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Author has written 8 stories for Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha, Gilmore Girls, and Harry Potter.

Being seventeen, I can scarecely claim to have tremendous experience under my belt. However, I do believe that I have a very active imagination that has been tremenduously enriched by novels and movies. I love freedom and adventure. Oftentimes, I find myself wishing for a place I could go to in order to escapte the mundane routines of my life. My stories provide me the source of release from reality that I crave. Each story has a different setting that I find fascinating and exciting. They are very dear to me and I only hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writting them. I mostly write alternate universe stories to existing pieces of literature because I prefere to use my own plotlines and absolutely lack creativity when it comes to characters. I have found this working for me in the past and decided to keep this format of work. It is also very frustating for people when I don't update regularly, but I ask people to be patient and understanding. Sometimes I just dont' have the time while others times I find myself lacking inspiration to continue a story. But I do try to finish all that I start. There is nothign more enjoyable in life than sitting down with a good book. I hope that I have not wasted your time with my work. I am also in dire need of an editor. When you are reading my work, you may also have noticed many gramatic and spelling mistakes that I repeatedly apologize for. I know that it drives me nuts when people don't spell things correctly or use bad grammar in their stories, so I can sympathize with your frustration.


Okay, I've just read my reviews after six months and I must say that I'm ashamed that I didn't read them sooner. They are so ecouraging and my only excuse is that I went on holidays this summer and now school work's been weighing me down. I have A LOT of papers do and I don't even know where to begin. But now that I'm back, I'm ready to resume writing again. Here is a little note on my progress:

As declared by fate: yeah, I've only started on my next chapter. I'm making a commitment to writting at least five pages a week. My chapters are usually 20 pages long, so it'll be soon.

Into the Abyss: So so confused about this one. I like the plot, but...we'll see. Don't expect any updates soon though.

Dangerous Minds: Sorry guys, I have a short attention span. I personall hate when people don't finish their stories, but...seriously, where is this going? There is no plotline. I blame this on my youthful stupidity...which was like 2 years ago. I think I'm going to delete this one.

Empty Darkness: Don't bother reading it. It's crap. I'm thinking of deleting it. Just haven't had the time yet. But I definately see potential in this plotline if written properly. Anyone who likes the idea they've read so far and wish to continue it, email me so that people won't nail you for plaigerisn.

La Morte: My very first fanfic! So many memories! Yeah, I'll try to finish the last chapter if I have time.

When I was scanning through my reviews, some of you answered to my call out for an editor and I really appreciate it! Sorry I didn't answer sooner, but if you guys are still interested, please email me.I am looking for an editor for two stories:
1. As Declared by Fate

2. This new AU Harry Potter story I'm starting. Theidea's been in my head for quiet a while now, butI've put nothing down on paper yet. I still need to do some researchfor itto be a go.Yes,I'm actually making the effort of doing research this time...Email me and I'll give you a brief sketch of the outline. Here's the introduction for the story.


A floating black feather.

With one dream, Hermione Granger’s life is completely transformed. Gone was the perfectly structured world she has built for herself. Gone was the bright star so acclaimed by the professors of Yale University. As Hermione descend further and further into the dark abyss, old nightmares begin to reemerge and past histories creep out of the closet.

A beautiful boy.

Recurring dreams reign her nights. The death of her mother. The madness of her father. Her broken old home. What do these have to do with the sole figure haunting her dreams? What does he have to do with the memories she cannot recall?

A fallen angel.

Her friends are dying. Her genius boyfriend is going insane. Soon, a path of destruction begins to emerge in her presence and her dreams start taking on a lifelike quality. She feels the constant presence of a dark spirit, bidding its time for her complete possession. She feels the lust floating in the air and the tint of jealousy. Soon a race for time begins as Hermione tries to take possession of her memories before the dark spirit takes possession of her.

And that's it guys.Phew. That was long.Thanks for taking the time to read this. You guys' comments really keep me going.

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