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Stories: Five, so far... "Hawk and Phoenix" - The story I want to write. The things that live in my head. And Judeau. This thing is going to be BIG, and I couldn't stop writing it even if I wanted to; I think my head would explode. I have, however, decided the whole basic storyline - And WORD OF WARNING: It's very, veryAU and very original. Don'tread it if you want something more likea carbon-copy of the original Berserk saga. Still, I'm having a lot of fun, and I think it might be an enjoyable read to others as well. You tell me.

Random thoughts about this story: I want to rewrite and edit all chapters, but I don't know if I have much time to do it in. I think I'll do it the way I do most things in life: One thing at a time, little by little.

"Truth by Firelight" - another Judeau fanfic (there's not enough of them out there, anyway) that just wouldn't leave me alone. I wrote it in part to get back in the mood to write HaP again, and it worked. But unlike HaP, this one is canon, Original Universe, whatever... So if you don't like HaP, chances are you'll like TbF.

"Man Talk" - Not the most serious piece of fanfiction I've ever written, but Corkus is actually a funny character to write... This was inspired by something someone said on a messageboard that really pissed me off - and this is how I deal with it. It's canon, as far as I'm concerned. Not the best fanfic, but more like a ventling of opinions in story-form. Judeau is OOC, but it'll have to be that way.

"Hearts Eclipsed" - The promised Judeau/Caska story. Starts out as a blanketfic because it was while reading such that I got the idea, but as these things tend to do, it ran away with me and got a life of its own. 'Sides, if you want to make a Jud/Cas (Or should that be Cadeau?) pairing believable, you need to take some time to let the story develop, I believe. NOT canon.

"Judeau's Best Last Words" - Because apparently I just can't get that blond bastard out of my head. Anyway, this story is kind of personal to me. I don't mind if you don't get it.

And yes, I am a compulsive "preener". My stories are never quite good enough and may at any moment change if I find a better way of doing something. From removing a comma to rewriting an entire dialogue. "Hawk and Phoenix" is my greatest writing exercise ever, and english isn't my native language so it might not be entirely perfect.

And now for something completely different... Personal notes: I am a language nerd and an anime/manga nerd. I only know Swedish, English and Japanese so far, though. I am also an epic procrastinator, and soooo slow on updating anything I don't get paid for. Sad but true. I also do role-playing games, restore broken old My Little Ponies and work on board trains. (Best job ever)

My advice: Watch Berserk. Read the manga. The anime prods serious bottom, but the manga is even better (would you believe it!) and continues where the anime ends. Miura is my god, and Judeau of the Cute Nose is my Muse.

Another personal note: I find myself intrigued by alternate couples. Don't get me wrong, I usually adore the canon couples, but when it comes to fanfiction I find alternative couples more interesting, both to read and write about. I suppose it's the challenge, to see if it can be done believably... And the canon love story is already written, ne? Probably much better than I could do it, too. Anyway, I'm sure you're bored of hearing about me now, after all, the only interesting thing here would be my stories.

So go and read! Why are you wasting your precious time reading this? Read a story!

Happiness is a warm, purring cat on your stomach... until it starts eating your shirt.

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