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Author has written 12 stories for Transformers, and Transformers/Beast Wars.

Hi, I'm TFBumblebee Fan or Bumblebee for short. I love Transformers, I turned into a huge fan ever since the 07' movie came out. I also love Astro Boy, Which made me a fan when I saw the movie. I always like to play outside and I ride my go-kart. I'm always on the good side, never the evil side. I'm funny, sweet, I have a great sense of humor (Which means I can't hold my laughter in when I see or hear something funny) and I always do good things. I like cars, old and new, I want the 2010 Camaro that has the same colors as Bumblebee. Now here is some my favorites.

Hobbies: Writing fanfics, playing videogames, riding my go-kart, reading and being on my laptop.

Favorite Websites: DeviantART and here

Favorite Games

Transformers War for Cybertron (Xbox 360)

Gran Turismo 5 (What kind of car lover wouldn't like a racing game with a thousand cars in it?)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Midnight Club LA: Complete Edition

Sims 2 (PC)

Transformers The Game

Transformers 2 The Game

Mario Party games

Sonic Unleashed


Mario Kart Wii

Favorite Movies

Transformers ('07)

Transformers Dark of the Moon

Astro Boy

Mall Cop

Race To Witch Mountain

The Incredible Hulk (The 08' one)



Favorite Shows

Transformers Prime

Transformers Animated

Monster Jam (It's much better to see the monster trucks in real life, and go Grave Digger c: )

Battle of the Super Cars

Favorite Tranformers Movie Quotes

"I hope F-16 pilots have good aim"
"Why's that?"
"Because I told them to hit the orange smoke"
(Lennox looks back at orange smoke)
"You mean that orange smoke?"
"It wasn't my best throw, okay?"
Lennox and Epps from Revenge Of The Fallen

"I call the green one"
"No. I get the green one!"
(The Twins get into a fight)
"That hurt"
"It's called getting your butt kicked"
Skids and Mudflap from Revenge Of The Fallen

"Not calling you a coward. But cowards do survive"
Starscream from Revenge Of The Fallen

"Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing"
Optimus Prime from Revenge Of The Fallen

"I brought a car, turns out to be an alien robot. Who knew?"
Sam Witwicky from Transformers 07'

"Ironhide, you know we don't harm Humans. What is with you?"
Optimus Prime from Transformers 07'

"The drivers don't pick their cars. The cars pick their drivers"
Bobby Bolivia from Transformers 07'

(Bumblebee blows out black smoke)
"Wow, you are so cheap"
"It's his first car. It's suppose to run like that"
Ron and Judy Witwicky from Transformers 07'

"At the end of this day, one shall shall fall"
Optimus Prime from Transformers 07'

Other Quotes

"You know why I did this, right?"
"To become evil?"
"No. So you could stick your hand out like an idiot"
El Tigre and Django from El Tigre

"Stillness and Bumblebee? Aw man, we're dead"
Bulkhead from Transformers Animated

"You led me into this trap!"
"I was tricked! The Triple Changers! They said it was a power station!"
"You're either lying or you're stupid!"
"I'm stupid! I'm stupid!"
Megatron and Starscream from Triple Takeover (G1)

(White Pantera comes in and is wearing a black suit)
"What's up with your Dad wearing that black suit?"
"That's his 'Black Pantera' disguise"
El Tigre and Frida from El Tigre

Some random things:

Note: I don't know their names THAT well.

Tom Kenny, the famous guy who voices Spongebob. Also voices Starscream and Isaac Sumdac in Transformers Animated. And voices Wheelie and Skids in Transformers 2.
The guy who voices Patrick in Spongebob also voices Bulkhead in Transformers Animated. It's easy to tell though.
The guy who voices Johnny Bravo also voices Prowl and Captian Fanzone.

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