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I love WWE!!

The following are the WWE Superstars that I love in order

1. Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Stephanie McMahon!! (Can't decide which one I love the most! They both are just THAT DAMN GOOD with children that are THAT DAMN CUTE!!)

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Oh hell yeah!)

3. HBK (Sexy boy!!)

4. Vince McMahon ( I just love him even though sometimes he's an ass)

5. Randy Orton (The handsomest wrestler in WWE. His craziness turns me on)

6. The Undertaker (Gotta love the Phenom. He's absolutely phenomenal!)

8. Todd Grisham (I know, but he's cute. I always had a thing with the nerds)

9. Justin Roberts (Love the way he says Trrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiple H!! and D-Generrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrration X!!)

My favorite quotes ;)

The Weakest Link

HHH: I'm Triple H I am The Game. And yes, Kurt Angle's shirt is available at wwfshopzone dot com

Anne: Stephanie
Stephanie: Yes?
Anne: What do you called yourself?
Stephanie: The Billion Dollar Princess?
Anne: The Billion Dollar Princess?
Stephanie: That is correct
Anne: Where did you get your money from?
Stephanie: My daddy
Anne: Who's your daddy?
Stephanie: Vince McMahon
Anne: Never heard of him
Stephanie: (Rolls eyes)
Anne: Why haven't you got big muscles?
Stephanie: I don't need big muscles, I have two big ones right here!

Anne: Triple H
HHH: Yes
Anne: Who are you married to?
HHH: The Billion Dollar Princess over here, Stephanie
Stephanie: (Gesturing at herself, smiling proudly)
Anne: Marry her for her money?
HHH: Damn right
Stephanie: (LOL)

Anne: Stephanie
Stephanie: Yes Anne
Anne: How old are you?
Stephanie: 25
Anne: What happen to the old women wrestlers, did they just get fat?
Stephanie: Do I look old?
Anne: (Wobbles her head)
Stephanie: And I have to say I'm considerably younger than you
Anne: So is that hairstyle intentional?
Stephanie: Yes, is yours?

Anne: Triple H
HHH: Yes
Anne: Who's your boss?
HHH: Vince McMahon
Anne: So you're not gonna vote off his daughter are you?
HHH: She got a billion reasons why I shouldn't
Stephanie: (Chuckles)

Anne: William!
Regal: Yes
Anne: Who's your boss
Regal: Stephanie McMahon (LOL)
Stephanie: (LOL)
HHH: (Smirks)

Sunday Night Heat

Fan: Don't you wanna uh, you know, get naked?
Stephanie: Hey, I get naked at Triple H!

Fan: We all wanna know did you sleep with Kurt Angle?
Stephanie: (O.O) Sleep? No, I've never slept, with Kurt Angle, no.
Fans: Slut! Slut! Slut! Slut!

Fan: Stephanie
Stephanie: Yes
Fan: My name is Charlie
Stephanie: Hi Charlie
Fan: I wanna know when you're gonna forget about Triple H and Kurt Angle, and when you're gonna marry me? (shows a ring)
Stephanie: (O_O) Is that a ring in your hand??
Fan: Yes it is!
Stephanie: I'm so sorry. Charlie, if I weren't already married I'd say yes
Fan: Thank you Steph

Sunday Night Heat (McMahon-Helmsley Interview)

Michael Cole: Triple H, can I ask your, your lovely wife Stephanie a question, do you mind? Stephanie, do you believe in your heart that there was ever anything going on sexually between your husband and Trish Stratus?
Stephanie: You mean besides the 'go behind things'?
Michael Cole: Yeah, well, maybe a lil bit more than that...
Stephanie: (looks at HHH) or the way that you wound up in the ring in a 69 position with Trish Stratus?
HHH: That's such a nasty term really
Stephanie: It was nasty thing to watch too!

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