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Poll: Pairings! For Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt and its sequel, whose titled will not be mentioned yet. Pick your top three! More will be added as soon as we introduce more characters. Vote Now!
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~ANNOUNCEMENTS!~ (These are actually vaguely important, believe it or not. They concern... everything announcement worthy.)

Beta Reading!

I haven't updated my Beta-Profile in a while (and boy, did it need work) but it's all fixed up now! What am I asking you? If you have a story, and think I'd be a good Beta... Ask me, please! I'm speedy at responding, so no waiting (unless I'm at school or something along those lines.) Click here for a good Beta Reader's profile. Yes, my head is inflated.

As for the FORUM, click hereJ. Whitnee

Synergetic Sins: The Heart by CyberWolf101

Synergetic Sins: The Soul by DevoTheMadCashCow

Please, check them out! They do accept OCs, and people seem to be attracted to that, for some strange reason... So far they are pretty popular, and I'm almost positive this is the first four-way collaboration ever to hit the pokémon section of FanFiction.Net! If you want to be part of history... CHECK THEM OUT!


Name: Pf. You can all stick with my pen name. Variations work too, though Soph-a-loaf seems to be a favorite for a certain author...

Age: Old enough to wonder why you'd want to know.

Birthday: June 14

Gender: Female (I hope...)

Favorite Sport: Fencing (who doesn't like stabbing people with swords?)

Favorite Color: PURPLE! X3

Favorite Food: Curry. Yum...

Favorite Games: Pokémon, Harvest Moon/ Rune Factory, Super Smash Bros Brawl

Favorite Manga: PokéSpec, though that's pretty much the only one I've read

Interests/ Hobbies: Well, yeah, I'm pretty into fencing and any sport that includes some sort of stick. The fewer balls the better (that sounded so wrong), but dodge ball is okay (I guess it has something to do with not having to actually handle the ball). I enjoy video games (yeah, yeah. Laugh if you want.) I have both a DS and a Wii, though I'm pretty sure the DS is on the verge of breaking (I've had it for about... I don't know, four years now?) Drawing is pretty fun, my specialty is still life (sounds boring, but I enjoy making stuff looking real). I also wish I was able to cook, but I'm hopeless. I enjoy using knives a little too much. What can I say? I am a ninja after all. Um... Anyway, reading can be good, if it's fantasy/ sci-fi and has lots of action/ suspense/ crazy-intense battle scenes. Can't forget writing. What am I doing here otherwise?

My DeviantArt: I'm hopefully going to post some drawings of fanfiction OCs here, so have a look if you're interested (and if you have a deviantart, leave a comment!)

Ideas for other FFs:

I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't take any of these ideas. You know, just a thought.


-A sequel to Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt, but it's a reborn fic (no, Sophie doesn't die. Nothing like that). I have a sample summary down below.

-J. Whitnee and I actually have a good idea about what we're going to do. It's when a war between Kanto and Johto breaks out, Hoenn supporting Kanto and Sinnoh supporting Johto. In the midst of this, we get sucked into the manga, have no recollection of our previous life, and end up freaking out our PokéSpec crushes.

-Okay, I officially have the best idea for an academy fiction. And it features the annoying Teams! Each dorm for a different "Team" and each goes through the years learning how to be that annoying Grunt, Admin, Commander, or whatever the hell the Teams do!

Goals for my current FFs:

Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt:

(_) Complete

(X) Get 10 reviews

(X) Get 25 reviews

(X) Get 50 reviews

(X) Get 100 reviews

(X) Get 200 reviews

(_) Get 500+ reviews

(_) Have it become one of the most well known pokémon FFs (ambitious, no?)

Synergetic Sins: The Body (Thing was deleted, I dunno what to do now...)

(_) Complete

(X) Get 10 reviews

(X) Get 25 reviews

(X) Get 50 reviews

(_) Get 100 reviews

(_) Get 200 reviews

(_) Get 500+ reviews

(_) Have it become the series that EVERYONE has read. Sure it will take a while, but it WILL happen. I hope X3

I know Unseen, Unheard, and Unfelt has something of a cut off summary, so here's the full deal:

You have a girl (Sophie Ng) on a pokémon journey (well no duh). She's sarcastic, athletic, and has issues with cocky kids. Though she doesn't realize it at the time, her pokémon are going to drive her crazy.

1) A Cubone that goes crazy when she has sugar.

2) A Bulbasaur who might as well be a Totodile for all the difference it makes.

3) A Magikarp who will most likely die before it even thinks about moving.

4) A Growlithe that's male. Growlithe=Male dog. Male dog= lots o' pee. Bummer.

5) A Dodrio that most likely has differently gendered heads. Not to mention that they don't get along with each other.

6) Who would even consider any more pokémon with this bunch?

Our heroine (if you can call her that) meets a lot of -cough cough- unique people on her journey.

Companions: A lazy flirt and a hyperactive sugar/ shiny obsessed should-be-blond (who flirts).

Rival: A kid just like her. But it's a guy. Who sounds like a Snorlax. Puberty can do that to you.

People along the way: A sweet, good-hearted (if not somewhat naive) girl who has her own problems (try weird dreams of her past and a legendary with a whale-like voice); a hot-headed, looks-obsessed guy who knows more than he's saying; a kid who is so socially naive that it really isn't funny anymore; and a girl who rivals our gal in athleticism. Did I mention the under-aged pervert/ prodigy of a cousin?

Mixed with hair gel, rice balls WITHOUT the chocolaty center, impossible-to-pronounce last names, and awkward situations, this journey is going to need all the help it can get.

Wait... I almost forgot. Ghosts are messing with Sophie's remaining sanity. Darn, don't you hate it when that happens?

Here's the little sample I promised :) This was taken directly from Synergetic Sins: The Body. May it rest in peace.

I took stock of the situation. So, I, along with my long-lost twin and two random guys, were now pokémorphs as a result of some crazy nerd's impulse to experiment on innocent (and in my case incredibly awesome) citizens. I have a Blaziken sharing my brain with me, who is insisting on Yellow Pokéblocks and me wearing my sunglasses at all times. I have a tail that has ripped my pants wide open along with flames on my wrists that will toast anything within a three-inch radius. Let's not forget that I'm suffering from a ton of fricking moodswings, stuck in some stupid lab with the nerd herd, and have a strong desire for a white mocha frappucino. I love my life.

Liked it? Remember to have a look at the rest of the fic, then!

And here's the sample summary!

Reborn fic checklist: 1) New trainer has personal meaning. Zip. 2) Was resurrected due to some special circumstances. Zero. 3) Is now constantly bothered by legendaries/ has a nice little quest ahead of them. Nada. Well, that failed. ACCEPTING OCS!

It's kind of a work in progress, but that's the main idea :)

~Fictions that I am PROMOTING!~

"Belief at Dawn" by J. Whitnee

"Chronicles of Fate: 17 Knights" by J. Whitnee

"Turning over a New Leaf" by lil' white Raven, seriously, this is my favorite reborn-fic that I have ever read. Personally, I think it's even better than ALNM. I'm not saying that ALNM isn't incredible (it is, believe me) but something about "Turning over a New Leaf" just makes me say: Now THAT'S my kind of fic.

Pretty much every OC fic by Lolli-S. Yes, she is THAT amazing.

I will have more fics on this list later, but for now, these are the must reads. I don't just put any old story on this list, so seriously, these are the best of da best!


I've also done letter "B" of J. Whitnee's Pokemon ABC, which stands for, yes, Bulbasaur! I believe it provides some background on Sepo the biting Bulbasaur from Unseen, Unheard, Unfelt. J. Whitnee is also looking for more people to help her out, so please contact her.

My pokémon fanfic is being written in collaboration with J. Whitnee, her version being "Belief at Dawn" which I highly recommend. Check it out if you've got time after mine, naturally ;) So, enjoy!

And to finish off:

"One word to describe myself? Very well. Ninja. That is all. Class dismissed." (Quote by mystery person. Hm... I wonder who it could be...)

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A Cubone who loses it when she has sugar, a Growlithe that has to mark its territory everywhere, the laziest Magicarp ever to swim, a gender-defying Dodrio, and a Bulbasaur who is more like a Totodile than anything. No wonder Sophie thinks she's insane.
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