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H! and a good day to all who come across my teeny profile!

Uhm... so yeah. I'm an aspiring writer from the Philippines, a rather clumsy but intelligent college student who enjoys annoying the living heck outta people. Add the fact that my friends compare me to Hwoarang, the redhead from Tekken. Right, more stuff about me:


Real Name: Chelsea Fonseca

Age: 20 currently, and still getting older

Gender: In case you guys can't tell from my name, I'm female.

Height: More or less... 5'4. I'm still growing, see.

Weight: Hmmm.. I dunno... 50-something kg, I guess? xD (Too lazy to check)

Interests: Anime, novels, manga, video games and making friends. :D

Likes: Friends, of course. XD And anything related to anime and video games. Oh, and FANTASY

Dislikes: Rude people, Mathematics, boredom

Others: I'm the kind of person who gets along well with both genders. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bisexual, I'm just very entertaining and friendly to all. Additionally, I love to eat and spar with my friends and cousins so yeah, that's about it.


--Series-Hopping OC's--

-Crimson Fenrir: Long onyx hair and enchanting ruby eyes gave Crimson her name. She is very bashful and shy around people, especially when around those of the opposite gender. But even though she doesn't interact much, once you know her better, her sweet, caring and playful side will slowly reveal itself. One of her favorite things to do is spending her day with friends, playing games with them and sharing laughs, chatting and simply being around them. Her favorite dessert is strawberry ice cream.

Just Some of Crimson's Incarnations:

Throughout her adventures in different continuum, this young woman never got a name change, so I will simply list the realms she had appeared on:

-Tekken: This is her original universe. Possessing the ability to morph into a towering wolf, she has been going back and forth from G Corporation to Mishima Zaibatsu as a specimen. She is but one of the many unique beings that the companies are fighting over.

- Devil May Cry - Edelweiss: In this domain, she is but a normal human. Well... her body, anyway. Her soul is that of a banished demon, a fact that is made known by her bright red eyes, who merely seeks a place to call home. Abandoned by her parents and shunned by the people from her hometown, she wanders the world, from one town to another, and finally collapses in an alleyway. Guess what alleyway that was and who found her. xD

- Fairy Tail - Troice(Pronounced similarly like "Troys"): Younger sister to Xylas(refer below), Troice is an Ice Dragon Slayer, though her powers are slightly weaker than her brother's. Trained by Colbain, the ice dragon, they were strictly instructed by the creature to NOT use their powers against regular people. This comes across as a huge problem, however, since after the dragons' disappearances, they were left in a town were mages, let alone Dragon Slayers, were not taken kindly to, and thus, suffered a lot under the hands of the citizens. She and Xylas take refuge in some caverns a few miles north of the village. They were granted a stroke of luck when Team Natsu carried out a mission in that village, driven out, and ended up in the very cave they reside in. After the mission, they were taken in by the Fairy Tail Guild, only for Xylas to leave his sister and change guilds.

- Resident Evil - Crimson Caldwell : Adopted sister to Troy Caldwell(refer to Havoc's section below). Born of Caucasian and Asian descent. Subject number CVP-4407, she escaped the facility she was being held in before any experiments were done to her. Picked up by Troy during one of their missions, he took her in as his younger sibling since he lost his own to a bio-terrorist attack some weeks ago. She does her best to fill the role, and often times cooks for Troy and his friends whenever he brings them over. She is currently pestering her brother to let her in the BSAA.

-Havoc Lived (pronounced Li-vehd): A young man with an unknown past. His father was a demon overlord, and his mother was a Valkyrie goddess. Shun from the world because of his hybrid status, he finds friends with 5 other men, forming a group of knights and finding their purpose. Unknown to them, they are the 6 gigantic monsters known as the Cataclysts that have once brought end to the world. He has golden eyes and spiky silver hair lined with stray strands of cobalt blue. The back of his hair reaches his ankles, wrapped in bandages and loose at the end. A silver ankh hangs on his left ear as a seal for his human form, and he is never seen without his weapon, Azazel; a large scythe that towers over him. It has the ability to evolve and change into 7 different forms. He has appeared in many 'dimensions', ranging from Devil May Cry, to Tekken, even in Naruto and Kingdom Hearts.

Some of Havoc's Incarnations:

- Dance Central- Dev I.L. : My Dance Central OC. It's basically just Havoc with his spiky hair down and with a street personality. XD Known as Dev, his story is an interesting one; he was the founder and ex-member of the Dance Crew "High Ace" and he was known as the Ace of Spades, due to his 'affiliation' with said symbol. He is rarely seen without his visor, and his styles are street, hip hop, and freestyle. His new crew is the 'Ice Line', which he had stuck on his name as initials. Latino like Angel, they've yet to meet.

- Devil May Cry - Kain 'Weiss' Fenrir : Devil May Cry incarnation. In this form, Havoc is donned in a white hooded longcoat; white vest and black shirt underneath. He wears pants matching the ivory scheme, decorated by a chain on his pocket and black leather belts around his hips and legs, and black, rugged sneakers protect his feet. His left sleeve is rolled up to his elbow, showing a lean yet firm arm, and his other sleeve covers the whole of his right arm, a leather belt around his bicep. A necklace dangles from his neck on which a winged cross hangs from. His silver hair is unkempt and spiky, much like a mix of Cloud Strife's and Dante's, and the long part on the back of it is gone.

- 3rd Birthday - White Reaper Incarnate - Havoc: His 3rd Birthday persona. He emerged from a Silver Reaper during a Twisted attack at the CTI Headquarters after Agent Aya Brea attempted to Overdive into the said creature. Aya expected to blow the beast up, but found him inside instead. Agent Brea was pushed out of the Reaper by some unknown force, and after mere moments, the Twisted's shell cracked, and Havoc stepped out of the broken carapace, covered in slime. He currently has not been heard to utter even a single word, and Hyde Bohr assumed that Havoc is unable to harness the human vocal chords. He has exhibited the ability to Overdive.

- Blazblue - Aeslehc Alucard: Blazblue incarnation. In this plot, Havoc is named Aeslehc Alucard, the supposedly 'true' Head of the Alucard Family. Due to a minor fluctuation in the Continuum Shift--a very tiny occurrence that even the observers weren't able to detect-- Aeslehc sprung forth sometime during the final cycle of the Dark War, a piece of the Azure with him. Later on, he was found out to be one of the Black Beast's meany heads, and, like Ragna and Nu, has a visible Azure on him; on the left side of his chest, held together by three belts. Although a part of the Black Beast, he is still adamant at claiming the throne to he Alucard Family. At some point, the battle's stalemate changed, and he was left at the losing end. After his loss, he begun to feel a great attachment to her, replacing his hatred and rivalry issues.

- Resident Evil - Troy Caldwell: Member of the BSAA Delta Squad. His younger sister died during a bioterrorist attack on his hometown, and since then, he vowed to take part in stopping bioterrorism, so that nobody else would experience what he had gone through(That's what he believes, anyway). While on a mission, he encountered a young lady about three years younger than him, and decided to take her in to fill the gap that his sister left behind. He is currently being pestered by Crimson to let her in the BSAA. Only time will tell when he decides to give in and talk to his superiors about this.

"When somebody calls you UGLY, just simply say, 'UGLY never starts with I, it starts with U.'" See? Sarcasm at work.

Favorite People and Characters:

>>Real Life:

All my friends here at FF! :D - they're the very nice and awesome authors that welcomed me here! You could say that they're practically my second family. :D

-OnyxAngel6: She's the very first person I met here, and she welcomed me with a smile. :) We also had a really fun discussion about cupcakes. XD

-SilverMistressX, a.k.a. SapphireBlissX: The second person I met here in ff, and she's a Lee lover! XD She's really kind to me. :)

-Kikay the Shark Girl 22: She's my very own Ate Kikay. n_n We rp and write fics together most of the time, and she's the best foster sister that I ever had. Hyperactive and a bit crazy, like me. XD Only loved King before, but now she also likes Kuya Jin and his alter-ego Devil Jin. X3 She's my older twin in my ff family. XD

-XNightLadyX: The really fun French friend that I met. n_n She's really hyperactive like Ate Kikay, and can crack funny jokes as well. X3 We both made an account at Neoseeker just to maul a wise mouth h-o-mo guy. XD

-Salysha: A very wise and inspiring writer. I really admire her a lot, what with her writing style and beautifully written stories. In my ff family, I see her as a bit of a mother/oldest sister figure. n_n

-Getemono: His stories really make me laugh or giggle; he's a really funny person. XD

-Cateyedme: She's a personal friend. Invited her here because of her talent in writing. n_n

>>Fictional Realm:


-Lars Alexandersson: A former Captain of the Tekken Force and is now on a road to rebellion against the Mishima Zaibatsu, his employer. Has a chivalrous nature and is a natural leader, able to persuade a whole squad to join him in his rebellion. A forgotten heir to the Mishima blood.

-Hwoarang: He's the spunky, wild and arrogant Korean. Rival to Jin. With much pride, this gang leader-slash-Tae Kwon Do jin has never been beaten, his record only marred by a draw, taken from his match with the young Kazama. Despite his actions, he's trustworthy and also a born leader.

-Lili Rochefort:The ever sassy princess and daughter of a rich oil tycoon. She's actually pretty kind if you get to know her, and she loves shopping. Just remember to bring lots of money when she asks you to hang out.

-Leo Kleisen: An amazing German fighter. The first time I saw her, I thought she was a guy. I even thought that I could recommend my female friend to XD After I learned that she was female though, she and Havoc began to hang out more often at the arcades.

-Lee Chaolan: He's the adopted son of Mishima Heihachi, and foster brother to Lars and Mishima Kazuya. He's really quirky and extravagant, but fun to be with nonetheless. With finesse, he finishes his battles quickly and with style. Loves to torture his adoptive family members.

-Kazama Jin: Or simply Jin. Known to the world as the cruel CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu, he is kind and loving to those close to him, be it friends or lovers. Family not included.

Devil May Cry

-Dante: The younger son of Sparda, the Dark Knight. He has an older brother named Vergil, whom he shares his physical attributes.

-Vergil: Dante's older twin brother. He loathes humans, especially his human side.

-Nero: He was that young man with the strange arm. He came from the town of Fortuna, and, like Dante and Vergil, he also possesses silvery-white hair. He's grumpy and moody most of the time, which is one of the reasons Dante often teases him to have been on PMS, but when he's in that rare bright mood of his, he's really very kind.

-Trish: Dante's partner in missions; looks almost identical to his mother. They first met when Trish came to Dante's shop--sent by Mundus--to lure him towards Mundus' lair. If you ask me though, she's more of a live-in partner of the romantic sorts. XD She and Dante often bicker a lot, but in the end, the result is still the same: they make up, have some pizza, and then the problem's forgotten. They make a fine couple, too, if only...

-Lady: Daughter of a corrupt and evil man named Arkham, she and Dante defeated her father and sealed up a gate to the Demon Realm, which Arkham and Vergil had opened.

Final Fantasy VII

-Zack Fair: SOLDIER 1st class, a brave young man with a kind heart and good-natured spirit. He was born in a small village named Gongaga, where he grew up and spent his childhood in. The ever beloved puppy from Crisis Core, he was a very good friend to Cloud, always telling jokes when he's down to cheer him up, chatting with him when he's alone in the barracks or lobby... He always wore a smile on his face, and he never seems to be down. He's really fun to be with, the atmosphere is way brighter when he's around.

-Cloud Strife: Zack's best friend, whom he met on his way to Modeoheim. As Zack was a SOLDIER who worked for Shinra back then, Cloud was a Shinra infantryman. He has become a formidable fighter through the times, and is now capable of defending his friends. He used to be a very cheerful young man who grew up in Nibelheim, but his behavior and attitude has changed overtime...

-Tifa Lockheart: She's Cloud's childhood friend, whom he promised he would protect. Tifa is a very sweet woman. She's also hard-working, what with her bar named 7th Heaven and the kids she was assigned to look after. Her fists are her primary weapon.

-Vincent Valentine: A mysterious man in a crimson mantle and possesses a golden metal claw on his left hand. Vincent rarely talked, but when he does, expect his words to contain his feelings. At first glance, one could have the impression that he is a vampire. Often seen at 7th Heaven from time to time, he can engage and participate in small conversations, if he was in the mood to speak.

Final Fantasy XIII

-Lightning Farron: She might come as cold and uncaring at first, but trust me when I say that she's a very kind and loving sister. I'm not so sure, but if Serah was never engaged to Snow, she would be in his arms. I'm going to get shot by her gunblade for this entry, I know, but still. I like them both. And no, Serah, I don't hate you. :3

-Snow Villiers: Likeable guy. VERY Likeable--No, LOVABLE. He's very caring, and he looks after everyone like his life depended on it. You'll never expect that kind of behavior from such a large guy--NO NOT THAT DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT. I mean his stature. He's such a bro. :D (Wassup Broduskis! xD)

- Hope Estheim: It's Nero's younger brother! xD No, just kidding. Jokes aside, this boy is very brave, despite his self-degradation and low self-esteem. He seems to have feelings for Light, but the woman only sees her as a younger brother. I feel sorry for him, I just wanna give him a BIIIIIG hug.

- Sazh Katzroy: FUNNY DUDE. 'Nuff said. xD OKay, seriously, he's the most mature one of the bunch(I said mature, Sazh, not old), Wise and level-headed, he makes good decisions and is a trustworthy companion in any journey. :D

- Oerba Yun Fang: This girl's got game! 8D She's the epitome of girl power(along with Lightning). Courageous, witty, clever and strong make her a must-have for any fight. Plus, her sisterly nature is a great comfort in times of trouble. :3

- Oerba dia Vanille: Happy-go-lucky and very bubbly, Vanille can cheer people up and brighten days. She can keep secrets pretty well, too. xD

Resident Evil

- Chris Redfield: The one, the only-- Chris "Boulder Punch" Redfield! xD He's been a favorite character since his first appearance, and he baceme more of a favorite in 5 and 6. He's so family-oriented with his team that it just hurts to see them die one by one in front of him. D: I wanna hug him by the end of his RE6 Campaign.

- Piers Nivans!: Yes, that exclamation point is there on purpose :P On my favorite characters list, he tops everyone(even out of RE) and is just one of THE cutest fictional people I've ever met. EVER. And he also was one of the few who crushed my feels.

- Sherry Birkin: Look at her all grown up! And man, those regenerative abilities of hers are AMAZING. I'm sure Jake would find a good use for that too... *snigger snigger*

- Jake Muller: And the Wesker/Birkin relationship is once again revived, this time in a romantic note. This guy here is Jake Muller, tough guy Mercenary trash-talker extraordinaire that does all his money-grubbing just to support his single mom. Isn't that sweet?

- Ada Wong: You don't mess with her. She can bust your brains out with a crossbow bolt from meters away if she wants to. Awesome woman and definitely femme fatale material.

Finished Stories:

July 17, 2009 - Chocolate Cupcake: My first fanfic, hooray! This story revolves around three of my favorite Tekken characters and how they just end up being plain RANDOM. It was just conceived from utter boredom. Redone for a second time!

August 11, 2009 - Thoughts of a Falcon: A monologue that I decided to make as a school project. Makes sense as a fanfic too.

January 6, 2010 - The Ultimate Weapon: One sunny day in Shinra Company, there was a SOLDIER... and a spider... and havoc ensues.

February 14, 2010 - That Girl Next Door: Valentine's gift fic for my two friends/sisters, Kikay the Shark Girl and ArchRose. Jin meets the girl who had just moved in next door. Sweet and funny KazuyaxJun bonus.

March 4, 2010 - Ocean Miracles: Gift fic for my fellow author and foster sister MissKingLawliet. Centers around a sort-of AU event where Jin meets an OC and changes his view of the beach.

March 21, 2010 - Midnight Visitor: I wanted to try my hand at writing a really graphic M fic (also, because my literature professor assigned us stuff to write and I got romance. I mean, I WANTED THE MASSACRE ONE.) but yeah, this story was for my fellow author and foster sister MissKingLawliet. She and her obsession with Jin proved to be a successful subject.

September 4, 2010 - Misacalculations: A crazy and hilarious M rated fic that popped into my mind when a certain friend of mine (who shall not be named) introduced me to some 'freaky and shameless' doujin.

September 12, 2010 - The Crisis: My take on the bus hostage-taking crisis that happened here in my country. What if the Tekken Force were dispatched to handle the situation?

December 14, 2010 - Winter Bells: Made for the sole purpose of a school project. Ragna writes Noel a letter about last year's Christmas. Pretty much OOC. I got a really high grade on this one too.

March 6, 2013 - Stranger We Remain: Been a while since I wrote anything of worth. Jack the Ripper traps Raiden in a mind game, but he didn't expect someone to pull his victim out of it.

Stories In Progress:

July 22, 2009 - Beauty and the Red Beast:This story was actually written when I was in 3rd Year High School and was a starting writer back then. Now that I'm reading it, I noticed that I had a lot of errors so I'm editing some words here and there but the story remains the same. It's about the life of Asuka Kazama and Hwoarang, how they met and how they separated. Surprises fill this story! CURRENTLY ON HIATUS

December 10, 2009 - The Possibilities are Endless :D: A compilation of theories centered on the former Tekken-shu Captain, Lars Alexandersson, and the scar on his face. Mostly humor, some serious. Your theories and suggestions are most welcome. n_n CURRENTLY ON HIATUS

March 4, 2013 - A Family of Five(Sometimes More): Join Chris, Piers, Claire and two OCs as they go about their daily lives all while living under one roof. Other characters drop by from time to time.

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