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hii my name is aleksandra, but aleks for short :)

im dont read that much, but i cant stop when i get a good book (Y)

some of my favourite series are
-vampire academy - adrian ivashkov :)))))
-the mediator - paul or jesse, not sure :)
-harry potter - ron weaslyy :)
-twilight - jake :)))))
-mortal instruments - JACE :))
-luxe - henryy thanks :)
-gossip girl - chuck basss :))))
-gallagher girls - zack goode :))
-princess diaries - mia, cos the guys are lame :)

ALSO, just read WINGS - really good (Y) want there to be another one, hope laurel and david end up together :))

i used to write A LOVE STORY, for VA ff, but i sorta got behind with some work and other stuff came up, so i kindof had no timeand then when i finally did have time to write again, i lost my touch. there would have been atleast another 3 chapter until the endso im really sorry to all those people who read it, and wanted more. THANKYOU so much for all the support and reviews, im sorry i didnt continue, i just didnt want to continue writing and dissapoint youws all. im sorry :(

love aleks