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[Previously Nuri]

Hello, peeps.

I don't really know what to do in these things so... I'll just say I love Fanfiction, I like alot of different books, movies, tv shows, I even like Inuyasha. Soooo my favorites will probably have a lot of different bits, not to mention what I write lol. Honestly I get ideas all the time, it's just getting them to stay still and letting me write them down that's so hard :S

Other than that... nothing much on this end *shrug*

I just recently wrote my first and second fanfics, don't really know why, I don't know if I can really get the feel of the characters right but what the heck, why not try it? so check those out if you see something you like.

I do have another idea for another story for HtTyOD, this one for Astrid's point of view, though I'm not sure exactly when or where it will take place. It's there though, floating around in my mind trying to get me to write it and I think I will.

05/18/10- Well, I wrote Astrid's bit, and wow did people like it, I am quite frankly amazed. It was hard for me to write, and I haven't seen the movie in a while so I haven't had any new ideas about any stories, though, maybe I'll just suddenly have this sudden urge to write something later. Who knows? The Protector is currently still in the works, I haven't abandoned it or anything, it's just that I'm struggling with the next bit alot. I am out of school though, so I'll have a lot of time free, however, no internet so even if I manage to get it written it might be a while before I can post it... ah, life, sometimes it sucks. Neways don't really have anything else to say so I will go away now... bye

07/26/10- Hey, folks. So the Protector is officially done*tear*sniff, sniff* However, everything good must come to an end right? lol, cheesy I know, oh well. So... I said I might post a new one-shot. I'm still thinking about it, trying to figure out exactly what it will say and how it will develop, but if you want a hint it is from Toothless' point of view [can you see a partern here? ; )] and it will have to do with the eels [you know the ones that they don't like, jejeje] I haven't even started writting it yet, but i really do want to write it, whether or not I can before the right inspiration leaves me is still to be seen, so no promises. well, gtg, so have a good day.

08/03/10- So... one-shot is up peeps. You know, the one about the eels? I hope you guys liked what I put in for the kids... I wasn't sure about the names and what not but... well, I just winged it. Now I'm worried about how clear the story is, cause while I was writting it I noticed it was sort of running together and I went back and editted it like ten times and I reread it at least a dozen... So I hope it's legible and understandable but if it isn't please tell me!!! Another thing, someone actually asked me to write a separate one-shot... I am amazed. I mean when you come up with something on your own, then post it and people say yeah keep going/update soon/i loved it it feels great. But the fact that this person actually asked me for something just cause she liked my style of writing.. wow. I can't believe I've gotten this good... it's odd to me cause quite frankly I used to be a... well not bad, just not exactly well polished writer. The main idea, the main feeling was always there, however I used to write so fast that the presentation just sucked. Neways, I got an interesting review... now I understand why some people disable annonymous reviews. It's kind of annoying being given a nice review, and not being able to thank and answer to the reviewers questions... however since it was a valid question [why not write a sequel about the vikings settling in with the dragons sort of idea] I will answer it here. SoJust Me: to answer your question I know I stated some things that I could try and form into a sort of sequel to The Protector, however... I am no good at multi-chapi stories. Granted the Protector came out pretty good [if I do say so myself] but even though I had planned from the beginning to just follow the movies plot line I struggled. Devicing a whole new plot line, figuring out how to connect everything and making sure there are no plot holes would be a much bigger project than I have time/patience/inspiration for. Don't get me wrong I would love to be able to write something about that but finding something to write about that is more than just a one-shot is not coming to me. Trust me my original idea for my first fanfic was a multi-chapie fic on a spin-off from the movie.. it's still not working with me. I can't even get the first paragraph out. Perhaps I'll just write more one-shots that just come from different times in the Protector... I don't know... We'll just have to see. neways, I am way tired and need a good long rest, so I'll leave this up to you peeps to check out :) see ya

09/10/11- wow! a year? really? yikes... Well I just wanted to say SORRY to those of you who knew about the other HtTYD story I was planning, I know I hinted about it pretty heavily and the truth is that it is partially written, but I have a major writers block on that one :S it's just not wanting to come and I don't know what to do for it. My inspiration is on Hiatus on HtTYD but I will try to get back to it, I have the soundtrack and a new song that I think fits what I want to say pretty well so that should help :) Hopefully I can get the movie soon. On the plus side I can still write, yay! even if it's a completely different fiction. lol

So those of you who read my Tangled fic, sorry that's the only one I have right now... but if everything works in my favor there might be one more... about a little something I wrote near the end :) jejeje something to do with posters ;) Hopefully... I already started [the idea hit as I was writting and wouldn't leave me alone] it so I'm going to try and get back to it so that it gets finished. neways that's it folks. have a good day!


First of all: Happy New Years!! hope everybody had a great time and has a great year ahead of them :)

Second of all: You have got no idea how sorry I am!! Really!!!! I actually already have the second chap of fixing it written and ready to post as well as another little one shot for the Tangled one I said I had in my head, have for a couple of weeks. however I have no internet and the laptop I can take to the wifi hot spots I have near my house doesn't have microsoft word so I can't download it and post it!! However I start classes tomorrow, [University here we go] but I don't know if I'll have time to sit and post, so cross your fingers, if not I have confirmatino that I'll have internet again by next monday, as in not tomorrow the 9th but the monday after that... hopefully... he has done this sort of thing before so... yeah. But again I'm sorry!! and I'm writting this so people don't wonder if it's abandonned or whatever, cause it's not. It's finished and everything... whether or not it's up to standard... well I hope it is. but I wont get into the trouble with writting it here, lol. So anyways, cross your fingers people. Hopefully taking my laptop tomorrow wont backfire on me.


So new story, it's glee though. Umm I know I haven't written anything for HtTYoD and honestly I haven't had any new ideas... maybe once the second movie comes out. But I doubt I'll get back to that fandom anytime soon. Tangled wise it's the same, I just don't see anything else for that, but again, don't kow yet cause the sequels coming out [anybody know when?] so maybe afterwards I'll have lots of ideas. Ummm So I recently got into Glee. It's mostly for Kurt, Blaine too and Sebastian's starting to grow on me too. But moslty it's for Kurt. I'm really admiring Chris Colfer and everything he's done [Can't wait for his movie]. So in honor of the fact that I've gotten into this fandom and not given up on it in... about four or five months I figured I might as well write something! And I did. Hope you liked.

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