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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter.

Writing a few HP fan fictions for fun.

I am also currently working on my own fantasy based fiction work that is non-HP related.

I am mainly interested in the post-Hogwarts era but I also find the pre-Harry generation just as intriguing.

I intend to write something about the Black sisters youth as I find the dynamics of their relationship interesting.

Every fanfic I write should make sense within JKR's world, so I won't be bringing people back from the dead or writing stuff that doesn't really make sense, e.g. Voldemort will not suddenly decide to adopt Harry and love him as his own while Snape runs off to marry Gilderoy Lockhart on a muggle cruise.

I know JKR said that she intended to have Dudley involved in 19 years later with a witch/wizard child then backed down by saying she didn't think the magical gene would last through the Dursley gene, well I don't know if I agree with that or not and I don't think JKR was 100 percent sure she agreed either. Dudley having a magical child might appear it might not, it depends how I think it fits with the story. I do like the idea some people had of Dudley meeting a muggleborn witch while in hiding, that would really turn Vernon Dursley a good shade of violet possibly even something darker.

I would really like to read a good story about Minerva McGonogall at Hogwarts, she was after all only a year behind Tom Riddle Jr. It's never stated that they know each other but really Hogwarts isn't that big and Tom was supposedly very handsome and well after all Minerva is a witch. Hint Hint. Nothing too graphic though please, try and keep true to JKR's world and style.

I will try to stick to character as close as possible but where new or unseen characters are introduced I will obviously have to make things up, as we haven't met most of the next-gen I will have to make their character as I see fit (see below for details) but hopefully it will still make sense.

Subjects I intend to write fics about in the future

1. Post Hogwarts life (in progress now - Harry Potter and the years that followed)

2. Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa. As children, growing up, Hogwarts and beyond. (in progress - The Black Sisters)

3. Something next-gen after 19 years later possibly focusing on Albus but who knows.

4. A Rose/Scorpius story as its bound to happen despite Ron's warning.

5. A growing up at the Burrow story as there has to be something good there right I mean 7 kids, two of them being Fred and George.

6. A Marauder story as everyone has to do one eventually right.

Favourite characters are

1. Fred and George

2. Neville

3. Lupin

4. James Potter

5. Harry

I don't really like anything that is non-canon but obviously some things need a bit of imagination, just don't mess with JKR's pairings, I hate Draco/Hermione slash as well as Draco/Harry slash.

Nothing boils my blood more than horrible pairings such as the two above (and including but not limited to) Snape/Harry, Snape/Hermione, Sirius/Lupin

I love to read next-gen stories especially ones about Teddy Lupin.

Favourite next-gen Characters

1. Teddy Lupin

2. Albus Potter

3. Scorpius Malfoy

4. Fred Weasley II

5. Lily Potter II

I like the Scorpius/Rose pairings, I think JKR hinted well enough in the epilogue that this would happen. I also like to think that Scorpius would be nothing like the younger Draco.

I see the sorting of the next-gen going one of two ways. Scorpius in Gryffindor with the rest or Al in Slytherin with Scorpius.

Personally any next-gen fics I write will have the following.


Teddy born in 1998 - Gryffindor -Looks like Remus when he isn't morphing. A good mix of Remus and Tonks personalities. Will be paired with Victoire when they are older

Victoire born May 2nd 1999 - Gryffindor - Looks like Fleur and is quite girly. Doesn't take advantage of her good looks or Veela heritage

Dominique born in 2001 - Gryffindor - Looks like Fleur but has strawberry blonde hair. Bit of a Tomboy loves Dragons like her Uncle Charlie.

Louis born in 2003 - Gryffindor - A smaller version of Bill just with silvery blonde hair. Very close to his cousin Molly, both are very studious but have mischievous tendencies

Molly born 2003 - Gryffindor - Has typical Weasley red hair, very close to her cousin Louis. Very studious like her father but has the Weasley mischievous streak.

Lucy born 2005 - Gryffindor - Has Weasley red hair, loves quidditch. Hangs around with James and Fred and is always in trouble.

Fred born 2005 - Gryffindor - Darker skin and brown hair. Part of the "New Marauders" with Lucy and James.

Roxanne born 2007 - Gryffindor - A lighter skinned version of her mother, almost identical in looks. Loves quidditch and annoying her brother Fred.

James born 2005 - Gryffindor - Looks pretty much exactly like his namesake and paternal grandfather James Potter except he has Ginny's eyes. Part of the "New Marauders" loves to prank and is always in trouble. Likes to wind up his brother Albus. Quidditch maniac!

Albus born 2006 - Slytherin - Spitting image of Harry. Quiet and reserved but loves a prank, too clever to get caught though unlike James who always gets caught. Close friends with Rose and Scorpius.

Lily born 2008 - Gryffindor - Looks a lot like Ginny and even has a similar personality, however she is a little more girly than Ginny was. Really close to Hugo.

Rose born 2006 - Gryffindor - A miniature Hermione just with Weasley red hair. Very smart but loves quidditch. Al's best friend

Hugo born 2008 - Gryffindor - A good mix between Ron and Hermione's looks with Weasley red hair. Very tall for his age much like his father was. Loves quidditch, is scared of spiders and has a seemingly bottomless stomach. Closest to his cousin Lily.

Scorpius born 2006 - Slytherin - Draco in miniature form, very well spoken and polite. Unlike Draco he has had a warm loving childhood, his father and mother doted on him and didn't push any old prejudices on him. He isn't overly fond of his paternal grandfather who still doesn't approve of his friendship with the Weasleys and Potters but his paternal grandmother does. Al's best friend and eventually paired with Rose.

All JKR pairings will stand. George/Angelina, Percy/Audrey, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Bill/Fleur and Draco/Astoria.

I will not be marrying Charlie off as he loves his dragons too much!

Audrey will be a muggle, JKR doesn't state if Audrey is a witch or not and I don't think it would matter to Percy if she was or not. I like the idea of her being a muggle because it adds a different dynamic to the story. I may decide to change this if it doesn't feel right but for now I think its a pretty good idea.

All of the next-gen fics I will write will fit in with my main story Harry Potter and the years that followed.

Gred and Forge forever! Although post-Hogwarts fics with Fred alive annoy me, JKR killed Fred for a reason, we might not like it but it happened.

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