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Hey Wasup?

The name's MsBookWorm7,

Books are my game you can say,

I like words,because Im a nerd!

I love reading as you can see.

If I like your story, its a mystery.

I like different kind of stuff, From vampires to wizards.

I'll read your story if its the bizzle! (best)

Hello Everyone on Fan Fiction! I love reading different versions of stories and I'd love to read yours! My favorite books of all time is any book by Sarah Dessen . She's my fav author! I also like Twilight and Degrassi stories. Peace! Hope to hear from you! Also read my story, Unexpected Imprint. It's still in progress!


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Fan Fictions I Recommend for People To Read:

1) Full Moon by Twilight Rulezz

2) Siberian Huskies & Other Big Hairy Things, by xo.Future.Cullen.ox

3) Volturi Queen by Miss-Beckie-Louise

4) Surprises can be deadly by MizzKaelanAlyssCullenxx926

Favorite Pairings for Twilight are:

BellaxJacob, BellaxJasper, LeahxEmbry, TanyaxSeth, AlecxBella, and BellaxCarlisle


Make sure to read the EIGHTH chapter of my story Unexpected Imprint. (TanyaxSeth) REVIEW GUYS! Ninth chapter will be up hopefully soon! WHOOT!

Just started a new story, Jacob's Sun. Check out the first chapter.

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Fighting Paul by sarah.yoko reviews
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