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'Mr. Black'

"I am not so much death as I am the absence of life. Everything around me will melt to lifeless, inert slag when I want it to," the killer clutched the door handle behind him, proving a point as the handle shifted from a cold, grey steel color to black, pitch black and crumbled in his grasp. He threw the handle on the floor in front of the Colonel and Shadow.

"I am Mr. Black, and I have come for you, Colonel," he smirked and looked to the hedgehog through those opaque, grey lenses,"You too, Shadow."

When my black is back... and my sea out of sight... I go there with my darkness and go away white.

Message of the Week: How good is your voice acting? If you can impersonate Sonic characters or you think you have a sexy enough voice to portray an OC, send Mystery002 a PM to sign up for the "In the End" Audiobook!

NOTICE: I am back to writing... for the three fuckin' people who are interested... feel free to review after reading a story, but be aware that I honestly i do not care about your opinion.

Blazing Shadow

NOTICE: Let me make this very VERY clear: I am the ORIGINAL Blazing Shadow. I claimed the name back in 2001-2002. It's served as my e-mail address name, Counter-Strike Screen Name, and my Original Character for nearly eight years now.

Real Name: Jonathan

Age: 17. Why lie?

Height: 5"11 in feet/inches (Updated: Yay another inch!)

Interests (Limit of 5): Sonic the Hedgehog, weapons, music, and art(Salvador Dali especially)

Description: I'm a very big fan of most Sonic the Hedgehog games, but I've skipped Unleashed and The Black Knight... they just didn't appeal to me... however, I have a good gut-feeling that the next Sonic game for major consoles is going to be a hit!

Favorite Characters & Why (Limit of 3, am not including OC's):

1) Shadow the Hedgehog (Simply baddass. Not a punk, but a baddass who doesn't take crap from anyone.)

2) Sonic the Hedgehog (Possibly more baddass, but Shadow looks 10x cooler than him)

3) Leaving this spot blank for a while.


it'll take you to the top
and out to the edge
shoot up needles through your blood
lay ice under your sledge

shift, crank, pull
shift, crank, pull
adrenaline, adrenaline

shift, crank, adrenaline

it'll put you through your paces
kickstart your heart
push you to the limit
make the finish just the start

shift, crank, pull
shift, crank, pull
shift, crank, pull

a-a-a-drenaline, woah-ohhhh
a-a-a-drenaline, a-a-a-adrenaline

pushing flesh and marrow
kicking bone and blood
boosting up the cell count
as the burning bodies flood

adrenaline, adrenaline
shift, crank, pull
shift, crank, pull

a-a-a-drenaline, shift, crank
a-a-a-drenaline, pull
a-a-a-drenaline, adrenaline

(Lagartija) Nick: Character based on the song 'Lagartija Nick' by Bauhaus. Currently only featured as a cronie for Shadow in my 'Read the Fine Print' Oneshot. He's a red hedgehog (yes, very creative, I know) with black combat boots and white gloves. He carries and uses a single-tail whip labelled the 'Devil's Tongue' and a pistol (semi-automatic colt .45, beretta, or similar. Never revolver.) He's a sadist and a masochist. Trained to block out pain, he cannot be tortured or harmed unless it is by his master or by his master's orders. His mindset is a combination of madness and decisive logic. Very dangerous.

Relation to : I ran across it thanks to a friend... and I really like it now... so I've decided I want to give a shot at writing fanfiction, see if I'm any good.

My 1st Story, 'Mortality', is about Shadow the Hedgehog facing the ghosts of his past slowly coming back to him over time (Remember, he forgot about his past in Shadow the Hedgehog and decided to leave it behind at the end. No reference to his past was made in Sonic '06) and, after being assigned to track an assassin named Mr. Black (One of my OC's) who has been killing high-ranking G.U.N. personel, discovers that he may be the ultimate life form, and he may be the savior of mankind, but... there's always a bigger fish.

If you have any questions or complaints about my story, feel free to send a PM in addition to leaving a review!

I respond to every PM I get, so do it at your own risk. You better enjoy long conversations.

Friends List: Well... I read Radman's profile thoroughly the other day. In a PM, I asked him if I could call him my friend. I didn't expect him to put me on his friendslist! I feel so special. I guess the only appropriate thing to do is to make a list of people I like as well.

If I am on the sidelines, chances are you'll miss

Wait alone in spotlit

For Doctor Theatre's kiss


Radman: Put this guy up first because he gave me the idea. I like 'All Hail Shadow' and his writing talent in general. He helped me evaluate one of my OC's, and that's where we really got to... connect. I'm looking forward to reading more of his work in the future; although, I don't completely share his taste for the tragic and anticlimatic endings. (Swing the heartache...)

Ash-kun: She's funny. We have the same sense of humor... very bad humor, lol. Co-writing a story with her is alot of fun, and it keeps us entertained. Her story, 'Cream's Life', is so... filthy, lol. Makes me laugh out loud.

ShidesuHejjihoggu: Likes to abuse werepuppies (jk), hates the idea of Shadow being emo... what's more to like about a fellow shadow-fan? I enjoy her stories and am looking forward to reading her work in the future as well.

IluvSilverShadow: Just an enjoyable person. I love reviewing this author's work as much as I love reading it. I'm looking forward to seeing her current story's continued progress.

To this small list of acquaintances, and any author whom it may concern: There are so many fantastic stories left unfinished... I implore you to finish each work before throwing in the towel. If anyone ever needs someone to talk to or to bounce a couple of ideas off of... or, hell, to get a little inspirational music from, PLEASE feel free to PM me. I appreciate and enjoy every one of our little conversations.

And to people who don't know me, please do not PM me unless it's about my writing. I don't really want to meet you through anything else but your stories. I'm talking to you, Mephilis, you in-the-closet faggot.

Favorite Quotes(which are awesome):

1) "Hail to the king, baby." (Ash from Army of Darkness / Evil Dead trilogy... but Scourge the Hedgehog used that quote in one of the comics I believe)

2) "Good, bad... I'm the guy with the gun." (Same as above, Ash from Army of Darkness)

3) "It is more important for us to employ intelligent combined-arms tactics than it is for GDI because it is the Pen that is mightier than the Sword. And we are both the Pen and the Sword when skilled modern armies are commanded by intelligent strategies brought upon by a true military strategist." (Anton Slavik, the Serbian Wolf)

4) "Why so SERIOUS?" (Joker, The Dark Knight)

5) "When you girls are done kissing, I've got some Ass-kicking for you! (Betty/Master Pain, Kung Pow)

My Quotes(Which are not as awesome):

1) Hey, if there's a girl dancing on your laptop's screensaver... does it qualify as a lapdance?

Favorite Music:

Well, there isn't a particular style I'm fond of, but there are particular bands.

Bauhaus and The Sisters of Mercy are BY FAR my top 2 favorite bands of all time. Then, there's Love and Rockets, Peter Murphy, (Love & Rockets + Peter Murphy IS Bauhaus, lol) Smashing Pumpkins, Guns'n'Roses, Velvet Revolver, Tears for Fears, Michael Jackson (Sorry to see you go...) and MANY MANY more... oh, and let's not forget about Crush40, eh?

My favorite SONGS are much more specific.

Top 10 favorite songs NOT related to Sonic the Hedgehog directly:

1) Cuts You Up (Peter Murphy, Album: Deep)

2) Some Kind of Stranger (Sisters of Mercy, Album: First and Last and Always)

3) Under the Gun (Sisters of Mercy, Album: A Slight Case of Overbombing)

4) Strange Kind of Love (Peter Murphy, Album: Deep)

5) All Night Long (Peter Murphy, Album: Love Hysteria)

6) The Light (Love and Rockets, Album: Earth, Sun, Moon)

7) On the Wire (Sisters of Mercy, RARE song on vynil record, now on Remastered (2008?) First and Last and Always)

8) Temple of Love '92 Remake (Sisters of Mercy, Album: Slight Case of Overbombing. Remake features Ofra Haza as female backup vocals)

9) Holiday On the Moon (Love and Rockets, Album: Express)

10) No New Tale to Tell (Love and Rockets, Album: Earth, Sun, Moon)

there are SO MANY MORE songs I LOVE :( But I have to limit myself...

Favorite Music Related to Sonic the Hedgehog, top 5:

1) I Am All of Me (Theme of Shadow, Game: Shadow the Hedgehog)

2) Live and Learn (Theme of Sonic Adventure 2, Game: Sonic Adventure 2 obviously)

3) Open Your Heart (Theme of Sonic Adventure, Game: Sonic Adventure, DUHH)

4) His World (Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog, game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. Also a big fan of the slow version at the end of each level... makes me fall asleep in my living room)

5) Magna Fi's version of All Hail Shadow (Sounds much more Rock'n'Roll)

The music and their lyrics mean alot to me... to understand why I like it, it's best to listen to the music and hear the artists in action!

I hope you enjoyed my profile.

I Will Never Support It.

I will never support capital punishment.

There are no absolutes in this world except those absolutes to disprove the absolute of there being no absolutes.

I will never support capital punishment.

My conscience speaks to me, and it tells me that taking a life, no matter how warped or wretched the individual is, isn't the right thing to do if it is no longer a threat to your survival.

I will never support capital punishment.

Because I have a heart.

I will never support capital punishment.

If we can incarcerate him for life, why kill him? No country should kill the citizens it is designed to protect.

I will never support capital punishment.

Killing is NOT execution. Execution is WORSE than killing.

I will never support capital punishment.

Killing in anger, killing for revenge, and killing out of rage are all much different from execution.

I will never support capital punishment.

Sonic the Hedgehog has been a role model since I was a small child. I highly doubt, under any circumstance, he would have his enemies executed.

I will never support capital punishment.

Anyone who does has probably not felt the weight on their heart of taking another's life.

I will never support capital punishment.

Execution is the ultimate violation of freedom.

I will never support capital punishment.

To take one's life is different from exeuction because execution allows for no chance of redemption or self defense.

I will never support capital punishment.

If you believe someone deserves to die, then grow some balls and do the deed yourself.

I will never support capital punishment.

Even murder victims had a chance to escape their fate or fight back at some point during the act.

I will never support capital punishment.

It is a mental issue for me, yes, but you cannot deny how sick it is to take one's life without giving them a chance to fight back.

I will never support capital punishment.

Sure they got a trial, but why should someone be executed by the state? Why would you want to put that person's blood on everyone's hands?

I will never support capital punishment.

I cannot because it does not sit well with me.

I will never support capital punishment.

If it sits well with you, that's fine, but that means you are a colder individual than I could ever be.

I will never support capital punishment.

If one cannot flip the switch, pull the lever, stab the needle, or fire the gun themselves and be satisfied in doing so, then they have no right to say whether or not the accused should die.

What right do you have to take another's life? Is it out of some twisted, demented moral compass? Do you feel it right because of some 'book' you read? Have you ever seen someone die? If so, how did you feel before he died, during him dying, and after the death?

Did the accused kill someone? Maybe. If he is guilty without a shadow of a doubt, then he is guilty, but you've caught him, and you have the ability to keep him away from the 'civilized' populous for life... to keep him from killing another person. If you can do that, then why do you need to kill him?

If you could, would you witness the execution? Would you enjoy the show? Would you take pride in knowing that some punk who took another's life is now going to have his life taken?

You reap what you sew, yes, but that is only the natural way of things. We do not have to obey the instinctive laws of nature... because it is within nature itself to break the laws of nature in order to make a change; nothing lasts forever...

Please, make a change... if someone has sinned, or if someone has wronged you, then realize that you are not the only one suffering. If you believe in an afterlife, then you realize that the killer will have to atone for his actions eventually. You need not vent your rage or your opinions on the poor soul.

Please, show mercy... if we cannot forgive the darkest of sins, then we show how cruel human beings really are because we prove that we are capable of performing 'unforgivable' acts.

We must break the cycle of violence; bloodshed does not prevent bloodshed... legal or otherwise...

After reading this, are you still in support of capital punishment? Well, good for you. I am not trying to persuade you to think otherwise. This is more for me because my body, mind and soul have spoken to me. They indicate that I do not believe in taking another's life if it can be avoided.

Just know this...

If you cannot look a man in the eyes as he is being put to death, then you, sir, are a coward.

If you can look a man in the eyes as he is being put to death, then you, sir, are as cold hearted as that killer strapped to the chair ever was.

May your god show you the mercy you cannot show your fellow man.

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