staff.

Melody Brook Ditto- A Sunagature kuniochi who falls for Gaara in our Naruto fics. She originally was a body gaurd of Gaara, posing as a male, but her rouge was quickly seen though my Naruto. Her clan was assassinated when she was 3, forcing her to be raised by Suna elders. Her personality is much like a mixture of AJ and Falcon from our Teen Titan fics. Very feisty, but also kind and understanding. Description- Short black hair, dark blue eyes, dark skin.

Luna Nicholette Avalon- Luna is Melody's best friend and confidant. Althought the two may clash at times, they couldn't love eachother more if they were blood. Luna is cousin to Hinata, Neji and Sasuke. Her special visual jutzu, 'byankusharingan' is a form of byankugan, inhanced by a spark of sharingan. Her specialty jutzu is called 'siren wail'. It's a vocal jutzu that disables all neruo receptors in the brain, cutting a ninja off from using any jutzu. She falls in love with Kiba. Description- waist lenght black hair, saphire eyes, pale skin.

Angel Shizuka DeMarco- Angel is from the village hidden in the stars. Her parents were biochemists working on new medicines when they were killed in an explosion. Angel was caught in it as well, but as a result, she developed rare chakra that will take the form of wings when enraged or upset. She's naturally shy and withdrawn, afraid of growing bonds with anyone in fear of one day loosing them. She has a small amount of confidance that will normally be seen when in the company of Naruto or Shino (whom she has a crush on). Description- long ruby red hair, indigo eyes and tanned skin.

Sabrina Scarlet Truesdale- Appears in 'MaidenOfTheMoonlight's' Code Lyoko fics. She's a wealthy child prodigy from London who rivals Jeremy and Aelita's mental abilites. She's still a work in progress as far as story wise, but alot like the other female OCs we've created.

While we're all working on these stories, we're also separately writing fanfics with help from each other. Olivia has many great Danny Phantom stories, Jac has a fic going about the Joker, and I myself have a couple other Teen Titans ones, including Falcon, Bohusk, A.J., Joy, and Aaron. And our latest made up character, Swift/ Rebecca Arella Roth, is also included in our story Two Halves Equal a Whole. There's also 2 new OC's in "Sun and Moon" who are gonna be the villians, so keep a eye out for them. Make sure to check out our sepparate profiles and see what we're doing! Now, I'll start the section where we add awesome quotes about us!

Quotes From 3OfAKind:

"Sex, hex, rock'n'roll; speed, weed, birth control; You're a bitch so is life fck this world! Let's get high!" -unknown (Courtesy of Emma)

"I've always been lost/ always been able o see in my darkness/ Never really wanted to know the cost/ I get my world... More or less" -More or Less, Emma's Song Book

"I'm a hater of the light, stereotypes, and anything pink. That doesn't explain the reason Im Goth; That's a reason you'll never know." -Emma

"I almost blinded Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of "Freaky Friday"!"- Danny McBride "Tropic Thunder (put by Jac)

"I might be insane, but that doesn't explain that pink horse...That's just me being drunk"- Jac

"Life is like a gun, you can shoot it at the bad things in life...Then there those time where you by mistake blow your brains out."- Jac

"I'm a wild pig"- Rocko's Modern Life (Put by jac)

"If it's a crime to rock and roll, then throw my a in jail!"- Olivia

"She's unusually unusual, but that's beautiful to me."- Lonestar

"Follow your heart because it can be your best friend."- Unknown (courtesy of Olivia)

"I didnt wanna be drunk in public, officer. I wanted to be drunk in the bar, but they threw me in public...arrest them!"- Ron White

"I had to take a drunken test, I had to stand on one leg and count to 30...i got to wua"- Ron White

You Might Be An Author If...

1. Every time you hear a song, you think of a new story or one you've already written.

2. You have the last chapters of a story done before even thinking of the characters names.

3. You often imagine your books becoming movies.

4. Spell check is your best friend.

5. You give even the smallest of characters a huge background.

6. You hesitate before killing of one of your favourite characters.

7. You smile really big when your gonna finally write a character love scene.

8. Every time you read something, you make your own story of the same thing.

9. You'll spend an hour trying to find one word cause you won't dare use a synonym.

10. Not being able to write is like not being able to pee to you... you just can't hold it in for so long.

11. You write so fast, you leave out words in a sentence.

12. You have to tell at least one person your whole story before it's even written.

13. Things that are written bad annoy you and make you want to re-write it better.

14. You laugh at jokes you wrote yourself.

15. You can spell words like, Troublesome, but can't spell Obvious.

16. If your note writing or typing, your fingers are moving constantly.

17. You talk to yourself... constantly.

18. You forget what day it is when your writing.

19. When you have to write some sort of story in class, you get carried away.

And finally, you might be an Author if:

20. You're reading this, smiling and nodding, have realized it's true and you're still DAMN PROUD!

You Might Be Anime Obsessed If...

1. You have tried to perform a jutsu with your hands.

2. You have drawn a transmute circle in the ground, clapped, and hopped to gawd it would work.

3. Have made up at least one character for all of your favourites.

4. You have written "I love (Insert Anime character here)" On something.

5. When you go to a bookstore, you spend fifty dollars on manga alone.

6. You have tried to teach yourself Japanese so you wouldn't have to read Subtitles.

7. You've said "Believe it!" Before.

8. One of your favourite words is Troublesome

9. Your non-anime loving friends get tired of hearing, "And then last night..."

10. You have songs in Japanese on your ipod.

If you are a Sen10r, class of 2010, (Like Olivia and Jac) copy this into your profile

Party hard, rock and roll

We're the class you can't control

Sexy ladies, pimped out men,

We're the class of 2010!

These are the party dresses for the girls in the fic "Meeting Mr. Right" The dresses for the twin's surprise party!

Rachel's Dress-

Vanessa's Dress- www.dressesonline.org/.../blue-party-dress.html

Rebecca's Dress-www.polyvore.com/.../thing?id=9247095

Aj's Dress-www.dressupinyou.com/index.php?main_page=prod...

Joy's Dress-

Carrie's Dress-www.www.polyvore.com/.../thing?id=4752640

Kori's Dress-www.k2fx.com/mt-blog/2008/05/

Jenny's Dress-

Nicole's Dress-

Dresses in Arrows Hita and Miss

Nessa's dress :

Arrow's dress:

Raven's dress:

Star's dress:

Bee's Dress:

Kole's dress:

Jessi's dress:

Jinx's dress:

Swift's Dress:

AJ's Dress:

Joy's Dress:

Masks in Arrows Hit and Miss:

Nessa's mask:

Arrow's mask:

Raven's mask:

Star's mask:

Bee's mask:

Kole's mask:

Jessi's mask:

Jinx's mask:

Swift's mask:

AJ's mask:

Joy's mask:

And just for the hell of it, we've come up with a list of actors who could play each Titan!

Robin- Shia Labouf

Raven- Aly Machalka

Falcon- AJ Machalka

Beast Boy- Frankie Munez

Starfire- Meghan Fox

Cyborg- Kenan Thompson

Bee- Keke Palmer

Aqualad- Taylor Lautner

Speedy- Jesse McCartney

Mas Y Menos- Dylan and Cole Sprouce

Gizmo- Moises Arias

Kole- Jennette McCurdy

Brother Blood- Eddie Murphy

Dr. Light- Will Ferrel

Madame Rouge- Vanessa Hudgens

Trigon- Jhonny Depp

Slade- Morgan Freeman

Control Freak- Lary the Cable Guy

Jinx- Emily Osment

Jericho- Logan Lerman

Swift- Dakota Fanning

Bohusk- Orlando Bloom

Joy- Avril Lavigne

AJ- Ashley Greene

Arrow- Selena Gomez

Apollo- Jason Dolly

Harold- Leon Thomas III

Demitra- Alexa Vega

Disaster- Dwane 'The Rock' Jhonson

Crowley- Mic Jagger

Arella- Carrie Underwood

Argent- Jenna Ushkowitz

Hotspot- Hary Shum Jr.

Terra- Dianna Agron

Kid Flash- Nathan Kress

If you have any recasts for us, or suggestions for Titans not featured, plz PM us and give us your idea!

Naruto Kids In "Fighting Dreamers"/ "This Voice Within Me"

Usagi Uzumaki (Moon Rabbit)

Parents- Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki

Features- Blonde hair, lavender eyes

Description- Graced with her father's attitude and her mother's abilities, Usagi easily proves her worth as a leaf kuniochi. She holds the Hyuga clan's byankugan, but is also proven to have a talent for wind jutzu, like her father. Her family and friends usually describe Usagi as firey, opinionated and idealistic; all traits she inherited from either her father or grandmother, Kushina. She has a natural rivalry with her cousin Selena, similar to the one of Naruto and Sasuke, but the two gradually begin to form a friendship.

Nariko Uzumaki- (Gental Child)

Parents- Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki

Features- Ink blue hair, blue eyes

Description- Nariko inherited his mother's shy and reclusive nature. Often stayin to himself, rarely talking to anyone besides his parents or sister. During his acadamy days, Nariko was shown to have a talent for nin-jutzu, later developing a rasengan that can be thrown a short distance. He develops a special bond with his uncle Shikamaru and uncle Gaara; the shadow manipulator later aknowledges Nariko as a genius. Nariko dosent seem to have any preference or dislike for any of his 'cousins', choosing to stay to himself most of the time. However, Aika, daughter of Melody and Gaara, develops a crush on the boy and decides to somehow bring Nariko out of his shell.

Midori Haruno (Green)

Parents- Sakura and Lee Haruno

Features- black hair, green eyes

Description- A natural fighter like his father and gifted chakra controller like his mother. Midori can see through and dispell almost any gen-jutzu, dispite having no talent for it. He's a promising medical ninja, but chooses to focus his studies on tai-jutzu and chakra development. Midori and Syrus, son of Kiba and Luna, strike a brotherly bond young in life. His love interest is Usagi and chooses to vocalize his affection often, although Usagi politely, yet firmly declines his advances.

Lilly Haruno (Pink Flower)

Parents- Sakura and Lee Haruno

Features- Pink hair, onyx eyes

Description- Lilly shows potential to be a great healer like her mother, but no other particular talent. She takes pride in maintaining perfect grades throughout her acadamy days due to her photographic memory. She's proficent in basic ninja arts, but dosent further her jutzu training, choosing instead to follow in her mother's footsteps. She has a crush on her brother's best friend, Syrus, but chooses not to act on her feelings.

Azurra Nara (Sky Blue)

Parents- Temari and Shikamaru Nara

Features- black hair, blue eyes

Description- Lazy like her father, but feirce and loud like her mother. Azuura is a self proclaimed genius and have the IQ scores to prove it. She graduated from the acadamy at 8 and to the rank of Chunnin at the age of 10. Her hobbies are star watching at night and napping during class. Her best friend is Selena, who mimics Azurra's laid back attitude. Azuura often preferrs defence over ofence, seeing as she finds fighting as a waste of time and energy. She can manipulate the shadows like her father, but also carries two small steele fans as weapons that are replicas of her mother's larger fan.

Mika Akimichi (beautiful fragrance)

Parents- Ino and Choji Akimichi

Features- Blonde hair, hazel eyes

Description- Mika is the spitting image of her mother, but has the kind and carring nature of her father. She is easily one of the most beautiful out of the Rookie team's children, but seems oblivious to her appearences. She loves to cook and press flowers, two things she and her mom have in common. Even though Mika is a very humble child, she's very spoiled, seeing as her parents, along with her many aunts and uncles, constantly shower her in love and affection. She and Usagi spend alot of time together, quickly becoming the best of friends. Mika dosent seem interested in guys yet, but does have a soft spot for Suzume, Neji and Tenten's son. Mika is proficent in basic ninja art, but has yet to find her true talent in nin-jutzu or gen-jutzu.

Selena Inuzuka (Moon Child)

Parents- Luna and Kiba Inuzuka

Features- Black hair, blue eyes

Desciption- Selena is typically quiet and reserved, but a quick temper is what she's known for. She is almost never seen without her ninja dog, Gin who was named for his silver fur. Selena is very family orriented and is not one to take insults towards them lightly. She and her father are very close, seeing as he is the only one who knows how to control her temper. She inherited the Sharingan from her mother, who weilds both the Sharingan and Byankugan. Selena and Azurra become best friends early in life.

Syrus Inuzuka (Dog Star)

Parents- Luna and Kiba Inuzuka

Features- Brown hair, brown eyes

Description- Syrus is a typical Inuzuka, wild and unruly. But he does realize those traits have a time and place, choosing to bring them out in battle and not in a typical gathering or conversation. He and his nin dog compation, Kin; which means gold for his gold eyes; are always together. Syrus, along with his sister were named for stars. Selena meaning 'moon child' while Syrus means 'dog star'. Syrus has the byankugan, a visual jutzu held by his mother's clan. Syrus has an infatuation with Lilly, daughter of Rock Lee and Sakura.

Aika of the Sand (Love Song)

Parents- Melody and Gaara of the Sand

Features- Red hair, light blue eyes

Description- Aika was named from the joining of her parents' names; Melody being a distinct and enjoyable sound while Gaara means self love. Aika holds her friends and family very close, seeing as they are the key component in becoming a strong shinobi. She has a beautiful singing voice, which she uses to control sand and other earthly materials. With her father being one of Naruto's best friends, Aika spends a lot of time with the Uzumaki family, and has grown rather fond of Nariko.

Hotaru Aburame (Lightning Bug)

Parents- Shino and Angel Aburame

Features- redish brown hair, navy eyes

Description- Usually withdrawn and shy around people. However, when the time comes, Hotaru will speak and it's always with a purpose. He has a nack for controling lightning bugs, for which he is named, but also seems to possess his mother's chakra molding abilities. He admires Azuura for her feisty nature and exotic beauty, being the daughter of shinobi from the leaf and sand.

Suzume Hyuga (Sparrow)

Parents- Tenten and Neji Hyuga

Features- Brunette, lavender eyes

Description- Suzume is a natural ladies man, somehow always knowing what to say or do to win someone's heart. He inherits the byankugan from his father, but chooses his mother's weaponry skills over his natural keki-genki. Smooth talking, but never crude or wiley. Although he does not obviously voice his affection towards Mika, he often shows her. Giving her rare or exotic flowers and more than willing to taste any new concoction she may have cooked up.

Ryuu Uchiha (Dragon)

Parents- Sauske Uchiha and Karin

Features- Long black hair (like Shikamaru's w/o the ponytail) red eyes

Description- Ryuu was the unfortunate product of a short termed fling between the infamous Sasuke and Karin. From birth, he's been raised by his father, having been forbidden to have any relations with his mother. Sasuke sees Ryuu as a way to take revenge on Kohona, training him to be the Uchiha Prodigy that Sasuke once was. Ryuu inherits an abnormal ability from his mother, Mind's Eye. He can literally see chakra signatures and patterns within others. Ryuu seems to have trouble mastering the Sharingan due to his Mind's Eye often activating out of it's own accord when he's using the Sharingan. Ryuu's personality takes on that of his mother, often acting in a somewhat 'bi polar' mannor. His emotions can totally change without notice. He befriends Nariko, soon becoming the best of friends. It wasn't until Nariko accidentally sees Ryuu and Sasuke together did the Uzumakis discover who the boy's father was. Although Naruto always had the suspicion that Ryuu was Sasuke's son.

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"I ain't never been nothing but tough. All my edges have always been rough. But Jesus loves me anyway. Back home, there ain't nothing wrong with a woman that's got a little back bone." It's the anniversary of her mom's death and it's hitting Avery pretty hard this year. But when she tries to forget about her sorrows, a diva makes Avery realize how tough she actually is. No Flames!
Glee - Rated: T - English - Drama/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,916 - Published: 6/22/2012 - Finn H. - Complete
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The 3ofakind twist on the Legend of Korra, beginning where Korra and the bending brothers meet, and continuing on. With Tenzin's older daughter Ember, of course. OC WARNING BolinxOC MakoxKorra TenzinxOC T for later language.
Legend of Korra - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,913 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 7 - Published: 6/20/2012 - Korra, Mako
The 3ofakind take on season 3's Prom episode! OC WARNING PuckxOC AveryxOC Klaine Samedes and other pairings. T for language and innuendos. Slight reference to other story, Double Heartbeats and Cause You're Perfect Babe.
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Tenzin is about to get married! But instead of Pema, a fiery spirit has stolen his heart. But can he make it through the wedding without loosing his sanity to his crazy family? Kataang, Tokka, TenzinOC, ZukoOC
Legend of Korra - Rated: T - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,448 - Published: 6/18/2012 - Tenzin - Complete
Cause You're Perfect Babe
Noah never had anyone to believe in him. But a certain little brunette is about to make him start believing, and show the entire club that words mean nothing without proof. PuckxOC slight FinnxOC Klaine & Samedes NO FLAMES T for mild swears
Glee - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,780 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/18/2012 - Complete
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After the Brotherhood of Evil was defeated, Robin and the Titans decided a world-wide Titan network could be a good thing. Now, all the Titans from "Titans Together" are forming a North, South, and West Titans! This is their story. Many Pairings
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While on a dig in ancient Greece, Solomon sends Yugi and Yami several artifacts believed to have belonged to the Gods themselves. But what the old man didn't expect was his great grandchildren being infused with the spirits of the Greek Gods.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,832 - Published: 4/8/2012 - Yami Yūgi
Cross My Heart and Hope You Die
Takes place during our Mr. Right series. The youngest and newest member of the Roth/Jaison family has always tried to see the good in others. But what happens when some people just aren't good at all, but yet you still trust them?
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Sometimes in life things happen that you can't explain. An enigma. The supernatural, miracles, magic and curses. Little did the Titans know, love is also one of those things. OC warning!
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Sequel to "Hidden From You" the Naruto gang is getting ready for Gaara and Melody's wedding, but can a Wedding Crasher with a vendetta against the girl lead to problems? And why does this new villain have it out for the Leaf Rookie Teams? Many pairings!
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It's the summer before sophmore year and Kori, Rachel, Vanessa, Becca, Joy and AJ are off to theater camp. A talent show is performed on the last day, but they can't perform as a group. Can the girls do it or will thier friendships fail?
Teen Titans - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Drama - Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,774 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 1/22/2011 - Published: 7/28/2010
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Melody has always lived in secret, and now her secret has been ruined by Naruto; can she make this blonde boy keep her secret when she herself isn't sure she wants it anymore? GaaraxOC NaruxHina KibaxOC ShikaxTema NejixTen R&R please!
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When the Sacred Jungle Gem is in danger of being stole, two girls will do anything to save it. Meeting the Teen Titans, and asking for their help is onely one step in this twisted plot for the Gem. Many Pairings OC WARNING
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The Feathers of Time reviews
Beast Boy accidentally sends the Titans back in time 8 years ago to Azarath, when Raven and her sister Falcon were 10 years old. Now, he has to find a way get himself and the others back home before he falls for the wrong Roth girl! Many pairings!
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Yori slept for a hundred years, now she finds Aang and joins his quest to make peace; but why does she affect Zuko the Fire Prince so much? Will this make a change in his attitude towards good? Kataang Tokka OCxZuko more pairings NO FLAMES
Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 9 - Words: 12,313 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 8/9/2010 - Published: 6/24/2010 - Zuko
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This is a birthday fic from me and Emma to our dear friend Jac! Happy 18th bud. Fic focuses around his OC and mine. Bohusk and Falcon.
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The famous last words of BB "Dudes next time we're goin' to Mexico!" Well 3OfAKind has taken this challenge and is writing a story of the Titans and our OC travleing to Mexico for vacation! Many pairings! BBxRae based! R&R!
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After a 6 month absence from the Titans, Jhonen Moore aka Bohusk returns to them, but not before one last job. While on the job, he remembers how he ended up leaving, how he got the job and why he came back. Hints of BBXRaven and BohXFal.
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Sequel to 'Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong' Rachel and Vanessa are happily married to the men they love. However, thier father, one of the cities biggest mobsters, isn't and wants his daughters to break the marriages, unless they want thier friends to die.
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Spin off of Nevermore. Robin and Bohusk journey into the mysterious realm of 'Forevermore' or rather, Falcon's mind. As the other Titans search for a way to get them out, Bohusk and Robin learn more about Raven's little sister. BBRae RobStar FalBoh
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One-Shot: Bohusk after a brief talk with Falcon writes a list of girls he went out with. Includes 3 special surprise guest girlfriends, but who? RobXStar, BBXRae, CyXBumb, FalXBoh. Rated T due to language.
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Prequel to Undercover. You know our OC Falcon right? Ever wondered how she became a Titan, or how the team and Raven reacted when she showed up? Another OC co-written story by MaideoftheMoonLight17, jc013, &ButterflyxWriter13 BB&Rae Rob&Star
Teen Titans - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 7,958 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 7/24/2009 - Published: 7/20/2009 - Raven
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