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Hello my stalkers ;) I'm Ali, short for Alexandria! Here are a few things about me, in case you don't already know:

-I'm a HUGE Pokemon fanatic! Go Pikachu!

-I so do NOT like my penname, but I'm afraid if I change it some people will not recognize me. So...

-Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite books series - please read if you haven't already! Very suspenseful!

-I'm a Harry Potter nerd :P. I adore Draco Malfoy, especially since he was born on my birthday :o I freaked out when I found out lol. I wish I was a Ravenclaw...

-I love writing, but lately I seem to have lost my creative juices :((

-H2o is one of my favorite television series. I have been a fan since the beginning!

-Also...I'm obsessed with EVERYTHING Japanese, and I'm happy to have my best friend be of that culture :) I am learning the language all the time, and I hope by the end of my life time I can speak it fluently..I really hope so lol!

I only have one story on here, and I plan to renew and finish it by the end of this year! I hope I can...I probably won't.

One of my best friends/cousin in the entire world is Emily, and she has her own account --> EmilyMichele . Visit it, review it (if you like her story), and hopefully I can convince her to write new chapter!!! I think it is pretty darn good! :P

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Peace.Love.Jemistry :D

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