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That’s it.

I’m thisclose to crossing that fine line between “deliberately frank” and “straightforward bitch”.

I’m not sure which is worse. Or that anyone could care less. *shrug*

But dear gawd,’s now swarming with plagiarists, PWPs, Mary Sue-OCs and shameless, pretentious people. Oh, and pig-headed authors who continue to post unquestionably horrible fanfics no matter what tons of flamers downright tell them.

And this, people, is the reason why there is poverty and global warming. Okay, so maybe not poverty. But still. *sigh*

Right. Enough ranting. For now.

Name: Arianne

Age: 17

Nationality: (Proudly) Filipino

Loves: weird Filipino delicacies (such as penoy, isaw, adidas (and not the sportswear brand, mind you), and dinuguan), ranting, daydreaming, tolerable and subtitled/dubbed Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese soap operas (yes, I watch them, even the local ones. Admittedly, there are a lot of crappy ones but I watch anyway if just to make fun of them afterwards), romantic/comedy films, decent fics of the romance/humor/angst genre with good plots and non-Mary Sue characters, lemons (insert perverted grin here) glassboys/men, shiny, happy people, and anything that involves theater.

Hates: Insufferable Mary Sues (doesn’t matter whether they’re canon or OCs as long as they’re painful to watch/read about), plagiarists, bad fics with no plot whatsoever, unfeeling authors who don’t care if their readers develop headaches after reading their fics peppered with misspelled words and horrible grammar, brazen f*uck-wits who turn their backs from their native land (Read: Umamin na kayo, mga traydor! Dapat talaga kayong ikahiya ng mga kalahi niyo!), and E.T. (God, that creature is freaky!).

I usually check out fanfics under the following subcategories:

Magic Knight Rayearth
Gundam Wing
Full Metal Panic
Yu Yu Hakusho
Recca no Honoo
Rurouni Kenshin
Ranma ½
Shaman King
Saber Marionette J/J to X
Love Hina
Kaitou Saint Tail
Slam Dunk
Fruits Basket
Harry Potter
Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice)

Characters I dislike with a passion (sometimes, even lacking reason): Miaka Yuuki(FY), Yanagi Sakoshita(FoR), Tessa Testarossa(FMP), Yuna(FFX), Aerith Gainsborough(FF7), Minako Aino(SM), Motoko Aoyama(LH), Cho Chang(HP), Rei Ayanami(NGE), Cherry(SMJ), Meilin Li(CCS), Emeraude(MKR), Ayame Sohma(Furuba), Jean Grey(X-men), and Dora the Explorer.

Favorite real celebrities: Matsumoto Jun, Nakama Yukie, Miyake Ken, Utada Hikaru, BoA, , Yun-Ah Song, Colin Firth, Benj Pacia of Starstruck (haha. shame on me indeed!), Darius Semana (Parokya ni Edgar), Marc Abaya (Kjwan) and that boy, from the show Mulawin, who plays a boyscout named Procopio. ^_^

I love and I hate with equal intensity. Also, I conveniently have difficulties when it comes to differentiating the two. *smirk*

To clear things up, I have nothing against OCs. Only when the OC turns out to be a Mary Sue starring in a pointlessly crappy and cliché fic and the author has no hope of ever pulling it off without decapitating said OC thus prematurely ending the story, then I get peeved. Why? It irks me to see some good spaces wasted on terrible fics, is all.

I may not be that much of a writer but then again, sometimes, to tell the good fics from the bad, all you need is a good deal of sense. And I’m sure as hell I have at least that, if nothing else.

My works aren’t up to par with those great fics out there but these authors’ pieces certainly are: SandraE, Hidingduh, Chained dove, Dove and Thalia, Bishounen Lovah, Saicho-18, Linay, Fuuko no Miko, Endymion015, TheBrilliantFool.

Oh, and I have a Fictionpress account too, under my pen name and alter ego Fuyuko.

Yes, I’m a big, fat and conceited meanie, among other things. I admit that much.

Alright, maybe not the big and fat part. Heh.

Strife-07; “Self-proclaimed Deity of All that is Good and Kinky” ^_^

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