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Author has written 24 stories for Jak and Daxter, Tinkerbell, Immortals, Tamora Pierce, Kung Fu Panda, Teen Titans, Yin Yang Yo, Total Drama series, Princess and the Frog, Coraline, Kingdom Hearts, Invader Zim, Dragon Ball Z, Ib, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Hi, I'm Blueflower1594!

Home state: Tennessee

Age: 18

Date of Birth:1/08/94.

Personality: Not that big in confidence, but huge in imagination. Always does the right thing. Seems quiet, and anti-social to strangers, but outgoing, and funny to friends. Loves to lose herself in a good story.

True Name: Well, I don't really see why you need to know that.

Description:Short, brown hair. (Never dyes it.) Has aqua, blue eyes, and pale skin. Been said to have 'full red lips, that doesn't need lip stick'. Wears contacts. Said to have 'a figure to kill for.' Tomboy, usually seen wearing T-shirts, (Especially ones with funny sayings on it.), and jeans.

Talents: Singing, drawing, acting, and writing

Nationality: Cuban/ Irish/ Dutch

Likes: Peace, attention (for a few minutes), animals, books, fanfictions, comedies, plays, alone time, video games, music, T.V, swimming (not that I'm good at it), nature, going deep into a character's mind, and friends.

Dislikes: Snobby girls (you know the kinds of girls I'm talking about!), insults, rings (I'm sorry, they're just so...gaudy to me), war, complainers, whiners, and most of all...RACIST!!

Fan girl of: Jacob Black, Numair Saliman, Prince Naveen, Wybie Lovatt (He's not hot to me, just ridiculously cute!), Daniel Edward (D), Erik (Phantom of the Opera), and Spencer Shay.

Favorite actors and actresses: Eddie Murphy, George Lopez, Adam Sandler, Jack Black, Kevin James, and Sandra Bullocl.

Quotes from Blueflower:

Why be racist? It's just more hate...


People think I'm weird because I'm anti-social, but it's not like I dress up as an alien, and start howling at the moon...


Love is not something you can hide from.


Yes, I watch Disney movies, but I also love The Phantom of the Opera. I'm complicated.


If you are disney character, do NOT give your child advice! You will DIE!


I love to read fanfictions as much as I like to write them. I LOVE going deep into a story and into a characters mind. Both Fanfictions and books.

Here is a list of my favorite things.

Favorite Quotes/ Favorite Scenes:

Tulio: The voice? Remeber the little voice? Just- Just for a second, imagine that you have one! What would it be saying about Chel?

Miguel: Raaaaaaarrrrghhh - The Road to Eldorado

George: Everyting in this house is mine!

Max: That's not fair! Mom!

George: No, don't talk to her! That's mine too!

Angie: George..

George: Do you want to be dropped and scratched? I'm protecting you. - George Lopez

Val: Danny's getting married!

Fran: Nooooo!! Why?? Why couldn't it have been me?- The Nanny

Drake: They have a'new' Jersey?

Josh: Yeah, they just opened it.- Drake and Josh

Drake: So is there like an 'old' Hampshiere somewhere? -Drake and Josh

Spencer: I run to the kitchen! -ICarly

Carly: Spencer!

Spencer: I am in the bathtub!- ICarly

Zora: Why is Zach Effron on your wall of banishment?

Chad: Because it's my wall. And I LOVE saying I ban Zach Effron. There will come a day when Zach Effron comes knocking on that door and asks, "Hey, can I come in?" And I'll be like, "Oh no, sorry, you're banned." - Sonny with a Chance

Sam: Mama knows her fat cakes.- ICarly

(Benny walks through the house. Plates fall and miss her by an inch.)

George: God, why are you teasing me? Drop the fridge on her!- George Lopez

Priest: Did you enjoy the performance, George?

George: I sure did! (Gets down on one knee) Forgive me Father, for having just sinned.- George Lopez

George: Max, Look at your sister.

(They watch as Carmen struggles to clean the mess off herself)

George: I wish there was some sort of lesson here, but your sister just looks like an idiot! So let's enjoy it!- George Lopez

George: Angie, people don't change. You've tried to change me for years, but I still eat peanut butter with my fingers!

Angie: (smugly) No you don't! I checked! The surface is always smooth!

George: No, I smooth it over with a spoon, so you won't tell the difference.

Angie: Well if you have the spoon out, why don't you use it!?

George: Because it tastes better on my fingers! Really, it scares me how little you know!- George Lopez

Vegeta: Hey wouldn't happen to be talking about Bulma by any chance?

Goku: 0.0


Goku: But she's not nearly as pretty as Bulma is, see? It's a compliment!-Dragon Ball Z

At times there will be relationships or people I see who remind me of others. I thought it would be fun to start a tradition and list the people. Who knows? Maybe you'll agree.

Kim Possible/ Ron (Kim Possible)= Raven/BeastBoy (Teen Titans)= Collette/Linguini (Ratatouille)= Elphaba/Fiyero (Wicked)- (Romantic couples)

Boog/Elliot (Open Season)= Cyborg/BeastBoy (Teen Titans)- (Friendship)

Vidia (Tinker Bell)= Meg (Herculese)= Heather (Total Drama Island)

Shifu (Kung Fu Panda)= Mourice (Madagascar)

Wybie Lovatt (Coraline)= Max Lopez (George Lopez)= Connor Martin (Glenn Martin DDS.)

Now back to tradition, here is my favorite couples.

Top Favorite couples:

Raven/ Beast Boy (Teen Titans) Why: I love the idea of the goth falling in love with the goof

Numair/ Daine (Immortals, Tamora Pierce) Why: I know they have a huge age difference, but the've been through so much together, I just don't care

Leon/Yuffie or Riku/Yuffie (Kingdom Hearts) Why: Yuffie looks cute with either of these cool and collected warriors!

Vincent/Yuffie (Final Fantasy 7) Why: Yeah, I just love pairing that ninja off with cool, hot guys...but out of the three, this one is my favorite. They really seem to fit together in my opinion!

Sam/ Freddy (ICarly) Why: Sam needs someone to love. What if it was Freddy?

Heather/ Harold or Heather/ Alejandro (Total Drama I/A/WT) Why: I think Heather and Harold falling for each other would be the CUTEST thing, but Heather and Alejandro just seem to fit together.

Ashley/ D (Trace Memory) Why: D was there whenever Ashley felt horribly lonely. How romantic...and D is just so darn cute!

Tiana/ Naveen (The Princess and the Frog) Why: I love how much they affected each other...and how much they were willing to give up for each other! So cute!

Coraline/ Wybie (Coraline) Why: Even though Coraline hurt Wybie physically and emotionally, he came back to help her despite the dangers! How sweet is that? (P.S- I only approve of crushes. I would be disgusted if they had a make-out scene. They're just 11!)

Erik/ Christine or Erik/ Meg (The Phantom of the Opera) Why: I think Erik should have had Christine in the end, but I'll settle with Meg.

Christine/Satine (Moulin Rogue) Why: Their love proved there's more to life than fame and glamor.

Zim/Gaz (Invader Zim) Why: I think it would be cool if Gaz kinda ruled the world along side Zim. Plus, it would be hilarious to watch Dib freak out!

Mega Mind/Roxanne (Mega Mind) Why: There is only one kind of pairing I like more than 'opposites attract'... good/evil relationships! That, and I have a soft spot for human/alien relationships!

Vegeta/Bulma (Dragn Ball Z) Why: Um...I haven't actually watched this show since I was a kid...but I just recently remembered this pairing, I looked up some youtube videos and fanfics, and I fell in love with it! Ex-villian and comical drama queen FTW!!!

OLDER Ib/Garry (Ib)Why: I will never approve of a little girl and young adult becoming a couple, BUT if she were older and they decided to become one...well, THAT I can definetly approve of! And truely, I'm just as big of a fan of these two being together platonically. Their brother/sister friendhip is equally touching!

Worst couples ever:

Robin/ Raven (Teen Titans) Why: If those two had gotten together in the show, it would be BORING!!! They're too much alike! Their relationship would have no surprises, we'd be lulled to sleep..

Jak/ Ashelin (Jak and Daxter) Why: Because I like Jak/Keira. Simple as that.

Tak/Zim (Invader Zim) Why: It's too...predictable. An alien boy with an alien girl. Yawn. Now an alien with a human, that's something to talk about!

Edward/ Bella ( Twilight) Why: Guys, let's be honest. Edward and Bella ALWAYS go on about how they can't live without one another, but when have they actually smiled or laughed togther? Never! It's because the WHOLE RELATIONSHIP IS DEPRESSING!! At least Bella looked happy when she was with Jacob.

I'm just really really into the 'Opposites Attract' couples for some strange reason. Well, behind every great author is an almost-as-great friend! Here are my favorite friends on Fanfiction: Chicomagnifico (My absolute fav! By studying the art of his story "What doesn't kill you only makes you stranger", my sories finally stopped sucking!), Rasengirl15 (My first friend on Fanfiction!), Random Numbers 51235 (We have so many fandoms in common! We read each other's work all the time! To RN: Heather rocks!), and Laura's Imagination (She's my little buddy! We talk about the randomest things!)

Other favorite relationships (nonromantic)

Beast Boy / Robin or Cyborg= Friendship

Shifu/ Po= Friendship

Shifu/ Tigress= Family

Coraline/Wybie= Friendship

Yin and/or Yang/ Master Yo= Family

Heather/ Gwen= Friendship (There's so much hate in the show, it's nice!)

Blueflower1594's Life (I learned this from Chico!)

1. Open you library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Players, ipod, etc)

2. Put it on shuffle

3. Press play

4. For every question, type the song that's playing. The questions are: Opening credits, Waking up, First Day of School, Falling in Love, Fight Song, Breaking up, Prom, Life is just...O.K, Mental Breakdown, Driving, Flaskback, Getting Back Together, Birth of a Child, Wedding, Final Battle, Death Scene, Funeral Song, End Credits.

5. When you get to a new question, press the next button.

6. Don't lie to pretend you're cool...

As soon as you're done with the game, post the answers on your profile!

Opening Credits-Home, performed by Kristen Chenoweth. (Nothing starts an adventure like a song about how awesome home is!)

Waking up-What is this Feeling?, performed by original 'Wicked' cast. (Yeah, I have Wicked songs on my ipod! What happened? My opening song was about loving home, but when I wake up, my song is about hating people?)

First Day of School-Missing, by Evanescence. (Wow, this story is going to be depressing, I can tell...)

Falling in Love- Never knew I needed, by Ne-Yo. (Yes, I have Disney songs on my ipod too.Don't judge a girl by what movies she watches or what music she listens too, O.K? FINALLY, a song that fits!)

Fight Song-Teardrops on my Guitar, by Taylor Swift. (I guess I used to like the guy I'm fighting...)

Breaking up-All I ask of you, perfoemed by the movie cast of 'The Phantom of the Opera'. (This is really about two people FINDING love...but I guess it works if we're breaking up because we won't tell each other 'I love you'.)

Life is just...O.K-Apologize, by One Republic and Timbaland. (Looks like I'm missing that boyfriend...)

Mental Breakdown-Live to Tell, by Madonna. (I got this song from a burned CD, so it has no title...I HOPE it's called 'Live to Tell'. Anyway, this song fits perfectly! I can imagine this song playing while I fall into depression!)

Driving-Everytime We Touch, by Cascada. (Me and my car are close! Everytime I drive, I swear I can fly! :))

Flasback-Just a Dream, by Carried Underwood. (This song is all about flashbacks! Looks like I had a boyfriend who died...bummer.)

Getting Back Together-Turn the Key, by Madonna. (Again, confused title. Heehee, the perfect make-up song! I especially enjoy the line "Don't try to run, I can keep up with you!"

Birth of a Child-My Heart Will Go On, by Celine Dion. (Something tells me my baby isn't going to live long...)

Wedding-Miss Independent, by Kelly Clarkson. (Yah, I was Miss Independent up until here! :))

Final Battle-I Dreamed a Dream, performed by 'Glee' cast. (I lost the battle didn't I? Hm..I never knew how depressing half my songs were until I played this game..)

Death Scene-Haunted, by Evanescence. (A song like this can only mean one thing: I was MURDERED!)

Funeral Song-Jesus, Take the Wheel, by Carrie Underwood. (I was murdered, and I'M the one who needs to change?! Oh well...)

End Credits-You're the Inspiration, by Chicago. (I hope I've inspired those who have read my Fanfics!)

Thanks for reading! Now GO FORTH, and enjoy my stories!

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