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Author has written 3 stories for Neverwinter Nights.

Update: Still alive. The economy hit me very hard, and to make a long story short, I've now joined the ranks of people who've given up on job searching and gone to grad school. My stories are still plaguing me, though. They won't go away until I finish them, so, as school permits, I'm trying to finish them.

AVATAR NOTE: Lately WotC has been updating half-orcs for 3.5E and 4E, making them look more like human/orc hybrids than the cartoonishly orcish-looking folks they were before. Xanos has now joined the update club. Take a look at my avatar and say hello to Xanos v2.0. (Mostly. He needs to lose the armor but I don't have the artistic skills to fix that. Anyone?)

About the author: She's tired, of course - sick and tired of being admired. Need you know more?

Works in progress: First up, a little spinoff in the Windwalker universe, entitled, "Witchlight"; then, after that, stay tuned for Windwalker, Part 3: Zephyrus, wherein almost everybody involved takes our heroine for a heroine, except for two people: our heroine herself, and one man who's turned suspicion into an art form.

For those who are trying to imagine what Rebecca, the protagonist of Windwalker, looks like, here she is. The pic is not mine, her hair's too long, and she's holding a sword, not a quarterstaff, but otherwise it's as close a pic as I've ever seen.

In other news, the incomparable Rhia (you can find her profile at http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1424217/) has been kind enough to let an art bunny lead her astray, and has taken time off from playing with paladins to create a full-length portrait of Rebecca, Windwalker's main protagonist. If you'd like to see Rebecca brought to life, you can find her here: . Check out Rhia's other work, while you're at it - and, for those of you who've read Windwalker, I hear that a certain deity may be in the works, as well. :)

Update to the above: Links fixed, and good news - Shaundakul is here, and looking mighty fine. ;) If you'd like to see him, visit him in Rhia's gallery, at:

SPOILER: For the curious among Witchlight readers, here's a good picture of Brown, maybe a few years older than he is now - but don't click unless you've reached chapter 41 of Witchlight. You've been warned.

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Witchlight reviews
Xanos Messarmos has spent two of the past three months dead because a Netherese city fell on him. Nadiya bint-Musud's tribe has been kidnapped by the Zhentarim, leaving her the sole survivor. Together, they prove that the Anauroch is a far more dangerous place than even they could have imagined - and that fate, it seems, has a very strange sense of humor.
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Lost in a world that’s not her own, all Rebecca Blumenthal wants is a way back home. But the way is long and winding, and there’s a cold wind coming in from the North. SoU, with some twists. R/R!
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Rebecca Blumenthal had everything going for her - wealth, power, a penthouse with a view. But, as the boundary between worlds begins to blur, she starts to wonder just how charmed - or cursed - her life really is. Pre-NWN, Earth meets Faerun
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