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To all fanfiction writers It gives me great pleasure to finally introduce myself to you all. I am Agurra.

To start with for those of you who are curious about my name well it's just something I made up on the fly so it doesn't have any real meaning in terms of having a defintion but it is the name of my main character but that is information for another time.

Second though I have just joined fanfiction I have been reading it for a long time and have written a few stories of my own but they still need some rewritting so don't expect any stories any time soon.


Age: Classified

Real name: Like I'll tell you

Gender: Male

Favorite anime: Naruto, Negima, Bleach, Case Closed, One Piece, Fairy Tail Love Hina(if it were longer and a bit less silly) and Air Gear (though the manga's better)

Hobbies: Reading fanfiction, collecting anime and manga, Practicing Capoeira and writting when I feel inspired

Beta Reader/Editing Service: So recently I started doing editing and beta reading for people and I'm looking to expand it here on Thus if you need a beta or someone to edit your stories, let me know. I use google.docx and generally prefer to use the suggestion function so you can see the edits and decide whether you agree with them or not.

Anyone who is interested in this particular offer, please just shoot me a PM when you get the chance and we can work things out from there.

Hey these are just some story Ideas I had that can into my head from time to time that I never get around to writing. These ideas are available to anyone who wants to use them so Long as they notify me first by PM MESSAGE. I have already given two story ideas to another writer named Dracohalo117 and they turned out great. so if anyone is interested take a look. be advised number of stories will grow with time so if you don't see something that catches your eye at first come by another time there will be more waiting. Now on to the ideas

Naruto x Kaze no Stigma ChallengeDuring the Valley of the End final Battle when their two attacks collided a dimension rift was opened that sent Naruto spiraling into the world of Kaze no Stigma. Trapped in a strange world with no way to get Home Naruto must learn to adapt to this new world and try to coexist. However not all is peaceful as the members of both the Kanagi family and local spirit authorities are on Naruto's trail figuring him a demon due to the fox. Now Naruto must find a way to set the record straight and fast for a storm is coming to the world and only he can stop it. (Not very good but bear with me for now). Pairing either Naruto x Ayano or one of Ayano's friends not sure

Naruto x Kekkaishi- Just saw the show and thought this looks like a perfect type of combination just give it a try. (haven't seen enough to make a good plot sorry.)

Naruto x Kenichi the Mighteist Disciple- The Council finally fed up with naruto do the unthinkable. They permenantly seal away his chakra and ship him away from the elemental countries. He awakens in Japan (Or china if you prefer) and is absolutly freaked at his position. While searching for a way back home he (Two versions of this, 1. Comes on Ryozanpaku and is allowed to stay there since he has no place to go and trains with Kenichi, Pairing Kenichi x Miyu and Naruto x Renka, Option 2. Naruto is attacked by a gang of thugs who with some work takes out rather quickly and spotted by the members of Ragnarock, Offered a place in their ranks he joins and Quickly becomes the Ninth fist Fenrir, Now he will stand by his new friends and take on Kenichi and Miyu, pairing either Naruto x Kisaru or Naruto x Freya).

My Cousin Naruto: Imagine the movie my Cousin Vinny but with different roles. Deidara and his best friend Sasori are on their way to college going through the deep south unfortunately they are accused and arrested for murder. Now the only one who can help them is Deidara's cousin Naruto who has a degree in law. There's just one problem, HE JUST GRADUATED AND HAS NO EXPERIENCE. Now Naruto along with his girlfriend Tenten (makes way more sense then Hinata in this story) must work together to keep Naruto in the court, out of jail and his Cousin alive or else.

Naruto x Girls Bravo Challenge: What if during the Miharu's trip back to earth with Yukinari she had one of her sneezes that resulted in another portal opening in Naruto's World sucking him in along with them. Naruto is now in a world alien to him and surrounded by beautiful and crazy girls. Can Naruto survive the insanity that comes with being around a black magician, karate nut, intergalatic cop, an insane pervert and a kid whose alergic to woman you'll have to find out for your self. Pairing Naruto x Keirie or Lisa.

One who Protects (Naruto x Shingu, seriously it's worth a shot): To save his friends and family Naruto was forced to seal himself and Madaara to save the world. Now centuries later his story has been forgotten and now Konoha is now Tenmo. Through some unexpected aide Naruto is freed from his sealing and finds everything he knew gone forever. Alone and forgotten is there a place for Naruto in this world, or should he simply faid away like everything else. Pairing Naruto x Nayuta Moriyama.

Spiral Naruto (Naruto x Spiral)- Not too sure how he ends up in their world but Naruto somehow ends up in the world of spiral. Now he is caught in the mysteries surrounding the Blade Children and must now decide whether to help them and live or stand by and die. Pairing: Undecided

Ninja Detective (Naruto x Case Closed, Needs to seriously happen) Naruto is an 7 year old aspiring to be a ninja. Sadly he is treated as though he is nothing more then a monster and has only the Nine Tailed Fox to guide him. One day the villagers go all out and nearly kill him. In a last ditch effort to save him The Kyuubi transports Naruto to a new world. Injured and in pain Naruto is soon discovered by the local police force. While being treated in the hospital he meets Inspector Micquire, Detective Richard Moore and Detective Saimone to ask him about what happened. Sadly they aren't able to get much out of him other then the large amount of child abuse he was forced to endure. Heartbroken by his story Richard at first offers to take him in however Saimone instead decides to adopt Naruto and raise him as her own child. Watch as naruto is raised by one of tokyo's finnest police officers, learns the love of a mother and his later involvement With Rachel, Conan and all the other members of Case Closed all the while using his ninja skills to help his new friends and protect his new family. (PLEASE SOMEONE TAKE THIS STORY IDEA, I THINK IT IS COOL AND I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IT, PLEASE SOMEONE TAKE IT)

Burning Desire, Where do I belong (Naruto x Flame of Recca): Naruto is an orphan with no family, no friends and hatred all around him. Yet he doesn't want vengeance or destruction only a place where he belongs with people who care about him. Well one day a person named Kurei comes along and offers Naruto a chance to be a part of a family and the chance to become strong. However Naruto will soon learn that there is darkness surrounding this blessing. Will he realize the truth and escape or will his desire for love force him to become a cold blooded killer. Naruto starts out working for Kurei but eventually jumps ship and joins Team Hokage. Pairing Naruto x Fuko or Naruto x Meno.

Naruto meets Negi (Naruto x Negima): What if during the last points of the Festival Arc, Chao had one last ace up her sleeve. Using a special magical spell she transports a Four tailed Naruto to the world of Negima. A great battle ensues and before long the beast vanishes. Now Naruto is returned to normal but injured, lost and confused how will he manage in this strange new world. What adventures await him, will he ever get home or will he ever want to go home and how will the people of Class 3A response to have a demon carrier in their mitts? Pairing: I leaning towards either Naruto x Setsuna or Naruto x Mana either or both is fine by me.

This is all I have for now, check um out and let me know what you think, remember to let me know if you are interested in using these story ideas before hand. If you don't I will find you I will.

These are just some of the many characters i have thought up but haven't used yet so tell me what you think of them by sending me either pms or reviews either is fine.

My character Archive: I have decided that i will now add for the viewing pleasure (but not use of without my permission) some of the many fanfiction characters i created but never used due to either writers block or trouble writing though that may change in the future but for now here are some of my characters.

Naruto Characters:

Agurra of the Darkness

Place of Origin: Clasisfied (for now you'll learn the truth soon enough)

Current place of resisdence: Village Hidden in the Shadows

Village location: Land of Darkness

Leader: Yamikage

Teammates: Shirai and Onai

Height: five foot ten

Hair color: Storm Cloud grey

Eye color: Silver

Build: Relatively well built with strong well defined muscles

Clothes: Wear's rag like Bandages on his face that conceal his appearance, wears a black rag like shirt, black ragged cloak, black pants and iron toed shinobi sandals. Also wears black bandages around arms and has black gloves with black iron talons on fingers.

Rank: Genin

Skill level: Low Sanin

Elemental type: Darkness/Wind main (Darkness is a unique element only he can use)

Sub types: Lightning, Water

Fusion Element: Storm

Summoning: Crows, Also a unique summon never before seen even in fanfiction. Will remain secret until later.

Other Information: He is publically hated by every person in the Land of Darkness for his unique power. Is a ninjutsu master and a taijutsu titan as he posscesses beyond human level strength. Has a Preference to using Crow based ninjutsu similar to Itachi Uchiha, however his jutsu is more for combat that distraction. Carries a large dark grey broad sword he calls Kurosukai( Black Sky). If you want an imagine for the sword (Same thing as the sword that Crow demon in the sixth Negima book used). Other information classified

Bleach Characters:

Makura Corvis (Total Darkness)

Species: Arrancar

Formely: Hollow

Class: Vasto Lorde

Status: Member of Aizen's army

Rank: Espada

Number: Zero

Tattoo location: Appears as a Dark red zero on the palm of his Left hand also where his hole happens to be (hence the need for the red color)

Hollow Hole Location: Located in the palm of his left hand

Background: Very little is known about Makura due to the fact he is perhaps one of the oldest Hollows in all of Huecco Mundo. All that is known about him is that he has existed for almost 2 millennia and has a thorough knowledge of the soul reapers and their abilities. For most of his life he lived in the darkest depths of Huecco Mundo only coming out of the darkness to devour some of the more powerful hollows specifically Vasto Lorde. He has been alone practically his whole life as a hollow until he came across four stray hollows who he later befriended and eventually became the closest thing to a family he had. Makura and his allies spent most of their time simply devouring other hollows while at the same time protecting each other. Makura grew in power til eventually he became known as the Guardian of Huecco Mundo. His reputation eventually led Aizen and His followers to seek him out. Makura orignally wasn't intersted in joining with Aizen and refused his request. He then displayed his immense skill and power by easily defeating the arrancars Aizen brought with him and even killing almost every member of the original Espada (aside from the 9th, 7th, 5th, and 3rd). After realizing he couldn't bring Makura to his side by force, Aizen instead decided that he would motivate him through his hatred of Soul Reapers. Makura had existed for many years and had seen the soul reapers methods and traditions. He was there to witness the eradication of the Qunicy, Bounts, and even the Vizards all who were wiped out by order of Central 46 and carried out by the Head Captain. Watching how the carelessly slaughtered thousands simply because they were ordered too enraged Makura that they were so easily controlled. More over he grew to Despise the Head Captain in particular for his unbreakable dedication to the Soul Society's rules and his lack of empathy for anyone. Makura despite hating all soul reapers eventually chose to join the Arrancar army. He became the first and only Zero espada and made his four companion arrancar his fraccion and has since dedicated himself to the eradication of soul reapers.

Personality: Makura due to existing for so many years has long since locked away most of his emotions as he found very little use for them during his time in Huecco Mundo. He is normally cold and often merciless when fighting and isn't hesitant to cut down his enemy when needed. Makura is often silent and rather distant when around others, even his fellow Espada. Often spending most of his time hidden in the shadows. However he is not completely without emotions as he does show concern for a few select Arrancar. Among them are his four fraccion, who served as both his companions and family during his many years as a hollow. As a result Makura though he doesn't always show it is very protective of them and will not hesitate to strike down any who lay harm or speak ill of them. Besides his fraccion Makura has developed a sort of friendship with his fellow Espada, Harribel and Starrk. In the rare moments he does speak it is usually with these two. He seems to enjoy Harribel's company and isn't usually bothered by Starrks inattentive personality. In addition Makura also shows concern for his allies fraccion, looking at them as if they were his own fraccion. Though he won't admit it Makura does care about the Espada and other Arrancars as he is their commander and his responsibility. Due to his Vengeful personality he is willing to unleash his fury to enact vengeance should a comrade fall. Despite his concern for them Makura has a rather bleak out look on life as he often belittles those who try to save the lives of others. Even though he cares for the lives of his comrades he still questions why one would work so hard to save anothers' life since they would die eventually in the future from some other method. Also due t his aspect of death Makura believes heavily in "An Eye for an Eye," thus he believes the soul Reapers must suffer for every death they have inflicted. More over Makura has developed a great hatred for the Soul Society and the Soul Reapers as they consistently slay hollows in a never ending conflict that in his mind accomplishes nothing. In his words "No matter how many Hollows you kill there will always be hollows and souls will always be devoured, so why fight when it is so pointless." To him the Soul Reapers accomplish virtually nothing in their quest as hollows still exist even after 2000 years of fighting and wholes are still devoured despite their efforts. As a result he despises them for killing his kind in such a meaningless conflict. More over he despises Central 46 for their consistent orders of genocide against any minor threat to the Soul Society. He especially holds a deep hatred of Head Captain Yamamoto for being so easily controlled by Central 46 and how he persecutes all hollows as simply monsters that should be destroyed without remorse. Makura actually once fought the Head Captain many years ago and is the one responable for inflicting the many scars that adorn the Head Captain's body though why he let him live is unknown. Even now his hatred for the Leader of the Soul Reapers hasn't faded even slightly and he vows to kill the Old Man some day.

Aspect of Death: Vengeance: Makura's aspect much like many of the Espada's is seen through his very personality which is one heavily influenced by Vengeance. Driven by a desire to avenge all those hollows he feels were unjustly slain by Soul Reapers, Makura seeks to punish and kill as many Soul Reapers as they have killed Hollows. Some say that Makura's thirst for vengeance is so strong that he actually gains greater strength when another of his comrades dies in battle, serving only to increase his desire for revenege. To an extent it is also his weakness as he can become so blinded by his desire for revenge that he loses sight of what lies before him, yet pushes on regardless.

Appearance: Wears a Black version of Ulquiorra's arrancar outfit, however the jacket is opened up down the middle. Despite this Makura's body is hidden behind a black undershirt. The top features a hood on that covers his head and wider collar. As for the coattails in the back of his jacket, they are combined together into one solid tail. It is also slightly wider so it tends to flow in the wind as a result. In addition he wears black gloves similar to Starrk's that cover up his hands. He also wears the traditional hakama pants though they are also black in color. Unlike most Espada or Arrancar he still wears his Hollow mask over his face though it is mainly there to both conceal his humanity and supress a large portional of his power (doesn't prevent him from accessing it when he wishes just gives him better control in holding it back).

Height: Six feet tall

Build: despite being hidden behind his clothes Makura is built very thickly with strong and well defined muscles.

Mask: A white version of The Cursed Warrior Mask from naruto episode 162. Also eyes appear red.

Zanpakuto: Cuervo (Crow)

Release Command: Avenge

Sword Appearance: Takes the form of a long katana with a black handle with a silver guard. The guard is in the appearance of a bird with it's wings spread wide and head turned sideways (Imagine the mark the Crow leaves after each person he kills). Blade is pure black and no light shines off it. Held in a black sheath that is strapped to his waist.

Released State: Makura holds his sword up to the sky as he focuses his spirit energy he is surrounded in a veil of black spirit energy that makes the very air heavy and the ground crack. He then calls out the release. A massive wave of black spirit energy in the form of a giant dark black crow erupts from his sword and rises into the sky. It spreads it's wings wide and screeches before breaking apart into many smaller crows that then fly and surround Makura in a massive black torrent. Black feathers rain from the skies and the sound of Crows Cawing can be heard. When the Crows disappear his body is changed. He is now wearing a black leather jacker (Image what Brandon Lee wore in the first Crow movie) dark black pants, black shoes. In addition his chest is exposed revealing a dark black tattoo of a crow on his chest identical in appearance to his hilt. His face now reveals a young man with short dark grey hair, Grey silted Iris' and black sclera. His face is adorned with two types of marks. Two black line marks stretch down from near his forehead, through his eyes to about his nose. He also has a similar mark that appears on one side of his lips and through the other. (For those with bad visualization skills, Same marks Brandon Lee and the Rest of the Crows wear). Two massive black crow wings appear on his back more then 15 feet long and 4 feet wide. He now carries a now long and somewhat demonic angel like black scythe with a single blade.

Release State special abilities:

Enhanced Strength: Makura's already impressive strength is increased exponentially after his release. One example of his increase is he is capable of sending powerful shockwaves at his enemies simply by punching the air around him.

Enhanced Speed: In his released form Makura is capable of moving at high enough speed that he doesn't have to perform Sonido to move. When combined with his sonido he is capable of creating many after images. More over using his wings to increase his speed he can create small tornados simply by spinning around his opponent.

Enhanced Hierro: In this state his body is virtually indestructible, only the head captain and maybe Aizen (with both their Bankai's activated) could hope to cut through his skin. He is capable of withstand Cero, Kido and most sword attacks at close range with no damage at all.

Flight: Similar to the 4th espada's release, Makura's wings are capable of flight and offer him greater mobility and increase his already impressive speed.

Overwhelming Spiritual power: Like the other top 4 Espada Makura is forbidden from releasing his Zanpaktuo in Los Noches for the sheer volume of his power in this state would destroy it. However this restriction is especially important for Makura as his power is so great that in his released state, only Aizen and Starrk have shown enough power to stand in his presence without falling under the pressure (if only barely as the show great difficulty standing in his presence in this state). Not only that but the amount of Spirit energy he gains is so great that his Scythe is always surrounded in a vile of Black spirit energy. More over he is able to fight his enemies using pure spirit energy alone as a weapon without focusing it into an attack. Similar to how Ichigo's energy works when he is in Vizard form only much greater.

Negro Despero(Black Shot)- a special feature of his released state. Makura reaches into the tattoo on his chest and pulls out a dark black shotgun. When ever his enemy fires an energy attacks at him he can block it with his hand. Then a large veil of black spirit energy erupts from his palm and wraps itself around his enemies attack. The massive ball of energy slowly condenses, combining his enemies attack with his own power and taking the form of a shot gun shell. These shells are similar to Nel Tu's Cero Double only much stronger. Once loaded into the gun, they are fired and appear as powerful black orbs that cause immense damage and power. He can use this technique on Cero, Kido and even Zanpaktuo energy attacks and the stronger the attack the more damage it causes.

Cero Cuervo (Zero Crow)Sticking to the name of his Zanpaktuo Makura in his released state is capable of forming Cero's in the shaper of crows. He can then manipulate these crows at will. Unlike regular cero these ones due to their shape, are capable of changing their direction, speed and position at will. These crows are powerful and explode once they come in contact with either their intended target or some other physical object. The explosion is far more destrutive then a regular cero but not as much as Makura's Kuro Despero technique.

Oscuro Cielo (Dark Sky): One of Makura's most devastating attackings. He summons a massive flock of his Cero Cuervo, so much so they completely black out the sky(hence the name). He then unleashes the massive army on his enemy and they come at them in a massive swarm. Completely surrounding them the crows form a massive black sphere around the enemy. Makura holds out his hand to the orb with his hand opened before crushing his fingers into a fist and saying the command Nyuukou(Encroach). The sphere crushes the enemy with unimaginable force crushing and shattering anything within the sphere.

Mensajero de Murete (Messenger of Death): Makura's Ultimate attack. He once again summons a massive flock of his Cero Cuervo. However he orders them to engulf him instead. The massive flock surrounds him before consuming him in a massive black mass. In mere seconds that mass takes the form of a Giant Black Crow. He comes at his enemy with all his energy and causes a massive explosion that can be seen for miles and is impossible to survive. It is somewhat similar to the Sokyoku attack as the one of the receiving end is completely and utterly disintegrated down to their molecules. This attack is so powerful that no one who has ever seen it has ever survived it as the name implies. However this attack has a draw back, it requires unimaginable amounts of spirit energy to perform and after being used it Leaves Makura quiet weakened, he can still fight but not at full power.

Powers and Abilities:

Swordsmanship master: Makura is a master sword fighter as he is capable of taking on any of the espada and beating almost everyone of them in a straight on sword fight with little to almost no difficulty (only one's he has trouble with are Starrk and Harribel). He has knowledge of various sword techniques and has also studied the many different sword styles of countless Soul Reapers.

Hand to Hand Combat Master: Despite his mastery of sword fighting, Makura usually prefers to fight barehanded since he feels using his sword against a weaker opponent would be pointless. Due to his great age Makura has knowledge and skill in various fighting styles and even developed a few tricks of his own. He can take down hundreds of enemies in mer seconds using only his hand to hand combat skills and can do it before his opponent has time to blink. His skill in this art is unmatched and can shatter the ground and small buildings with single punches.

Sonido master: Like with any espada with a ranking like his, he is a master of sonido capable of disappearing and reppearing multiple times in the meer blink of an eye. Also capable of Performing the Gemelos Sonído to create more then fifty solid images,but prefers not to. Not to mention he can cover great distances in virtually no time flat with his Sonido. More over he can appear right before his enemy, strike them down and reappear to his original position without showing any visible sign of movement or time for his enemy to notice they have even been attacked.

Keen Analysts: Despite his quiet personae Makura is a very intelligent in battle. He makes no wasted effort in battle learning vital information from his enemies and studying their techniques thoroughly. He was able to learn, copy and develop his own version of Shunko simply by seeing Yoruichi perform it once.

Photographic memory: Though not really a skill per say Makura processes an incredible memory that enable his to memorize and remember virtually any information that he views as vital. Including battle tactics, enemy techniques, past battles, etc. This skill enables him to devise counter attacks and battle strategies ahead of time making him even more dangerous.

Enhanced Pesquisa: Having over two thousand years of practice Makura is capable of sensing even the smallest amount of spirit energy from miles away with no trouble at all. He can distinguish between Hollows, Arrancars, Soul Reapers, even Vizards. Not only that but he can also measure the level of their spirit energy, how potent it is, when they are going to attack and even make an accurate assessment of their rank in terms of strength. Even more so he can automatically sense when his enemy is preparing an attack before hand without moving an inch. In addition thanks to his photographic memory he is able to identify the specific spiritual energy of any person he met at least once.

Enhanced Hierro: Makura's Iron skin is stronger then any other Arrancar in all of Huecco Mundo. He is capable of taking a straight hit from Both Barrigan and Starrks weapons at full force and can even withstand their cero with little to almost no damage. Most times when a blade touches his skin it slides off leaving only a trail of sparks

Enhanced Strength: As with his mastery of Hand to Hand combat Makura possesses incredible physical strength beyond that of any of the Espada. He can shatter walls, massive stone pillars and even metal with simple punches using only raw strength. A prime example of his strength is he is capable of blocking a punch from Yammy Liargo in his released state with one hand and then sending said Espada flying with his own punch.

Vast Spiritual Power: Being ranked as the Zero Espada, Makura processes Spiritual Pressure beyond that of any of the Espada. When he releases his power in the presence of the Espada everyone shy of the top three fall to their knees. If you were to compare his power to one right now a good estimate would be his power in normal form is equal if not beyond Ulquiorra's Second Release form power. Spirit energy appears pure black, almost like black fire.

Cero: Like all arrancar and hollows Makura can use a cero attack which can be fired from either his hands, mouth or his sword. Normally appears pure black and has immense destructive power. Is slightly faster then a regular cero but not by much.

Gran Rey Cero: One of his more favored techniques like with the rest of the Espada Makura is capable of performing the Gran Rey Cero technique by simply adding some of his own blood to his Cero. The Cero forms in his hand in a swirling black and dark purple vortex almost like a Black hole. Makura is a master of this technique and it holds unimaginable power. When created the Cero appears as a black with a dark purple outline that gives it a truly sinister appearance.

Bala: Makura often prefer his bala as opposed to cero and is capable of firing multiple high speed Bala with little to no difficulty. He even has his own variation of the technique called Bala Horda (Bullet Swarm). this special bala when fired breaks up into multiple shots that swarm on the enemy.

Garganta: The normal method of Traveling from Huecco Mundo through Garganta is not forgotten among Makura's skills though he rarely leaves Huecco mundo for any reason.

Osocurogrito (Dark Cry)- Due to his vast time Alive as a hollow and his observation of the various soul reapers over the years. One in particular that caught his eye was Yoruichi Shihoin. During his time observing her, he watched her perform her Shunko technique. Once was all it took for Makura to understand it enough to make his own version of the technique only for Arrancars and hollows instead of Soul Reapers. Kurogrito is essentially the form of combining Soindo, Hand to Hand combat and Cero and bala together. Rather then simply firing them of at his enemies Makura found a way to channel Bala and Cero into his arms and legs and focus them to enhance the destructive power of his physical attacks. Due to his Spirit Energy's black appearance and it's similarities to the Flash Cry technique he chose to name is Kurogrito, the Dark Cry technique.

Mortaja (Shroud- working on the name):Due to his aspect of Death, Makura is capable of bend any and all shadows to his will. Uses them in many ways such as using the darkness as an instant portal to move either his whole or parts of his body where ever he chooses. These shadow portals act as both a means of teleportation as well as combat as he can use them similar to Sonido in the sense of striking his opponent multiple times with his sword by sending it through this extra dimensional portal. Makura can also add his spirit energy into the shadows around him to blanket a vast area in total Darkness and even coat himself in it till he is utterly invisible even his spirit energy can't be sensed. Makura can also use the shadows as weapons such as forming swords, weapons and massive spikes from the shadows around him.

Aging immunity- Since it has been said that those who follow the path of Vengeance are not halted by any force, Makura to is unaffected by Barragan Lusienbarn's time alteration ability and doesn't age physically in any way shape or form.


Tane (Peace)

Rank: Fraccion

Leader: Makura

Height: 5 foot 3

Hair color: Long White

Eye Color: Blue

Uniform: Similar to Sun-Sun’s only without the long sleeves and a small tail in the back.

Hollow mask: a small rectangular plate that wraps around the middle of the left side of her head.

Hollow hole: Located at the base of her throat

Personality: Of Makura’s four Fraccion she is the shyest of them all and is somewhat of a Pacifist in nature similar to Nel however unlike Nel she prefers to incapacitate her opponents rather then kill them. She is also very close to Makura to the point where she is like a daughter to him who he protects without hesitation. As result she is quick to attack anyone who dares speak ill of him. Like her name suggests she tries to find peaceful solutions to battles and hates to see those she cares about injured. However due to her shy nature she has trouble enforcing her views. Not all people however are given her sympathy as she like the rest of Makura’s Fraccion follow his belief in the pointless actions of the soul reapers and hate them with a passion. However Tane shows the least hatred for them if only a little. Despite her shy nature when her comrades are in danger she becomes a great and competent fighter with power and skill that match those of some of the Espada.

Background: Very little is known about Tane. She was once a young hollow who roamed Huecco Mundo for many years. Even then her peaceful nature still existed and as a result she refused to fight with other hollows. This made her a target for many of the weaker hollows looking for an easy meal. However she was able to avoid attack by using her unique ability to bend sound. Unfortunately one day a high level Vasto Lorde who looked to gain her powers through consumption found her. Due to his high level and her lack of food she stood little chance. So she fled as the Vasto gave chase. Until eventually she had found her way into the deepest parts of Huecco Mundo. She was corner by the Vasto and it seemed like the end. Then an unnamed Hollow instantly killed the Vasto. Makura, he saw what had happened and was appalled at the other hollows attitude. He however not having any interest in companions left Tane there. Despite that she followed him and was one of the first to show him kindness. Eventually she stayed with Makura and he showed helped her to survive by offering her left over parts from Hollows so she wouldn’t have to fight. That didn’t mean he didn’t put it into her head that she would need to when the time came. Ever since that day she has remained with him and he three fellow Fraccion living with Makura and has now since become and Arrancar.

Zanpaktuo: Sirena (siren)

Release Command: Sing

Sword appearance: Tane’s Zanpaktuo comes in the form of a short katana with a light blue hilt and a guard in the form of a silver musical note.

Release State: Tane hold her sword out in front of her and turns it sideways. She then focuses a small amount of spirit energy into her finger before flicking the tip of the blade before calling the release. The sword now vibrating releases a large spiraling sound wave that seems to disrupt Tane’s image causing her to appear to be waving back and forth like the waves on a sound graph. When her body finally stops vibrating it appears changed. Her hollow mask now covers much of the top of her head like a helmet and a part of it covers her left eye. Her top has changed into a simple white sleeveless shirt with white arm guards covering her arms. She now also has small musical picks on her fingers. In addition her sword has now taken the form of a six foot long white staff with 1-foot high 1-foot wide six-string harp sitting on the top of the staff.

Release State special abilities:

Enhanced speed: Unlike most released states that increase the wielders strength Tane’s released form increases her speed exponentially to the point where she can create up to 10 after images.

Enhanced Hierro: Thought her iron skin isn’t as strong as her allies in this form it is increased to greater lengths to wear she can take most sword attacks with little damage.

Sirena Grito (Siren’s scream)In her new state Tane is capable of focusing spirit energy in her lungs which then release a massive spiraling blue sound wave. This sound wave is capable of mass destruction as wellgreat damage to her enemies’ ears. It is also capable of disrupting the trajectory of most attacks both physical and energy based.

Primera Cancion, Alegria (First song: Joy)Similar to Rukia’s attacks Tane’s best moves come in the form of three songs each with a different power. The first one is known as Joy. Tane strums the strings of her staff lightly, which produces a beautiful and peaceful sound wave. This sound wave is so calming that is causes those who hear it to lose both their spirit energy and eventually their consciousness as well. Those who succumb to it eventually become weaken shells of their former shelves to at peace to even hold a sword.

Segunda Cancion, Pesar (Second Song, Sorrow): The second of Tane’s three songs. Like before she strums the strings of her harp however this melody is much more melancholy and disheartening. It appears as a dark blue sound wave that once it enters the ears causes disruption in a person’s brain. First it causes dizziness and loss of balance, before long one’s motor skills stop working properly. Not only this but however it is said that this song can cause people to see horrible hallucinations if Tane plays the tune in a certain way. These illusions cause those who hear it unimaginable sorrow hence the name.

Tercera Cancion, Dolor (Third song, Pain): This is the last and most dangerous of Tane’s songs. She creates a red sound wave that causes her opponents brain to fire off all of the pain receptors in their bodies. This causes them to feel unimaginable pain, so much that most who hear it either kill themselves to stop it or die from heart failure. It is both the most dangerous and least favorite of Tane’s attacks as it conflicts with her peaceful nature. As a result she only uses it when the situation demands it.

Powers and Abilities:

Swordsmanship expert: Despite her shy and somewhat calm demeanor Tane, is a skill swords wielder and capable of handling Numeros and even some of the Espada.

Sonido expert: Her preferred skill is her usage of Sonido, which she is quite skilled and is capable of moving at even higher speeds then most arrancars.

Advanced knowledge of Sound: Due to her Zanpaktuo’s abilities Tane possesses a thorough knowledge of sound and sound waves.

Cero: Tane is capable of producing high-powered Cero that prove to be quite potent in battle. Appears as sky blue in appearance.

Great Spiritual Power: Of all of Makura’s Fraccion Tane is the weakest in terms of power but that doesn’t make her weak in general. She is still a powerful warrior that when scaled in terms of power she was considered to have more power then the Eighth Espada Syazel Aporro Granz.

Gihen (Deception):

Appearance- Roughly 6 foot 3, with dark brown skin and black hair. Hair is in the form of dreadlocks but mostly covered by a bright orang bandanna. Has a goatee and black hair under his nose but not enough to count as a mustache.

Clothes: Wears an arrancar uniform like Grimmejow but no open and without any sleeves.

Speaks with a Jamacian Accent:

Zanpakuto: Arana (Spider)

Release Command: Entrap

Sword appearance: Long kantana with an orange handle and a silver spider for a guard.

Release appearance: He hold out his zanpaktuo and calls out the release. His sword turns into a bunch of small grey spiders that then cover his whole body and start to transform him. His body doubles in height and his skin gets darker. He gains for more arms, each with three fingers. Lower body is covered in dark brown fur and feet have two toes in front and one in the back. Four spider like legs appear on back. Two on top and two below. Mask appears as a pair of white pinchers on the mouth. Banndanna is still present and so is his hair however he now has four eyes and they are all red.

Ikki Tousen Characters:

Akaoni (Bloody Demon)

Gender: Male

Eye color: Red

Hair color: white

Height: 6 foot 7

Build: Dense well built muscles that adorn every part of his body. Has several scars on his skin in various areas that range in size and shape. Has virtually no fat at all on his body.

Appearance: Normally scene wearing dark grey cargo pants, with black sneakers, a black muscle shirt, and a black jacket that he keeps open down the middle with a black hood kept up. His Jacket is cover with multiple bloodstains from his previous attack on Rakuyou. Also wears a grey metal mask over his face to hide a large crescent moon scar on his face. Also wears black fingerless gloves with a metal plate over the knuckles. Has a metal manacle on each of his hands with a long 3 foot metal chain each attached to a 200 pound iron ball roughly 2 feet wide and three feet high, and about 1 foot thick.

School: Rakuyou Academy

Occupation: Fighter

Class: A rank

Bead Color: Black

Background: Akaoni started out on the streets of Kanto when he was abandoned by his parents at the age of five. He the spent a year living on the streets digging through trash cans and stealing from others to survive. Then one day he came upon two young girls (Ryofu Housen and Chinkyuu Koudai) who also happened upon him. Though at first he was afraid of them he eventually came to befriend the pair and the three soon became inseparable. During one of their days together a mugger armed with a knife threaten the trio unless they would hand over all their valuables. Determined to protect his Friends Akaoni rushed at the man regardless of the danger and tried to keep his friends safe only to be knocked aside. As he lay on the ground he watched however in awe as his friend Ryofu using some of her Martial arts skills defeated the mugger and chased him away. It was at that time that Akaoni vowed to get stronger so that some day he could protect Ryofu and Chinkyuu on his own. He spent seven years pushing his body past it's limits growing stronger and faster while at the same time developing a increased display of aggressive fighting. As for his relationship with Ryofu and Chinkyuu he came to see Chinkyuu as a younger sister who he deeply cared for and while he develop an affection for Ryofu but unlike most others who had fallen for her for her looks, Akaoni loved Ryofu because he knew what she was really like as a person( a kind hearted soul). Unfortunately he never admitted his feelings becayse he was too shy. He later earned his nickname Akaoni after he systematically destroyed twenty of Rakuyou's best fighters in a vicous display of power and rage. Due to his demon like eyes and fighting along with the massive amount of blood he spread all over the school he became known as "The Bloody Demon." Since that time he was locked away deep within Rakuyou's basement and fitted with incrediable heavy and dense weights that have made movement impossible. He is visited by Ryofu and Chinkyuu almost every day and has remained in that cell the last four years. However during that time he was consistently training his body to grow acostomed to the massive weight that now covered every inch of his body. He now awaits the day when he will be freed from his cell which Ryofu has promised will be soon, after Totaku is killed.

Skills and Abilites:

Fighting style: Unlike most fighters who spend time learning various different fighting styles, Akaoni spent more time focusing on increasing his physical power and thus lacks the intense disciplined techniques of other fighters. Instead he relies more on a heavy hitting Brawler style that makes effective use of his Inhuman strength using intense power strikes that can shatter bones in an instant. At times he will include wrestling moves and street fighting techniques, though for the most part his overall style is mostly just rare power. As a result his technique can easily be exploited by his enemies.

High ranking: Akaoni though technically not a student is considered one of Rakuyou Academies Top 3 fighters along with Ryofu and Totaku. Each fighter is renowned for a different aspect of their skills. Totaku is recognized for his extensive knownledge and usage of advanced martial arts techniques, Ryofu for her masterful usage of chi and Akaoni for his raw physical power.

Inhuman Strength: Likely Akaoni's most prominent trait outside of his violent temper is his seemingly Herculean Strength which outclasses even the strongest fighters in Kanto in terms of raw power. Due to consistently wearing weights which all together weight almost 1000 pounds, Akaoni posesses strength that would be considered superhuman. He is capable of smashing through thick stone walls and practically ripping through steel with relatively little difficulty and is capable of crashing his opponents through several concrete walls with a single punch. Another example of his great strength is he is capable of uprooting large trees and swinging them with ease.

Great Speed: In addition he has great speed and is capable of runing up the side of a building as well as delivering power kicks and blocking attacks.

Durability: Due to his intense physical training Akaoni has made his body so hard that he is capable of not only taking physical attacks head on with little damage but can also resist both chi based attacks as well as pressure point attacks without suffering their full effects (still takes damage though).

Chain wielding expert: Besides learning how to get used to the immense weight on his body, Akaoni also learned how to use the heavy iron ball chains as weapons. Despite their immense weight he is capable of spinning them at high speed with no difficulty at all. More over he is able to swing them at his opponents with enough force to shatter bones and crush stone with ease while as the same time moving them at surprisingly high speed.

Rage: Though normally calm yet still power full Akaoni's full power is unleashed when he is enraged. He is surrounded in a dark crimson red aura that takes the shape of a massive fierce looking demon. His mask falls from his face revealing his demonic eyes. He now moves at incredible speed to the point where he almost becomes a blur. His power also increases to the point where he can send a car on it's side with a single blow and create massive craters with a single weak handed punch. However his greatest strength in this state is his lack of pain. When enraged pain becomes none existent to him and he continues to fight no matter his injury. The only way to stop him in this state is either kill him or knock him out both of which are nearly impossible.



Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Awakened Being

Formerly: Claymore

Ranking: Number Zero

Nickname: Daimon of the Scar

Height: 6 foot 5

Hair color: Dark grey, is kept rather short but has a patch of hair the covers his left eye and forehead as well as an emblem like scar over his left eye.

Eye color: Red

Clothing: Wears black pants, with simple black shoes, normally doesn't wear a shirt for various reasons. Has a tendency to wear a long and ragged black cloak that covers most of his body. Keeps his hood up that black out his face from view.

Build: has a well built body of Well defined muscles that are dense and hard but not too bigs.

Skin color: Tan but is adorned with various scars all over his upper body.

Weapon of Choice: Unknown

Background: Daimon originally was a human whose past is shrouded in mystery. All that is known about him is that he was found by the Organization at the age of seven in a small town that had been wiped out by an Awakened Being. He was later on recruited by the Organization and made into a male Claymore. He excelled in all field and training exercises beating out the top member of his group Isley. His powers and skills were virtually unmatched in swordsmanship, hand to hand combat and more then anything else amount of Yokai. The amount of Yokai energy he possessed was beyond that of any Claymore before him and he could use great amounts of it without losing control. When ranked it was decided that his powers were so great that the Organization created a new rank only for him; Rank Zero. For more then fifty years he walked across the country killing thousands of Yoma and hundreds of Awakened beings all the while getting stronger and stronger. Eventually he got to powerful that the Organization decided to give him a different task: Killing Claymores. Rather then killing Yoma, Daimon became the so called executioner of any and all traitors, deserters, and of course Awakened Claymores. Since they were trained Daimon got more of a challenge out of fighting them and enjoyed defeating such strong opponents. As a sign of his victory he started a habit of craving the symbol of every claymore he killed into his skin so that everyone would know he defeated and killed them in battle. This habit earned him the nickname "Daimon of the Scar." However more then a hundred years past and by now Daimon started to grow bored with his work as a Claymore and even more so hated the way he was treated. Despite killing thousands of Yoma people still treated him like dirt and he was consistently considered a freak even by his own allies. He would have surely lost it if it weren't for a young Claymore he met named Annabel. She was the current number 47 of the organization and as such wasn't treated much better then he was. Yet despite both her treatment and job she always kept an upbeat attitude and almost always smiled. Daimon was amazed at her resolve and even more so that she saw him as a person and not a monster. The two soon became friends and later one lovers. However tragedy struck as the leaders of the Organization later choose to remove Annabel as she not only was ranked lowest but also had the lowest kill record. So the had her send on a mission along with three other Claymores including the current Female number six Samantha. However during the mission Annabel was injured greatly by their target and when she asked for help from her comrades they turned their swords on her. Daimon got wind of the true aspect of the mission, and ran to the spot where they were only to watch Annabel get cut down. At that moment he snapped. In a furry of movment he slaughtered the Claymores except for Samantha who had her legs and arms cut clean off. He ordered her to tell him why they betrayed Annabel. When he learned the Organization gave the order he exploded in rage. He Awakened in a matter of seconds and charged off to the Organization. When he got there every Claymore both male and female were there. By then end of the fight he had killed more then Sixty Claymores, including the number 1, 3 and 5 of the male group and the top five members of the female group. Though he could have destoryed them then and there he instead chose to leave them for some reason but vowing to come back some day. Daimon then returned to the spot where Anabel was killed and buried her body, then marked her grave with her Claymore. Then as a final act he carved her emblem on the left side of his face, as a constant reminder of her. He has since remained traveling the world in human form waiting for the time when he can wiping the organization out.

Personality: Originally Daimon was a calm and collected person who usually kept to himself since most people would push him away. Yet despite his tough exterior deep down all he wanted was acceptance from someone. When Annabel came into his life he smiled more and didn't allow things like being called a monster bother him like they used to. However after she was killed he became cold and emotionless. He showed no remorse or sadness in slaughtering every single Claymore that got in his way. After his mass slaughter he has since remained a drifter normally avoiding human contact and Claymore contact as well. However when in battle he becomes a ferocious fighter who shows no mercy to anyone. When he originally hunted down Claymores for the organization he would give them a quick and painless death as a sign of respect. Now he makes it a special point to inflict as much pain as possible on any Claymore he meets before ending their lives. He holds a deep hatred for all the higher up members of the Organization as they are the ones responsible at least in his mind for what happened to Annabel and now wishes to make them suffer beyond measure. Daimon normally doesn't take an interest in others lives or affairs and as such normally remains ignored by most. He shows little concern for the lives of anyone whether they be yoma, human, Claymore or other. Do to the betray and hatred that was directed towards him by all these beings he cares for no one but himself.

Awakened Form: Unlike most Awakened Beings Daimon has to states he can enter.

First Stage: In this form Daimon uses about fifty or below percent of his power. His body grows to about a height of seven feet tall, his skin turns stone grey, his muscles become dense and his hair turns white and becomes wild and spikes up similar to fire. His finger nails grow long and become claws, his teeth become pointed. his pants remain on though a little ripped and his shoes stay on.

Second Stage: In this stage Daimon grows to a height of about ten feet. His skin is still the same color but his arms get a foot longer and a long blade pops out of his elbows. His lower body is revealed now covered in dark fur with four toed feet with talon like claws. Two long curved horns appear on his forehead revealing a third eye. This eye opens up and unlike his two red eyes this one is silted bronze with a black iris. Two large black bat like wings sprout from his back and a bone link spine appears on his back from his head to his tail bone. Several black markings appear all over his body but his Scars as still clearly visible and white in appearance.

Powers and Abilities:

Enhanced Strength: As the one and only Zero of the Organization Daimon was the strongest Claymore in his age even stronger then The Silver King Isley. In his normal state he can kill yoma and even low level Awakened Beings with his bare hands. In his Awakened states, he is capable of killing Claymores, Awakened Beings and even the Beings of the Abyss

Enhanced Speed: Thanks to having a lighter body then most Awakened Beings Daimon is capable of moving a super high speed that makes the Silver Eyed Lion king look slow by comparison. He could systematically strike down more then fifty enemies in less then a minute before they have a chance to fight back or even draw their swords.

Durability: in his awakened state even in his First Stage his skin is capable of withstanding blows from even the strongest Claymores blade. In his second state even Priscilla would have a hard time cutting through his skin.

Master of Hand to Hand combat: Abandoning his sword long ago Daimon spent many years developing his already impresses Hand to hand combat skills. He can handle most Yoma in his human form relying solely on his fighting skills. In his awakened State he is capable of delivering systematic punches, kicks and slash attacks in a matter of seconds.

Immense Yokai power: When he was a Claymore his Yokai power was beyond that of any Claymore in recorded history, when he awakened it increased ten fold. The only person who has enough energy to Match him would be Priscilla but only when fighting at full power.

Keen analyst and strategist: having spent years practicing combat and fighting techniques Daimon has made it a key notion to take in any and all details of his opponents attacks, styles and abilities before hand. He takes in every detail, speed, energy strength and strokes per second of his enemies attacks. He then devises a counterattack quickly and takes his opponent down.

Rengeneration: Due to his vast stores of Yokai power Daimon is capable of regrowing limbs and recovering from intense and serious injures in a matter of seconds.

Body manipulation: Like with Yoma's Daimon is capable of manipulating different parts of his body to use as weapons. Such as extending his fingers to great lengths, stretching his arms and even causes spikes to rise out of his body. However a more unique ability he has are the wings on his back which he can manipulate to stretch and slice his enemies with ease.

Yokai Roar: a unique technique of Daimon's. He builds up an immense amount of Yokai in his lungs and elongates his vocal cords to allow his body to take in a much greater amount of oxygen and air. He then enhances it with his Yokai aura before firing it his enemies in a power sonic blast. it has the destructive power of a hurricane that can cause serious injury from a distance, and can virtually obliterate them at close range. The sound also can cause damage to a persons ears as well as shatter glass and stone. This technique in his first state can level a small town, while in his second state destroys everything within a ten mile radius.

Third Eye: Of all his skills Daimon was most famous for his mysterious third Bronze colored eye. When he became a Claymore this was an usual side effect of the transformation like his red eyes. This eye when opened enables Daimon to physically see Yokai aura. Though not much of a skill at first glance it is much more effective then simply seeing the aura. It is capable of seeing even the faintest amount of Yokai aura no matter how hard or well someone tries to conceal it. More over even a Claymore whose Yokai aura is sealed away using their special pills, this eye can still see it clearly. In addition it can also distinguish between different beings. Claymores have Blue aura, Yoma have Yellow aura, Awakened Beings have Red and Those who are above Awakened Beings like those of the Abyss and Precilla each have unique colored Auras (Isley's Silver, Luciela Orange, Ritful Green and Priscilla Purple). It can also indicate strength level and even level of control. It also has an impressive range as it can sense, see and locate a persons aura from up to 50 miles away. He can even predict his enemies attacks before hand like Claire and Teresa. This eye makes Daimon all the more dangerous and was originally going to earn him the nickname "Daimon of the Third Eye." However Daimon chose to keep it a secret, both to surprise his enemies with and also to keep from other Claymores. In fact not even the leaders of the organization know it exists. Only one person has ever seen it and that was Teresa of the Faint Smile.

One Piece:


Height: 6 foot one

Eye color: grey

Skin color: light tan, has a long red tribal mark streching on his left arm that reachs up to his face.

Appearance: Has a relatively thin build but with a well defined body. Wears a sleevless dark grey shirt with black pants and shoes. Has no hair on his head (For reasons to be explained later). Canines a slightly longer then normal and also has slightly pointed ears. If you want a better comparison looks like Preta Ghoul from Black cat manga.

Deviantart image(done by ciaransmith):

Personality: a rather unusual type of person Soren loves to talk and speak his mind and as a result tends to come off as rude whether he intends to or not. Has a tendency to mock his opponents and has a love for pointing out their various flaws. He tends to make fun of the navy, as well as the straw hat pirates for their various, unusual personalities and various flaw (Sanji's love life, Choppers nose, Usopps cowardly attitude and Franky's state of dress). Despite his joking personality he holds a strong hatred for the marines due to their cruel treatment of him as a child. More over he has a tendency to become incredibly sadistic when fighting marines and going as far to torture them before killing them. Among all the people Soren despises the one person he loathes most of all is Don Flamingo. You see back when Soren was a kid Flamingo was the leader of the marines who tormented him. Don took great pleasure in tormenting him. In fact he is the one who gave him the marks that are now covering his body, using his puppet skills to make Soren self inflect them. Now Soren has sworn Revenge against the Warlord and vows to kill him someday. However it is not simply because of what happened to him as a child but more over because he can't stand Flamingo. Due to his sadistic attitude and lack of morals he deserves to be killed. That is why when ever someone mentions his name in front of Soren he loses his cool and will immediately silence that person without hesitation. Despite this he normally keeps a cool head in battle and boasts impressive fighting skills. Still doesn't stop him from distracing his enemies with his consistent taunting.

Background: Soren background is shrouded in mystery. As a child he grew up on the streets, living off of scraps of food for survival. He would also often have to steal from others just to stay alive. Unfortunately during his early years he was easily caught and saddenly beaten consistently by a group of sadistic marines who got kicks out of torturing him. One day Soren came across a local traveller who had with him a rather strange looking fruit. Soren hadn't eaten in over a week and was desperate. So without thinking he quickly took and devoured the fruit. He soon learned the fruit he ate was both a devil fruit and one of the rarest of all Paramecia fruits the Rot-Rot fruit. Soren soon learned he now possessed the power to generate acid on any part of his body a skill he quickly used to his advantage. Using it he became a greater thief and even manage to find a few jobs as both a spy and infiltration specialist. When he reached the age of 16 he had now become a professional hit man nicknamed "The Plague" since he killed every person who came near him. He eventually gained a bounty of over 200,750,00 berries before he was caught and Sent to the marine's head prison. However thanks to his skills as a theif and his powers he escaped multiple times before he was placed in the lowest level of the prison. He has since remained there waiting to be freed.

Skills and Abilities:

Devil Fruit: Ibi-Ibi no mi

English meaning: Decay or Rot

Type: Paramecia

Power: Gives the user the abilty to produce powerful acids from there bodies as well as a degree of control over them. The acids level of acidity is measured by the control of the user as well as the liquids in the body. For example if the user has drank a large quantity of lemon juice then they can produce an acid strong enough to eat through steel with no trouble. Can focus what parts of the body the acid is concentrated in such as the hands, mouth or skin. Can convert their own sweat and spit into acid and as such as dangerous to touch with physical contact. If they have enough liquid a masterful user of this fruit can create a small tsunami of acid if they wished. Also makes user immune to any and all corrosive materials, including poison, acid and even fire since acid can burn a persons skin worse then fire. Is also very effective against some Logia fruit users, such as those who wield the Flare-Flare fruit, Sand-Sand fruit and Ice-Ice fruit. Also as a side effect of now being covered in acid, the user of this fruit becomes immune to almost all physical attacks including damage from blades and bullets. Gains an immense thirst and can consume five times the normal amount of liquids an ordinary person can

Weaknesses: Aside from the standard weaknesses, the acid is very difficult to control and can take a good amount of time to master. Also the user must consistently drink large amounts of fluids to replace those lost when using the fruits power. Power of the acid is influence by the ph level of the liquids consumed.


Rot-Rot Claws: focuses a powerful acid into his fingers making them capable of cutting, or digging into most substances with little trouble

Rot-Rot Knife: Focuses a great amount of acid into his left hand and assumes the knife hand position. The using the acids corrosive affects buries his knife hand into his enemy

Rot-Rot Fog: takes a deep breath before releasing a massive acidic mist that can either weaken, rust or completely destroy anything it touches.

Rot-Rot Barrage: Fires off a great number of bullet sized bursts of acid from his mouth at high speed.

Rot-Rot Flood: Builds up a much larger amount of acid in his mouth to the point his cheeks start to swell. Soren then releases the massive stream at his enemy and basically flood them with acid.

Rot-Rot Explosion- Builds up acid inside of his body before he releases it in a massive burst sending acidic mist and water in ever direction hittting everything in site.

Rot-Rot Skin: Using his control of his acid, Soren can sweat out immense amount of acid that soon coat both his skin and cover a good portion of the air around him in powerful acid. This makes physical contact through most weapons, bullets and even some devil fruit attacks useless.

Rot-Rot Rain: fires a large burst of Acid from his mouth into the air that then explodes and rains acid down on his enemies

Rot-Rot Plague- Creates a large and ever present layer of acidic fog around his body and in the air around him effectively turning him into a walking plague that rots and erodes anything near him.

Rot-Rot Stream: fires a large stream of acid from his mouth that eats away on contact

Rot-Rot Eel:Fires a massive stream of acid from either of his arms in the shape of an eel with a face and mouth. unlike his Rot Rot Hose, this moves in proportion to Soren's will and can slither like an actual eel and even wrap around or bit into it's target.

Rot-Rot Hose: Focuses Acid into one or both of his arms and then fires a powerful and large stream of acid from his arms that coats his enemies in acid.

Rot-Rot Geyser: focuses a massive amount of acid into his hand which he then strikes into the ground. Using his manipulation of the acid he the causes it to tunnel under ground before erupting underneath his enemies feet.

Rot-Rot Tsunami: Summons a massive tidal wave of some of his most potent acid which he then slams on his opponent

Rot-Rot Swamp: Using most of the liquid in his body Soren can create a massive swamp of acid that can surround the entire area.

Rot-Rot Death: Easily one of Soren's Deadliest moves, he summons forth a massive amount of acid and then shapes it in the form of a massive skull similar to the head of Megallan's Venom demon. The skull then opens its mouth and charges at his enemy to swallow him, effectively covering every inch of his enemy in acid. The acid is his most powerful and rots anything it touches instantly. As it's name implies if you get hit with it you die.

Rot-Rot Blood: Uses the blood in his body which is the strongest acid he has which can eat through anything except seastone and is also poisonous. Easily he deadliest trick but least used as his blood is limited and used sparingly.

Other Skills and Abilities:

Great Strength: Despite his thin build Soren is far from being weak, though not as strong as Luffy or Zolo he could probably beat Sanji in a straight on fight. Can smash stone walls and pillars with little trouble and move extremely heavy weights with no signs of difficulty. By comparison Soren's superhuman strength is greater than that of most Fishmen as he is capable of taking down members of Fishmen Pirates with brute force alone.

Great Speed: Due to so many years of running from Marines Soren boasts impressive speed which he uses to a great extend. He is even capable of scaling walls when he runs.

Master Infiltrator: Takes to his many years as a professional thief, spy and asssasin, Soren is capable of sneaking into some of the highest level security buildings without getting caught as well as stealing extremely vital information.

Master Fighter: In addition to his Devil Fruit powers Soren is a highly skilled Martial Artist who utilizes a fighting style similar to Tiger Kung Fu or Fu Jow Pai (Tiger Claw System). He uses his hands like claws to slash, rip and tear at his opponents and combined with his acid cut clean through metal as well as administering powerful palm strikes. In addition he uses inpressive speed and flexibility to deliver systematic kicks and punches that devastate his opponents. Another testament to his martial arts skill is his ability to reverse engineer and master the six powerful Martial Art techniques of Rokushiki on his own by simply by observing them without the help of any master. Once more his own fighting style is one he developed by himself without learning anything from a master.

Master Assassin: Soren skills as an assasin are unrivaled and he is so great he can kill more then fifty people in the same room before they even know what happened.

Staff wielding expert: though he enjoys uses unarmed combat, Soren uses a seven foot long black staff as his weapon of choice. He displays great skill in the art of bojutsu and coating it with acid makes it even more dangerous. The staff is also connected in several small segments connected by chains that can triple it's length which he can strike with great power that can smash a whole building without trouble.

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You found me when I was lost, you gave me a home when I had none. So I promised myself that I will help you to achieve your dream. Even if it meant to reach the top to defeat the strongest being alive in our world. Oh well, life never was easy for me anyway. Powerful Naruto.
Crossover - Naruto & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 85,624 - Reviews: 677 - Favs: 2,266 - Follows: 2,512 - Updated: 2h - Published: 10/22/2015 - Naruto U., Gabriel, Kuroka
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AU. To live without fear is the ultimate fantasy. To live despite fear is the ultimate challenge. Blindness is not hindrance, it's an advantage. Follow the adventures of a boy who embraces the darkness goes to the school of Beacon.
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Crossover - Naruto & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 36 - Words: 224,396 - Reviews: 4968 - Favs: 6,264 - Follows: 6,844 - Updated: 4/13 - Published: 7/8/2015 - Naruto U., T. Koneko
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Crossover - Naruto & Legend of Korra - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 31,190 - Reviews: 497 - Favs: 1,487 - Follows: 1,735 - Updated: 4/12 - Published: 12/15/2014 - [Korra, Naruto U.]
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Before they have their first son, they thought they will never get a son so they decide to adopt a boy and they shower him with love like they do with their current and future children. How will the Loud house be different with a boy named Naruto in the family? All we know is that Lincoln is glad that he is not only boy in the family.
Crossover - Naruto & Loud House - Rated: M - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 5 - Words: 26,238 - Reviews: 237 - Favs: 422 - Follows: 472 - Updated: 4/12 - Published: 8/26/2016 - Naruto U.
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"Just give up, you've clearly lost," he whispered into her ears as he held her firmly in his grasp from behind, a smirk on his lips as she struggled but failed to escape his strong grip. Not that she was trying to hard. "Never, not until you admit that you're wrong," she replied, her cheeks aflame. "Fine then, bring it on, Lil' Red," he grinned and she blushed. And the chase was on
Crossover - Naruto & RWBY - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 9,654 - Reviews: 70 - Favs: 383 - Follows: 515 - Updated: 3/18 - Published: 11/27/2016 - [Naruto U., Ruby R.] Roman T.
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Yhwach knew of the future.He knew of his own potential demise, or his own potential e Emperor had a had chance to secure his future by bringing in the most dangerous enemy to his plans. Kurosaki Ichigo never once for a moment thought that the day would come when he chose to cross blades against the Shinigami. eds rewrite...after completion.[AU]
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He said he saw great potential in my small body and he raised me.Because of him I lived,I learned...and I finally found someone I could call nakama.Even if he didn't call me the same.I am his son, I am his student...the dragonslayer of Acnologia.
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Merry Christmas (2015)
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Crossover - Naruto & Yu-Gi-Oh GX - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 73,068 - Reviews: 229 - Favs: 1,185 - Follows: 1,242 - Updated: 1/7/2016 - Published: 10/24/2013 - Naruto U.
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Crossover - Naruto & Beyblade - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,340 - Reviews: 40 - Favs: 203 - Follows: 177 - Updated: 9/14/2015 - Published: 8/3/2015 - Naruto U., Mariah/Mao C., Mariam, Bit-beasts
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Crossover - Naruto & Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 32,012 - Reviews: 578 - Favs: 2,053 - Follows: 1,905 - Updated: 11/13/2012 - Published: 8/22/2010 - Naruto U., Mai, Ty Lee, Azula
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