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24th Febuary 2005

I'm 17 years old andcome from the North East of England... a ltitle industrial place near Newcastle... which in my opnion is the best city in the world... Barcelona and Christchurch New Zealand come in closesecond bests however!

I just feltthe urge to update this as I haven't been fifteen for two years now! Wow... time has flown... it certaintly doesn't seem to have been two years since I first discovered Fanfiction.net! It's so much fun.

I'm currently studying for my AS levels in French, Theatre Studies (which is basically the posh name for Drama), English Literature, History and RE... though RE is compulsary I must add glowering!

I don't get much time for writing anymore but fanfiction is still amongst my favourtie passtimes... I like being able to write a story without having to be too original! Lol... though I still love writing orignal things ... it's just with fanfiction theer seems to be a weight of responsibility tha is lifted... they're not your charactors so you're not going to be responsible for their actions!

Ok... now I'm talking a whole load of rubbish!

Other than fanfiction I love reading, hanging out with friends... usually at the cinemas or a very good Italien resteraunt I know in town where the food is cheap (if u go at the right time) and teenager friendly!

I work part time... very part time actually... at my local library which is really good fun... when it's not too busy anyway... I tell you... you learn a lot... like the amount of Mills and Boones pensioners read! Oh yes... and there's always a fight on when the latest Joesephine Cox novel has just come in!

Ah going off on a tangent again!

My work here is varied and not a lot is finished or has a paticular plot... my favourite two pieces are Precious Stones... in which I found that mystery and romance do mix! And it's sequel... which I am in the process of writing called Our World Winter.

Our World Winter is inspired by the trip I took last summer to New Zealand with my family (lol yes I know how lucky I am!) It's an amazing country and I can't praise it enough! So I put it into a fic because it really does provide the perfect background though I think my descriptions of it will hardly match up o the reality. It's breathtaking...

So anyway thanks to my loyal reveiwers... of which I have a few... they know who they are!

Anyway thanks if you've taken some time to read my fics... I really appreciate it!

Hermione Starise xxx

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