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Update: Guess what? I'm swamped with homework this week x3 Lol no, i'll probably get the next chapter up like before sunday. I also wanted to let you all know that I will be starting a second fic as well with the pairing Ukitake/Kyoraku =3 It will most likely take place during their academy days. I luffles Ukitake almost as much as Gin and Toshiro so I really want to do a story wiff him (Maybe it's a white hair thing o_O) Anyways stay tuned!

Update: I will be writing Point of You once more. Expect the next chapter up this week =D and if it's not up you can hunt me down and hit my over the head with a plot bunny. Ok so a teaser summary for Point of View (this will all appear in the next chapter since very few people actually view my profile, but I need to write it down somewhere)

In Point of You, Toshiro and Gin are taken back to the Soul Society early in an unconventional way. Everyones upset and yelling. And what does Aizen have to do with it all? Stay tuned for the next chapter Seeing Red, For Blue.

Recent News: I am home everyone!! And you know what that means?? It means i've written out the webs for the rest of the chapters to Being Lost!! So i will get started immediately on those! I want to thank all my new viewers and all the people who put me on their alerts! Thank you for being patient. While I had internet on my trip, it was my dads laptop and there just something about saving yaoi to my dads working computer that didn't sit right with me XD

Recent News: I'm on my trip!! I'm actually in britain right now, which is very exciting. I haven't been able to log on for the past few days but managed to get on today! I wanted to let you all know (or the few people who actually visit my profile) that I have begun working diligently on my story with characters Louie, Domino, Shadow(Shade), Mara/Dart, Hisashi and Namie! (that's the whole gang as of so far incase you were curious 0.o) I do hope to turn this into a manga and actually get it published one day! So hopefully I can convince some of you to buy it x) Since not all the kinks are worked out yet, I'm going to drop you all the title right now as starters! It's hopefully gunna be called Nichijou no Tenshi, aka Everyday Angels. So Yes thats exciting, Now to work on POY right? x)

Recent news: Zomg, I finally got a new deviant art. here you go.. thats where all images of the gang (Louis, Dom, Kira, Shade and Kurome) will be posted. I only got one up so far, it's Domino like age 18 looking adorable (in my opinion lol) and chibi Dom at the bottom supporting the love that is LouisxDom. I know it's a bit sucky but don't hate me too much, i haven't drawn manga in like three months now

Recent News: Murg, i'm having trouble with this next chapter. or at least I'm just having trouble starting it. i have my web drawn out for the events that will happen, but I just don't want to start it lol, something about a depressed Toshiro turns me off starting for some reason, at least tonight it does. I don't have a whole lot to do tomorrow and have to get up early, so i figure I can get it done and up some time then. i'm working on my website tomorrow night though, so hopefully I will be able to get it done before then. I want to apologize since I'm thinking of it, for the mass of mistakes in chapter four nearing the end. It was like four in the morning, and I was editing it and I guess I just started failing in the editing process, so I apologize for that >

Recent News: Guess what? Im'a start drawing little snippets of chibi manga based off my characters Domino and Louis (louie). I still don't know what i'm going to do with them. I actually have hopes of creating my own manga. However, my ideas are lacking at the moment. If I come up with a really good story idea, then I'll begin working on my manga :D For now you can enjoy the snippets though. I should have the first one done at the end of the day and will post the link to them on here I guess. If you have any really awesome manag story ideas that you want to share with me, i'd be totally pleased! Next chapter for Point of You will take me a few days. I've drawn a blank since i managed to finish my entire web in that huge chapter. Now i'm not sure what to do again XD alright, peace out

Recent News: I'm working diligently on chapter 3, it should be up tomorrow! bear with me, This ones taken me a tad longer cause I had problems getting it started. i think i've got it now though. So please check back tomorrow for the next chapter! I'm very happy to see so many people are reading my story, 102 in just three days! And thank you for the reviews that were left for me, I really appreciate them. In the next chapter things begin to get rolling more into this lovely ToshiroxGin relationship! Nothing smutty yet though, just some fluffy sweet stuff, a little bit of breaking happening on Gin's part, nothing serious yet though. Chapter three is probably gunna be called "Even the Devil is without a smile, once in awhile"

Recent News: Got a brand new desk and chair in my room! Now I can really start writing stories! i've just finished the first chapter to a story I'm currently very interested in writing, please check it out! It's a ToshiroxGin pairing, yaoi of course. Toshiro and Gin are sent to the real world to detain Rukia for having given her powers to Ichigo (taking place before Byakuya and Renji show up), but they end up getting lost and can't contact the Soul Society! So they have to spend two weeks in each others company! While Toshiro suffers over constant put-downs and having failed a mission he had sworn he would complete in order to prove he's worth something, gin's mask begins to chip away and reveal his true face! Chapter One is called "A deal with a fox" so please read and review! I love happy comments!

Heya, thanks for swinging by my profile, I guess since you did that i'll talk with you for a little bit!

I am interested in writing about Bleach at the moment. I will warn you now, almost everything I write turns into Yaoi, yes, with sex scenes. I will also cater to the Yaoi fanclubs out there by being details and not vague and fluffy. I dislike flamers because I find that the usually don't have a clue and are complete idiots, they aren't even worth my time, therefore they will be ignored completly and instead added to the fire to heat my house. I welcome creative feedback, but try not to be cruel, there are many different styles of writing.

If you're still reading, you're probably interested in hardcore yaoi so I shall share with you future pairings I hope to provide for you.

Gin x Toshiro

AN: I view Toshiro as a older person who just happened to get stuck with a young body. He's technically dead and is probably actually not all that young so yeah um, I am very must against sex with younger children. If you're reading these pairings though you probably get that anyway. Plus I really love Toshiro and Gin... and sticking them together is fun!

Renji x Byakuya

AN: Come on everyone loved this pairing! Renji's such a loud smart ass and Byakuya's just too cool and awesome. I will strive to capture Byakuya's personality as best as possible in these fics! I find it very annoying when people don't stay true to Byakuya's personality. Byakuya would not get excited over chocolate, geez! twitch

Maybe something with Noba... I think he's positively adorable and I do squee whenever he shows up. The problem is he's a very hard character to write, in my opinion...

Those are the pairings thus far... Um I promise to deliver as well.. I like writing long stuff. I promise to write over 2,000 words per chapter, but I really like chapters, and I tend to break up what could be one long assed chapter into several!

I also write in paragraphs. I don't know whats up with this 'all dialogue no action' style of writing thats out right now but it really pisses me off. The first thing you learn in class is that dialogue is useless without action...

Um...I don't have anything else to say really... Um If you end up liking my work I will probably accept requests for pairings. Please keep in mind, I only write stories about Yaoi. If I put my brain to work I can write Yaoi from Fruits Basket, Bleach, FMA, Death note and probably some others, but since I'm currently watching and therefore obsessing over Bleach, Thats what I can write right now. I can also write Harry potter stuff.

I guess I can share one thing about myself, I am a female but I'm a female gay. Gay in the literal sense of the word, two guys, in love with each other. Therefore I figure myself somewhat of a transgender but thats really complicated so I just call myself a Pansexual, which means I'm gender blind and have the potential to fall in love with anyone regardless of gender. However, unless it isn't obviouse yet, I dislike the female body quite a lot... Um yeah! Continuing on. I hope to have some stories up soon!

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