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I'm nominally terrible at writing bios about myself. But here it goes. My name is Brandie. I enjoy comic books, action/adventure, movies and I love video games. My favorites are Fallout 3, Half-life, Jak & Dexter series, LOK series, Zelda and more. I don't usually write. When I was younger I used to write a lot. Typically I'm more of an illustrator, drawing type person. I love Transformers from the movie universe. "Okay I thought the second one sucked, which is to be expected since I don't like Bayexplosions. How he managed to pull off the first one is beyond me. I LOVE it! I suppose it's because once I found out that Bay was the director I only expected bad. Low expectations do that sometimes. But I prefer the TF concept of the movie over some of the predecessors.

Anyways I'm working on two Transformer fanfics currently. Both are Bumblebee orientated. I won't lie, I loved movie Bee, he was also the first transformer toy I owned as a kid. He has always been my favorite. TF cartoon kind of came out a little before my time, but I do tend to absorb weird shit up with a sponge. I don't think I would enjoy the Marvel TF comics as much. A lot of the stuff that I don't like in TF seems to have been laced in by Marvel. Plus I tried reading some of their crossovers with Avengers, OMG horrible! Oh. And I do not do femmebots. I enjoy TF because the idea that they are an alien race which is actually different from us, I have no intention in muddling it down with anthropomorphism of family traits and etc. They are a mimic race, and that is how I see them. Even with the use of feminine characters such as Arcee. Who btw was thrown in the cartoon universe to appeal to girls. Hoo rah, throw in a female character who vaguely does nothing more than babysitting. How freaking appealing. So yeah, to me it's mimicry. So don't expect anything along the lines of 'Prime's daughters, sons, femmebot rape or Bee is really a female or anything like that.'

My I M's are as following

Aim - Ouchimoo

Yahoo - dragonfire_power_818 @ yahoo

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Must watch! I love transforming costumes, and it's movie verse Bumblebee XD XD XD

Last updated: since never

September 13 - Yikes I had a miserable past few months. I worked my hands to the bone on a pipe dream. Needless to say it fell through but not after wasting 2 months on it optimistically and 1 and a half month on suspicion. Tossed aside, my first attempt at getting into the comics failed, though that doesn't mean I've given up on it yet. So I'm going to try again, in the meantime I think it's time to start working on my fanfiction again. I missed it as much as I missed reading other ppls fanfiction. Which is actually a lot! haha ... well I have a new website up now. . yay I'm happy for that.

May 12 - Yep yep, been terrible again with my story chapters. SoH got updated though so Yay! Anyways, I am amused. See last month I thought doing a total reformat with my computer would be a fun idea right! Ha, ha, ha. . yeah not so much when you hadn't done one in over 3 years. I sort of forgot everything :(. At anyrate. . my VLC is now set on some very strange settings. It doesn't play the right audio track so the movies I played seemed to be on mute, with a random sparing of noise. Turns out. . It isn't! It's playing the track that has the musical audio, folly artist sound effects, and get this: voice actors :D... So now I can watch Transformers 2 without blowing a gasket because the only thing I'll be hearing is music, explosions and robot sound effects, and robot voices. Nifty yes? Anyway, I'm on the verge of summer break now. . .so outside of just getting my aft in gear for getting my portfolio together and etc, I should have plenty of time to get back to writing. . so coming soon. . expect more chapters.

March 28 - Sorry for the delay. I have a lot going on in the following chapters, Want to know how much? I used up an entire 8x6 notepad, I have a long list of information on my ipad touch, I nearly have an entire Google Doc dedicated and a notebook full of scribblings, those are all just for notes. Basically the issue is everything is going on at once and I'd hate to miss something or get it out of order. So the next update might be a while as I want to get the info in it's place for many chapters, before I start posting. Sorry for the delays. It doesn't help that I've been writing up a lot for Worst Case either :P

March 02 - Spark of Hope is so fleshed out it hurts! Literally, I've been so busy working on it. . I forgot to go eat. I need food! Judging of the length of my previous postings, that means it will end in no less than 5! And no more than 10 chapters.

Feb 01 - tehe, I have a new avatar. I lost my old one. . must have deleted it. Meh, it looked like crap anyways. Maybe this one will turn out better.

Jan 30 - Ha! That figures. I took a week off to restart my creative brain, now that I'm up and ready to post. . .FF decides that all my files are suddenly and randomly- invalid. Hm. So again, I missed the Friday deadline. Thing is, I'm not exactly sure how to report it either. A link would have been nice, But No. I have to look for this unicorn link I guess. I mean. . it's not like I was so completely lost where to find ANYTHING when I first joined the site, and got like wise sentiments to everyone else I talked to XD XD .. .oh . . .wait. Anyways. I also hope to get Spark of Hope updated soon as well. Stay tuned. . or something.

Jan 23 - I've been derailed since Christmas. This isn't the first time I've felt absolutely unambitious to write nor will it be the last. But it is a considerably long stretch. I'm contemplating taking a short break from Senseless Reckoning for now. Maybe use that time to finish off Spark of Hope? I just feel that I've spent a long amount of time on that story to the point of just not feeling the story. Which greatly affects my writing. Hard to write something 'as it's happening' if I can't see it happening. I think I'm going to sit back. watch the first movie. Eat popcorn and blah. Til later . . .

Jan 03 - Major derailment on Senseless Reckoning. Tales of the Fallen 6th issue is coming out this month and though I have only seen previews, I have determined that it is far too awesome to ignore. Therefore I will have to go back and edit my last chapter and rework some details in the future bits in the story. That unfortunately, won't happen until the end of this month. IF I'm lucky. My comic book stop STILL has not gotten December's edition even though it was supposed to come out on the 23rd. If they don't get it in by this Wednesday, I'll have to chat with them. But I mention this as a warning that they may not get in the issue on time. I really hope this doesn't deter any of my readers, but those comics are incorporated into my story and I did want to have a segmented branch with Arcee in it. :(.

Dec 27 - Hope everyone had a good holiday break! Or at least a good day off. Anyways I was browsing around Digg and stumbled upon Epic Fail: The Most Disappointing Movies Of The Decade Predictably, RoTF was listed. Listed right under the terrible "Rule of Three"

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
While most franchises usually wait until their third installment to ruin the goodwill of their fans, Michael Bay came out swinging by delivering a Transformers sequel which exceeded even the lowest expectations. He did it by throwing out everything everyone loved about the first one and instead focusing his movie on all the things everyone hated most. Gone was the more intimate, relatable story of a boy and his car we got in the first film. In its place was the story of a colossal douche bag and his racist robot pals. Even Megan Fox running in slow motion, over and over and over again, couldn't save this farcical travesty. Sure a lot of stuff blew up, but who knows what any of that stuff was let alone if there was any reason to care. Given the money and freedom to do literally anything he wanted, it turns out what Michael Bay wanted was robot testicles and not necessarily a happy audience.

(Perfectly said.)

www (dot) cinemablend.com/new/Epic-Fail-The-Most-Disappointing-Movies-Of-The-Decade-16311 (dot) html - for the whole list.

Dec 01 - Wow I had a weird day today. I slept. A lot. . :\. . so now it's three in the morning and I am so wired!! I blame the ultra comfy couch that I forgot I had until yesterday. Anyways I have Senseless Reckoning all plotted out on paper now just to give me an idea on how far I have yet to go. Makes a difference between floating around in your head and being on paper. It looks like that story will be about 30 chapters long! OMG that's crazy. It's just a rough guesstimate of course but I think I'll end up blowing a gasket if it goes over 40. It's possible that it could, although most of the story is in stone now so I hope it won't :. Spark of Hope however is far harder to pin down my chapter time frame. It's more to do with emotional conflict rather than Point A, Point B, Point C story. That said, I am assuming it will be done within about 5 chapters. Keep in mind that the chapters are also a lot longer so they take longer to write. Plus I have a lot of pre-written stuff that needs to be reworked because it's too good to throw out, but my story characterization changed somewhat so it doesn't fit nicely without modifications.

Nov 23rd- Meh, I feel like crp. The last two chapters I submitted had egregious errors in them. My apologies. Plus not too many people reviewed or said anything. I hope I didn't chase anybody off by tarring up my story like this. I can't believe I screwed up Sideways's name on Spark of Hope. I even went over it before submitting it to catch my errors. I don't know wtf was going on with my brain. sigh, which only makes me feel worse because that's the type of thing my brain does when I get so nervous or too stressed out. It doesn't stop working, it goes completely against my intentions! When that happens, my performance goes so defunct, which is what happened off and on at my previous job. And it was one of the reasons why they let me go. I don't know, I don't even think anybody reads this page, but I've been in a sour mood ALL day today. And writing about the why will hopefully clear up my mood. In other news, I went and had my Math Assessment test for going back to school. I did terrible (I. Can't. Do. MATH!) and I didn't do as bad as I was expecting, but of course, I studied a lot this weekend. Anyways, I can retake, so I get to cram even harder over the week. Wish me luck for the next time around.

Oct 30th - My deepest apologies. I did not get Senseless Reck out last week and I'm not getting it in over the weekend. I need a vacation from life :(. No I've just been so busy or so overloaded I simply wasn't happy with what I ended up writing when I had the time to write it. I'll be gone this weekend, but I'll still be thinking about the story and writing it down whenever I get the chance so that I can update as quickly as I can on both stories. Cheers. Sorry for the wait.

Update Oct 16th - Meh, I just feel like typin, not really into writing atm. Wee I'm tired. Slowly painting up my avatar in photoshop. I'll update the new pic every so often. So it will be interesting to scope out the changes. slowly and surely. I intend to make it pretty realistic looking, and yet using the minimum amount of reference. Basically I just want to see what I'm personally capable of I guess. Hm. So far it's starting to look great up close, but at avatar size, the colors are too close to really look good.Actually, it looks. . .bad. I'll have to work on that. Otherwise, still working on Worst Case. I'm close to publishing up yet another chapter, but I've been bouncing around so much in the later part of the story, I'm trying to be careful to make lead ins to those parts so it doesn't just end up being wasted writing and loose ends. Sorry if it's coming along slowly. I've been relatively busy lately. It's fall, i shouldn't be busy. I don't know what's up with that. Um. yeah.

Update Sept 24th - Bumblebee Transformer toy. I've been holding off since the first movie for a Bee with a more accurate chest and a face guard. Never thought it was gonna happen but now I HAS IT!! Squee! Went to toys R us. Didn't think they'd have it but they had 2. Human Alliance Bumblebee. It even has a little Sam. He fits in the car :P. The only thing I despised was the legs, which turns out, was an assembly mishap. They were swapped. So I switched the hip around and the thing is now PERFECT. Well, as close to as perfect as a toy can get I'd say. Which is great because I intend to use him for reference while drawing and I discovered another perk, He's got super articulation! I have him kneeling right now, and he didn't even threaten to tip over or nothing! I can give a couple down falls of course. He really doesn't have a back. The hood of the car just folds back there and so there's no, movie esk detail. meh. And his forarm armor is seats instead. Which actually doesn't look as lame as it sounds. Another thing is he only has one hand. But his cannon slides over so if I really want to, I can just buy another figure for parts (Which I'm not cuz I'm cheap) or I'll just make one out of Sculpey. Ooooo, he has clear plastic in his eyes so when he's in front of a light source, like my monitor, they glow. So he's sitting in front of my monitor right now. It's in the way but I'm so excited. Seriously, I haven't been this giddy over a poc gimmick since I was like 11.

Update Sept 20th - I kangaroo bounce when writing. A lovely little genetic defect I got from my Mom. It must be a form of ADHD or something. Anyways I have two stories going on at once and my mood and creativity choose which one is being written up or not. Sometimes I jump chaotically between both stories in one sitting. When I get stressed out, I do go through dry spells. Right now I'm working on Senseless Reckoning. So far it's been pretty strong which is a plus since I got stressed out and couldn't write at all for two weeks. A few weeks time my enthusiasm will die down and I'll need to bounce back to Worst case: Spark of Hope. So no worries, the story isn't dead. It's just in stasis right now.

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