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Author has written 5 stories for Pokémon, and Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

My fanfics are still being continued. I will NEVER give up on them. They WILL be updated soon.

Hey there! The Last Dragonite here! But, you can call me TLD. If you can't tell from the stories, the top 10 list, or the anime reviews, I am a HUGE pokemon fan. It was the first TV show I can remember watching, the first video game I ever played (Pokemon Yellow: Pikachu Edition to be precise), and it's the subject of pretty much all my fanfics for the moment. I can't get enough pokemon. It's physically impossible.

Something you may notice about me is that I don't favourite many authors or stories. That's because I basically no time to search for anything. Heck, I barely have spare time to write, shuffling college, my job, stuff on youtube and... you get the picture.

Gender: Male (Let's get that straight people)

Writing Style: Comedy / Adventure

My favorite game right now: Pokemon Yellow - The first game I ever played and my favourite game of all time.

My favorite movie right now: Spaceballs - "They must have hyper jets on that thing." "THEN WHAT DO WE GOT ON THIS THING, A CUISINART?"

My favorite T.V. show right now: The Stargate Series - My name is Jack O'neil, but my friends know me as the guy who KICKS YOUR ASS!

My favorite anime right now: Pokemon Best Wishes / Black and White - It's the best the anime has gotten since the Hoenn saga.

My favorite cartoon right now (Yes I don't consider anime a form of cartoon so DEAL WITH IT): Animaniacs - Best animated television I have seen in my entire life. The Rita and Runt sections are the greatest. Not only is Rita voiced by a broadway singer (which makes for awesome musical numbers), but Runt is the funniest animated dog in the universe.

My favorite book right now: Guardians Of Ga'hoole - It's my favourite book series that have racist owls as the villains. An overused concept, but still a good one.

My top 10 pokemon of ALL TIME (Updated):

10 - Donphan (The big elephant who could be my lovable dog.)

9 - Tropius ( I looooove this guy! He's a dinosaur that grows food under his chin, and he can FLY! 'Nuff said.)

8 - Espeon (My favourite psychic type. I dunno what it is. Espeon's the kind of pokemon you can just imagine having with you all the time, and you'd never stop loving it. Also I love using it in Wi-Fi battles.)

7 - Typhlosion (Never underestimate a pokemon which can cause the equivalent of ten volcanic eruptions simply by using an Ember attack.)

6 - Gengar (It's the evil grin. It reminds me so much of my own evil grin.)

5 - Grovyle (Play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2. Then you'll understand why.)

4 - Braviary (My favourite Fifth Generation pokemon. Just look at him. A proud Eagle Warrior bird who gains more respect with the more scars it has. Now imagine being the trainer one of these in real life. Awesomeness has been imagined.)

3 - Pikachu (And not for the obvious reason. Pokemon Yellow, Pikachu edition is the very reason I got into pokemon. So yeah, Pikachu will always have a special place in my heart.)

2 - Dragonite (What can I say about Dragonite? Huggable, loyal, strong, your new best buddy, Dragonite has it all. Plus, as a dragon fanatic, I've always loved the original dragon pokemon.)

1 - Lugia (Love its theme song. Love its design. Love its games (Silver, Soul Silver, Gale of Darkness). Love its movie. And love using it in my stories. What more is there to be said?)

Current Stories:

It's Not Always Black and White: The Musical - Next Chapter [50%] Complete (Beta-read by Russetwing)

Where I Belong: A Tale of Legendary Birds - Next Chapter [90%] Complete (Beta-read by Russetwing)

Cellestial Collision (Collab with the awesome author, Russetwing) - Next Chapter [?%] Complete

Possible Future Stories:

The H.Y.B.R.I.D. Chronicles: Axel and Kenya - My trainer is a human who I'm proud to call my brother. We met in the most unfortunate of circumstances, and since then, I've had the time of my life. But there's something...strange about him that becomes more and more prevelant everyday. Something not human.

The H.Y.B.R.I.D. Chronicles: The New Frontier - Hired by the mysterious Looker to take on the organization that made him into a Pokémon hybrid, Axel heads to the Sinnoh Region, looking for clues on Team Galactic as well as the legendary Distortion World. Somehow, he thinks, it all must tie in with the activities of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier.

The H.Y.B.R.I.D. Chronicles: Return to Johto - It's been a year, but Axel's finally back home to take on the Silver Conference and Grand Festival. But when people start to go missing, it's up to Axel to find them and deal with an old enemy he once saw die before his very eyes.

Where I Belong: A Mew Beginning - Mew TF Story. I've led a mostly normal life thus far. I grew up, I got married, I had a kid, I became an international thief. Y'know, normal stuff. But when I was child, I had a very bizarre playmate. Now my playmate is back and I don't think the game is going to end this time.

I've gotten into drawing recently. First off, know that I am an AMATEUR. But if you've read my stories and are interested in seeing what goes through my head when I think of my OCs, there are some links to Deviantart here. These are EXTREMELY ROUGH SKETCHES so don't tell me I'm a terrible artist for the quality of the page itself. I apologize. Anyway, here they are:

Ellen ("It's Not Always Black and White: The Musical"): http:///gallery/#/d4jqjyz

Marcus Bradley (A character I submitted to Russetwing's story, "Palladium". He will also likely appear in "It's Not Always Black and White: The Musical".): http:///gallery/#/d4jqkgd

Ventus ("Where I Belong: A Tale of Legendary Birds"): http:///gallery/#/d4jqk4v

Axel Igaul ("Where I Belong: A Tale of Legendary Birds" design): http:///gallery/#/d4jqjcf

Axel Igaul ("It's Not Always Black and White: The Musical" design): http:///gallery/#/d4jqjox

Thoughts on the Pokemon Anime

While I'm not a critic by any means, I haven't seen a proper look at this series which most people say is an all filler waste of time. However, I will always deny this and explain why I constantly make anime references in my fics and why its my second favourite (second to the Pokemon Adventures manga) way of telling the pokemon story. The games, while fun and exciting, are not great when it comes to storytelling. Ash and friends aren't exactly the deepest characters, but I will explain what development they did get and why I like or hate them so much. What I hope to do with this is to get more people to take a better look at the anime for what it is instead of what they've HEARD it is. I'll do it by region, from best to worst (in my OPINION. If you have a different one, that's great, but this is what I feel.). So, without further rambling, let's begin. IT'S REVIEWING TIME (as Cilan would say)!

1. The Hoenn Saga (Seasons 6 - 9) - First of all, there's Ash. Ash's experience in two different regions really shows, and you get a better sense that he's become more of a pro at this pokemon training business than has been seen in previous seasons. He's shown to be an effective mentor through the use of May and Max, who are new to the pokemon world. The two rely on Ash, who is seen multiple times instructing and giving them help. His pokemon as well have more personality than they usually have. We have Pikachu (always classic), Treecko / Grovyle / Sceptile (a badass through and through), Torkoal (the lovable crybaby), Taillow / Swellow (Ash's fiercest warrior), Corphish (who's always good for a laugh), and Snorunt / Glalie (who, admittedly, didn't have personality after he evolved. But as a Snorunt, he was a lot of fun). Ash's sensei personality seemed rather fitting since he's been through two journeys already and has had a great amount of experience. His battles, as well, show his knowledge of how these battles work and he comes off as a competent force, something I haven't seen when watching other episodes. Then there's May and Max. The two characters themselves come off as genuine siblings who argue CON-STANT-LY. As a little brother myself, I think Max's reactions are one-hundred percent realistic and May's pompous attitude towards him are just spot on. May herself has an amazing character and is my favourite pokemon anime girl to date. She's a beginning trainer and unlike Misty and Iris, she has an actual GOAL in mind, that being becoming a top coordinator. I love her appetite, which reminds me of mine, and I enoy all the jokes involving her and her snappy comebacks. Her struggle against her rival, Drew, is very compelling, making the conclusion they have to their rivalry absolutely satisfying. Seriously, that last episode involving the two of them is one of my favourites and one of the best character arc conclusions I've seen in pokemon. This is also, so far, the only region where there have been villains who WIN a few rounds. Team Aqua and Magma are the only teams who have seemed like a real threat. My only problems with the region I see are the fact that they completely WASTE Brock here (as well as in Sinnoh but we'll get to that when we get to it), Ash never actually defeats Teams Aqua and Magma himself and lets other people do it for him, and most of the fillers aren't that interesting as they have been in Unova, Kanto or Johto. Brock was not needed here. The only reason Brock exists is to provide a mentor like position to the team. But that wasn't necessary, since we have Ash who could have easily just been the knowedgable one this time around. If he drew a blank on the finer points, like moves he's never heard of before, Max could have provided the info with his extensive studies on pokemon. They could have exempted Brock completely from this and I wouldn't have minded. It could have been Ash, May, and Max trying to make it on their own and learning on their own. However, they added Brock and made him absolutely unnecessary. His character didn't even get any development. They only kept him around because of the running gag of his infatuation with anything of the human female gender. But other than that, I'm always happy to watch this region and every adventure therein. It's my favourite for a reason, and I love it to bits.

2. The Unova Saga (Season 14 - 15) - Let's get one thing out of the way. I. Hate. Episode. One. Of. This. Season. Pikachu has defeated multiple Raichus, a Metagross, a Regice, a Latios, and what is the ONE THING that he can't beat? A Snivy. A Snivy that has no experience whatsoever. AAAAAUUUUUUUUGH! THAT'S STUPID! THAT'S SO STUPID! How could anyone think that that was a good idea? That only serves to piss me off! They try to justify this by saying Pikachu was overcharged with electricity, but that makes EVEN LESS SENSE! He's an electric type! Overcharging on electricity should mean that it's MORE powerful. Not LESS so. And if Ash was going to lose to a Snivy with no experience, why did it have to belong to TRIP? I hate Trip. They're trying to have a repeat of what they did with Paul, but unlike Paul, this guy is just better than Ash because the plot needs him to be better than Ash. Remind me. How many regions has Ash gone through? FOUR! So why the hell is that pompous douchebag TRIP the biggest threat here? He's just a little brat who has ego issues. TRIP IS THE WORST POKEMON RIVAL EVER!

Okay, enough ranting. Unova, despite the first episode, is a very good series. For one simple reason. Ash attempts to play things smart. It seems everytime the series reinvents itself, it becomes wonderful again. They did away with Dawn and Brock to be replaced by Iris and Cilan. Cilan currently holds the place for my favourite pokemon character of all time. People complain about him, saying that he's a terrible replacement for Brock. I hate to say it guys, but he is the best possible replacement for Brock. Mostly because Brock... was terrible. He was cool back in Kanto / Johto, but he was USELESS in Hoenn and Sinnoh. Apparently, Brock forgot he was a gym leader once upon a time, because he was about the worst at battles I'd ever seen. I can probably count the amount of battles he won on my fingers. Cilan doesn't screw around like that. He is a badass through and through, losing rarely and always being confident and knowledgable when he does win. He's still a gym leader even though he's not in his gym. Which is refreshing. He can actually take care of himself. Plus, he does everything useful that Brock always did. He cooks, he knows all the stuff about Pokemon that Ash doesn't and he's much more fun in my opinion. Brock's running gag of falling in love with every girl he sees got old after season three. But of course, we had to endure it for another TEN before they finally exempted him from the equation. Cilan's gag, hasn't gotten old. It's changing constantly.





There is not a second where Cilan is on screen where I'm not laughing. He's the man. Iris is a nice change from Dawn. She has a unique walking pokemon, Axew, and I like her well enough. Though her constant statements to Ash of, "You're such a little kid" can get annoying sometimes considering she's guilty of the same actions of childishness. Ash himself plays his battles smart here like a real trainer who has experience in these mattters. When he catches his first Unova pokemon, he ACTUALLY CATCHES his first Unova Pokemon. There's no Team Rocket intervention that ends up with him making friends with Pidove and catching her that way. He goes up to her, hits her with a Thunderbolt and chucks a pokeball. LIKE WE DO IN THE GAMES! It's almost like it's based on those or something. He also catches more than six pokemon, rotating them and using all of them an (almost) equal amount of times. He plays it smart. Nearly every episode serves a purpose, be it to build character, give a pokemon a new move, catch a new pokemon, etc. There are also no large gaps in between the gyms, unlike in previous regions. The flow feels more consistent and fast-paced. Characters are developed and presented well. This is what the show SHOULD have been the entire time if I'm being honest. Following a competent trainer on his road to the top. Don't worry, Ash is still an idiot. He doesn't take type advantage into account, he still rushes into battle without thinking, yadda, yadda, yadda. But he's smarter this time around. And that I like. The problems of this region are, ironically, how little it follows the games. WHERE IS N? WHERE IS TEAM PLASMA? We had an amazing storyline in the games that the show isn't taking advantage of! Team Rocket, who are now competent villains, can't hold the threat or the amazing motivations behind Team Plasma or N. The episodes that were going to feature Team Plasma never aired and they haven't tried to bring them back. It's a shame. I would've loved to see Ash's ideals clashing with N's. Would have been an awesome concept. But alas, it appears that will never happen.

3. The Johto Saga (Seasons 3 - 5) - Will be written when I have time.

4. The Kanto Saga and the Orange Islands Saga (Seasons 1 - 2) - Will be written when I have time.

5. The Sinnoh Saga (Seasons 10 - 13) - Will be written when I have time.

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