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HI!! :D lolz im solarfox6! im a huge fan of anime, and manga. I love the anime's naruto (for the akatsuki of coarse) Death note(Mello and Near FTW) and ouran high (honey rocks!! :3)

About me:

Likes: Anime, Pokemon, Digimon, Naruto, Art, Reading, writing, Dragons, horror movies, yaoi.

Dislikes: Anybody who thinks anime sucks, people who annoy me.

hates: Homo-phobics(a.k.a gay haters!! thats just mean D: )

favorite quote's: " HOLY JEBUS!!" - me

"ARTS A BANG, UN!" - Deidara

"TOBI"S A GOOD BOY!!" - Tobi

"Screw Hanna Montana , I love Metalica!" -random little girl XD

fav song: ... right now... I kissed a boy by Cobra Starship :D

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Fave parings:


Deitobi- I luv tobi im a tobi cossplayer i hate all u ppl who think he's stupid!




Itadei(only really light fluff ver.)








GaaraNaru-Idc what u guys say its cute! >:(

Kimimaro x Juugo - Dont like it? too bad, stfu.

Sasuke x Suigetsu

Hated parings:

Sakura x ANYONE - I HATE HER!! And you sick freaks who think she's cool and pair her with AKATSUKI need to burst into flames!! >:(

Karin x ANYONE! -hate her to! not as much.

GaaraLee - Thats just sick.

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