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Author has written 23 stories for Maude, Lion King, Lilo & Stitch, Mannequin, X-overs, Days of Our Lives, Harold and Maude, Golden Girls, Orphan, Land Before Time, Aladdin, 7th Heaven, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Originally posted July 19th, 2009

Updated September 25th, 2010:

Name: Rhonda Petrie

Gender: Female

Website link:


Favorite television shows: Courage The Cowardly Dog, The Golden Girls, Family Guy, Maude, Spongebob Squarepants, Rugrats, American Dad, Robot Chicken, (some of the humor is pretty disgusting but I like it anyway), The Boondocks, (I do not know why I even like that show; it has some of the nastiest language I have ever heard and it has some very controversial stuff. I'm not saying that I condone racism in any way but somehow it's very interesting), Kids Next Door, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, etc.

I also watch a bunch of other stuff as well; I often watch shows like Forensic Files, Dr. G: Medical Examiner, etc., and I also like Law & Order: SVU and sometimes I like to watch NCIS. I prefer to watch re-runs and the news these days since I'm not too crazy about the new prime-time shows, (which suck by the way), and television has gotten so bad that news programs and Adult Swim is all I watch now.

Favorite films: The Lion King, Scary Movie 3, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, Toy Story, La fleu du mal, (The Flower of Evil), Lilo & Stitch, (and all related series), The Land Before Time, An American Tail, The Secret of NIMH, The Diving Bell & The Butterfly, Beauty & The Beast, etc.

Favorite music: I like just about anything except for rap; I really am not a big fan of rap because it's just disgusting, atrocious and has a lot of nasty content in those songs. I especially like 70's and 80's songs and I also like some 90's songs too. I also like some oldie songs too and sometimes I listen to classical music. There are a handful of current songs that I do like but I'm not too thrilled with the new stuff they have these days.

Personality: I'm generally a very nice, sweet and kind person and I tend to be very compassionate and sympathetic towards others. I can be very patient and I'm usually very considerate and polite towards others; I don't like to boss people around and I typically allow people to do things on their own time. I can also be extremely brave and daring at times and there are some things I'm not afraid to write about. On my best days I can jovial, cheery, benevolent, courteous, calm, responsible, patient and thoughtful.

I am also a very hardworking and dedicated person who is very nit-picky about grammar and spelling mistakes and always tries to make her stories perfect; however, on my worst days, (and I seem to have a lot of those lately), I can be impatient, paranoid, anxious, neurotic, bitter, cynical, sullen, arrogant, distracted, lazy, and proud. I also deal with issues of low self esteem and anxiety, partially possibly because when I was in elementary school, I was a bully victim. The person who bullied me gave me some of the worst years of my life and I was constantly terrified of him. I didn't want to defend myself because I was afraid to get a detention and that would sully my perfect record.

And now because of what he had done I might have to live with the emotional scars for the rest of my life. Fortunately I never thought of committing suicide because that concept never occurred to me during that time; as a matter of fact, I wasn't even aware there is such thing as suicide, which is why I feel bad whenever those bully victims decide to end their lives when there seemed to be no way out.

Favorite games: Super Smash Mario Bros, Pokemon, Spyro The Dragon original series and Legend of Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Xena the Warrior Princess, Sims, etc.

General Information:

My name is Rhonda Petrie and I am an aspiring novelist; I have written lots of other stories and novels before but I would like to polish my skills a little more with the help of this website. My favorite shows are "The Golden Girls", "Family Guy", "Courage The Cowardly Dog", (I'm a die-hard Courage fan!) and I also like "The Lion King" and "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride". I also like "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" too. I also love Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. Although I like to use characters from television shows, movies, books, etc., I also create my own characters as well.

I should be having a fanfiction up in a day or two!


And here is the link for Joshua & Naomi: Revenge In Rendezvous:


Character List:

Heroes/Allies/Family Members/Friends/Colleagues

Rhonda Sarah Petrie: A 17-year-old British girl who currently lives with her two stepsisters, her parents and 50+ members of her superhero team in a modest two story house on the outskirts of London. She and Team Legacy has fled their home planet called Amalthea due to a civil war and now they must seek shelter with the Petries and stay with them until Rhonda is able to graduate from school. She is not only the mother of 12 children, including an adopted female experiment named Patricia "Pecky" Petrie, along with 3 stepchildren namely Renee Dumonde DiMera, Sydney Lee Dumonde and now her newborn stepson named Logan, but is also the current paramour and partner of Lee Dumonde; Rhonda has since been divorced from her husband of almost 2 years, Baron Georgiy Sedona through an annulment.

Rhonda has a vast array of powers and abilities as revealed in countless stories and among her most impressive abilities are shape-shifting into specific forms, usually acquired through a magic spell, generating and manipulating fire and electricity, (pyrokinesis and electrokinesis), and in "Revenge In Rendezvous" she also has a russet/ruby experiment form that consists of four arms, five spikes, a wizened, small and petite build, frilly, slender and diminutive ears, and black marble eyes along with spindly, pointy antennae; she also looks like a cross between Stitch and Leroy.

She also used to have a Lady Sedona experiment form before the real Lady Sedona and her family left their universe to join Team Legacy and reunite with Omari, who was actually Lady's son in that universe due to her possessing the soul of a deceased lioness princess named Suzannah; upon accepting them into her team, Rhonda uses a clone splicing machine which is also the experiment genesis chamber to separate Lady Sedona from her own consciousness and also used a built in laser to destroy the newly independent form.

Eventually she acquired DNA from Stitch and Leroy and with a few modification infused a new form into her body and gained the ability to transform into her current experiment form. Also in "Revenge In Rendezvous", Mrs. Petrie from the movie "D.E.B.S." is revealed to be Rhonda's long lost aunt through her biological mother Ramona and gives an in-depth insight into Ramona's life and her subsequent relationship with the Petries.

Mrs. Petrie is also currently engaged to Joshua Sinclair's father Henry Sinclair, who upon marriage would make her his niece; interesting enough, if Rhonda and Lee were to get married, Mrs. Petrie and Henry's prior marriage would make Lee their niece-in-law as well their impending marriage would also make Joshua her cousin, as well as Naomi's cousin-in-law alongside Lee.

Rhonda, along with Viola, Courage, Chopsuey and Annie, also appears in Needles-Aka-Experiment 626's, (formerly known as Loli Pelekai), story "Interviews With The OC's and AU's", where she is accosted by Joshua and grows offended to the point where she transforms into a Pikachu and electrocutes him.

Sybille Petrie: Rhonda's 6-year-old stepsister and Abigail's kid sister. She is characterized as a girly girl who partakes in female-oriented activities normally reserved for girls her age. Although she is precocious in most aspects, Sybille is also a slightly naive and innocent little girl who tends to trust people around her and loves everyone she meets in sight; she is completely unaware of the atrocities of the world that Rhonda, Team Legacy, Abigail and the others must face daily due to her parents constantly trying to shield her from the harsh reality they now live in.

Sybille also befriends a 9-year-old Russian boy named Alexei Vyshinsky, who is found to be the younger alternate version of Major Vyshinsky of the Ohana Onipa'a universe and accompanied by a mysterious female new experiment, and she finds herself falling madly in love with her as she develops a close and deep bond with him. Sybille also has ruby eyes, dark, long, straight raven hair, a cute, adorable and innocent expression, porcelain skin, and a slight, skinny, and short height.

Abigail Petrie: An extremely precocious and headstrong 12-year-old girl who acts like a know-it-all and conducts herself very much like a teenager. She is more socially inclined than her more introverted and reserved siblings and enjoys going out with her friends and being a preteen. Like Rhonda, Abigail is just as intelligent and educated in most aspects of life if not more; because of her sophistication in society, Abigail constantly tries to make Rhonda accustomed more to the inner workings of the social life often with no success.

However, as shown in "An Affair Not To Remember", it is suggested that Abigail may be harboring a vicious and coldhearted streak as well by directly insulting Rhonda's grandfather right in front of her older half-sister, provoking her and causing her to fly into a rage and attack her head-on; this hints a possible rivalry between the two sisters and reveals a more complex and hidden side to Abigail's personality while implying her indifference to her own grandfather. Abigail is also described as a dark olive-skinned girl with auburn brown, curly, wavy, overflowing hair, green eyes, a pudgy, stout and dimpled face, and a slender, attractive and slim figure with a slight and average build.

Mr. Harold Petrie: Rhonda's father who loves his daughters very much and who especially prides himself in his eldest and most precious daughter, Rhonda. He is a hard working, dedicated and devoted father, husband and family man who is resolved in teaching his children on how to survive in the world and adhere to the morals that is taught to them through God. He was once married to Ramona Petrie, Rhonda's biological mother and also the twin sister of Mrs. Petrie, the head of D.E.B.S. Academy; however, her brutal and vicious murder left him irreparably devastated and heart-broken as well as infuriated at her killer.

Mrs. Beatrice Petrie: The mother of Sybille, Abigail and Bernice and the beloved stepmother of Rhonda, Mrs. Petrie is a determined and headstrong woman who is not afraid to take on any challenge that life hands her. Described as a survivor of life's troubles and tribulations, she is seen as a world weary survivor who is actually optimistic about the ways of the world and depends on her enduring faith in God to get through the hard days of life.

Bernice Petrie (formerly Peters): Mrs. Petrie's eldest daughter and the oldest girl in the Petrie family. She is also Rhonda's older stepsister and Sybille and Abigail's older half-sister and the mother of three children. She has recently been divorced from her husband of 15 years of marriage and now lives in an apartment somewhere in London and struggling to provide a decent living for her family. Bernice is also dating an old flame of hers dating from high school.

Gregory Petrie: The beloved patriarch of the Petrie clan and the father of Harold; he had moved in with the family due to his failing mental health and had since been transferred to a nursing home when his wife could no longer care for him. Recently, he has been revealed to have taken a turn for the worst at the conclusion of "Revenge In Rendezvous" and has landed in the hospital due to a serious bout of pneumonia.

Lea Petrie-Gonzales: Lea is a Brazilian immigrant who has been married to Gregory Petrie for many years; since his illness, she has been living with a Havanese dog named Carolina and has been making trips to the nursing home to care for her ailing husband. Despite of her broken English, she proves to be a loving and caring woman who loves her step-grandchildren very much and dotes on them very much, especially Rhonda.

Sadie (rusty hound dog): One of Rhonda's new pets who was brought from Happy Pets and has recently become a new member of the Petrie family. She is excitable and energetic and always loves to play with her new owners, especially Chopsuey. Her best friend is Lynscha, a tan and white hound dog.

Experiment 621/Chopsuey: A light green skinnier version of Stitch with a yellow Mohawk who possess a rare ability among experiments to mutate into a more monstrous, hideous form thanks to the use of a DNA splice; Chopsuey also has all of the powers of Stitch, although he is generally considered by Jumba to be an ultimate failure. He is described as a psychotic and emotionally and mentally unstable experiment who might be more advanced than Stitch in mental and emotional terms and prone to extreme fits of jealousy. Despite of his position as a member of Team Legacy, he still resents Stitch for stealing his thunder and holds a serious and stubborn grudge against him for being Jumba's favorite experiment.

In "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey", it is revealed that he had a steamy and lusty affair with town seductress Lee Dumonde and also had two children with her, Caesar and C.C.; he also had a one night stand with Annie Caplan, a female psychic who was dedicated to saving his life from an execution organized by Ms. Michelle Huddleston and find his one true place, as well as local prostitute Luan Paxton, infuriating Lee. He also has a very intricately stormy and tumultuous love-hate relationship with Viola, who initially despised him at first but grew to trust him somewhat and adjust to his psychotic and violent personality.

Even though Viola voices out her distrust and wariness around Chopsuey at times, they act very much like brother and sister and seem to have somewhat of a friendly, close and cordial relationship, to the point where Chopsuey eventually confesses his feelings for her and also consummates them with her. In "Revenge In Rendezvous", he is happily reunited with Annie Caplan and confesses his deep and passionate feelings for her before consummating his relationship with her. Chopsuey also has several family members in Team Legacy and elsewhere, including his 625 cousins, several experiments from the D.C. Experiments series that were created using his blood and DNA, his son Ten, aka Experiment 2010, with his friend and sometime rival and adversary Viola, and also his 3-year-old adopted brother Caleb from Annie's relationship with his adopted father and best friend, Kramer.

It is also revealed in the aforementioned story of "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey" that Dr. Clemenceau is Chopsuey's birth mother and also had a somewhat close and loving relationship with him to some extent, even though she eventually neglected him due to Stitch's increasingly erratic and unstable behavior; therefore, Chopsuey is directly related to her 1,780 experiment brood just as Stitch is and can be considered Lady Sedona's half-brother.

Chopsuey also has a younger half-brother named Dratecula, aka Experiment 622, who is technically related to him by adoption due to Dr. Hamsterveil taking him in shortly after his creation. He also seems to hold a seedy reputation as somewhat of a ladies' man, due to the number of relationships he already has, including with Annie Caplan and Lee Dumonde. Chopsuey also appears with Viola, Courage, Annie and Rhonda in "Interviews With The OC's And AU's" as he unleashes his rage in the studio and Viola is forced to utilize threats on him in order to maintain control of his fierce anger.

Lee Dumonde Carmichael Williams: The most notorious seductress in Salem, she was forced to leave town after her daughter Renee finds out the truth about her parentage and casts her own mother out of her life. Faced without a home and nowhere else to go, Lee eventually moves to Seattle, Washington, and stays there for a number of years before heading out to Canada; while there she meets a female native named Chelsea Van Buren and soon finds herself falling madly in love with her. Before she could move on with plans to marry her, she gets involved in a robbery and must flee from the country with federal police in hot pursuit. Lee disappears from the police and soon resurfaces in Washington, D.C., where she joins Mr. Sanders' exclusive administration in a ploy to take over the United States government and ultimately help the villains gain power in the country.

Along the way, she finds herself falling in love with Chopsuey and they start a passionate and steamy affair. She is also the beloved partner and queen consort of Rhonda Petrie, and the mother of their children, Sydney and Arabella; she has also given birth to a baby boy named Logan Byron Dumonde, whose father is still unknown. Lee Dumonde also has a complicated yet intimately close relationship with Rhonda's young son Omari, who she considers as her own, and is deeply fond of him. And even though her ex-husband Doug is now married to her arch-rival Julie, Lee goes out of her way to stir commotion and trouble in their long standing marriage and turns up every trick in the book to regain his affections.

Besides her long and tumultuous affairs with Rhonda, Chopsuey and Stefano, she also had a lusty affair with a female Canadian named Chelsea Van Buren for many years after her self-imposed exile from Salem, as well as a long extended affair with her British cousin Elaine Paige. Her appearances include "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey", "The Bath", "Reservations At A Cafe", "A Child In Their Midst", "Joshua & Naomi's Revenge In Rendezvous" and "Team Legacy: The War On America" and is set to appear in "Team Legacy: Colombian Exchange" and "Team Legacy: Escape From The Matrix".

In "Revenge In Rendezvous", she plays the role of the antagonist who wildly pursues Joshua Sinclair's affections and also uses Yzma's love potion to make him fall in love with her, making his alien girlfriend Naomi jealous; she nearly destroys his relationship with her and came very close to jeopardizing her own relationship with Rhonda in the process. However, she sees the error of her ways when she accidentally kills Joshua and realizes that not even her potion can destroy the ironclad bond between the two lovers while resolving to seek amends.

However, she later becomes a victim herself when Vivian Alamain and Ivan Marais kidnap her and attempt to fly back to Salem on their spaceship in order to have her killed by famed bounty hunter Sylvester Defoe and raise her son Logan as their very own; this change in the series of events prompts Dr. Carly Manning, Courage, Rhonda, Joshua and Naomi to lay siege on Vivian and Ivan's ship and rescue her before it's too later.

Also in the aforementioned story her experiment form includes red fur, light green eyes, long, short, wavy hair, a light tan underbelly, four arms, and a more pronounced face with a slight resemblance to Experiment 627. Her abilities include the ability to manipulate and generate psionic energy, weather manipulation, (specifically the ability to summon storms), shape-shift into any specific form, (includes alien experiment form and cat creature form), and the ability to immerse herself into a blind rage; she is also revealed to be somewhat of a mind reader and somewhat of an empathetic. Lee is also the current queen consort of Team Legacy and would eventually become the queen regent of the team if anything were to happen to Rhonda, provided that Omari does not reach the age of 18. She is also the prospective niece-in-law of Henry Sinclair and Mrs. Petrie in light of their recent engagement.

Stitch/Experiment 626: The most successful of Jumba's experiments, he is one of the most prominent team members in Team Legacy who is well known for his mischievous and impish streak. His wife is Angel, aka Experiment 624, and he has not only 625 cousins from Jumba but also 1,780 half-siblings courtesy of Dr. Laverne Hortense Clemenceau, who is considered to be his birth mother; he also has a close and strong bond with his half-sister Lady Sedona. Stitch also has an older twin brother named Chopsuey, aka Experiment 621, with whom he has an intense sibling rivalry with, and even though they often clash together on numerous occasions, he still cares about him. Stitch is also designed to lift objects 3,000 times his own weight, have night vision, think faster than a super computer, and be nearly indestructible. However, he lacks the ability to swim since his molecules are too dense.

Lady Sedona/Experiment 1192: A highly advanced black female version of Stitch, Lady has been blessed with various abilities, including the ability to be fluent in more than one language, possess highly advanced fighting skills, super genius intelligence, shapeshift into any form under any circumstance, and even have the strength equal to thousands of the world's strongest men. She is the first experiment to not only show an extraordinary range of human emotion and comprehension, probably even more so than Chopsuey, but she is also the first experiment to actually have a complicated persona. Lady also shares a loving and close bond with her creator and friend Dr. Clemenceau and is probably the only experiment of Dr. Clemenceau's that is able to equally match Stitch in a fight. She is also his younger half-sister and has a close and deep relationship with him.

Reuben/Experiment 625: A yellow tan teddy bear-like experiment with two buck teeth, a portly and chubby build, frilly tufts of hair, a red nose, and a light yellow underbelly; he used to work for Gantu before he was rescued by Team Legacy and subsequently joined the team during the events of "An American Odyssey". After Leroy's defeat and eventual imprisonment during the events of "Leroy & Stitch", Reuben becomes Gantu's official sidekick as well as his partner in his new job as Captain of the Galactic Armada. He was also infatuated with Angel but since her marriage to Stitch, he has tried his best to stay away from her, save for a few occasions of flirtation. Reuben is also designed to have all of Stitch's powers except for the fact that he is lazy; he also has a relish for making sandwiches.

Angel/Experiment 624: Stitch's girlfriend and eventual wife; she was the first person that Stitch fell in love with but she originally used his love to lure him into a deadly trap set by Gantu. After she corrupts some of his cousins and gathers them in Gantu's ship to defeat Stitch once and for all, Stitch begs for Angel's help and the female experiment suddenly has a change of heart. With her help, Stitch manages to defeat Gantu and reunite with his love; however, Gantu and Reuben take off with Angel and she is never seen again until the Snafu episode. Angel and Stitch also shared a long and close romantic relationship before finally marrying along with Vanessa and Niles in an impromptu ceremony in "An American Odyssey". Angel also has had two children with Stitch prior to their marriage and possibly two more. She is also designed to turn experiments back from good to evil with her singing voice; however, this could also extend to human beings.

Experiment 627: A taller, muscular, and stronger version of Stitch with a cone-shaped head and a wide mouth; he was created by Jumba to put Stitch in his place. He is designed to be stronger, more powerful and badder than Stitch and to be completely evil. It was previously thought that 627 was incapable of turning good, so to prevent him from betraying the team, Jumba installed a computer chip that was integrated into his brain and that controls his most evil impulses; for the most part it seems to work. However, after seeing how his counterpart turned out in the Ohana Onipa'a universe, Jumba mentions the possibility of removing the computer chip and training 627 how to be good.

Leroy: A red version of Stitch who is designed to have all of his powers, as well as regrow his fur instantly; he can also change himself into his older twin brother in order to disguise himself. He mainly speaks in alien but has been shown to be capable of speaking in English. He was originally being built by Jumba until Dr. Hamsterveil broke into his lab and forced him to design Leroy his way; he even made his fur red because that is his favorite color. Leroy was then employed by Dr. Hamsterveil to recapture all of Jumba's 625 experiments and bring them over to Aloha Stadium for a final showdown; he also made thousands of clones of him.

Stitch and his cousins had a huge battle with the Leroy clones and were on the verge of defeat as the clones proved to be more than a match for them; however, the experiments improvised a last minute concert and when the song "Aloha Oe" was played, all of the Leroys shut down and were deactivated. After that, Leroy and Dr. Hamsterveil were arrested and taken to prison while the heroes went home and celebrated. In "Leroy's Redemption", a police captain turned parole officer named Captain Chelsea Armada arrives in Turo to bust Leroy out of prison and soon takes him to New York to enroll him in a rehabilitation program.

Meanwhile, Leroy is placed in the care of an old Jewish woman named Mrs. Kate Kasha, a Holocaust survivor, and is immediately taken with her. Mrs. Kasha, in return, grows attached to Leroy and becomes concerned when Leroy starts falling for her, since she was already married to a German who was a soldier in World War II. Lilo, Stitch and the gang soon head out to New York from Hawaii to visit Leroy and along the way meet some new friends. However, they soon run into Jumba's old flame, who is seeking revenge for spurring her advances years before and is also planning to overthrow the Grand Councilwoman and take over the entire Council for herself.

Even though Leroy and Stitch had been enemies before, they have come to a mutual understanding and at least have a more cordial relationship than Stitch has with Chopsuey. Leroy has also proven himself to be a valuable member of the team and even though according to Jumba's experiment series he is supposed to be Experiment 629 and is sometimes referred to as such, he was never given an actual number.

Demona/Experiment 628: A dark red version of Angel who is a lot taller than her, (about halfway between Stitch and 627), magenta-pearl pink chest fur, dark blue eyes, 6 arms, 6 spikes, black, short, wavy, hair, a demon-like tail, dark, bold eyeshadow around her eyes, rounded, egg plant-shaped ears with dark, pointy tips, spiky, frilly, soft fur spread out of her chest, Angel-like antennae and a sapphire Gothic symbol on her front chest.

Demona also has a huge, over-sized pair of retractable, rigid, dragon-like wings that she keeps hidden in her back and only exposes them whenever she is about to fly; she can also alternate between her wings and spikes.

Demona is designed to be stronger, smarter, deadlier and more powerful than all of the experiments in the 600 series with stamina, durability, super speed/agility, a photographic memory, flight, super reflexes, enhanced senses, and the ability to enter one's mind and probe dormant and long forgotten memories embedded deep in the subconscious, especially up to 36 hours after someone's death, as well as stimulate and amplify pain sensory.

Demona possesses most weaknesses that can be applicable to a demon, including white magic, certain magical orbs, spells and artifacts and any form of holy power; she is also vulnerable to any religious images and incantations and she is especially adverse towards holy water, since that can severely weaken her powers to a great degree.

Demona also has an inclination to be emotionally and mentally vulnerable to the point where she could escalate into overdrive if she is overloaded with too much stress, causing her circuits to malfunction severely and her body to be riddled with glitches; she also prefers to be indoors since the mere touch of sunlight greatly distresses her and blinds her severely. Demona also has a weakness against Atlantian psionics, especially towards Lee and Mertle.

Originally at the end of the Lilo & Stitch: The Series episode "627", Jumba placed Demona's pod into a secure safe with the intention of "having better luck next time" and had her locked away in his ship; it turns out though that he had intended to create an experiment that was more powerful and superior than all of the experiments in the 600 series and would surpass both Stitch and 627.

Jumba had been greatly disappointed by the utter failure of 627 and was determined to create a much more improved and advanced version of him; however, while in the process of creating 628, he came across a series of demonic designs and sketches over the Internet and immediately abandoned plans to make another version of Stitch, especially after concluding that a demon-like body design would be better suited for another stronger version of Angel (ironic, isn't it?).

Unfortunately, upon creating Demona, Jumba realizes too late that her unusually powerful and unique abilities and her demonic personality and deposition would make her much too dangerous and lethal for the entire galaxy, especially for his experiments, and might possibly alert the attention of the Grand Councilwoman and the United Galactic Federation; so as a measure of precaution, Jumba had Demona dehydrated and locked away into a safe vault and kept her away from the prying eyes of his ohana for up to 7 years.

Juliana/Experiment 631.1: A vermilion colored Naomi-like experiment with a craggy, narrow and hawkish face, slim, flat and curved Finder-like ears, light amber underbelly, a red and orange yin-yang symbol on her chest with fluffy tufts of fur on her chest, dark cinnamon eyes, five arms with one extra arm on her left side, five spikes, two long, slender, dangling antennae shaped in an "S" with two bands on the base, and a russet Chinese symbol on her back, and a deep, long, crimson scar running down from her right antennae all the way to her nose through her right eye.

Juliana and her younger twin sister Norma were originally created by Jumba after he was inspired by Naomi's design as a result of his visit to the Ohana Onipa'a universe.

She is described as being a very headstrong, stubborn and willful person with a spunky, feisty and aggressive personality and sometimes she can be reckless, daring and adventurous when going on wild and crazy escapades with her friends. However, she tends to act very cautious, wary and suspicious around others and she would tend to be reserved around complete strangers while keeping her distance.

Although she can have a very vicious and fearsome temper, her younger sister Norma is more notorious for her ferocious, spiteful and nasty temperament. Furthermore, Juliana and Norma both are immune to Demona's mind probing abilities.

She is designed to generate red-hot heat inside of her body and convert it into fire and before releasing them as beams, blasts and rays; Juliana can also engulf herself in vigorous flames as a living torch when her eyes are glowing a dark crimson red and especially when she is firing the heat-converted-fire beams from her hands and mouth.

The flames that she produces can reach over 100 degrees and are hot enough to burn the most hardest, strongest and impenetrable steel; Juliana tends to build up so much heat in her body that she would eventually emit out hot steam from her body that would quickly burst into flames at will, causing people, objects and the surrounding area to burn.

She also has the ability to lift objects 180,000 times her own weight, heat vision, ultraviolet vision, infrared vision (which is somewhat defective), and X-ray vision as well as super speed/agility and super hearing, which can occasionally be faulty due to her poor genetic structure.

Despite of the fact that she and her twin sister were modeled after Naomi, Juliana possesses very little of her traits and also significantly lacks her tendency to become envious at the presence of potential female rivals.

She also lacks the ability to fly due to her extremely dense molecules, which tends to push much weight on her body to the point where she is forced to stay grounded, and also puts her at risk for possibly drowning in deep water just like Stitch.

Juliana is not too fond of water since she knows that it will greatly extinguish much of her fire power and also cause her to sink deep underwater like a rock.

Also the majority of the DNA that was used to create her was extremely flawed and weak due to it deteorating away in an unused and discontinued cabinet furnished by Jumba for many years and since Juliana received a large chunk of that material during her creation, this could someday result in a gradual, slow and painful shutdown that would be triggered by a terminal glitch that would activate some of her worst personality traits.

Norma/Experiment 631.5: An electric blue colored Naomi-like experiment with a pasty, streamlined, and haggard face with frilly, angular, pointy ears, dark teal green eyes, a light cyan blue underbelly, a blue and green yin-yang symbol on her chest, an aquamarine Japanese symbol on her back, five arms with one extra one on her right side, five spikes, wriggly, crooked and zigzag-shaped antennae that reached all the way to her back, fluffy, puffy, tufts of fur protruding out of her chest and has two black bands on the bases.

Norma has a very spunky, daring and audacious personality but she also has a very indifferent, sullen yet stoic demeanor, even though she can occasionally be vicious, cruel, and malicious with a foul temper.

Norma can even be cynical, bitter and hostile with a cold, aloof and distant temperament and at times she can even act suspicious, wary and mistrustful around her friends and teammates. She prefers to be isolated away from others and has trouble connecting with and trusting with them.

However, she can also be very mischievous, cunning and even devious and likes to torment people with her powers at a whim.

Norma is designed to generate and manipulate electric blue electricity, which has the same color as her main fur, capable of electrocuting, frying and vaporizing targets on contact and also lighting up various neon signs of marquees of casinos, bars, gentlemen’s clubs, etc., as well as other electrical objects.

Whenever she unleashes her electric fury, the electric sparks that generate off her body glow a very brilliant and vibrant color and tend to be very conspicuous in the eyes of the viewer; also her body glows very brightly and her eyes glow a dark sapphire.

In response to the strong and powerful energetic force that develops around her body, a huge cloud of cool mist shrouds her in an attempt to cool off her body even though the mist itself is still relatively warm. However, Norma can also cause the mist to erupt in a furious surge of an electrical storm in a matter of minutes if she so desires.

Like Sparky, she can also fly in a stream of electricity due to her molecules being less dense and her relative light body size; however, she too is unable to swim since she might end up electrocuting herself and others if she were to come in direct contact with water.

Norma also has a great intelligence surpassing that of 627, Stitch, Chopsuey, Reuben, Demona and Naomi and she also can see more clearly in the dark due to her smaller, and slightly more dilated pupils; unfortunately, this feature is also very flawed since most of the time she cannot even see a distant object clearly.

Like Juliana she was made from DNA material that had severely degraded in a period of several years to the point where her unstable and fragile DNA structure could eventually result in her death; however, not much of that deteorated material was used in her creation, so therefore she would suffer a lot less harsh and debilitating effects from the faulty DNA as opposed to her older twin sister; however, her death is still inevitable.

Caesar/Chukizou (Experiment 0628): The son of Lee and Chopsuey, he has long, slim ears, a slender, muscular build similar to his father's and has dark chocolate brown eyes like his mother; he also has a soft, fluffy, fuzzy chocolate brown/coffee Mohawk that hangs from his head, which earns him the name Caesar, (meaning long haired), and has brown ruffles around his neck, which is atypical of most experiments. Caesar also has four arms, four spikes with coffee painted tips, a smooth coffee underbelly, chocolate brown toes, bold and bushy eyebrows and even has light teal blue fur.

Ironically, he has been given the number 0628, in honor of the inactivated Experiment 628, whose functions are still unknown. His own functions, however, are still unknown, as he is to debut in "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey" as a newborn experiment. Caesar also has a streamlined, craggy, and rugged face which is slightly reminescent of his father, Chopsuey. He is also the older twin brother of C.C., aka Experiment 0629, and speaks in a deep, gravelly, commanding voice, in a much lower tone than Chopsuey's. Caesar also has an ability to change the color of his Mohawk, ruffles and underbelly into a pure snow white hue to improve his color tone.

C.C. (Experiment 0629): The daughter of Lee and Chopsuey, C.C. is a light teal jade female experiment with retractable spiky, frizzy, frilly cinnamon hair, a scrawny, lean and thin build akin to her mother's, and a pair of chestnut/crimson eyes; like her older twin brother Caesar she has four arms but she has five spikes with chocolate brown tips instead of four and also has a cinnamon underbelly and ruffles around her neck. C.C. also has small, light eyelashes and two retractable dangling antennae usually hidden in her hair and also shorter, curvier and angular ears.

She has four teeth jutting out of her mouth, a fuzzy and bold uni-brow, and a streamlined, rounded and orb-shaped face with distinct wrinkles folded under her eyes. C.C. also has a transparent red lightning-shaped birthmark on her forehead that is barely hidden underneath her hair and uni-brow and only brightens up when exposed to sunlight. Her voice can be best described as sharp, scratchy and whispery, akin to her mother's voice; she is the younger twin sister of Caesar and her functions are also unknown; she is also set to debut in "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey" as an infant.

Dr. Laverne Hortense Clemenceau: Once hailed as one of the Galactic Council's most accomplished and respected genetic scientist who dedicated her life to years of research on the properties and abilities of various alien life forms in order to help protect and defend the Galactic Empire, Dr. Clemenceau was a Harvard graduate with a genius I.Q. who was responsible for the creation of 1,780 experiments along with long time partner and former flame Dr. Leon Perriot.

Like Jumba, her biggest success was Lady Sedona, with whom she has a very loving and intimate relationship. She has also studied to be a criminologist and has participated in the court and justice system as a prosecutor and was a forensic scientist, social worker and veterinarian, among other things. Dr. Clemenceau also held long-harbored feelings for Jumba, which were blatantly ignored by the cantankerous and petulant former evil genius; it is possible that even with Lady Sedona as her life partner, she is still madly in love with him after all these years.

Suzanne Carmichael: One of Rhonda's most trusted lieutenants and also one of her most closest and dearest friends, Suzanne has gained a reputation as a dedicated and courageous superhero and is known for her unprecedented fighting prowess. She is also a tough, bawdy and fearless woman with a risque sense of humor and is devoted to her leader and protects her as if she was her own. Suzanne is also a loving mother with a fierce determination to protect her children and the will to stay loyal to her beloved husband of 9 years and friend of more than 40 years.

She is also a very good friend of Lee's and despite of their intense rivalry, their relationship is oftentimes platonic, yet strong, loving, passionate and intimate, border lining at romantic; it has been hinted at times that Lee is actually madly in love with the older veteran actress and she just considers her nothing more than a close and trusted confidante, for the sake of preserving her marriage to Thomas and keeping their family together. Suzanne also regrets engaging in her summer affair with local police captain Leroy Sawyer-McCray back in Amalthea in the infamous summer of 2008, which led to the birth of her triplets and nearly destroyed her marriage while possibly inflicting her eldest biological daughter Susanna with emotional scars for life. She also has an infant daughter named Justine, who is around the same age as Lee's infant son Logan.

Thomas Carmichael: Suzanne's most loyal and beloved husband who is a devoted spouse to his spirited and independent wife and also a loving father to his brood, most notably his only daughter with Suzanne named Susanna, his foster son Kip, his three grown children from his two previous marriages, and also his wife's young triplets from a previous affair with a police captain during the notorious summer of '08. He is known for his great sense of humor and has a knack for comedy as well as sports. Even though Thomas is sometimes wary of Lee's interactions with his wife, he tolerates her just as long as she is not seducing her to sleep with her while keeping a vigilant eye on her. He is also the captain of the guards in the Petrie residence and also helps lead the team in battle.

Lena Rosenberg: The richest woman in America with a foul and nasty temper and a dreadful reputation for being a cruel and spiteful woman. Even though she has a cold and unpleasant personality with a callous and insensitive streak among her teammates and colleagues, she does have some good in her and does not approve of having her teammates get into serious trouble; this is due to her having undergo a troubled and difficult childhood that left her constantly striving for her mother's attention and love. Lena also does not hesitate to contribute some charitable works from time to time and is deeply devoted to the care and welfare of dogs, especially her own pooch, Troubadour, aka "Poodles".

With her husband Henry she has six children and has an adult son from a previous marriage and is a stepmother to Rhonda's daughter Faye. She was also a leader of Team Legacy for a short period of time when Rhonda was banished from Amalthea and was sent out to live on her own in Australia. She is currently Rhonda's general of Team Legacy.

Henry Rosenberg: Lena Rosenberg's devoted husband who is a shrewd and astute businessman with a way in the business world. Even though he lacks his wife's ruthlessness and her overpowering ambition to acquire more wealth and riches, he is not exactly an innocent bystander, since he stands by his wife loyally every step of the way, even in the face of her questionable and suspicious ethnics. Even though he can be occasionally be bewildered by his wife's crazy and bizarre antics, he loves her dearly and would not trade her for anything in the world. With Rhonda he is the proud and loving father of little Faye.

Omari Israel Ben-Von Remarr Findlay: Rhonda's 1-year-old lion son and one of 12 children in the family; he is the step-nephew of Sybille, Abigail and Bernice and also the step-grandson of the Petries. The royal offspring of Rhonda and the spare prince of the Rusty Plains, Earl Remarr, he is Rhonda's most beloved son and takes a lot from his teenage mother.

Omari is also described as a burgundy lion cub with black, puffy, sleek hair, light brown ruffles around his neck and mauve/plum eyes; he was abandoned at a young age by his parents at the decree of King Ulysses and had to be adopted by Maude and Walter Findlay. He has since been living a happy, secure, and content life with the Findlays as an official member of the family along with Carol, his older, adoptive sister, and Philip, her son and his adoptive nephew. He is also the great-nephew of Rhonda's aunt Mrs. Petrie and is the future nephew of Henry Sinclair as well as cousin and cousin-in-law to Joshua and Naomi.

He has also been featured in some Maude related stories, including "Maude's Tuckahoe Saga: The Movie" and "The Life & Times Of Maude Findlay: Descriptive Tales". His best friend and girlfriend is Tessa, an orphaned female stray lioness cub who lives in the streets. His full name is Omari Israel Remarr Findlay Petrie and his official title is Prince Omari Remarr-Findlay of Rusty Plains and Amalthea.

Courage The Cowardly Dog: Rhonda's childhood canine friend who is extremely loyal and devoted to his female human friend; like her, he is cowardly and extraordinarily timid who nevertheless will go out of his way to defend the ones he loves, even those that often treat him badly. He shares an extremely close and deep, loving bond with Rhonda and it has even been suggested that he might actually have strong feelings for her; in "Revenge In Rendezvous", Courage confesses his jealousy, fear and disgust of Rhonda's relationship with Lee and expresses his strong wish to be her mate and king; despite of this though, he also reveals that he is too faithful, loyal and dedicated to Charlotte and their pups to just abandon her to chase his wild fantasies.

However, Courage is still dedicated towards his beloved mistress and even went so far as to break into the cockpit and subdue Ivan in order to save his mistress's beloved queen, which Lee is grateful for; then again, he also admits all he wants for Rhonda is to be happy in her life, and if she's happy then he is happy too. His current owners are Muriel and Eustace, who had been taking care of him since he was a pup. He also seems to have a close relationship with Carly, since he stays close to her most of the time and seems to trust her a lot.

Courage, along with Annie Caplan, is currently featured in "Lilo Meets Loli: War of the Multiverse" as a fellow participant in the long-running Inter-Dimensional Cold War as he and his teammate fight to save Loli and Kim's universe and not only save it from imploding in a week but to also stop Anslah and her minions from destroying the galaxy. He also appears in Needles626's "Interviews With The OC's And AU's" along with Viola, Chopsuey, Annie and Rhonda and cowers under a table upon encountering the fearsome Anslah. He also has several pups with Charlotte, whom he has been married to for the past 4 years.

Celeste von Pierre Prusella Schafer: An elderly French woman born in squalor and poverty in the slums of Paris, France in a working class family that included an adopted sister that was born in New York; she and her said sister, Estellema, were shipped out of their country when World War II broke out and Estellema was sent back to New York to live with relatives while Celeste found herself in Ireland. There, she lived a cruel and deplorable life, being abused and neglected by the Irish people that were supposed to care for her. Eventually, she fled Ireland and swam the English Channel to return to her native country sometime after the conclusion of the Second World War.

Once she made it back to France, she embarked on a seedy profession that would follow her for the rest of her life. She spent nearly all of her life living and working her way on the occupation that she chose for herself and bore two children as a result of her insatiable appetite towards men, including a doctor named Dr. Leblanc whom she later befriended that also treated her after a bizzare drug-induced experience landed her in the hospital and awakened her powers as a witch.

She entered into a relationship with him that blossomed from their close friendship and their union produced a daughter named Chelsea, who later became a celebrated color blind opera soprano singer. She also had an affair with a mayoral candidate that also led to the birth of her second child, Russell. After a particularly embarassing and humiliating situation involving her son at work, Celeste decides to break free from her profession and enter another career.

This became a turning point in her life, for Celeste later went to New York and auditioned and got a leading part for the Broadway show, "Cabaret" and won glowing and rave reviews as a result. Enthralled and enchanted by this new breakthrough in her life, she remained in the theater world, garning nominations for Tonys and even winning some of her share of those awards. In her final play, "Chicago", Celeste was nominated for another Tony and won. She has remained in New York ever since and now has grandchildren of her own as well. Celeste has also established herself as one of the premiere and important members of Team Legacy as well as demonstrating a very fiery, spunky and feisty personality; she also has a very close and intimate bond with Eliza Starks and even has feelings for her. Celeste might also have some potential as the 5th Golden Girl.

Renee Dumonde DiMera: Lee Dumonde's eldest daughter and Rhonda's stepdaughter who at first was resistant and hostile towards her mother's relationship with the teenage British native and even was resentful towards the latter woman at one point; however, she has grown to realize just how kind and compassionate Rhonda is and has now developed a close and loving friendship with her and in more ways than one as come to accept her as part of the family, even as her stepmother.

She is also the daughter of notorious drug kingpin Stefano DiMera and is Tony DiMera's greatest love interest who was thought to be his sister until Daphne DiMera's deathbed confession proved otherwise. Like Sydney, Renee sometimes has difficulty getting along with her mother but is making substantial efforts to make peace with her for the sake of unity of her family.

Renee would often drop by the Petrie residence, mostly by herself but sometimes with Dr. Marlena Evans or Tony, not only to see her mother but to also spend time with her younger half-sister Sydney and her 12 step-siblings as well, including Arabella and Omari, with whom she has close relationships; her other half-siblings include Caesar, C.C. and now her baby brother Logan. Renee is also good friends with Marlena as well.

In "Revenge In Rendezvous", it is revealed that Renee has been discovered to have three known abilities: telekinesis, invisibility and speed. Her special ability is known as Telekinetic Rage/Telekinetic Storm, which is a very deadly and powerful move that Renee has not completely mastered yet; this was first demonstrated when she was engaged in a deadly battle with John Bender in The Breakfast Club universe. This aforementioned story, along with "A Child In Their Midst", implies that Renee has now moved out of Salem and has become part of the Team Legacy family. Even though it has not been confirmed if Renee is married or not, she does have a daughter named Reagan with Tony.

Count Tony DiMera: Renee's love interest who was alleged to be her brother until his mother's dying confession proved that he was not Stefano's biological son and the one person who loves her deeply. In an effort to protect her from The Salem Strangler's reign of terror, Tony takes Renee with him and goes on the run with her, making Lee worried and concerned for them out of the notion that their relationship could possibly be incestuous; she was also determined to inform Stefano that Renee was actually his daughter. He had been tricked by Anna into marrying her and upon discovering her deceit, immediately divorces her and runs off to find Renee, who has chosen to marry someone else under the impression that they are siblings and therefore cannot be together.

Not only does he love Renee dearly but he also cares for Rhonda as well and looks up to her as a stepmother-in-law and is determined to do everything in his power to ensure her safety and welfare. He despises his father greatly and will not allow him to hurt any member of Team Legacy, the Petrie clan, or Rhonda, as well as any of his friends and family. He currently lives in Salem and has some form of contact with Renee; however, whether or not they have been officially married remains to be seen but they currently have a daughter named Reagan, who is only 3 years old.

Dr. Marlena Evans: A psychiatrist who now runs a business in London, she is considered to be one of Team Legacy's countless house doctors who often stops by the residence to check up on the mental and physical health of Rhonda and the team. She is interested in Rhonda's unusual case and resolves to study more about her in order to gather more information about her shadowy and convoluted past. She is also a confidante of Lee Dumonde and often is there to listen to any questions or concerns she might have; Marlena is also a good friend of Renee and not only has been married to Roman Brady twice but is now currently married to John Black.

Marlena was also married to Don Craig and had a son named D.J. with him; however, his untimely death from SIDS at only three months old still haunts her greatly and led to the break-down of her already troubled marriage.

Her twin sister Samantha was an aspiring actress who was jealous of Marlena's success in life and in her professional work and resorted to kidnapping her and having her imprisoned in Bayview after a period of intense sibling rivalry, as revealed in "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey"; however, she was later killed by the Salem Strangler, for whom Marlena was the intended target; this event was referenced in the aforementioned story and again in "Revenge In Rendezvous". Her experiment form includes ginger fur, long, dangling, honey hair, dark brown eyes, four arms, long, dangling, slender antennae, six spikes, a pair of glasses and a long, winding, fluffy cat-like tail.

Dr. Jumba Jookiba: A former evil mad scientist who was the creator of 626 experiments; the creation of Stitch caught the attention of Galactic officials and he was soon arrested and tried for making illegal genetically mutated alien experiments. After Stitch's escape, Jumba soon teams up with Agent Wendy Pleakley, (don't ask me why they gave him that name), to recapture the mischievous alien and bring him back to Turo for a reward by the Grand Councilwoman. However, Lilo soon convinces the Councilwoman to let Stitch stay and she then agrees to pronounce the sentence of life banishment on Earth on Jumba, Pleakley and Stitch; since then they have all been a family.

The last experiment Jumba had made was 627 and he also started creating Leroy until Dr. Hamsterveil invaded his old lab and forced him to modify him on his own terms. However, Experiment 628 is still inactivated and to this day nothing is known of it. Jumba has also been heavily relied on and trusted by his teammates when it comes to information about handling and managing experiments and also defeating them, especially with a new generation of experiments.

Jumba was also involved in the creation of several of Dr. Clemenceau's experiments and was her love interest. And despite of numerous arguments and disagreements with Pleakley, he does consider him to be a partner and a good friend in some respects. Jumba also speaks with a Russian accent, which is very unusual since he is not of Earth descent and he also tends to use incorrect grammar.

Agent Wendy Pleakley: Pleakley was originally a federal agent who teamed up with evil mad scientist Jumba Jookiba to recapture Experiment 626, aka Stitch, to win back the favor of the Grand Councilwoman. However, Gantu sabotaged the entire mission by kidnapping Lilo and trying to take off with her, forcing Stitch to rescue her. Gantu was then demoted and taken back to Turo as a prisoner. Lilo then arranged for Pleakley, Jumba and Stitch to stay on Earth permanently as a life sentence courtesy of Stitch's adoption papers. Pleakley has declared himself as a self-proclaimed earth expert with knowledge of Earth itself; however, he can be occasionally anxious and neurotic and is very wary of danger, such as towards the end of Chapter 6 in "Revenge In Rendezvous" when he balks at the notion of having to face the S.R.E. army that might have a face-off with Lee. He is also very close with Jumba, despite of the fact that they often have disagreements.

Nani Pelekai: Lilo's older sister and guardian who was forced to care for her upon their parents' death. She is very protective of Lilo and would do anything to keep her safe; even though she is constantly annoyed by the presence of aliens in the house, she tolerates them. She is also constantly working to support the family and has a boyfriend named David. Nani is often described as a very bossy and overbearing person who has very strict rules for everyone.

Lilo Pelekai: Lilo is an orphaned Hawaiian girl whose parents died in a terrible car accident; she was despondent and severely depressed until she met Stitch. Although Stitch was difficult to train and discipline at first due to his inability to suppress his destructive nature, she grew to love and adore her puppy and developed a strong bond with him. However, Jumba and Pleakley show up to recapture Stitch and her life was thrown in chaos all over again. But then Lilo was kidnapped by Gantu and Stitch risked his life in order to save her.

When the Grand Councilwoman shows up to collect Stitch, Lilo persuades her to let him stay by showing him an original copy of the adoption papers from the dog kennel. The Grand Councilwoman grants her request and declares Jumba, Pleakley and Stitch lifelong exiles on Earth. Since then Lilo has had countless adventures with Stitch, especially with capturing all of his cousins, and has developed a very close bond with him.

Dr. Carly Manning: A young female surgeon from Salem, Carly is currently employed at a hospital in the town and is said to have a very mysterious past involving a family fortune and her being on the run. She has been friends with both Bo Brady and Jennifer Horton, who went to boarding school with her. Carly has been married to Lawrence Alamain for many years and had a son named Nikki with him, who had been kept in Vivian's custody for several years.

She also has a very lengthy and complicated history of a rivalry with Vivian Alamain for many years and was even nearly suffocated to death when Vivian attempted to bury her alive in a coffin; Lawrence and Vivian were then able to dig her out of time before she perished. Carly was also force to shoot Lawrence to death when he tried to attack her, and now this incident is another source of contention between her and her long time aunt-in-law.

In "Revenge In Rendezvous", she, Annie Caplan and Caleb both arrive in the Ohana Onipa'a universe to help Team Legacy and their allies rescue Lee from the dastardly clutches of Vivian and Ivan and save her baby Logan before he suffered the same fate as her son Nicholas, ("Nikki"). Carly also seems to share a close relationship with Courage and Annie's toddler son Caleb, who seem to be immediately taken with her.

Her experiment form consists of a slim and slender build, peachy fur that is similar to Kiara's fur, an amber underbelly, raspberry eyes, long, dangling antennae, short, wavy, auburn brown hair, four arms and four spikes with cinnamon tips, flat and curved ears, and a fluffy and silky dog-like tail. She is also the new girlfriend of Bo Brady, since he and Hope had since been divorced and Hope is now incarcerated for stealing from all of the men in Salem.

Littlefoot: A purple male Apatosaurus with brown eyes whose mother died saving him and Cera as a result of wounds by the original Sharptooth. He is an extremely intelligent and precocious young dinosaur who is always asking questions to adults and can be very mature for his age. He also has a very close relationship with his friends, most notably with Cera. Even though Littlefoot and Cera often have disagreements due to their species difference and also due to the racist and bigoted attitude of Cera's father, Topsy, (also known as Mr. Threehorn), they share a very close and intimate bond that transcends physical and emotional barriers and Littlefoot has come to consider her as his best friend.

Littlefoot is also one of the smartest and bravest teammates who is always willing to come up with a solution and trudge onward to defeat villains. He also lives with his grandparents along with his father Bron and his adopted brother Shorty and his cousin Ali. It is also possible that he might have romantic feelings for Cera.

Cera: An orange female triceratops with light green eyes who was originally a nasty and cruel girl with an extremely racist attitude towards other species and had a tendency to push around her friends; she had a very haughty and condescending personality with a hint of arrogance and pride and preferred to stick around with her own kind. Cera's pride was so strong that she refused to accept help from anyone else and was unwilling to admit that she was wrong; this reached the point where Cera insulted Littlefoot's mother and infuriated him greatly, starting a huge fight.

After this, the gang went their separate ways where Littlefoot went on his own while the rest of the gang followed Cera to a volcanic path where a volcano was erupting. Petrie fell into the tar pit and calls out for help as Ducky jumps into the black, sticky goo to help him. Littlefoot then arrives just in time to help his friends and they all struggle to save Petrie as they sink farther into the tar pit. They also manage to save Cera from a couple of hammerhead dinosaurs that were ambushing her by disguising themselves as a monster. After Cera uncovers their ruse, she was so humiliated that she stormed away from the others and sulked over to a waterfall, where she cries in shame. Ironically, despite of the horrible things she had done to her friends, Cera was instrumental in defeating the Sharptooth by pushing the boulder into the water, taking the juggernaut with it.

Over the years, Cera's personality has mellowed out to some degree but she still retains much of her original character traits, including her stubbornness, her pride, and her brash and cocky attitude towards other villains; she also tries to prove her bravery to her friends by running into danger, only to have to show her true cowardice. Despite of her adversarial and love-hate relationship with Littlefoot, she still considers him a good friend and shares a close bond with him.

Cera also has a new stepmother named Tria and a baby half-sister named Tricia; it is unknown what happened to her mother and her sisters, although it is possibly likely that they died or her mother abandoned her father and took her children with her. Cera has proven herself to be an excellent fighter in combat and her being a threehorn gives her a great advantage. It is also possible that she might have romantic feelings for Littlefoot.

Ducky: A light green Sauropholus whose favorite catchphrase is "Yep, yep, yep!" and is generally a very kind, warm and loving person. She is also very compassionate and merciful towards her friends and is very forgiving. However, she can also be especially gullible where she can be easily deceived by shady characters and sometimes some of her teammates into doing something for them that she thinks would be for the common good but is actually very bad; a good example of this was when Cera led her, Petrie and Spike through the rocky terrain with an active volcano. She is also very close with her adopted brother Spike and is very protective of him.

Ducky also has a very close relationship with Petrie and adores him with all her heart; there have been several hints that these two might have romantic feelings for each other. Ducky also lives with her mother and several siblings.

Petrie: A dark tan brown Pterandon who is an extremely timid and frightened young dinosaur and tends to refer to himself by the third person, like Stitch; also like Jumba, he also tends to use incorrect grammar, such as using me instead of I and omitting verbs. It has also been said that Petrie might be just as scared as Courage, perhaps even more; however, like him, Petrie would go to great lengths to protect and save his friends, such as in the first Land Before Time movie. He is also a very nervous flyer who uses free style and had trouble preparing for the Day of the Flyers in the 12th movie. His best friend is Guido, who is a microraptor gui with multi-colored feathers ranging from teal to spring green. It is also hinted that he might have strong romantic feelings for Ducky.

Spike: A dark green stegosaurus with purple eyes who is usually mute and has a perchance for eating practically anything in his path, mostly treestars. He also has a very close and loving relationship with his adopted sister Ducky and is very tolerant and kind towards his friends. It has been debated on why the character barely speaks; however an episode in the Land Before Time television series reveals two reasons for his vow of silence: he keeps silent in order to listen to the plants "talk" to decide which one is good to eat and to avoid arguing with his friends. Spike usually does not speak a word unless he has something important to say. There have been a couple of occasions where he has spoken, mostly notably in the fourth movie when Ducky was in danger. His best friend is Tippy, with whom he joined his herd to get to know his own kind in the 8th film.

Ruby: A pink Oviraptor with a red crest on her head, red frills running down her back, and a beak-like face with some red spots on her side; she is a relatively new character in the Land Before Time series and Team Legacy saga and is the wisest member of the group. Ruby is always able to give out advice and wisdom to her friends and explains matters and topics that her dinosaur friends often are unable to comprehend; she is even kind and emphatic to others, especially her ex-villain teammates. She lived in the Mysterious Beyond with her parents and two siblings until she was forced to leave with Chomper by Red Claw and his goons, Screech and Thud.

Ruby also has a strange habit of repeating phrases and words in a backwards manner, such as her greeting to friends, "Hello, my friends; my friends, hello!" Ruby was also given the responsibility of watching over Chomper and protecting him from the villainous T-rex and his minions. So far, her only appearances in the Team Legacy series appears to be in "The War On America" and "Revenge In Rendezvous", the latter in which she was commissioned by Marlena Evans to help Sagwa and her friends find Littlefoot, Chomper, Joshua and their friends when they hijacked Gantu's spaceship and took off for Vietnam, putting themselves in grave danger in the process. It has been suggested that Ruby and Chomper have a very close brother and sister bond, especially since Ruby always takes great care in looking out for Chomper's well being and safety.

Chomper: A little purple T-Rex with red eyes who was found as an egg in "The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure" by Littlefoot and the gang; upon hatching, he was raised by them, including Littlefoot, until his real parents were found. Chomper was next seen in the 5th film where he has grown up and has learned to speak both sharptooth and Standard English as well as living on a remote island with his parents; Littlefoot and his friends take refuge in Chomper's home because their home has been ravaged by locusts and they were forced to relocate. It was then that Chomper's parents fought off a rogue sharptooth and Littlefoot attempted to save Chomper when he fell into the water. However, a sea dinosaur named Ellie ended up saving the both of them and helped bring the children back home.

In the Land Before Time television series, Chomper moves permanently with Ruby to the Great Valley to hide out from Red Claw and his minions Screech and Thud; they had been driven out from the Mysterious Beyond and separated from their own families by the villainous T-Rex. He is also in Team Legacy along with Ruby and the rest of his friends and his only confirmed appearance so far are in "The War On America" and "Revenge In Rendezvous", where he was given the task of guarding the two Pleakleys so they do not interfere with Joshua's impromptu rescue mission.

Guido: A male microraptor gui with teal and spring green feathers who is a very good friend of Petrie's and currently resides with his family. He is one of the few flying characters on the show with a very furry body and has no idea who he is; the bizarre thing about him is that he has never seen anyone quite like himself. He is a very friendly and laid back guy but would often get nervous and agitated about certain things, including flying. It wasn't until the Land Before Time episode "The Hermit of Black Rock" that he truly learned how to fly, since he was only able to glide before; he also makes an appearance in "The War On America".

Ali: A dark pink Apatosaurus who is a female version of Littlefoot and whose herd is related to Littlefoot's grandparents, making them cousins. She is a very kind and compassionate young dinosaur and not only is a quick thinker but is also very brave, such as when she saves Cera from a falling river. However, she can be very gullible, such as when she allows herself to be manipulated and controlled by an arrogant and cocky young Apatosaurus named Rhett, whose herd recently merged into hers.

Ali also was originally wary of other species and was very mistrustful to the point where she seemed to have somewhat prejudicial views of them, such as when she initially refused to allow Littlefoot's friends to join her on the quest to find the Nightflower. However, when she saw how friendly and nice they actually were, she becomes more open to the idea of diversity among dinosaur species.

On the other hand, it might be suggested that Ali is still cautious and distrustful of other strange, new people, such as when she was originally scared of Chomper. She is also mistrustful of some of her ex-villain teammates and is one of the handful of Team Legacy members who still consider Lee to be a treacherous woman. Her first appearance was in "The War On America", where she teams up with Littlefoot and his friends to save one of their own from the villains in the distant future of America.

Shorty: A dark green Brachiosaurus who was originally found by Bron along with a small group of little dinosaurs while he was on a long search for Littlefoot. Bron then takes in the young dinosaurs and everyone in the herd, (except for Shorty), got adopted. After Littlefoot was reunited with his father Bron in the 10th film, Shorty became extremely jealous of Littlefoot and started lashing out at him angrily to the point of feuding with him.

The two male dinosaurs shared a very acrimonious relationship at first as Shorty begins to feel left out while all of Bron's attention was immediately diverted to Littlefoot. Shorty was also revealed to be the bully of the herd, pushing around those smaller and weaker than him and displaying a very antisocial personality; he preferred to spend time all by himself and isolated himself from the rest of the other dinosaurs.

Tensions escalated further between Shorty and Littlefoot to the point where Shorty attempted to run away from the herd; however, Littlefoot caught up with him and proposed that they could try to get along and be brothers. Shorty then warmed up to the idea and showed a more softer side to his personality; he even got along handsomely with his friends as well. Shorty has also mellowed out somewhat in the television series but has demonstrated himself to be reckless, brash, cocky and impulsive; he also clashes with Cera on a number of occasions and has proven to be just as stubborn and hot-tempered as her. He has also shown up on "The War On America".

Rhett: A light brown Apatosaurus with huge, green eyes who is a new friend of Ali's and a potential rival of Littlefoot's for her affections. He was described as a very boastful, arrogant and cocky person who bragged about his alleged conquests and regaled Ali with numerous tales of bravery and daring at the hands of sharpteeth, impressing her.

However, Littlefoot and his friends were not fooled by his lies and deceit and decided to hatch and elaborate scheme to expose him as a fraud. They employed Chomper to pose as a mean, fierce Sharptooth in order to scare Rhett to prove to Ali that he was nothing but a phony and a big coward; after seeing Chomper scare away the rest of the gang, Rhett was terrified for his life and alerted the adults about his presence. Convinced that Chomper was a menace to the Great Valley, the herd madly pursued Chomper with the intent of annihilating him once and for all.

However, Littlefoot and his pals saved him by confessing to the Old One, the leader of Ali's herd, the truth about Rhett's stories by informing her that they were fake all along and Rhett was just bluffing. The Old One then demands that Rhett apologizes and Rhett agrees before deciding to become friends with the gang. However, he still could be a potential rival with Littlefoot in the fight to win Ali's heart. He also made an appearance in "The War On America" thus far.

Bron: A male Apatosaurus who was revealed to be Littlefoot's father in the 10th movie; upon making the shocking discovery, Littlefoot becomes angry and hurt at the fact that Bron has never been a part of his life and had seemed to abandon him and his mother. However, Bron quickly explains that he left to find a more suitable and inhabitable place for his family to live in just before Littlefoot was born; unfortunately, by the time he came back, the earthquake already happened and Littlefoot and his mother were nowhere to be found. He eventually found out what happened to his wife but got no news of his lost son; Bron spent many years trying to find Littlefoot but never found him.

Instead, he became the leader of a herd and found a group of wandering, lost young dinosaurs and had them adopted. Bron was eventually overjoyed when he finally reunites with his son; unfortunately, though, one of the orphaned young dinosaurs named Shorty becomes envious of the attention that Bron showers on his biological son and starts fighting with Littlefoot. Eventually, the two young dinosaurs put their differences aside when Littlefoot suggests that they become like brothers, which Shorty agrees to. He also appears in "The War On America" along with Shorty. Bron also refers to Littlefoot's grandparents as Papa Longneck and Mama Longneck, suggesting that Littlefoot's mother might possibly be their biological child.

Grandpa Longneck: Littlefoot's grandfather and the official leader of the herd, along with Mr. Threehorn. He is very devoted and loving towards his grandson and is very protective of him. He is also a very wise and patient man and enjoys spending time with children, even telling stories. He has appeared in some Team Legacy stories, including "An American Odyssey". However, he had a special role in the 4th movie where he suddenly falls ill and Littlefoot and his friends leave the Great Valley in search for the Nightflower. Grandpa Longneck also helped Doc rescue Littlefoot in the 6th film when Littlefoot attempted to destroy the curse of Saurus Rock. He is also a respected member of the community and regularly clashes with the stubborn and bigoted Mr. Threehorn, Cera's father.

Grandma Longneck: Littlefoot's grandmother and co-leader of the herd, along with her husband and Mr. Threehorn. Like her husband, she is very loving and dedicated to Littlefoot and cherishes her grandson very much. Grandma Longneck is also very popular among the children of the Great Valley and is respected and looked up to. She also clashes with Mr. Threehorn on a number of occasions whenever Mr. Threehorn disagrees on something and she also assists her husband in setting up meetings to discuss issues that concern the herd.

Mr. Threehorn: A dark grey threehorn who is Cera's father and is now the proud husband of Tria. He was a very arrogant and prejudicial man whose attitude was passed down to his daughter in the original film; Mr. Threehorn is also a very aloof, aggressive and combative dinosaur with a gruff demeanor who constantly fights with Littlefoot's grandparents on many issues and has a tendency to say derogatory insults towards longnecks in general. He can also be extremely stubborn and proud at times to the point where he refuses help from others and tries to do things his way; Mr. Threehorn also tries to get people to agree with him and throws insults at Littlefoot's family in order to garner supporters, which backfires.

He also sometimes thinks he knows what is best for his daughter when all he is doing is making things worse. Mr. Threehorn also has a special dislike for Littlefoot but has a soft spot for his daughters and his wife. Fortunately these days, Tria is there to knock some sense into her husband when he goes too far. Like Grandpa Longneck, he has also appeared in some Team Legacy stories, including "The War On America". His nickname is Topsy, courtesy of his mate Tria.

Tria: A dark pink female triceratops who is currently Mr. Threehorn's mate and the mother of little Tricia as well as stepmother to Cera. She is a kind, sympathetic and compassionate young dinosaur who loves her family dearly and is protective of the ones she loves, including the time where she saves Cera from a pack of fast biters. Tria is also a reasonable, sensible and calm person who is always there to keep her husband under control whenever he goes off on anyone in the team, including Grandpa and Grandma Longneck. However, she might be rather unconvincing and phony at first. Despite of her great bravery, she can also be very shy.

It has also been revealed that Tria and Mr. Threehorn had first met several years ago back in their youths, but it is unknown why they went their separate ways. The two also split up temporarily when Mr. Threehorn vowed to destroy the Tinysauruses after Littlefoot accuses them of eating the treesweets off the treesweet tree; he also wanted to get one of the fruits from the tree to prove his love for Tria since the dinosaurs gather around them once a year to watch them bloom. Tria thought that Mr. Threehorn meant well at first but upon seeing the Tinysauruses fell in love with them and tried to persuade her boyfriend not to hurt them; after calling out on her on the matter, Tria becomes infuriated with him and leaves him. But then Cera tries to give an explanation to Mr. Threehorn's behavior and manages to have the couple reconciled.

She also attempted to form a relationship with Cera, who was jealous of her getting attention from her father, but is offended by her hostile response. Tria then confronts Cera about her treatment of her and Cera begins to feel guilty about it; it was then that she finally agrees to accept Tria as a new person in her life. Tria also calls Mr. Threehorn, "Topsy", to Cera and Rhonda's disgust, (Rhonda still prefers to address Mr. Threehorn as Mr. Threehorn). Tria also makes an appearance in "The War On America".

Tricia: The infant daughter of Mr. Threehorn and Tria and the younger half-sister of Cera. Not much is known about her, except that she is proven to be much better at swimming than Cera; she also has a close relationship with her older half-sister. Tricia also appears in "The War On America".

Mama Swimmer: Ducky's mother and the adopted mother of Spike. She is a very kind and benevolent person and cares a lot about her family, particularly Spike; this is shown in the 8th movie when Spike falls into the icy water and Ms. Swimmer jumps in to save him. She was also visibly distraught when Ducky is kidnapped in the 7th film and Mama Flyer tries to assure her by saying that her brother Pterano isn't all that bad. She has also appeared in some Team Legacy stories, including "The War On America".

Mama Flyer: A dark blue female flyer who is Petrie's mother and is viewed as another one of the respected members of the community. She is very protective and loving towards her son and shows great concern for him in "Revenge In Rendezvous" when Petrie sets out to rescue Sparky from the storm atop of Gantu's old ship. However, she greatly despises her brother Pterano due to his misdeeds and does not approve of his grandiose schemes; despite of this, though, she does feel sympathetic towards him and even admits that he does have some good in him. It is also unknown exactly what happened to Petrie's father. She has also appeared in some Team Legacy stories, most recently "Revenge In Rendezvous" and "The War On America".

Doug Williams: The former Mayor of Salem who once led a unscrupulous and shady life of a con artist before he found himself madly in love with Julie; they proceeded to have a stormy and tumultuous affair that endured many obstacles, including the constant scheming wiles of his ex-wife Lee Dumonde. But when Julie felt that Doug did not care for her anymore, she left him and went off to romance someone else, leaving Lee free to marry him; ironically his half-brother Byron was romantically linked to her shortly before he died suddenly and unexpectedly in Paris.

He is described as a moralistic, heroic and honorable man who loves his wife and daughter dearly and swears allegiance unflinchingly to Team Legacy, even going as so far as to join the team itself unofficially along with Julie, despite of his pure disdain and hatred for Lee. Even though at one point he did love her, he is still suspicious and wary towards her and is deeply concerned about Rhonda's safety and is hell bent on doing whatever it took to protect her from any of Lee's shenanigans. And despite of his disgust and scorn for his ex-wife, he finds himself caring a lot for her younger children, particularly Lee's newborn son Logan and her youngest daughter Sydney and will also go out of his way to make sure that their well being is ensured.

His experiment form has royal blue fur with a tall, imposing height, a bulky, muscular and husky build, scruffy black hair, black, onyx eyes, a slight humpback, a mustache, a white underbelly, six arms, and three spikes with dark tips; he was also the first person to reveal in "Revenge In Rendezvous" that the majority of the population in Salem received the experiment serum that allowed them to transform into their individual experiment forms with their own unique abilities, depending on their personality; he and Julie were among the thousands of people that received the serum. He also prefers to transform into his experiment form only when necessarily, expressing his sheer dislike for people that tend to change into their experiment forms on a whim.

Julie Williams: Doug's current wife and the stepmother/half-sister of his daughter Hope. She loves her husband dearly and is devoted to her family, including Team Legacy. She is a kind-hearted and gentle spirit who likes spending time with many of the female members of the team. Like Doug, she thinks the world for Rhonda and would do anything to protect her from the evils of the world. She is also bitter and sworn enemies with Lee Dumonde and loathes her greatly due to her constant and relentless schemes to drive her and Doug apart; however, she tries her best to be conciliatory towards her adversary due to their mutual allegiance towards the team.

Her experiment form includes sandy yellow fur, brilliant sapphire blue eyes, four arms, a light yellow underbelly, four spikes with light yellow tips along with tiny tufts of hair; she also has two stubby antennae and is a bit shorter than Doug. She along with Doug has received the experiment serum back in Salem and now they have the ability to turn into their experiment forms whenever necessarily.

Hope Williams Brady: A young woman who is the younger half-sister of Julie Williams, (also her stepmother), and is the only child of Doug Williams; she is also currently married to Bo Brady, a fellow detective and is also a police detective in Salem's task force; in "Revenge In Rendezvous", she had been summoned along with Bo, her brother-in-law Roman, John Black, his daughter Belle, her former sister-in-law Marlena Evans, Marie Horton and Liz Chandler to help Rhonda and her Team Legacy in the search for Lee when she ran off into another universe. Her biological mother was Addie Horton, who was also Julie's mother; unfortunately, she died tragically in a horrible hit and run accident and some time before her death made Julie promise to protect both Doug and Hope.

When she turns into an experiment, she has light dusty, tan fur with auburn hair, hazel eyes, five spikes with dark tips, six arms, a lanky, gangling and lean body and long, dangling, curved antennae. Also it has recently been revealed that Bo had an extra marital affair with Carly and as a result Hope divorced Bo and is currently in jail in Salem for robbing several men.

Tony Blake: An experienced and skilled magician with a reputation as a ladies man and with a excellent hand at magic; he is one of Team Legacy's most trusted allies and loves to flirt with some of its female members. He also may have some feelings for Annie Caplan, a psychic woman who is another ally to the team.

Annie Caplan: A female psychic with the ability to see past and future events just by having physical contact with a person or object. Her extraordinary ability is valued greatly by Team Legacy and she is often called upon to look into certain paranormal activities and gather information to determine its content. It is suggested that she may have feelings for Tony Blake. In "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey", it is revealed that even though Annie might still have reserved feelings for David Banner, she has fallen madly in love with a male scientist named Kramer, with whom she teams up with in order to rescue Chopsuey from a federal execution conducted by Ms. Michelle Huddleston, and has also developed an infatuation with the young male experiment.

"In Revenge In Rendezvous", Annie Caplan shows up along with Dr. Carly Manning and her 3-year-old son, Caleb, who is presumed to be fathered by her old lover Kramer; she is then reunited with her old friend Chopsuey after months without seeing each other and realizes that she still is in love with him; she then proceeds to consummate her relationship with him and in the process receives some of his alien DNA that endows her with the ability to change into an alien experiment. Annie's experiment form includes lavender fur with four arms, dark purple markings on the back of her head, arms, legs and back, long, dangling, raven hair, amethyst eyes, Angel-like ears, long, dangling antennae, and a periwinkle underbelly.

She, along with Courage The Cowardly Dog, is currently featured in "Lilo Meets Loli: War of the Multiverse" as one of the many recruits coming from several alternate universes as they band together in a valiant and rigorous fight for their lives and try to stop Anslah and her minions from threatening life as they know it, but to also try and save Loli and Kim's universe from imploding in seven days; her codename is Shifter. Annie also makes an appearance in "Interviews With The OC's And AU's" along with Rhonda, Viola, Chopsuey and Courage and despite of Joshua making rather embarrassing and demeaning remarks about her powers, Annie does not seem too fazed, unlike Rhonda, who quickly took offense with a vengeance.

Stephanie Forrester: The matriarch of the Forrester clan and one of the toughest and dedicated members of the team; she is well known for her feisty and hot-blooded temper and her outright ruthlessness and determination to ensure the well being and safety of her family and team.

Maude Findlay: An affluent upper middle class woman who has adopted Omari as her own son and has primary custody/guardianship of him, even though Rhonda still has retained some rights as Omari's birth mother, including the right to be involved in his academic life. She is also an overbearing, loud, domineering and opinionated woman with highly liberal views and who is not afraid to challenge anyone on the subject of politics, especially her all time nemesis, Archie Bunker. Like Rhonda, Maude shares a fearless and audacious attitude towards villains and is unafraid to directly confront them if it means protecting her loved ones; incidentally, she shares a close and friendly bond with the young teenager and looks up to her as if she were her own daughter.

Vivian Harmon-Cavender: Maude's best friend and Omari's godmother who is married to Walter's best friend Dr. Arthur Harmon; she is described as a ditzy, vulnerable, sensitive and naive young woman who tends to become fearful and frightened towards villains, especially some of the deadliest ones Team Legacy has faced so far. She adores Omari dearly as if he were one of her own and acts like an aunt figure to him.

Dr. Arthur Harmon: Walter's best friend and husband of Vivian who is Omari's godfather; he is described as a sophisticated and educated doctor who can be somewhat incompetent at times and he also has an arrogant, conceited and haughty personality, which aggravates Maude more often than not. Arthur also cares for Omari very much and delights in teaching him about some very basic life lessons, such as the perpetual cycle of teenagers engaging in violent activities that result in injuries or even death.

Philip Traynor: Maude's grandson, Walter's step-grandson and underage nephew of Omari, with whom he has a close relationship; he is also Carol's only son.

Carol Traynor: Maude's eldest biological child and only daughter and the stepdaughter of Walter Findlay; she is also the adopted older sister of Omari.

Walter: Maude's husband and Omari's adoptive father who is a neurotic and timid man who is also apprehensive towards any signs of danger and peril and who would be one of the first people to cower at the sight of villains. He takes great pride in raising and educating Omari and relishes every moment on spending time with him.

Tessa: Omari's best friend and prospective mate who is a spunky, adventurous and fearless young lioness that currently lives on the streets of London. She has a fighting and indomitable spirit and is willing to challenge anyone on any opportunity she could take. Her background history is obscure, as her parents had disappeared mysteriously on the day of her birth and had not been since seen, making her an orphan.

However, Tessa is unfazed by the dreary and desolate lifestyle she has become accustomed to and prefers to live by herself in the outside world rather than live with Omari and his extended family. She is also described as a ruby/crimson lioness cub with fluffy, frizzy magenta hair and nose, along with a rounded, angular, compact snout, a magenta tail tuft, and also a slender, slightly rotund yet muscular body build; Tessa also has a pure white, soft and downy underbelly, dark purple ruffles and dull, soft, shocking pink eyes.

Sydney: Omari's stepsister through her mother's current relationship with Rhonda who is not only infatuated with him, but is also deeply in love with her stepsister Arabella and has a close and intimate bond with her, even though at times she would treat her very poorly. Like her mother, she has gained a reputation as a scheming seductress and has a difficult and strained relationship with her, but she adores and loves her mother deeply just the same, regardless of her shadowy past. She is described as a cobalt blue/indigo lioness cub with lime green and violet eyes and a slight spiked purple Mohawk along with white paws and a muzzle. Sydney is a sullen and brooding cub with a hot temper as legendary and fearsome as her mother's but like her stepmother Rhonda has a compassionate and merciful heart.

Arabella: A bubbly and spirited rose colored lioness with magenta/hot pink eyes who loves her stepsister Sydney deeply and enjoys being with her family; she accepts her stepmother Lee Dumonde without question despite of her dark past and likes to spend time with her and her mother. She also likes to engage in tea parties with her young step-aunt Sybille and have her fur brushed with her other step-aunt Abigail. She is also prospective cousins with Joshua and cousins-in-law with Naomi due to her great-aunt Mrs. Petrie's impending marriage to Henry Sinclair.

Cliff: One of a duo of fingerbirds who had been originally exiled from their home planet called Planet Birdland as infants by his villainous older brother Roscoe, Cliff is a resourceful, headstrong, determined and intelligent young male who can occasionally be immature. It is suggested that he and Buddy may have acquired some permanent brain damage as a result of the excessive torture they were forced to endure during their imprisonment in one of Planet Birdland's most notorious prisons.

He can sometimes be impulsive and rash, especially where his foster family is concerned. He is also Buddy's older stepbrother through the marriage of their parents and the older beloved foster brother of Rhonda. Besides Roscoe, Cliff also had an older sister named Suzanne, with whom he and Buddy had a very close relationship and was the last person they saw shortly before they were exiled to Earth. Like Rhonda, Cliff also lost his biological mother Gina through tragic circumstances and his birth brought on several complications that resulted in her death. His full name is Clifford Roscoe Martin.

Buddy: A sensible, independent, spirited and feisty fingerbird who is fearless and bold and is not afraid to face danger. She loves her stepbrother dearly and considers him one of her most dearest friends. However, like Cliff, she is prone to immaturity and she and her stepbrother are sometimes inclined to periodic bouts of silliness. She has also displayed a rebellious streak at times and unlike Rhonda is not afraid to bend the rules of society and express herself through this manner, including a one night stand with Clayton Texas and bearing her twin children Cadywn and Alexander.

Buddy is Rhonda's beloved older foster sister as well and her birth name is Bernadette Mae Foster, the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat and a rebel leader who fought bravely against Roscoe's reign of terror. However, her father was killed during the onslaught that precipitated his corrupt regime shortly before her birth, so she had never got to know him. Buddy also had a half-sister and a half-niece who was born around the same time as her.

Hyp: The leader of a trio of bullies who derive pleasure in pushing around other people and intimidating them, including Littlefoot and his pals. Hyp and his lackeys have a general reputation of being one of the biggest troublemakers in London and enjoy getting everyone into all sorts of trouble; he is also the criminal mastermind who orders his two friends around and takes charge of any situation they face. Although he likes to act tough, he is somewhat of a coward and is so brash and impulsive he sometimes gets himself and his friends into trouble. It is also suggested that he might have a little crush on Rhonda.

Nodd: One of Hyp's two henchmen who is just as tough and belligerent as Hyp, if not more. Although he can have a nasty and hostile personality, he is a little clueless at times. Mutt is also domineering and is intimidating enough to instill fear in others.

Mutt: A dimwitted and clueless young dinosaur who is oblivious to what is going on around him and who tends to follow whatever Hyp and Mutt do. Unlike the former two, Nodd is not as mean and nasty and he also shows a kind and compassionate heart towards other people and is the more sympathetic of the trio.

Laverne: The first member of the gargoyle trio who is the sensible, no-nonsense and sagacious one in the team; she tends to clash with Hugo on several occasions due to his boorish and crude, obnoxious behavior and is easily annoyed by him; however, she also shows a very close relationship with him and has even shown that she cares for him, and vice versa for Hugo. Laverne is also a very determined, resolute and brave elderly gargoyle who often takes charge and is a very responsible leader.

However, Laverne can occasionally be cranky and petulant, even going so far as to vent her rage on Hugo, as exemplified in many other stories, including "An American Odyssey", where Hugo asks her what she wants to wear for Halloween and Laverne yells at him, only to break down and cry before reverting back to her serious and determined mood. Sometimes Hugo and Laverne have a deep antipathy for each other that often results in them getting into serious fights; on one occasion, the two gargoyles have a bitter fight over a mission gone particularly wrong and Laverne is so outraged at Hugo's behavior that she exchanges some harsh words with him; he is then deeply hurt by her and walks away with a heavy heart.

Laverne is also shown to be a very moody and temperamental person and is hinted to have mood swings. Despite of her complex personality, she is a very benevolent, compassionate and merciful person and is always looked up to as a mother figure, especially Quasimodo and Rhonda.

As shown in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", however, she has a strong dislike for birds and always tries to shoo them away whenever they roost on her; at least in one story her animosity of birds reached the point where she took out a machine gun and killed them all in a windowsill. Laverne always tries to give out advice to as many people as she can and always tries to comfort them to the best of her ability; besides Quasimodo, she has a special relationship with Rhonda and considers her one of her dearest friends.

Laverne has been featured in many Team Legacy stories, most notably "An American Odyssey" and has even been the star of her own miniseries, "Super Laverne: The Series", which features her own misadventures with her teammates. She is also a loving and doting mother of her extensive brood and is a loyal wife to her husband; in spite of the fact that she had developed a crush on one of her teammates, she never went so far as to openly cheat on The Phantom Of The Opera.

Her extended family include her stepfather Mr. Banders, her surrogate mother Mary Williams, her long lost father John, her mother Lois, her adopted daughter Oxy, her adopted son-in-law Oxygen and her adopted grandkids, numerous adopted/biological children, (mostly experiments), her eldest biological daughter Louise, her husband of 6 years, the Phantom of the Opera, (affectionately known to everyone as Mr. Phantom), etc. Laverne is also one of the most prominent members of Team Legacy and is nearly as powerful as Rhonda with the variety of her abilities, including hydrokinesis; she can also change into her alter egos, including Super Laverne.

When Frollo attempted to steal all of Mr. Tomas' experiments and accidentally released them to wreak havoc all over Paris, Laverne is kidnapped by a crazed television reporter in a brave attempt to capture the activated experiments and actually ends up meeting her biggest archenemy: Experiment 1615, aka Lauren, (she was given her name in The War On America towards the end of Part 2). The two enemies fought valiantly and belligerently, with Laverne gaining the upper hand at first; however, Lauren eventually defeats her and walks away triumphantly.

During the course of "Super Laverne: The Series", Laverne and Lauren clash on a couple of occasions, one of which Lauren attempted to take over Gargoyle Industries, prompting Laverne to not only save the company but her boss Mr. Umbrella as well.

It wasn't until "The War On America" that Lauren and Laverne met once again and proceeded to have a bitter and deadly fight; upon being defeated by Laverne - again - Lauren proceeds to voice out her anger and bitter jealousy towards Laverne due to her exceptional prowess and the fact that despite of having all of her powers, Laverne was always able to defeat her. Laverne immediately feels sorry for her long time enemy and offers to make a truce between them, and it was not long before Lauren eventually agrees; Laverne also gives her her current name after Lauren admits that she would use an alias to disguise herself on her public outings. Lauren then soon becomes one of Laverne's premiere allies and eventually joins Team Legacy as well.

Hugo: A male gargoyle who has a very obnoxious and crude personality and can occasionally be boorish and rude; he is the sarcastic and jovial one of the gang who likes to play jokes and pranks and also can be very immature at times. He also has a very complicated relationship with Laverne, since he loves to annoy and exasperate her, and is occasionally put off by her bossiness and petulance.

The two gargoyles would often get into big fights and would argue over every little thing, especially in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"; a good example of this was when Hugo remarks that he thought he was the cute one when Laverne refers to Quasimodo as adorable and Laverne retorts back that he was the "stupid one with a big mouth". Some of their fights would escalate to a point where their friendship is seriously tested.

However, Hugo has proven to become extremely jealous of anyone who has attempted to get close to Laverne, including the Phantom of the Opera when he started dating his female friend, implying that he does care about her and might have some feelings for her; thus far, Hugo has never done anything specifically to enrage the Phantom of the Opera by stealing Laverne, probably because he is content in his marriage with Experiment 1701 or perhaps he actually respects their marriage. Hugo is also married to Experiment 1701 and has a young son named Austin; he's the second member of the gang. On the other hand, the original film "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" hints that Hugo might possibly be bisexual or just gay, judging by how he was constantly flirting around with Esmeralda's goat Djali throughout the movie.

Victor: The third member of the trio and the more worried and cautious one; he is also concerned about something and always holds his suspicions about anything that is troubling him. Victor is a kind and gentle soul who never intends to deliberately hurt anyone, such as when he hesitantly drops a brick on one of the incoming guards and later apologizes for it. Victor is also a conscientious gargoyle who is always about doing the right thing and has a strong moral compass. Although not much is known about him, he does have a girlfriend named Vikina, who has made a couple of appearances in the series.

Ten (Experiment 2010): A diminutive grey/charcoal male experiment whose body design resembles a lot like Swirly but has a longer snout like Shoe, the tiny mouth, head shape, ears and six arms of Millie, (Experiment 220), antennae, bowled legs, five spikes that split evenly in the middle in parallel rows vertically, enlarged nose, beady amethyst eyes and tiny hair tufts; he also has a silvery underbelly and markings. He is the offspring of Chopsuey and Viola who was first introduced in "A Child In Their Midst" and was created using 98% of Viola's DNA and only 2% of Chopsuey's DNA, which includes much of his intellect.

He is designed to neutralize people's strongest emotions such as anger, hate, joy, sadness, despair, jealousy, etc., to the point where they are reduced to feeling numb and empty inside and they cease to feel anything; he can also amplify and intensify these feelings to the point where these emotions can overwhelm the victim, causing the body can be driven into overload and triggering a severe meltdown by seizing or convulsing that could result in death. His secondary functions include super strength which allows him to lift objects 530,000 times his own weight and having the intellect of 600 I.Q. points, which is a lot more than Chopsuey's.

Ten is a mute and timid young experiment who usually communicates with his family members mainly by actions and body language; however, when he does speak, he mainly talks in a gremlin-like voice. Despite of this, though, he loves his mother Viola dearly and he also loves and admires his father deeply, in spite of the fact that Chopsuey is having trouble accepting him as his own son.

Streaker (Experiment 9010): An Angel-like experiment who is shorter, skinnier and has the same light yellow coloring of Sparky's except her ears are skinner and slimmer and resembled a lot like Chopsuey's; she also has a bright tawny orange underbelly with a spiky and frizzy Mohawk and also has lightning-shaped tawny orange markings on her back, chest and on the back of her head; Streaker also has five zigzag spikes and a lightning-shaped tawny orange tail with lightning shaped dangling tawny orange antennae peeking through her Mohawk and she has raspberry 621-like eyes along with four arms and an overbite very much like Sparky's. Streaker is designed to project and shoot out a series of explosive static lightning directed as energy beams and she can also repel and attract certain objects to her body due to her magnetism; she can also run at lightning speed and was the second of Stefano DiMera's experiments to be created after Electra and before Thunderclap, her younger twin brother.

Thunderclap (Experiment 9011): A cross between Chopsuey and Digger with grey/turquoise fur and has a similar body design like Chopsuey's except that his four arms are shaped very much like Digger's only with sharp claws; he also has fangs protruding from his mouth along with an overbite, dark, slick, black hair, orb-shaped indigo eyes, a small beard, gangling, slim, rabbit-like ears, dark thunder wave markings on his arms, legs, back and the back of his head and even has a drill point for a tail; he even has a black underbelly. He is designed to clap his hands rapidly and send out thunder waves that end up crippling and devastating everything in sight, including buildings, vehicles, machines and objects; he can also shoot out thunder waves by making a loud, deep roar. He also has super reflexes, super speed and he can also constantly spin around and glide over to an opponent while delivering powerful and deadly blows that end up tearing and slashing them apart. He was the third of Stefano DiMera's experiments and was created after Electra and his older twin sister, Streaker.

Nikita (Experiment 9012): A saffron/amber experiment with long, silky, salt and pepper hair, an overbite, a gaunt, bony and slightly haggard face, Prussian blue eyes, a silvery underbelly, four arms, three spikes with dark rimmed tips, two long, dangling antennae, and she has a deep, smoky voice with a New York accent. She was named after the famous title character in "La Femme Nikita". Nikita is a sultry and seductive femme fatale who tends to flirt around with men - and occasionally women - with her feminine wiles and she is physically well equipped, (i.e. excellent fighting skills), and she is not only well fit but can hold her own in battle; this also demonstrates the possibility that she might be able to equal Chopsuey and Suzanne (Experiment 1918) in battle.

Nikita also has great knowledge of espionage, sabotage, stealth, and weaponry and she is also a very deceitful, cunning and sly experiment with superior intelligence and she can double-cross someone on a whim if she sees the opportunity to do so. She also harbors a huge crush on Sgt. Emery, which annoys him greatly. However, her sexuality, which is used as her greatest strength, can also become her greatest weakness since it might allow people to take advantage of her. She is the fourth of Stefano's experiments to be created.

Sergeant Emery (Experiment 9013): A cyan blue T-rex/raptor hybird with the head of a raptor and the body of a T-rex; he has sharp fangs, skinny, gangling arms like a raptor, strong, powerful, muscular feet like a T-rex, sapphire eyes, midnight blue spots on his backside, a muscular, brawny, imposing build, a chiseled and pronounced face, seven arms, spiky frills running down his spine, and he is dressed in a camouflage outfit, khaki shorts, steel-toed boots, and a safari hat; he is also equipped with with a semi automatic rifle. Sgt. Emery is designed to be a tough, hardnosed and strict disciplinarian whose specialty is in pushing and driving his recruits beyond their physical limits in obstacle courses and training exercises; he also has a perchance for giving disrespectful and humiliating insults towards his cadets, often uttering shocking and humiliating comments.

Sgt. Emery also likes to give elaborate and lengthy lectures on war strategies and mission briefings and instruct his crew on what to do in battle. His secondary functions include super speed, super strength, endurance, stamina, and he is also physically well equipped with a special prowess for weapons like Nikita. He also tends to be very harsh on people that he would normally train, including Nikita, since he is fully aware that she is infatuated with him. However, his main weakness is that he is vulnerable towards bullets and various types of elements. He is also the fifth of Stefano's experiments to be created.

Calista (Experiment 9014): A female black and white koala-like/humanoid experiment who wears a black, satin, overflowing concert dress with high heel shoes and she has short, jet black hair tied in a little bun along with retractable four arms, three spikes, and two long, dangling antennae that are usually tucked into her body and only exposes them whenever she is enraged or quick to anger. She also has a small, black nose, charcoal black eyes, and dark rimmed ears.

Calista is also designed to enchant the audience and render them spellbound by her beautiful and angelic voice and once she hypnotizes them with her singing voice, she creates a subconscious mink link where the listeners are capable of feeling every turbulent emotion that she is able to conjure onstage. She is the sixth of Stefano's experiments to be created.

Agnes (Experiment 1975): A magenta colored experiment with lavender eyes, four arms, five spikes, and a silvery underbelly with an overbite, scruffy, frilly ears, and long, carrot hair. She is designed to spite people by casting nasty, horrible shape-shifting and elemental magic spells on them to make them suffer. She is one of Dr. Clemenceau's experiments.

McCooler (Experiment 1930): A light tan/yellow experiment with a dark tan underbelly, strawberry blonde, short hair, four arms, four spikes, and wearing a black, sleek trenchcoat, black shorts, steel-toed boots with spurs, and wears sunglasses. He is designed to wow and amaze his audience by performing all kinds of breathtaking and suspenseful stunts and tricks with his motorcycle, race car and other modes of transportation and to also charm people with his cool and suave demeanor. McCooler is also one of Dr. Clemenceau's experiments.

Dribbler (Experiment 0329): Is a black and white experiment shaped like a gourd except he resembles a lot like the Jiggler creatures portrayed in "Adventure Time With Jake & Finn"; he has 10 holes in his body, including his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, arms, top and bottom. He is designed to absorb all kinds of liquids, including such corrosive juices as orange juice, citrus juice, ink, poison, etc, using wires that retract out of his tiny holes, and he also discharges the liquids out of his body in a spinning motion; he also changes colors when he either imbibes or releases liquids from his body depend on what kind he absorbed. He is called Dribbler because he tends to dribble liquids from his mouth and ears.

Borgia (Experiment 0529): A female, gangling, lanky, wiry Slinky Dog-like experiment who is dark black with white paws, a white muzzle, white fur surroundings her beady amethyst eyes, a small, red nose, and has a dark purple beady tail along with a dozen legs. Borgia is designed to not only have infinite elasticity, (meaning that she could stretch on for miles and miles and can also twist, turn and bend), but she can also turn invisible and shape-shift into any form. She was one of Mr. Sanders' experiments to be created in the White House in the days before The War Of The Countries broke out and suffered unimaginable abuse, suffering and pain as she and her brethern were used as pawns and tools in order to further the villains' cause and consolidate their power as the most powerful and unstoppable nation in the world.

Even though Borgia was intended for evil, she was never successfully corrupted by her master's evil influence and instead became withdrawn, mistrustful, leery and suspicious of other people and her surroundings; she trusted no one but herself and her family and even then she also became suspicious of her own family due to some of them becoming corrupted for Mr. Sanders' villainous schemes. However, it is indicated in "A Child In Their Midst" that Slinky Dog may have feelings for her and in "Revenge In Rendezvous" Borgia is smitten and taken with the young male dog and appears to have chosen him as her mate. However, there is a possibility that Simon, aka Experiment 1954, might also take an opportunity to fight to steal her from Slinky and win her heart and affections.

Luan Paxton: A female prostitute who originally lived in McNair County in Nashville, Tennessee, she resembles a lot like Annie Caplan and Lee Dumonde and is described having wavy, short, black hair, along with more soft and delicate facial features and having mascara, blush and eye shadow on her face; she is usually seen wearing a dark coffee brown/honey one-piece skimpy dress with checkered patterns and a topaz band around her neck. Her first appearance was in "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey", where she saves both Kramer and Annie from being ambushed and killed by a DOV agent in front of the Casablanca Hotel and was also seen by Annie in a couple of her visions. Luan also arranges for Annie and the gang to have a room right next to Jack McGee's upon his request and reveals that she is the hotel's resident hooker that provides her services to any weary traveler passing through Suburbia City.

Back while she was in McNair County, Luan was acquainted with a local sheriff named Buford Pusser, who had returned to his childhood hometown after many years working as a boxer and was appalled to see the level of corruption that has now plagued his hometown. Risking everything he ever had, including his family, wife and even his own life, Buford almost single-handedly cleaned out much of the crime and filth in the town by using physical force and weapons, most notably a stick. Luan was one of the only people in that town that was sympathetic to his plight. Luan also had an affair with Kirstoff as well as Chopsuey, making Lee extremely jealous and infuriated at his blatant betrayal of her.

Mrs. Rebecca Petrie: The female head of D.E.B.S. Academy, which was founded to train a highly elite group of female spies to capture villains and any other menace roaming the earth; she is a no-nonsense, serious, dedicated and professional woman with a special hatred for villains and has no tolerance and mercy for them, stemming from the traumatic loss she had to suffer when her younger twin sister Ramona was murdered by a jealous co-worker at the hospital she worked in shortly after Rhonda's birth.

She was even more scandalized upon learning that her best agent Amy fell in love with super villainess Lucy Diamond and risked her career and her life to pursue her desires. Although Mrs. Petrie was not initially pleased with her young niece's choice to hook up with a super villainess, she tolerates it for Rhonda's sake and she was so against Sgt. Maj. Henry Sinclair's rash decision to execute Lee without giving her baby a chance to be born that she decided to intervene in the drastic and urgent situation.

Mrs. Petrie eventually becomes the director of the newly formed Multiverse Bureau, (or Intergalactic Agency), with Sylvia Marpoole as the secretary and Joshua, Naomi, Rhonda Petrie, Team Legacy, and the Special Victims Unit as honorary members, (with Alexandra Cabot as the honorary lawyer/attorney in standby just in case any legal issues arise from any of their inter-dimensional excursions; Casey Novak is her back-up just in case she is too swapped in legal work to represent the organization).

She also finds herself falling madly in love with Henry Sinclair as she struggles to make her feelings known to him and by the time of "Next Generation Of Lilo & Stitch 1: Kamali'i", she is already engaged to the veteran Marine sergeant major. This plot development means if Mrs. Petrie and Henry Sinclair were to get married sometime in the future, this would make Mrs. Petrie Joshua's stepmother and Naomi's stepmother-in-law and with her being Rhonda's aunt, that would make the two teenagers cousins. Ironically, if Lee and Rhonda were to marry someday, this would also make Joshua and Naomi Lee's cousin-in-law and make their respective children cousins.

Trapper Joe (Experiment 0633): A grey Stitch-like experiment with dark, glowing, crimson eyes and a dark onyx underbelly with four arms, five spikes with dark gray tips, red horizontal zigzag stripes running down from the back of his head to his tail, two antennae, a shaggy, rough, auburn beard and short, auburn brown hair. He is designed to create a series of booby traps and other devices that can capture and kill prey and enemies. He is also one of Vivian Alamain's experiments and the fourth experiment in the series.

Vitus (Experiment 0632): A periwinkle/snow white Japanese Stitch-like experiment with dark purple markings on the back of his head and his back, angular, curved, leaf-like ears, light silver underbelly, onyx eyes, a dark purple nose, two long, pointy, and spindly antennae, four arms, four spikes and furrowed, bold, shaggy eyebrows with a diminutive and tiny build. He is a very quiet, shy and timid young experiment with a child-like, innocent personality and shies away from most people; unlike most of his siblings, he prefers to look around the scenery and enjoy the view rather than fight. He is the third of Vivian Alamain's experiments in the series; he is designed to life objects 630,000 times his own weight, have night vision, infrared vision, X-ray vision, heat vision, super intelligence that is higher than Stitch, Leroy, 627, and Chopsuey combined, and he can also meld minds by sharing knowledge, memories, experiences and thoughts with others.

Carlise (Experiment 0631): She is designed to be a female crime fighter, with the ability to have stamina, super speed/agility, endurance, durability, super reflexes, and a great knowledge and dexterity of weaponry, gadgets and other devices. Carlise is also capable of operating vehicles and animals and she can also hack into security systems and computers as well as break into certain buildings with espionage-specific skills and techniques; she also expertly uses stealth to move around areas and slip in and out of places without being detected.

For her endurance, she is capable of going through a series of battles and attacks for a prolonged period of time and for her stamina she is able to withstand countless attacks, hits and blows for long periods of time as well. As for durability, she is resistant to most elemental attacks, (meaning that she is still susceptible to them and is NOT completely immune to them), but is also very vulnerable towards bullets and also physical force; she also can get burnt by fire, electrocuted, or even frozen.

Carlise also looks like a female version of Chopsuey except she has lengthy, dangling Angel-like antennae, long, overflowing, spiky strawberry blonde hair, dark purple/onyx eyes, accentuated, bold, eyebrows, five arms, four spikes, and she also has a soft, delicate, angular Angel-like face; Carlise is also dressed in a overflowing, heavy trench coat, dark, long, leather pants, black steel-toe boots, a pair of sunglasses, black gloves, a little microphone device hanging by her ear and a pair of dog tags bearing her name and experiment number, "Carlise Alamain, aka Experiment 0631". Although it might be argued that she was inspired by Naomi, aka Experiment 631, she was actually inspired by Trinity of the Matrix trilogy and The Bride from the Kill Bill movies. Carlise is the second experiment of the Alamain series.

Ditch (Experiment 0634): A dark black, male gremlin/Digger-like experiment with a scruffy overbite, long, dangling, pointy ears, dark Prussian blue eyes, four fangs, a short and diminutive size ranging about 2 feet, black, scruffy tufts of hair on his head, four arms, six spikes, and sharp, pointy claws and talons. He is the fifth experiment of the Alamain series and he is also designed to dig up large holes and trenches in places that have either been wet or in places in which rain occur and remove enough sediments to trigger sinkholes. He also uses his digging to plant, fertilize and eventually harvest all kinds of flowers and trees, especially in gardens.

Rhutt Butler (Experiment 0635): A male black and white weasel Shoe-like experiment with a taller, slimmer and lankier build and a broader, narrower, and more angular head along with a mustache and a tuxedo. Rhutt Butler also has retractable six arms, seven spikes, and two antennae, which he uses only when necessary, such as in battle. He is designed to comply to any command or order that is directed to him, especially with food; he is trained and designed very much to be a manservant and acts very much like a butler. He is also mainly mute and usually communicates by growls, snarls, grumbles and snorts, and when he does speak it is usually in alien. He is one of Vivian Alamain's experiments and the sixth experiment in the series.

Trig (Experiment 0636): An azure beagle/Chihuahua hybrid with the enlarged, rounded, angular head of a beagle, a narrow, pointy snout, a tiny, wide muzzle, a midnight blue nose and royal blue, beady eyes, the slender, diminutive and wiry body of a Chihuahua, crooked, bent, onyx beagle-like ears, frilly, four spikes, lanky, scrawny, four arms, and black tufts of whippy, scruffy hair on top of her head along with a lion's tail. She is designed to trigger the alarm of every car within close proximity by barking and yapping incessantly; this is accomplished by sending sound waves through her voice and the farther and louder her voice, the more alarms that can go off; she can even cause an entire building to be filled with loud, blaring sounds of car alarms gone awry.

Admiral Yank (Experiment 0637): A dark crimson Snubull-like experiment with dark midnight blue ears, eyes, frill collar, and spots on his back and chest; he also has three fangs protruding from his jaws and also has three spikes jutting out of his back along with four arms with onyx claws and frilly tufts of onyx hair on his head. He also wears a royal blue security guard officer uniform complete with a bulletproof vest inside his clothing, a royal blue fedora, and a couple of holsters containing a semi automatic rifle, a mini gun, a plasma cannon, a .44 magnum, a Thomas submachine gun with a license, and a burlap sack containing a machete. Admiral is designed to inspect all perimeters and areas of a certain building and be on a constant watch for intruders and invaders. He is also the eighth experiment in the Alamain series and is usually referred to as Admiral by his fellow experiments.


Morgan Harrington: An old associate of Stefano DiMera who was one of his top confederates back in his early villainy days; she was also the main partner in crime of Lee Dumonde and frequently teamed up with her in countless heists and schemes orchestrated by Stefano. Morgan also specialized in several illegal activities that ranged from arson, murder, drug trafficking, grand theft of priceless artwork and jewelry, money laundering, fraud, scamming, etc; despite of their constant collaboration in their numerous schemes, Lee and Morgan were pitted as bitter rivals and mortal enemies due to Morgan's jealousy towards Lee as Stefano's right hand woman and lover and the fact that he showered so much attention and praise on her.

Morgan also secretly harbored a small crush on Lee and was infuriated over her blatant rejection of her in favor of their boss; Lee also despised and hated Morgan greatly due to her snooty, condescending and arrogant attitude and her wicked, sinister and chilling demeanor. With her calculating, conniving and brilliant mind, a stoic and aloof demeanor, and a coldhearted, ruthless and dangerously ambitious personality to boot, Morgan ultimately proves herself to be a very worthwhile, formidable and impressive foe, especially with her intimidating and domineering presence with plenty of sly, coy and seductive charisma and charm to accompany it. Even though Morgan no longer works among Stefano's close cohorts, she still works closely with the villainous elderly crime boss and rushes to his aid whenever he requests it.

Morgan is described as an extremely beautiful, attractive and stunningly gorgeous woman with short, scruffy, shoulder-length jet black hair tied with a black pin, pure white alabaster skin, cold, hard, piercing blue-grey eyes, a pointy, narrow nose, a staunched, hard and austere expression complete with pursued, mocking and derisive lips, pinched, sunken, thick high cheekbones, and she has a slight resemblance to Lee save for the fact that she is at least 20 years older than her; despite of the fact that normally Morgan would have been an much older woman in her senior years just like Lee, it is implied that she also possesses the ability to appear ageless no matter how many years pass by.

Morgan's usual dress of choice consists of a dark navy blue polyester business suit with a slightly low V-line, a pair of long, polyester, dark navy blue dress pants, a pair of black stilettos with 5 inch heels and a cherry red ascot wrung around her neck. She also has a muscular, well-built, and strong build with broad and narrow shoulders and a somewhat slim body despite of its masculinity. She also typically speaks in a silky, smooth, velvety voice with a refined, sophisticated New York accent.

Ironically enough, Morgan was raised in a upper middle class well-to-do family in the deep South for the first few years of her childhood despite of being originally born in New York to a Southern mother and a New Yorker father; however, when her father lost his job and was on the brink of bankruptcy, Stefano DiMera contacted him and offered to help the family, prompting them to move back to New York.

Mr. Sanders: The son of Mr. Banders and the stepson and stepsister of Mary Williams and Laverne, Mr. Sanders schemed to rid the world of women and finish off where his father had failed by establishing a nation full of villains and having the entire race of villainy reign supreme while having the entire hero race enslaved for their own devices. He is shown in "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey" passed out drunk on top of a chair and is rumored to have carried on several liaisons with women in the White House, including Lee Dumonde and Mrs. Iselin. In "The War On America", however, he is portrayed as an arrogant, conceited and hedonistic villain with a perchance for sleeping with women and using them as little more than sexual objects and having a tendency to fly into drunken rages whenever he hits the bottle.

Kramer: A bumbling idiot who was part of Mr. Sanders' administration and was revealed to be Chopsuey's best friend in "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey" with a slightly bigger role; he is extremely loyal towards the young troubled alien experiment and cares for him deeply as if he were his own younger brother and therefore would do anything to protect him, even if it meant taking some drastic measures. Kramer has such a deep and strong bond for the little guy that he has come to think of him as his equal and even one of his own; he has also adopted Chopsuey legally as his own son in a growing trend among the White House where the newly activated experiments were peddled over to certain villains depending on their compatibility and were placed in their care and custody via adoption papers. So far Kramer is the only villain known to be involved in this highly costly and outrageously widespread sale and claiming of experiments, next to Sable. Given this information, this would make his son Caleb with Annie Caplan Chopsuey's adopted younger brother.

Even though Kramer was originally loyal to the exclusive band of villains in the White House district, he chooses to honor his friendship with Chopsuey and betray Mr. Sanders and his associates by teaming up with local psychic Annie Caplan in order to save him. Ironically, even though he is seen as a nervous and socially awkward man who has trouble landing date with girls and is even afraid to approach them, he finally gets lucky when he wins Annie's heart and starts to build a relationship with her, becoming her protector and beloved friend in David's place. And when push comes to shove he can shed his cowardly demeanor and step up to defend his friends from anyone that seeks to hurt them. He was also Mr. Sanders' adviser in "Team Legacy: The War On America" but was given little more than a small role.

Mrs. Iselin: The wife of John Iselin who served as one of Mr. Sanders' top advisers and was feared among her colleagues for her dangerous cunning and sheer ingenuity. She was hinted to have been scheming to get rid of Mr. Sanders and take over the presidency for herself along with her son, Raymond Shaw; Mrs. Iselin was purported to have been sleeping with Mr. Sanders, among other scores of women.

Mrs. Viola Beautacroft: A Suzanne Flon look alike with dark, raven hair with graying streaks on them, cold, steel-blue eyes with ultraviolet hues, porcelain and milky skin, a pronounced chin with a square jaw, and a diminutive and wizened, scrawny build; she is capable of speaking both English and French and has a deep, gravelly, smoky voice. She serves as Mr. Sanders' secretary, front desk clerk, and manager of the White House who is in charge of keeping record of every document in the building and inspecting all of the operations that occur in the building as well as keeping check of who goes in and goes out of the White House.

Despite of her snooty, snobbish and aloof personality who detests most of the villains in the White House, including Mr. Sanders, she does have some compassion and mercy left in her heart and takes it upon herself to protect Lee Dumonde and her unborn children from everyone who sought to hurt them, even some conniving and power-hungry women such as Mrs. Iselin.

Viola is also a crafty, wily and resourceful woman who is not about to be outsmarted by anybody, including some of her biggest female foes, and is often nicknamed Izzy by Ichy as well. Although it is implied that she does like Chopsuey somewhat, Viola mainly despises him due to his psychotic and violent nature and it is implied they share a love-hate relationship. She is also rivals with him due to her romantic feelings for Lee Dumonde. She also appears in "Interviews With The OC's And AU's" along with Rhonda, Chopsuey, Courage and Annie and spends much of her time trying to keep Chopsuey under control while preventing him from going on a crazed, mad rampage with her threats.

Elaine Paige: A British born woman with dark, long, raven hair, sapphire blue eyes and a velvety, smooth, silky voice who is skilled in taking on any disguise imaginable and is perfectly capable of impersonating anyone using a complex network of aliases. She first encounters Team Legacy when she first breaks into their shelter and attempts to sexually assault Celeste Schafer; the team is then forced to place her in a mental institution while they search fervently in hot pursuit with every intention to apprehend her. However, Elaine again shows up in a later episode where she is interested in continuing her perilous cat and mouse game with the heroes and in the process falls obsessively in love with Lee Dumonde. She is a brazen and audacious criminal who is not afraid to risk her resources to accomplish her means and does not mind getting dangerously close to her enemies in order to get what she wants.

Elaine may seem cold, callous and insensitive towards the people around her at times and also possesses a maniacal, homicidal streak along with a fierce temper, but she somehow manages to form some sort of symbolic relationship with Rhonda and her team and would not mind committing a regular transgression against them just to challenge them to try and capture her. Charming and seductive, Elaine is also extremely fond of carrying on numerous affairs with women and has often participated in trysts in secret rendezvouses with Lee Dumonde and many other women.

Ichy: A young male Sharpbeak who is portrayed in "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey" as one of Mr. Sanders' many lackeys. He is shown to be partners with Ripper Roo, one of Dr. Neo Cortex's first creations. Ichy has since parted ways with Dil and is now by himself in the White House, which makes him extremely vulnerable for all sorts of bullying and intimidation by the villains, especially Viola Beautacroft, with whom he constantly butts heads with. Her favorite nickname for her is Izzy.

Ripper Roo: Also known as Dr. Roo, he was one of Dr. Neo Cortex's original creations who went insane after being zapped twice by the Evolvo Ray. Ripper was originally dispatched to destroy Crash Bandicoot but was defeated twice. After his first defeat from Crash, he attended college where he studied to become a psychologist and eventually went out to write a successful book. This demonstrates that he has a second personality where he proves himself to be an educated, sophisticated and sane intellectual who might have some great potential to contribute positively to society.

However, one drawback to this is once he is hit by an explosion of any kind, he regresses back into his insane old self. Ripper Roo is another one of Mr. Sanders' lackeys who was recruited into in his administration and is shown in "A Day In The Life Of Chopsuey" to be a good partner and friend to Ichy, despite of the latter's antisocial personality. He can speak some English in subtitles but he prefers to communicate in unintelligible gibberish.

Dona Griselda Boss: A Puerto Rican/Colombia mafia boss who proclaims herself as one of the most powerful - and probably one of the few - godmothers in the country, having control over much of the land and the owner of several of the cartels prevalent in Colombia. Griselda Boss has thousands of workers operating under her and employed in a variety of positions ranging from drug dealer, lookout, hustler, thief, enforcer, smuggler, etc. She is an accomplished career criminal with great ambition and ruthlessness and is cold-hearted and callous enough to use any means necessary to achieve her goals, even if it mean taking the lives of innocent people.

Her empire consists of shipping thousands of pounds of marijuana, pot and cocaine to various countries including Venezuela, Brazil and the U.S. with the help of drug enforcers and smugglers and reaping huge sums of profits from these heists. Griselda also holds a long rap sheet ranging from murder, racketeering, money laundering, fraud to several convictions on various drug offenses. Griselda is an intimidating, cruel and fearsome foe who will not show mercy to anyone who stands in her way and fears no one. She is about 42-years-old and is described as a slender, tall, imposing woman with a haggard and craggy, pasty face and icy, ferocious, cold eyes.

Jennifer "Jen" Deson: A young American girl who is Rhonda's long time nemesis and have a ongoing feud/rivalry with her dating from the time they were young kids. She is said to be at least a year older than her and had lost her parents to a tragic car accident at the tender age of 8. However, when Rhonda and her team end up killing her twin brother who was working for one of their teammates back in El Manantail in one of their missions, Jen is enraged and furious at her brother's death and vows to avenge him by destroying the heroes, most notably Rhonda. She has since concentrated all of her efforts into sabotaging the team's heroic efforts whenever possible and also opposing them as well as their leader, with whom she is sworn enemies with.

Her other twin brother, who is still alive, is currently in jail and there has been no word as to his recent activities. Jen has been characterized as an arrogant, whiny, vindictive, angry and vicious young preteen who has since grew up into a power hungry, ambitious, ruthless and psychotic teenager. Her next appearance is set to be in "Team Legacy: Escape From The Matrix", where it has been implied that both she, Rhonda and her team have been in the Matrix some years before; Jen also had a brief confrontation with Rhonda before Yaarp helped his leader defeat her.

In "Summer Brawl At Year's End", many members of her extended clan are introduced for the very first time, most importantly her grandmother Sassy Deson, who appears as the matriarch of the family with a tight reign over much of its members, including some of her children and grandchildren. According to Sassy, when she passes away, Jen is chosen to take on the role of matriarch for her and will handle much of the family business and enterprise for her, especially since she is of age now, (being currently 19-years-old), and has long established herself as one of the world's most notorious and infamous villainesses who has earned both respect and fear among heroes and villains. Her appearances include "Summer Brawl At Year's End".

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Maude's Tuckahoe Saga: The Movie reviews
Years after events of the T.V. series, Maude struggles to rear a young lion cub named Omari; however, when a local talent show comes to Tuckahoe, Maude must confront a series of bizarre events and a cast of diverse characters, including a strange woman.
Crossover - Maude & Harold and Maude - Rated: T - English - Drama/Fantasy - Chapters: 5 - Words: 65,065 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 8/13/2009 - Published: 7/28/2009 - Maude F., Maude
Sentimental Kiss reviews
My very first femslash! This fanfiction depicts the tale on how Lady Sedona and Dr. Clemenceau's relationship goes into another whole new level and how the entire gang deals with it. Some suggestive themes and swearing included.
Lilo & Stitch - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,342 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Published: 7/30/2009 - Complete
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