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Author has written 4 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, and Wolf.

About me:

Name: Shasta

Gender: Female

Birthdate: November 10

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Black, brown/red, tints of blonde...(yes this is my true hair color, I don't use hair dye believe it or not)

Personality: Short-tempered, a bit impatient, shy, not very cheerful, loner sometimes, forgetful, is misunderstood one?

Likes: Goth people, cheetahs, wolves, huskies, blood, art, Anthro, Animals, OC's, crossovers, and FISH! (yummy I wuv fish *licks lips*) If u have haven't notice before this girl likes characters in different world and crossovers :)

Dislikes: People who think their cool, annoying people, preps, dresses or skirts, pink, relatioships, people who can't understand others.

Favorite Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho, GDW, and Naruto Shippuden

Favorite Games: Wild Arms 3, Grandia 2, and Xenosaga.

Fave Movie: Sweeney Todd and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Fave Characters:

Yu Yu Hakusho: Genkai and Hiei

GDW: Kagetora, GB, and Jerome

Naruto Shippuden: Sasori, Deidara, and Sai

Wild Arms 3: Jet and Virginia

Grandia 2: (LOL I can't remember their names...)

Xenosaga: Chaos, KOS-MOS, Jr., and Shion

Personal Quote: Some people may think True Art is everlasting or fleeting...but True Art comes from the Heart, it shows how you really feel inside...don't let people judge you...they have no right to judge you...

Art Style: Anthromorphic, Furries, Real cats, landscape, sometimes sculpter and Dragons.(Agh I want to draw humans...but I can't)

My OC:

Name: Sharicieo K Whisperwind

Age: 14

Gender: Male (I know I'm a girl but my Fursona isn't :p)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair color: Cream and brown (more like fur color)

Height: Unknown

Powers: Water and Wood (This is my Zodiac elements...)

Weapons: Axe

Race: A Guard ( Anubis Guardian)

Breed: Cheetah/Wolf/Husky/fox/Puppet/Cyborg

Personality: Short-tempered, intelligent, calm, a little cold.

Clothing: ...Skull headband, and Shorts...No shirt

Accessories: ?

History: His legs were caught in a horrible fire seperating him from his siblings, he was th eldest out of the three, Ally CK and Shasta K, that it was his job to protect them, but when he he was washed down the river, his legs were in terrible shape, being a Mechanic, he replaced his legs, he made his legs puppet like because there was no metal he could use around. When he walked around in his new puppet legs he saw a few metal scraps lying around and thought it would double his legs speed and defense if he were to use it together with the wood.

Hobbies: Assassin, Artist, Mechanic, Magcian, knows black magic and martial art.

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