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Name: fathskie

Age: josei category ;p

Nationality: Indonesian

Where can you find me: Deviantart, Mangafox, Livejournal, Facebook, or just google fathskie

I know that there are SO many good authors out there and I feel like I’m fighting a lost battle just by *trying* to be as awesome as they are. Grrr I envy all English-native speakers because they don’t have to go through the kind of difficulty the rest of us must overcome in being just a quarter as proficient as they are!! *bang head on the nearest wall*

I never took English course, I just read a LOT of manga (scanlations) and novels... and books... I have a very simple writing style (which I want to improve but sadly every time I tried *too* hard I went to overdrive and immediately afterwards hit a writer's block. Currently is happening to "A Sasodei Tale".)

I never a Yaoi supporter in real life, but I can be in love with shounen-ai when the characterization is correct.

Chapter 37 and Beyond has come to hiatus, for a long long time...

but the good thing is that it's cannon, so you know the ending already :P

I might continue this someday in the future, I might not...

Being Creative was done on plot, but it's gone now, I tried looking all over my computer but I can't find it.

Tomaki was done, and...

Fateful Encounter finally updated after one year!

A SasoDei Tale should be ongoing :)

M-21 Love also might have more continuation (I already wrote up to chapter 4, but knowing my habit of stopping midway, I'm not gonna post them up until I'm sure I figured out the whole plot first).

Ty ty,

- fath

PS: a little note: I think karma's being a bitch, you know. I have a... habit, for not continuing my stories, (that's why I resorted to one-shots to be safe!), but then my favorites fanfictions, my MOST favorites fanfictions tend to be on hiatus or even worse, dropped!!

I want to cry my heart out here, to express my frustration to the following AWESOME FANFICTIONS but also kind of broken my heart because of its cliffhanger!!

FIRST: "Unspeakable" by Apple Fairy --> Tales of the Abyss was probably the BEST RPG I've ever played in my life, probably only rivaled by Suikoden II. ToA story was beyond epic, and "Unspeakable" is a delicate fanfiction with taste. I love the characters and I love how she speaks on their behalf, making her words theirs. It's been on hiatus for years now, but I still have faith that it will one day be continued.

SECOND: "White Knight" by DigitalSkitty --> now, she was the only FF author that managed to *inspire* me to write a fanfiction based on *her* characters (and draw fanart - but that's beside the point). It's not without flaw, and it's not without critics, but overall she's just awesome at everything, mainly with plot AND even more, fighting scene. I give her credits for that, I can never write a fighting scene no matter how hard I try!! *not like I actually try, because I lack the imagination required to write one* -,- Anyway, she clearly said that this series was dropped. And it broke my heart. Aaaaahh Karma is a bitch! If I continue "Chapter 37 and beyond" and "Being Creative", would miracle happens and the story would be continued...? Well... I can dream, can I? ;'(

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A SasoDei Tale reviews
A series of sasodei drabbles. PLEASE don't get discouraged by the lack of reviews! . It's not obnoxious, and I promise you it's not disgusting. If anything, it's more of a subtle shounen-ai. R&R? xD
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 19,814 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 11 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 8/28/2014 - Published: 12/14/2011 - Sasori, Deidara
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