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Hey, everybody! I'm VeggieTales Gal, but you can just call me VTG! I'm an otaku, a gamer, and a total fangirl! I LOVE to write, and I love the friends I've made here.

Now, about my RF3 fic names and couples...

Carlos and Collette’s daughter, Laura: Carlos is a Spanish name, so I decided on another name that was Spanish/Italian/Latin. Did you know that Carlos means Free Man? There really is no better way to describe Carlos…

Gaius and Evelyn’s daughter, Vera: I named her after Vera Wang, a fashion designer mainly known for her wedding dresses.

Ondorus and Marian’s daughter, Fortuna: Since both of them are magic, I decided to name Ondorus and Marian’s daughter after a magical being. Ondorus’ horn reminded me of the book The Last Unicorn, one of my favourites. I WAS going to name Fortuna Amalthea, after the main character, but I changed my mind and instead named her after the old witch, Mommy Fortuna, minus the Mommy.

Kai and Pia’s son, Tuna: Do I REALLY have to explain this? Pia seems to REALLY like tuna, since that’s the fish that got eaten in the story that sparked her hatred of squid.

Zaid and Raven’s son, Francis: Raven is really in touch with fauna and flora, mainly stemming from the fact that she herself is a monster, and Zaid was a resident of the Univir settlement. So, I named Francis after Saint Francis, the famous saint who befriended a wolf that was terrorizing a village (I think that’s the story. I know that there was a wolf and a village and that Francis LOVED animals.).

Zaid and Raven’s daughter, Lacey: Francis kind of reminds me of the girl’s named Frances. Frances means From France. Lacey means From France. End of story.

Samson and Shara’s daughter, Hannah: I may not know much Japanese, but I DO know that a Japanese word for Flower is Hana.

Rusk and Sofia’s sons, Nero and Deboro: Nero and Deboro are named after two of the brides in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride, Nera Briscoletti and Debora Briscoletti. The two sisters come from a rich, influential family, just like the Saint-Coquilles, which everyone KNOWS Sherman, Evelyn, and Sofia are a part of.

Kai: Kai is a name that means Ocean. Kai is a merprince. End of story.

Samson: Since Samson was a soldier, I wanted to give him a strong name. So, I named him after the strongest man in the Bible: Samson.

Carlos x Collette: HELLO-O! He Carlos would be able to supply Collette with all of the Seafood Doria she could ever want!

Gaius x Evelyn: Well, they actually had a sort of relationship in Rune Factory 3, so it would be cruel not to pair them up.

Ondorus x Marian: Since I married Kuruna, I needed to find another gal for my lovely-lovely bishonen. I noticed that Ondorus seemed to visit the apothecary regularly, so this sparked their relationship.

Kai x Pia: Pia needs love. She’s too ditzy to be unloved.

Zaid x Raven: Well, they’re both non-human. They’re both adventurous (Raven just doesn’t want to admit it.). Something just clicked with them.

Samson x Shara: I actually plan on writing a whole fic about their relationship, and how Samson had to get past Shara’s, “big brother,” Micah, in order for Micah to consider him worthy of her.

Rusk x Sofia: They’re in a lot of contact, what with Sofia going to the diner every day. Something was BOUND to happen at some point.

I found this on Sharingan Iris' profile, and I decided to copy it, 'cause it looks like a lot of fun!

List your top 10 favorite characters from any series and answer the questions. (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

1. Rarity

2. Twilight Sparkle

3. Applejack

4. Trixie

5. Princess Luna

6. Princess Celestia

7. Derpy Hooves

8. Spike

9. Braeburn

10. Little Strongheart

1. 10 and 7 have been locked in a room. What are they doing?

Derpy is trying to figure out why there aren't any muffins and why the pony she's locked in the room with is deformed, and Little Strongheart, who is a buffalo, is facepalm herself to concussions.

2. Why do you want to kill 5?

Luna hasn't appeared in any episodes since Episode 2!!!!! I mean, COME ON!!!!!!!

3. What's the worst thing that could happen to 1?

Rarity goes into extreme poverty and loses her boutique and stunning looks.

4. You and 2 team up to accomplish something. What is that something?

Twilight Sparkle and I work together to become the most famous scholars in Equestria.

5. What does 4 like best about 6?

The fact that Celestia doesn't arrest her for being the most stuck-up show-off in the entire world.

6. Who would 3 jump in the way of a bullet for?

Hmm... Probably her sister, Applebloom. And her brother. And all of her friends. Heck, Applejack would probably try to deflect the bullet back to the shooter!

7. 8 and 9 are on TV. Why?

They were able to convince the buffalo and the ponies to make ammends.

8. What would be a great title for a humor story starring 1 and 10?

Well, if they're fighting over Braeburn (BRAEBURNXLITTLESTRONGHEARTALLTHEWAY!!!), it'd probably be called... "Rivals in Land, Rivals in Love"

9. 2 is trapped in the center of the earth. What do 4 and 9 do?

Well, Trixie would laugh her head off, 'cause she hates Twilight Sparkle, and Braeburn would probably try to save her because she's his cousin's best friend.

10. Everypony, including you, signs up for High School Musical. Who gets the couple parts?

As in GabriellaxTroy and TaylorxChad? Twilight Sparkle as Gabriella, Spike as Troy, Little Strongheart as Taylor, and Braeburn as Chad. Yeah.

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