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Author has written 6 stories for Twilight, and Teen Wolf.

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Name: Elisabeth Lyonheart(Lissy)

age: 24

Current obsessions: Avengers, Supernatural, Batman, Teen Wolf, Prince of Tennis, Kuroko No Basket, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Flash, Arrow

Fave pairings: Steve/Tony, Tony/T'Challa, Tony/Bucky, Victuuri, Snarry, Drarry, Harry/Khal Drago, Harry/Rhaegar.

Dislikes: Sauerkraut, mustard, Bullies, Snobs, and people quick to hit the report button on any site, homophobia, Biphobia.

Sites: Ponyisland, Tumblr, twitter, facebook, spinchat, Ao3

I shall be cross posting my stories onto Ao3 so these are the links.

Main site: Archiveofourown.org

My profile: archiveofourown.org/users/ObsidianDestiny

You’re a 90’s kid if,

You remember watching:

-Kenan and Kel


-Ren & Stimpy

-Pinky and the Brain

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Way back-Before we realized all this would eventually disappear



Bella: Yeah, I've got to incredibly hot guys wanting me! Help me! What do I do? Life is so unfair!

Me: Really? look at my cup of care. \_/


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Curently all stories are on a short hiatus I've been much to busy with school and other stuff to concertrate on something that takes up alot of time and that is just for fun, I am not getting paid to do this I just have an outlet to get stories out of my head.

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