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Hi everyone! I'm delos1108, the fabled island were Artimus and Appoll grew up and then the 11th month on the 8th day. I have enjoyed almost everything I have read and seen that deals with romance. I have not been writing for a very long time and thought I would give it a shot on this site. I did it once before but we moved and I just did not keep up with it like I should have done.

I also like yaio, but not yuri so much. My favorite pairing is TsuzukiXHisoka from Yami no Matsuie (Desendents of Darkness). I was really up set when the author/ artist decided to stop with the series though. However, it did give millions of yaio fan girls to plot their own story for the end.

Ok, so I guess you want to know a little bit about me, so here it goes. I am a legal adult (trying firguring out my age now) and live in Texas. I love to play piano and sing when ever I want all while buging my sister phirecracker (yes i know its spelt wrong). I have a mom and dad, one dog, to many fish to count and something under my bed who I've named Jim.

Now I know we're all in our own little "classified" group but I'm pretty much spread out. I have friends in the chearleaders, the jocks, the goths, the gamers (which I'm in more affelation with), geeks, and lastly nerds (and yes there is a difference).

I grew up on the onld cartoons ( Batman: The Animated Series, Freekazoid, The Tick, ect) and love them all. However, Batman has stayed strongly in my hear. Yes, I am a Batman freak, he take on anyone who goes against him. Yes...even Superman, and you know it. This puts my family and I at war sometimes, they are avided Superman supporters. Oh, yeah well at least my super hero can beat up the Prince of Chaos by mear human strength. That's another thing I am an avided Batman/Joker supporter.

I hope to one day be a teacher in music, choir perferably but if not any music teacher. I really don't care where I teach just as long as I stay in Texas. By the informatiom above provided I pray God help my future students. Where I live now is sooooooo dead. How dead you ask? This is how dead:

One day a Johny Rockets went out of business and the shop just was just left there. I started to think of how a great arcade it would be. My friends and I would run it along with providing our own security. Which would be my two good friends disneyprincess07 and julypixie. I put so much though into this that I actaully planed out when it would open, what the color scheme would be AND, how many and what type of games we would have in the arcade. I tell you I hate my town.


All of the Vampire Cronicles by Anne Rice, In the Forest of the Night, Demon in My View,Death: A Life, 1984 (I simply love this book),


Anne Rice, Amilia- Artwater Rhodes, George Orwell, George Pendell, S.E Hinton


Evanescence, Daft Punk, George Straight, Allen Jackson, Taylor Swift, Linken Park, Eiffel 65, Dany Elfman (I don't care what you say!), Enya, Yanni


The Nightmare Before Christmas, Doom, Phantom of the Opera (most recent), Silent Hill, 9, Shall we Dance, Beeteljuice, Beauty and the Beast


Phantom of the Opera (American version), La Bohem, A Christmas Carol, Alice in Wonderland

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