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HI guys! :DDDDDD

New around here think all of you are marvelous.

Well most of you. ;D

So I'm 16 (waiting for GCSE results!) and I want to go to Cambridge and read Classics when I'm older, and, you know, have my GCSEs confirmed. And ALevels. Almost forgot the ALevels. lol! I love Classics; Ovid is my hero, lol! I love his poems about agriculture. And dirty sparrows amuse me. ;D

But anyway. My name is Junetis; not my real name, obviously, but I'm hardly going to tell you that. You'll just have to learn to love it.

Junetis is a mix of my two favourite godesses. Juno, because I am a megalomaniacal drama queen with penchant for hissy fits, and I despise Venus, my immortal nemesis. (I am unlucky in love.)

Lulz! No, that's not true. No, although I AM very exacting and a complete perfectionist - I strive for Beauty in everything. In my Work, my Speech, even my Soul.

So, Juno, and also Thetis, because her children were always fated to be greater than their fathers, and evidently I believe I'm capable of writing things far better than the entities which spawned them. Junetis, see? I took the 'th' away and the 'o' of Juno because Junothetis sounded stupid.

About me; like I said, I'm a perfectionist. If your fic is bad, I will tell you, because I'm very blunt and the lack of Beauty in your fic will have offended me. I prize honesty above everything else (except Beauty, of course). But honesty is naturally Beautiful.

Another Beautiful thing is classical music. I love it - Mozart is a genius, and Vivaldi wrote some of the most sublime music in the world. Among my other favourite composers are Rimsky-Korsakov, Henryk Goreki, Michael Head (his collection of vocal music is Beautiful). George Butterworth and Frank Bridge are sublime examples of the late English pastoral style (check out Butterworth's setting of "A Shropshire Lad"; the lyrics are pushing the peak of sublimity). Last but not least, Edgard Varese. He will change the way you think of music...in a wonderful way. Yehudi Menuhin was one of my childhood idols. I wanted to be exactly like him when I grew up (except a girl), and I learnt the violin when I was a child. I was really good until I was 11, when a tragic accident with a Stanley knife cut my dreams short. It also makes typing difficult occasionally so please forgive any typos. I can also feel when a storm is coming.

I'm not a fan of a lot of modern literature - most of the things written for my age group are a bit too puerile. . That said, I do quite enjoy Harry Potter - I read it translated into Latin a while back (the loose translation disguises some of my least favourite parts of Rowling's style.) I do like (as is obvious from my fic!) Alex Rider, but mostly for its potential, not its style. Other books I like: I, Claudius, The Inspector Morse Series, and The Old Curiosity Shop.

Some of my favourite classics are Tacitus' Anales and Juvenal's Satires (Latin invective is so thrilling a genre), and I find Cicero's speeches sublime - I only wish I could imitate his rhetorical style, rivalled only by that of Demosthenes.

Finally, I wish that Augustus were alive today - his policies were revolutionary and he would really get to grips with the economic crisis!

I'm quite a cold, analytical sort of person, and I prefer my own company to that of my peers. I don't really feel that any of them are on my level. You will have to impress me before I will tolerate you! (And vice versa, I suppose.)

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