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Author has written 5 stories for Twilight.

Name is Samantha. Basically all my stories on here are in the Twilight Fandom.

Story Summaries:

Nate: Bella's Untold Past and Secrets

Summary: Bella Swan has everything figured out. She has everything in her life, neat and simple-for the most part. She has love, family, friends and her problems packed away. But when a stranger from Bella’s past, Nate Carter, come to Forks, he makes Bella relive tragic events that she can no longer wish away, and question her choices, appearence, attitude, parents, friends and most importantly Edward, the person she has fought to keep and Nate, the person she’s fought hard to forget. (Set AFTER New Moon.)

I was 13 when I started this story and as it grew, I complicated it from it's original 1 dimensional plot. I'm not exactly proud of my writing in the beginning but honestly, I don't really have the motive to go back and rewrite it. I will update this story as soon as I can.


Summary: Edward never returned because Alice never saw Bella just off the cliff. Instead, Bella's story went a little different in the course of New Moon. Things happened that scarred her and made her a little angrier and less forgiving. It's now been 18 months since the Cullens left and Harry Clearwater just died from a heart attack. The pack decides they need help to capture Victoria, who is still on the loose, so they contact the Cullens and ask for their return. As the Cullens readjust to life in Forks, Edward starts to see the damage that was caused to Bella in his absence. Will he be able to break down the walls of the girl he once loved?

Darker and hopefully not as cliché as the usual Edward-Leaves-Then-Comes-Back-And-Bella-Is-Super-Depressed story. I will update this after Nate: Bella's Untold Past and Secrets.

Castle Walls: Renesmee is just about full grown and is sick and tired of the Cullens way of life. She feels detached from her family and completely alone in the world. She doesn't love Jacob the way she's supposed to and suspects something else is going on that she doesn't know about. When Renesmee finds out secrets that her family kept from her all these years, she runs away, stumbling into a town and the wrong crowd. One night something goes wrong and Nessie is rescued by a completely human boy. As time goes on she finds herself falling in love with this boy and his family, discovering just how human she really is. But when tragedy strikes with her family, she learns just how unreal the world around her truly is.

I honestly hated Nessie. She ruined Breaking Dawn for me and I couldn't find anything relatable about her, until I read a Oneshot and came up with this idea, that she would rebel and resent the Cullens. But, if you hate stories where the Cullens are demonized, don't worry, they aren't. It's fair to everyone involved, it's just a process to get there.

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Please read and review.

Pictures/Clothes for my story: Nate: Bella's Untold Past and Secrets

Essental to Story:

(Nate Carter) , ,

(Taylor) ,

(Allie) ,

(Milly) ,



(Briee) ,

(Ricky) or,



(Mason) or ,




1. Princess(Common nickname, given by Charlie, used by everyone who knew her up to age 17)

2. Isabel(Less common nickname, given by Arizona friends and family)

3. Sweetheart(By Edward and Aunt Pam)

4. Love(By Edward)

5. Baby(By Nate, Edward, Ricky, Renee)

6. Bells(By Charlie and Renee and Jacob, and rarely Edward, Alice and Emmett.)

7. Angel(By Edward)

8. Isabella(Full Name)

9. Girl(By Casey, Mason, Tommy, occionally Edward and Nate, Renee's past boyfriends, uncles)

10. Shorty(By Ricky and Nate and sometimes other friends)


Star(Given by Arizona friends until death)

Mariah Ameila(First Name)

Tay Tay(By Casey)

Mia(Second part of conjoined first name, only aunt and mother called her that)


Smiley(Given by her grandmother and used by her friends and family)

Alison(First full name)

Sonny(Last three letters of first name, by siblings and sometimes friends)


Bubbles(Given by father)

Camilia(Full name)


Coco(By friends)

Franny(Less common, by friends)

Nate's Family:

Kayla Cater(Same person, different hair colors): Burnette , Blonde

Tom Carter: ,

Ryann: or

Summer: ,

Julianna: ,

Aidenn: ,

Claire: ,

Chapter 1:

(Bella's Outfit)



Chapter 2:

(Bella's Outfit)

(Bella's Hair)

Chapter 4:


Chapter 7:



(Bella's Hair)

Chapter 9:

(Bella's Pajamas)

Chapter 10 and 11:














Chapter 14:

(Bella's Outfit)

Chapter 17:

(Bella's iPhone)

Chapter 22:

Bella's Pajamas:

Chapter 26:



Bella's Outfit:

Francia's Outfit:

Chapter 27:

Novalee(As a Four year old.):

Chapter 29:

Bella's Outfit in flashback:

Chapter 30:

Bella's Outfit:

Chapter 31:

Bella's Slut Outfit to School:

Bella's Hair for School(Ignore Face and Hair Color):

Bella's Make-Up:

Bella's Outfit to talk to Charlie:

Bella's Messy Ponytail(Ignore the face and hair color):

Chapter 32:

Prom Dresses(You can probably figure out which ones are which. They are listed in order they are tried on.)

Bella's Outfit:

Chapter 34:

Bella's Outfit for school:

Bella's Dress for Nate's house(And yeah, I forgot to mention the shoes):

Outfit in flashback:

Bella's Hairstyle:

Chapter 36:

Bella's Outfit:

Chapter 37:

Bella's Outfit:

Pictures for Permanent:


Copy and Paste its:

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Update as of 6/21/12: I will update Nate: Bella's Untold Past and Secrets as soon as I get out school. And Permanent will be sometime after that but the first story is at this point, my priority to finish.

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