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Greetings, fellow Kyro lovers! Welcome to Kyro Addicts Anonymous, the penname under which we can post communal Kyro fics! Isn't that wonderful!?

I'm PlonkerOnDaLoose and I set up this site so that I, along with others, could write a Round-Robin Kyro without every author involved wanting to post it individually, which would have been rather messy.

Taking part so far in the fic titled Untitled are:

PlonkerOnDaLoose (

aiRo25 (

coup fatal (

wingedraskha (

illrain666 (

Werden (

IsForWinners (

KyroxIsxSmexy (

itscurtainsforyou (


To take part in this fic, you don't have to be a published Kyro writer - though there's no denying that would help. I'm looking to have lots of different people participate, rookies and veterans, and even some non-Kyro shippers, just to add perspective.

The general idea behind the Round-Robin Kyro is simple. A group of authors get together to write a fic. Untitled is part of the Save The Kyro Forum's efforts to rejuvenate the Pyro/Kitty ship. Other purposes include getting to know other authors, their different styles and ideas, and evolving as a writer in an environment where you can't always play God.


Here be the basic rules of our Round-Robin:

1. Kyro MUST be the pairing, the main pairing, and the final pairing. There can be others in the background, Romy, for example, and side dalliances with other possible suitors but it must end with Pyro and Kitty someway together.

2. Anyone can join the robin at any time, if it's okay with the other authors.

3. Every author takes one chapter at a time.

4. Chapters should be between 2000 - 6000 words.

5. You have two weeks to write your chapter.

6. This is not a succession of one-shots, this is a full-blown FIC, so make sure you write it as such. We can’t have our heroes in mortal peril at the end of chapter seven only for chapter eight to open with them grocery shopping, ‘kay?

7. When you are writing your chapter, THE FIC IS YOURS. No one can stop you doing anything, but please be smart and don’t kill off Pyro in chapter two. That would kinda make for a boring kyro.

8. When assigned your chapter, you must read the previous chapters and address the issues raised in them – but not fully, if you know what I mean. We can't have James Bond killing the bad guy in the first ten minutes! – and then raise new issues of your own as you see fit to be addressed by different authors in new chapters. You can start new plotlines, introduce new characters, do whatever you want because, as I said, for this chapter, this is YOUR FIC.

9. When you finish your chapter, you may include notes for the next authors on the characters you've introduced, certain plot devices, though it is up to them whether they follow up with these.

If you are interested, post a reply on the Save the Kyro Forum or email me (PlonkerOnDaLoose) at kyro_addicts_annonymous at hotmail dot com (yes, I KNOW I spelt anonymous wrong, thank you aiRo25). Once we get a suitable number, say a minimum of seven, we can start brainstorming and setting out skeleton plot, discussing matters of posting, beta'ing, etc. Please sign up – this won’t take much commitment, one chapter every three months or so, and it’ll be, as we say in Ireland, great craic!


Here be a link to the Save The Kyro Forum:

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