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Gender: Female

Age: (I'll always be young at heart)


I am different from you're normal girl-next-door. I am not always brave and confident nor am I always shy and timid. Sometimes I can be considerate and sometimes I can be selfish. I can love passionately or I can hate passionately. I am not always that quiet girl on the outside. If I can think of you as a person trustworthy of seeing all of my different sides, then you will see I don't always think about what I say or say what I think. Call me spontaneous or call me moody, I don't care. Either way I am the kind of girl who wants to get to know people but sometimes doesn't know how to start a conversation. I am the type of girl who wants to put on a brave face but sometimes cries herself to sleep at night. I am the kind of girl who will find something funny to laugh about in some serious situations but ponder seriously about the most ridicuous topics. I can act as if i laugh in the face of danger then run away screaming.

Yeah, I am all of these things, and maybe even a little more...



5 Things I Am Proud of:

5) I am proud to say that I had spent my childhood living in the time where cartoon network and nickelodeon actually show cartoons and disney movies were animated. Yup, I miss the good old days...

4) I am proud that I am FILIPINO...pinoy pride

3) My artwork (I'm no picasso but I think my artwork doesn't turn out that bad. I always put effort into what I do and it turns out well in my artwork.)

2) The fact that my friends consider me to be one of a kind (oh yeaahhh...I feel special!)

1) I am living a blessed life filled with friends and family who love me


Yeah basically, I'm a new author in fanfiction but I've been a long time reader...

So for those reading my stories, plz review them.

Your comments and feedbacks help me a lot, especially since I'm just starting out. It's nice to know that people are taking the time off and reading the work I've labored over...

And for those who already have, thank you so much!

Please continue to read and critique.


Favorite Animes/Mangas:

Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Rurouni Kenshin, G Gundam, Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Digimon, Naruto, Naruto Shippuuden, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fruits Basket, & possibly more...

Favorite Books:

My Sister's Keeper, The Chronicles of Narnia, Sunday's at Tiffany's, The Crucible, The Lovely Bones, The Last Song, The Time Traveler's Wife, & more

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