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Author has written 2 stories for Final Fantasy VII.

More on my work can be found at www.facebook.com/finalfantasyviiunofficialnovelisation.

Or follow my project on Twitter @FFVIINovels

Taken from my bio on www.axteleraray.org:

Maurice J. Gallagher is an experienced and professional writer who has accomplished much in the last few years.

Hailing from the town of Cumbernauld, Scotland, located 15 miles outside of Glasgow, Mo (Maurice) was always a student who placed logic before creativity and, as such, gained exceptional grades specifically in mathematics and psychics before enrolling at the University of Strathclyde. Graduating in mathematics and economics, his first real career move was, as you would expect, to be a travel writer based in a town quite literally at the opposite side of the world; Napier, New Zealand.

From an early age, Mo had been an avid fan of reading, particularly horror stories. His earliest memories of reading focus around the R.L. Stine collection of ‘Goosebumps’ books, as well as the ‘Spinechiller’ range and Christopher Pike novels. As he grew, his taste expanded to include popular sagas such as J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’, J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’, and Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’. Over time, it was the genre of fantasy, particularly fantasy which had connections to the real world, which captured his imagination most.

Mo’s first experience with such a story beyond the mediums of books and film came in 1997 in the form of the bestselling Squaresoft videogame ‘Final Fantasy VII’. Falling in love with this epic tale of revenge, self-discovery, tragedy, and redemption, it became his inspiration when asked in later years to compose short stories and other writing pieces for school assignments. Despite his dislike of English studies, he came to realise that he enjoyed scripting the events of the videogame, and soon began authoring ‘Final Fantasy VII’ as a hobby. By 2007, draft copies of his first two novels were posted online in a fan-based forum under the alias ‘S and G’. Almost immediately, he began to receive glowing feedback and encouragement from individuals across the globe not to mention over 10,000 hits on a single site within 6 months, but he was limited to further writing due to university and other commitments. However, he continued to be an active member of the online community, occasionally posting thoroughly-researched articles which are still the basis of specific worldwide knowledge today.

Throughout his studies, his employment experience included being responsible for tens of thousands of pounds on a daily basis for a well-known high street retailer at the age of 17, temporarily running his own globally-renowned fast food store at18, and working in a number of various managerial positions before the age of 21. Following his graduation, Mo sought to travel so as to broaden his views of the world. As well as visiting more than 25 countries, he has since lived for no less than a month in locations on 4 different continents (Glasgow, UK; Los Angeles, CA; Georgetown, Malaysia; Napier, New Zealand). His adventures would bring him to work for New Zealand-based tourism company, Citywalksz, where his writing skills were recognised by the owners, and utilised to create exciting and informative cultural tours of coastal destinations around Australasia, North America, and Europe. His eventual role as project manager further boosted his C.V. with experience in editing, graphic design management, public relations, international management, web development, web maintenance, film directing, acting, sound engineering, and more.

Upon his return to the United Kingdom, Mo opted to further his career in professional writing. While continuing his employment with Citywalksz, he redrafted and self-published his first not-for-profit novel, ‘Final Fantasy VII: A New Threat’, in November, 2012. Within 2 months, he had been recruited as lead screenwriter for the volunteer fan-made ‘Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series’ thanks to his contributions to the fandom as well as the standard and overall popularity of his novels. By February, 2013, he was one of 3 production managers. It was on this very project that Mo and Prateek were introduced for the first time. However, after differences in opinion with other members of management, he left his post on the ill-fated production to focus on other work, including ‘Axtelera-Ray’.

In May, 2013, the duo agreed that Mo would take on the role of author of the first novel, ‘The Chronicles of Astrone’, working from the story template created by Prateek. The book has been in development ever since.

To date, Mo’s unofficial ‘Final Fantasy VII’ novels have amassed a significant following on fanfaction.net and Facebook, with hits across various websites in the region of 75,000. The first is available to download as an eBook or PDF for free, and his second not-for-profit novel, ‘Final fantasy VII: The Man in the Black Cloak’, is expected to be self-published in early 2014.

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