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Hey all people out there in FanFiction... let me introduce myself.

I'm holospartoi258, and no, I will not say my real name, but please call me hspar, or holo, whatever makes you happy. I'm the sensetive, quiet person, and I've always wanted to empathise with the people around me, so I can change lives... but unfortunately the world views me as its enemy. Thank God my Lord and Savior, He has pulled me out of many trials... and He can for you too. But right now, I'm easily depressed, easily angered, and not very easily made happy.

I found this site somewhere in 2009, and I've been dreaming of FanFictions all my life... now I've found a whole site dedicated to this wonderful realm of fantasy and escapism, I joined it soon after. I tried to write some Sonic FanFictions, but their reception... they weren't the best of my stories. I tried again in late 2010, and at least I got some better attention...

Then of course, you know me as the writer in the Rio community, which is my current obsession, and judging by the multitide of reviews, I'm put alongside with the various famous authors on this site... it's been a blast, and I intend to continue penning for the two Spix's Macaws named Blu and Jewel. Thanks to all my loyal fans of my work; you guys rock, and the only thing that keeps me going...

One day, though, I'll write a Sonic FanFiction, a full story. That'll be the day. That'll be the day...

By the way I'm an Owl City fan... Really. He's my favourite artist. I might actually use some of his songs for my stories. ;) Others include Lady Gaga, Metric, Florence The Machine, Coldplay, David Guetta, Bentley Jones, Eminem, Bruno Mars, and Adele. Also, music is my second escapism, next to FanFictioning.

Favourite song right now- We Found Love by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris



"Nobody knows me, I'm cold, walk down this road all alone; it's no one's fault but my own, it's the path I've chosen to go. Frozen as snow, I show no emotion whatsoever so don't ask me why I have no love for these mother fu(kin' hoes- blood suckin' succubuses, what the fu(k is up with this? I've tried in this department, but I ain't had no luck with this- it sucks, but it's exactly what I thought it would be..."
Lyrics from 'Space Bound' by Eminem.

"And I did cartwheels in your honour, dancing on tiptoes, my own secret ceremonials."
Lyrics from 'Only If For a Night' By Florence The Machine.

"In the most biblical sense I am beyond repentance, fame hooker, prostitute, wench, vomits her mind. But in the cultural sense I just speak in future tense- Judas kiss me if offensed, or wear ear condom next time."
Lyrics from 'Judas' by Lady Gaga.

"I wish that we could sail our bad days, forever, in deep blue seas of paper mache. A barracuda chased our dog days away, forever, let's sink or swim 'till we fall in love."
Lyrics from 'The Yacht Club' by Owl City.

"Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there."
Lyrics from 'The Real World' by Owl City. The single best quote I've ever heard.


"I'm obsessively opposed to the typical."
Lady Gaga.

"Never be afraid to be kicked in the teeth. Let the blood and the bruises define your legacy."
Lady Gaga

"Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it's not because they enjoy solitude. It's because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them."
Jodi Picoult [My Sister's Keeper].

The Ten Commandments of Reviewing - created by FictionReader98 and Zoneshifter D

1) Thou shalt point out the parts you enjoy
2) Thou shalt point out the parts you disliked, if any.
3) Thou shalt point out the parts you utterly hated and explain why
4) Thou shalt write with good grammar!!
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8) Thou shalt use constructive criticism!
9) Thou shalt review as much as possible, not merely once!
10) Thou shalt voice thine expectations.

Murphy's Law: (also know as the 'rules I live by')

- Interchangeable parts - won't
- If you try to please everyone, nobody will like you
- A shortcut is the longest distance between two points
- Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate
- In order to get a loan, you must first prove you don't need it
- The chance of a buttered piece of bread falling with the buttered side down is directly proportional to the price of the carpet
- If it jams - force it. If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway
- If you fool around with a thing long enough, you will screw it up
- Any tool dropped while repairing a car will roll underneath to the exact center
- The repairman will never have seen a model quite like yours
- No matter how long and hard you shop for an item, after you've bought it, you will find it cheaper somewhere else
- The other line always moves faster
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- The minute you get interested in someone is the minute they find someone else
- Everything takes longer than you think
- Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong
- If anything simply cannot go wrong, it will anyway

- Left to themselves, things will usually go from bad to worse
- If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something
- Mother nature is a bitch
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- Every solution breeds new problems
- All waranties expire upon payment of invoice/the thing breaks
- A bird in the hand is better than one overhead
- Anything good in life is either illegal, immoral, or fattening
- Beauty is only skin deep; but ugly goes to the bone
- In case of doubt, make it sound convincing
- Never play leapfrog with a unicorn
- There is never time to do it right, but there is always time to do it over
- Smile...tomorrow will be worse!


1. Signal of the Mate
-Sonic the Hedgehog; KnucklesxShade
-Finished, by T1Weasel
-Personally I'd rate it: 7/10

Okay, the story behind it... Weasel is actually one of the most famous Sonic lemon writers out there, and personally he's my favourite. So I kind of wanted this Knuxade one, just to set off something, and because I love this couple. But I'm always that type that would, um, put a backstory and some emotional stuff before a lemon. So I decided, here's a storyline for you to do it, you just help me write the lemon. He was okay with it... then he saw this, loved it, and created the first Knuxade lemon ever.

So anyway, the whole thing is basically a one-shot revolving around Shade's past... and how Knuckles comes in to help. Regarding Shade's backstory, well, it was just a random idea that came to me, like... I wanted to give Shade some depth from the original Sonic Chronicles. And so I dreamed of this Signal under their gloves, I dreamed of Noir, I dreamed of her backstory to get to Ix's right-hand person... so this was the result. My first story (I mean, according to my definition) so... yeah. Result wasn't my best, but nevertheless satisfying. T-rated for sexual reference, but if you want the M-rated version it's by T1Weasel, for explicit lemon.

2. Conto De Fadas
-Rio; No pairing
-Personally I'd rate it- 8/10

So, Storylover Vodhr- Dux Ducis, my good friend and my senior in this forum called 'The Brotherhood of the Pen'... he gave me an assignment to create a one-shot, about Blu, Jewel and family. So I created that basis and then I was thinking how would I make this like a cartoon episode, you know? With some sort of fluff, a meaningful moral, and a plotline that could entertain? So I incorporated the shortest fairytale I knew- the Three Little Pigs- and used it as a bedtime story sort of thing.

And Jewel... it was amazing, actually, to use her POV and let her learn something about raising kids. And it was really nice and fluffy to me, yet cute and even made me learn about the whole moral thing. I'm actually pretty pleased with this... it got a little awkward a few bits and there, but still. It was a good experience. It was so much more than a 'Conto De Fadas', or fairytale, it was kind of real, to me I think. K for no particular mature material.

3. Love?
-Rio; BluxJewel
-Personally I'd rate it- 9/10

Alright, this story. This is in my opinion, the best story I have ever written, the one that meant the most to me, the one that I could pour all my emotion into one piece of fiction. It's a pretty short story that is, according to Zacarais, 'a well written essay about love' with plot. A controversial, unconvential, realistic story about Blu and Jewel filled with twists and turns as they realise what love and life really is.

You see the whole thing just came as a small idea, you know, a 'what-if' after I read 'One change can make a big difference'. That whole idea about making an AU from that train scene. I just wanted to test myself and write something... depressing. Don't ask me about the title; it was really because I saw Jennifer Lopez's album name and went with it. After all, it was like a question- did they love each other?

After Chapter 2 came a review from Storylover. I really really have to thank him, because he's the sole reason why this whole story managed to touch so many people. He gave a review that was pondering over love and the philosophy over it all... and I was really touched by it. I did a bunch of Googling and researching then about love, took some experiences from my life, and then mixed it up to create something more meaningful to the readers from Chapter 3 onwards. You could say I challenged him or that I was inspired by him, but either way you have one of the most startlingly realistic and saturatedly emotional stories here in the site... or at least that's what everyone tells me. Anyway I'm really proud of it, though I think I have a few flaws here and there; I'll have to work on that, I guess... T-rated for character death.

4. Paradise
-Rio; BluxJewel
-Personally I'd rate it: 8/10

After being on hiatus for a while, I decided to return to Rio and write some more. For some reason I didn't have the strength or inspiration to write Next to You, so I decided to go check on the fics. And then I stumbled upon Exit Wounds by Rapture At Sea, and instantly loved it. Soon an idea begun to sprout in my mind, and it was like a situation for the ending of Love?... I figured that some people didn't really like that ending. So I decided to create something that would suit the community's interests more. Couple that with Coldplay's song 'Paradise', it gave me a fully developed idea for a story.

So yeah, this was an epilogue of ‘Love?’, picking up the moment Blu *spoiler*. I say 'an' because I have no idea if I should make it official... I know it didn't really contain the emotion that Love? did, but I say it comes a close second. I know some people still prefer Love?'s ending, but this was really just something to test my skill again, as well as something to appease the community after what Love? did. T-rated for character death.

5. Sense of Security
-Rio; BluxJewel
-Personally I'd rate it: 7.5/10

This story... okay, I was just browsing through the M-rated section of the Rio section, and I realised that apart from Corration, nobody knew what bird mating is really all about. Granted, I didn't either, not until I had to do a little research on the whole thing about it. But that's not why I wrote this story. I wrote this because NtY was about to have 10,000 hits. I didn't think for a second that I would get 200 hits... much less 10,000! So I was really happy, and I wanted to give back, not just through updates of NtY. I decided to donate a lemon.

Anyway, it was a poll I had on my site. 5/6 of my readers wanted me to do a lemon, and out of that five sixths 70% wanted me to go do one from Chapter 4 of NtY, a missing sex scene. You'd know it when you see it... but really, the only reason I wanted to do this was to just test if I could write a lemon scene... and well, add to the M-rated section. It was really risky to do this, since the idea of 'bird porn' is frankly as distrubing to me as with CJFANG... but I actually had really positive response on this. Still I don't know about you... it was really disturbing to me when I wrote it. Nevertheless I tried my best on it, and well... M-rated for obvious reasons.

6. Next to You
-Rio; BluxJewel
-In progress
-Personally I'd rate it: 8/10

A long story we have here, about Blu and Jewel and their life from Rio onwards. Jewel is confronted with her past, without knowing what's ahead of her... but Blu would be next to her this time. Story about love and choices. T-rated for sexual references.

After I watched Rio, I was really moved by it and it really just stuck in my mind for quite a while. The moment I got back, this idea came into my mind. And I was wondering- should I write about it? I've had experience in trying to write them long fics... and they turned out miserably. But of course, I went into the Rio archive and quickly realised that there were only 16 stories there. And I decided I could do something and contribute to it... and so I began to dream of this story... I had the climax and ending thought of by the time I wrote and published Chapter 1. I had a tremendously great response, which compelled me to write, and write, and write... and now here it is, standing tall as one of the best -if I may say so myself- fics in Rio.

So the whole thing is about Blu and Jewel from the time Blu saved Jewel onwards. I thought that it couldn't have possibly gone all the way to the end, just like that! And then, being the cliche romance author I am, I began to think what happened if Jewel and Blu got entangled in a love rectangle. Then there was that whole thing about Jewel and her past... Ronaldo and Lisa were created then, when I thought how was I supposed to tie them to Jewel! Or, at least in Ronaldo's case. Still... the plot isn't the best, considering it's really just star-crossed lovers and about love and choices... but never mind. I'm still working on it, and I hope to finish it soon... I hope... T-rated for sexual references.

7. Reciprocation
-Sonic the Hedgehog; Any couple
-Hiatus until undefined, Never be complete
-Personally I'd rate it: 6.5/10

I had this random poem appearing my head, you know, after listening to Owl City's song 'Alligator Sky'. It was like, about sacrifice and love, to me, and so I decided to write this as a random idea that got planted in my mind. I'm not proud of this at all, since it was just vomiting a creative idea here, and you really can't expect much from this. I decided to make this a poem collection, when I get more inspiration and stuff, but now it's just like a bucket here in the corner of my archive. But go take a look if you want. K because of no particular mature material.

8. Tsunami
-Sonic the Hedgehog; SonicxAmy
-Hiatus until undefined
-Personally I'd rate it: 7.5/10

So this going to be a two-shot, just another idea that popped into my mind. To be honest, I could imagine a beach scene with Sonic and Amy, something a little limey and some leaking of sexual ideas. It was kind of the result of all those M-rated fics with Sonic and Amy swimming and stuff, those were... well... pretty good, in the most PG-rated sense. Anyway, I decided to infuse some plot, have a bit of backstory... this was it. I don't personally know what am I going to do with the second chapter, since I might eventually turn it into a lemon... but I don't know.

Anyway the whole idea is about Sonic's aquaphobia, a little time that he has with Amy, and... well, something that you'd never know. The Tsunami of emotion is a strong one. I don't honestly know where I'm going with this, but I'll do as I can. T-rated for sexual reference.

9. Merely an Absence of Heat
-My Little Pony; Soarin’xRainbow Dash
-Personally I’d rate it: 7.5

Deal with it- I am a brony. It's kinda strange how it all happened... but you should I am. And basically I support this weird, obscure couple that PROBABLY won't exist, because of deviantART. Call it what you will... but all the random stuff appearing there- it was too much. And I found this one group dedicated to the couple... it had a lot of good stuff. I loved it. So when they held a winter contest- well, I went in for the kill.

I honestly have no idea how this idea came about. I had a lot of other ideas, but they kind of all melded into this one whole overlapping thing. About freedom, about coldness and warmness, about heroism and a little love- these elements, miniscule as they were, all combined to make this. And I was satisfied, so even though I took forever to write this, I submitted it, received a lot of praise, and I won the contest. It was by default, but still.

Honestly I don’t even know how I could ever assimilate into the MLP fandom without making myself look like a fool. And now... I just figured out that maybe, just maybe, I could write about Rainbow Dash. Even though we were polar opposites, she still had that one spot that was open to love. And that’s where I can fit Soarin’ in.

Anyway, the whole fic's just basically Soarin' saving Rainbow Dash and their time together, alone, in a warm house locked in by the blizzard. Coldness is merely an absence of heat. T-rated because I'm just scared. Yeah.

10. Till it Do Us Part
-Rio; BluxJewel
-Personally I’d rate it: 9.0/10

The story in a nutshell- Valentines’ Day, with Blu and Jewel... one which is unconventionally dark. One that has that shock factor. One that has that startling reality to send people reeling and crying their eyes out. That was my aim of this story.

I actually saw a short film, once, something very similar. There were so many other elements that were infused in this story, and I wanted to make this story. To give people that thinking that this was just another cutesy romancy Valentines’ fic right? Set in a startlingly different setting, startlingly different time period, startlingly different take to reality and love and so many other things... that was what I set out to do.

Of course, this was stupidly ambitious. I tried to accomplish this, though, I really did, and I must say I’m proud as to how it turned out. Reception to this was scarce but I could tell that it was something reminiscent of Next to You and Love? I really wanted to top that latter, to set a bar higher than what Love? already did... which was kinda impossible, but I must say, it was a worthy effort, a second best, even. And let me warn you- if you couldn’t take the stuff I did in Love? ...

Take a look if you dare. T-rated for certain themes not suitable for the weak-hearted...

The review section:

"I... I...

...Alright, to start off, I'll be quite frank...You have quite possibly written one of the most soul-crunching, heart-twisting, most emotional fic I've ever read.

You have the skills of what I can perceive as the writing of some of the best young writers I've seen. I can't even express how wonderful this story was...then again, I can't really express it when I'm crying like this...

Let me thank you for providing not only one of the most emotional stories I've ever read, not only for making me feel the most emotional I've felt since April 23rd (The first time I saw Rio), not only for making me feel as if I need to shape up...but for setting the biggest standards I think I've ever seen for any fandom.

Let me be clear right now...once Rio gains a huge fanbase, I don't want to be remembered as one of the best...because I'd only be taking up a spot for a truly wonderful writer like you. After all, why should my trash be considered excellent when the beautiful workings you have placed before us all should be kept as, in my opinion, the BEST Rio fanfic of all-time...

I urge to you continue writing and delivering your absolutely emotional stories to us...

My friend, you absolutely deserve a 10/10 for what you have created. Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

-Ted Wakeman, Love?, Chapter 7

Any FAQ:

Q: Who's your favourite author on this site?
A: I can't honestly say. So I'll go by archives: I've liked T1Weasel and SilverDawn2010's Sonic works for quite a while [my work is a lot based off the latter]. For Rio my favourite would be WolfOnFyre. But for Spyro [its archive is amazingly stocked with great stories] I think my favourites are Given-Inside and RedDragonX.

Q: What's your favourite story, then?
A: Again, I'll go by archives: the Sonic archive is relatively sparse on good fics [ridiculous compared to the various 21K stories there] but my absolute favourite is "Secret Affair" by KittyNakajimaX. Then for Rio... it's "Life after the Jump" by therobotchicken. For Spyro I really like "Secrets of Convexity" and "Give into the Night". Awesome stories, really.

Q: Who do you get your inspiration from?
A: Jodi Picoult, Stephenie Meyer, 'SilverDawn2010', and basically a bunch of people whose style of writing is kinda similar to mine. Also there's this nightmare that gives me ideas constantly everyday- it's called life.

Q: Who's your favourite REAL author and book, then?
A: To be honest, I LOVE Jodi Picoult's books. House Rules, especially.

Q: Can you read my story?
A: Sure I can. In fact I can beta it if you want; but I only accept 3 requests at one time.

Q: Are you going to write any for Sonic and Spyro, since you've mentioned them?
A: I will, but it will take time. Really. Tsunami is only a two-shot, and there's a story I've 'bought' from OverlandDragon, a Spyro story I've yet to write. I'm planning a Sonic one, full and MUCH longer than Next to You or anything like it. Might be my biggest project ever.

Q: When is Next to You going to be completed?
A: Next to You, I estimate, will take about another two years or so... this is only an estimate, considering they're about 50 chapters to write and I update once every 14 days... or more. So could be more. Don't worry, I've given a lotta thought into every word I write, so you'll be satsified.

Oh and I should have put this earlier... I'm a member of this forum called 'the brotherhood of the pen', Alpha 01. And I'm a beta reader, to top it off, so... I can help you to edit your story, if you need help. Go ahead if you wish; I don't bite.

Done Betas:

1. aSkileneFan - unexpected
2. Bromine - Spring is in the Air
3. Abramus5250 - A New Bird

Anyways feel free to PM me on any question you may hold. I wish to help the people on FanFiction, this little site on the web... So please read my stories. I've written them wth my blood, tears, sweat and the occasional Coca-Cola to keep me going. So feel free to browse through...





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