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Hey what up, the names Nikko or Aura if u prefer, Im a cartoonist and writer. I love to read things that people write so i signed up. Hopefully I can get some of my own stuff on here lol. If you have any suggestions for stories to read, requests for stories, comments on my work,or just want to talk, dont hesitate to message me. Peace!!

- The Aura

Notable Quotes:

Its funny how u think I'm listening.- Me

Son of three monkeys and a baby!!- Me

If only, if only...,The woodpecker sighed.- Me

Dont 'Be' because u have to, 'Be' because u choose to.-Me

Dont look away Rose! This is what happens when u attempt a Human Transmutation!- Edward Elric

Did you think I'd still be a runt when I'm 18 years old?!- Edward Elric

Bankai!!- Ichigo Kurosagi

We stand in awe before that which cannot be seen.- Rukia kuchiki

Shut the hell up!- Kazuma the Shellbullet

I'll Kick ur ass!!- Kazuma the Shellbullet

Gai Sensai!!- Rock Lee

Thats Captain Toshirou Hitsugaya to you!- Captain Toshirou Hitsugaya

That crap's not gonna work on Soichiro Nagi!- Soichiro Nagi

Its morphin time!!- Jason Lee Scott and Tommy Oliver

Suprise Dumbass!- Walter and Jeff Dunham

Obviously the toothbrush is bigger.-Walter and Jeff Dunham

A giraffe throwing up... It would take forever!- Peanut and Jeff Dunham

Lemme see...uhh A...C...Phlem...Silence I kill you!!- Ackmed the Dead Terrorist

Telling me ur a virgin is a lot like telling me that u saw Bigfoot, A: I dont care, And B: I dont believe u.- Chris Porter

... So i tested the limits of my liver, my liver limits, my livits.- Chris Porter

You just hit the jackpot MoFo!!- Daniel Tosh

... Cuz I'm a baller on a budget bitch!- Daniel Tosh

... So i was in the park... chasin this white guy...- Greer Barnes

Mew!!- My friend Domi


Michael Jackson



Boyz II Men

Chris Brown


Linkin Park




Lady Sovereign

Michael Buble


The Fullmetal Alchemist


Power Rangers ( Anyone who has a problem with this or has anything bad to say about them can save it and shove it because i dont care.)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


Dragonball Z

Tenjho Tenge

Soul Eater

Baki the Grappler

Shootfighter Tekken


Kazuma the Shellbullet

Edward Elric

Alphonse Elric

Roy Mustang

All characters voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch

All Super Saiyans



Rock Lee

The Anbu


Death the Kid


Soul Eater

Points of Personality:

1) If you yell, your opinion no longer matters to me.

2) Im multi talented, so much so that the i dont know what to do with myself, so i often do nothing.

3) Cartooning and singing are my life.

4) Vocabulary is key, If u understand the word use it.

5) I like to chew, I keep lots of gum and toothpicks around,lol.

6) I'm obsessed with speed, Such as cheetahs, the Flash, Dashiel Par, and many of my own characters.

7) Girls, I'm sorry but you're not always right. But i love you anyway.

8) Sad songs are fascinating to me.

9) I have a connection to felines, weird and hard to explain, dont ask.

10) I love KISSING!

11) I Am Legend is the best Will Smith movie EVER, I care what NOONE says on this subject.

12) Transformers 2 was AMAZING!!

13) I am a mommas boy but dont take me lightly.

14) Coffeemate is probably one of the greastest substances ever created by man along with Cheez-Its.

15) I Met Michael Jackson, this is literally no joke its the truth, for the haters , he's the nicest person I've ever met.

16) I love comedy, that and anime are the only things i watch besides Adult Swim.

17) I like movies and stuff that show true teenage issues. I.e. The Breakfast Club, Degrassi, etc.

18) I think about many different things at once, its sort of a branching effect in my mind.

19) I think of every single possible outcome before entering a situation.

20) The one thing i hate most in the world are ignorant assholes who's one goal in life are to antagonize people for no reason.

21) I like being angry just not openly, I dont like for people to see me that way.

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