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Name: Liz

Location: The fiery pits of hell, also known as the Central Valley.

Age: Somewhere in the ballpark of 21-30

Random facts about me:

- I have a passion for cooking. I dabble in pretty much everything, but my main expertise lies in Asian cuisine. No joke! I can throw down. LOL

- I obsessively collect frivolous things like nail polish, perfume, and movies. (Seriously, one woman shouldn't own 1,000 bottles of nail polish!)

- Being called "Elizabeth" makes me feel extremely uneasy. For as long as I can remember nobody in my daily life has really addressed me by my full name unless I'm in a "formal" situation, AKA by the teachers in school, at the doctors office, etc..

- I'm a tattoo lover! I only have 4 at the moment, but knowing me I'll probably get several more in my lifetime.

- No matter how old I get I'll always love cartoons/anime more than live action TV shows and movies.

- With that being said, my favorite movie of all time is The Lion King. (I even have Rafiki's drawing of Simba tattooed on my forearm!)

My favorite ships:

Arnold/Helga (Hey Arnold!)- I've shipped those two since I was a child. Talk about "OTP FOREVER"! haha

Sebastian/Ciel (Kuroshitsuji)- I have absolutely no problem shipping two dudes together. I think what attracts me to "SebaCiel" is the power struggle between them.

Rin/Haru (Free! Iwatobi Swim Club)- Hot dudes... half naked 90% of the anime... All the years of sexual tension between them... GAWD YES.

Eren/Levi (Attack on Titan)- Levi is a Captain, Eren is his underling that also has the ability to transform into a gigantic monstrous titan...I'm starting to think I have a "power" fetish or something... plus they're damn beautiful together!

Germany/Italy (Hetalia)- Italy is a precious air headed cinnamon roll. Germany is a hard-ass stud muffin with a soft spot for Italy... HOW COULD I NOT SHIP IT!?!?!?

Risa/Ōtani (Lovely Complex)- A tall girl who falls in love with her much shorter guy friend. Their love story is sweet and MOTHERFUCKIN FRUSTRATING... but I still love them. I can't help it!

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