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Ah, a bio. Great, these things always fail to display me in the best light. ¬_¬;

Name: Christopher John Heald, although my friends call me Chris, and my enemies call me Ulthran.

Age: 17

Birthday: 26th May 1988

Eye Colour: A nice shade of blue, now I wear glasses too.

Hair Colour: A kind of lightish-brown/dark blonde (depending on which way you look at it)

Hobbies: Writing, playing games, reading, listening to music.

Dreams: I aspire to be a Junior Programmer at some sort of prestigious gaming company, and work my way up.

Fave Music: Anything from Rock (Muse, Radiohead, Metallica, etc) to Classic Rock (Guns N' Roses, Van Halen, U.F.O, etc) and Operatic/Heavy Rock (Nightwish, Within Temptation, etc), to the odd musical (Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds).

Fave Movies: The War Of The Worlds (have you seen those Fighting Machines? (faints)), Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy (I'm Arthur when it comes to my outlook on life XP), Lord Of The Rings (a decent book to movie adaptation, with some absolutely awesome battle scenes), Star Wars (for the lightsabre fights, the storyline was a little pathetic in my opinion.), Van Helsing (Van Helsing, you murderer! XD), POTC: Curse Of The Black Pearl (but why is the rum gone? XD), and there are many others, I can't possibly mention all of them here. (Shaun Of The Dead, Resident Evil, The Right Stuff, etc)

Other Info: I'm single, if anyone's vaguely interested! I tend to be a little of a recluse though, sticking to the computer instead of spending too much time outdoors. However, I have a habit of going to the extreme when it concerns those I like, travelling great distances tosee them if nessecary. Ha, guess you could call me an old romantic, last of a dying kind.
I do a bit of drawing when I get the time. I'm currently working on some illustrations for Back To Reality, so watch out for that! I live in the North-West area of England, a little known place called Chorley in Lancashire (near Preston, if you have any idea what I'm talking about XD). Ifyou happen to live in the area, I go to college at Runshaw College in Leyland, and I'm studying for a BTEC National Diplomafor Information Communications Technology Practitioners (isn't as important as it sounds, believe me), and I work part-timeat Tesco in Chorley, shelfing bread and cakes, and sometimes packing freshly made bread. If you spot me, give me a wave!


The Reality Check Trilogy

Help, I'm Stuck In FF9! (Completed)
Chris, a normal 14 year old gamer, finds himself trapped in Gaia after a trans-dimensional mix-up involving his PS1. Soon afterwards he is joined by old friends and new to face the imminent threat of destruction from Kuja. But all is not as simple as it seems, as Chris starts experiencing strange visions of his own death, and finds that there is more to himself than meets the eye.

Back To Reality (Completed)
Five years after the events at the Iifa Tree, peace has reigned over the land of Gaia. However, it could never last, as the return of two familiar figures from the past accompany an assassination attempt on Queen Garnet. This causes a chain reaction of events that could not only spell doom for Gaia, but for the rest of the universe too.
Also, with the arrival of a strange new couple, with alternative motives of their own, not to mention two more Earth-born characters and a dark figure from the past, things begin to become complicated.

A Stitch in Time (In Progress)
When a young woman awakens in a labratory, she finds that she has no knowledge of her past, lost in a new alien world. The Spiritseers were wiped out in a great war twenty years earlier, along with the six light warriors that had fought for the survival of the known universe. Now she must travel through the infinite strands of time, along with a new friend, and not only discover who their parents were, but to prevent their deaths and stop the destruction of the Spiritseers, to remove the stone that split the tides of time in two.

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