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My Auto-Biography

1) Name

I am Hot Chocolate the second! But you can call me H. Coco, or HC.


Oh yeah, and this jerk is my muse, who is cruel via giving me inspiration where I can't write and going blank when I can.

Oh yeah, blame ME for all your problems. You're the one who created me, remember? We're one in the same.

(Sticks out tongue) Jerk.

2) Age/Birthday:

Oh, right, my age. Um, can I skip this one?

You don't remember your own age?

Of course I do! And I remember my birthday, too. July 4th, 1776. HA!

...That's the date the Declaration was adopted by congress.

Oh. Eh, hehe.

You'e an idiot.

3) Hometown/Country:

WHAT?! I'm not giving THAT away! Just know that I was born in a place near water.

Yeah, that narrows it down to... every coastline in the world!

Not EVERY one... just the ones that have internet acccess.

4) Family/Friends:

Well, there's my sister, a demon. Then there's my mom and dad. NO NAMES!

What about the annoying shrimp?

Oh yeah, Midnight Bell. She's awesome! Don't call her a shrimp!

Right, she's taller than you. My bad.

(Scowls) That's it. (Hits with bat)


5) Interests:

Reading, writing, video games, the usual for fanfiction writers.

What about your insane obsession with tapping?

(Looks up from tapping on desk) What? I didn't hear you.



6) Favorite Food:

OH! Definately popcorn! Or maybe pizza!

I prefer raw cookie dough. Or, for that matter, anything sugary.

You and your obsession with sugar. It's the only way to get you to work on demand.

As for drinks, I like sodas.

I'm a hot chocolate kinda gal.

They could've guessed.



7) Favorite color:

Yellow, blue, purple, black, orange...

Just about anything except green. Green is her anti-muse.


Chill, girl. You want the vegetarians on your tail again?

(Meakly) No...

8) Appearance:

Well, I'm a girl... with hideous dark hair and ugly colored eyes!

You don't look THAT bad!

Oh gee, thanks. But the glasses don't help.

Yeah, that's true. Why don't you just get contacts?

(Screams in fear. Assumes feedle position)

Oh, yeah... I, myself, take the shape of her favorite character, which is...

STOP! (Comes out of feedle position) That's for another question.

9) Favorite Video Games/Books/TV series/Cartoons/Movies/Anime/Manga/Plays/Musicals/Comics:

Wow, that's a mouthful.

Uh, let's see... Sonic the Hedgehog, duh. Also Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Vesperia, Voodoo Vince, and Psychonauts make my top fav video game list.

Great. Now how about the rest of it.

Oh, right. Books, uh... 'Mortal Insturments' series by Cassandra Clare. 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' series by Rick Riordan, 'Seekers' series by Erin Hunter, and my personal favorite, 'The Sea of Trolls', 'The Land of the Silver Apples', and 'The Islands of the Blessed', a trilogy by Nancy Farmer. THANK YOU, NANCY!

Moving on. TV series.

Uh, iCarly, Wizards of Waverly Place, Life with Derek (sometimes), Suite Life series, I'm in the Band (Incredibly, seeing as I am also a huge rock fan), Burn Notice, and HOUSE MD! BEST SHOW EVER!!

Forgive me, I forgot. She's obsessed with House. Spent a whole day just reading episode summaries while she searched for the real show.

PoM and IZ... that's it.

Really? That was short.

MEH! I liked Alice in Wonderland, How to Train Your Dragon, and I'm gonna like Despicable Me. I liked Seventeen Again the FIRST time I saw it. Then it kinda got old.

Okay. That's it. She really doesn't do any of the other stuff. LATER!

10) Favorite Character:

Behold, my true form is finally shown!

Yes, my muse's real form is Charmy Bee. Deal with it.

So that's really all you need to know about us.



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