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Your redundancy stains -Layne Staley

I believe in the right to write what you want to say, right away.

Invading someone's privacy is like walking in on them naked, you probably will be horrified by what you see.

I'm not sure where to begin to 'describe' myself. I'm a male teenager, against homophobes, sexism, racism, and all other isms. But I will admit some of the jokes I find amusing.

When it comes to music, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers are my favorites, but I also like listening to Led Zeppelin, The Pixies, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and a few other bands that broke up before I was even born.

I was born November 18th (Scorpio :D), and love playing guitar (very amateurishly) and singing with the skills of a fork in a garbage disposal.

Any and all work I write is dedicated to a close friend I've lost a while ago. His inspiration and constant encouragement is what keeps me going today.

Rules Of Writing A (TD) Story (By Chapter. Break. Chapter)

1. The title and summary: That's the FIRST thing someone will EVER look at about your story, and c'mon, are you going to read a story called "Total Drama Island 2" or "Total Drama Island: Return of the Island"?

2. Set goals for yourself: It's great to write a story, but you should have some sort of goal you want to reach, like... "I'm going to keep writing this story until I get 100 reviews, even if it takes me 100 chapters." etc.

3. It's quality over quantity: Yeah it's great to upload chapters that contain ten thousand words in it, but I'd rather read a four hundred word one shot that will make me cry like a infant, than read some boring story that's longer than the Bible.

4. Quantity still counts: You don't need lots of words, or the best grammar, or to even spell certain words properly, but try to balance out your quantity/quality scale, if you're a semi decent writer, write semi long chapters, if you're a little dull on how you write, maybe a little extra length will promote people to read.

5. Be happy with your story: I've abandoned probably half a dozen stories in my time as a writer, everyone does it eventually. If you grow tired of your story, don't continue it. At least take your effort to make a small author's note chapter explaining why you don't want to continue, and maybe what would have happened in the story, don't leave the readers hanging.

6. Reviews don't mean anything: Amazing stories I've read only have six reviews sometimes, while STUPID stories have over 200. What? No, don't feel you need to write like those bozos to get reviews, sometimes talent isn't always praised. Also don't do that horrible "I'm waiting until I get -number- reviews until I start my next chapter. Reader's don't like that shit and will easily stop reading after someone does that.

7. Make your story unique: It's absolutely fine to make a Submit Your Own OC kind of story, but it's been done ever since TD started. Plus, people WILL stop reading once their character is out or if they aren't the main character. Give people a reason to unconditionally read.

Current Stories

Total Drama Island: What If: A pretty cool story idea that emerged when a few buds of mine wondered what would happen if one thing happened differently in the first episode of Total Drama Island. The rest, well, I think you can guess.

Tales Of Every Day Situations: During the hiatus of my writing of TDI:WI I have written a decent collection of short stories I myself like. They revolve around a couple of my favorite characters, some I don't care for much, themes I like, themes I don't like. A bit of this and a bit of that, which has a little bit of something for everyone.

Finished Stories

It's Not That Simple: I loved this story, after a month of not being able to write, this story felt amazing to complete, even if it was one third of usual chapters I write for stories. Anyways, a story of Harold and Lindsay, consisting of love, friendship, death, and serenity.

Possible (That's the key word!) Planned Stories

The Wawanakwa Files: This I would love to write, seriously. I can't reveal too much, because this I do in fact really want to write this, eventually, but I will say it is inspired by true events, and I've conducted numerous sources for help to write the story as accurate as possible. Which is why it is so awesome.

Famous Me Not?: A full story of the mentioned Reality Show in "It's Not That Simple", who knows the possibilities?

Some Cool People You Might Like to Check Out

LazyAwesomeNinja: He's a great writer, great guy to talk with, overall great friend. He's also single, ladies ;D

GonardWithTheTDL: One of my first friends on here, he and I have been through a lot. Cool writer with some heart-touching stories.

CocoTheDreamer5454: We're alike in many ways, but totally different as well. Awesome stories that I used to read when I first got on here, then became his friend and realized he wrote them.

RainbowLollipops: Upfront and not afraid to tell you what he thinks. He's in my will, if I die he continues writing TDI:WI for me.

MelzNelz: Awesome girl. She doesn't write much, no matter how much I try to get her to, but her KND one shot was really nice and good.

RealityShowFan: He's such a goof ball! If you have the sense of humor I do, you would love this guy! Despite his goofy personality, he has a couple of serious stories.

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