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Hello, welcome to my account.

My main focus story right now are my High School DxD stories.

Favourite Riders

Kamen Rider Dark Kiva because he is really cool especially when Otoya uses him

Kamen Rider Ixa because i like the fact that he was the only human rider in the whole series

Kamen Rider Zeronos because he has such a complicated storyline to him even though he is just the secondary rider of the series.

Kamen Rider Chalice because of the fact that he maybe a monster but he loves humans in the end

Favourite Sentai Senshis

Shinkenred, his back story and secret amazes me.

Black Condor, badass and the cool guy.

Favourite Anime



Kara no Kyoukai

Fate/ Stay Night (UBW)

Fate/ Zero

Guilty Crown

High School DxD


Ore Monogatari

Rurouni Kenshin

Favourite Male Anime Characters


Momonga/Ainz Oal Gown

Kogami Shinya

Issei Hyoudou

Favourite Female Anime Characters

Shiki Ryougi


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