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Your Humble Narrator wishes to extend a warm hand to all her Constant Readers.

I go by YHN - pronounced "yinn." And I'm pleased to meet you all!

Ocrober 23, 2009-

Everyone's probably going to hate me, but I took down "Share The Blankets." While it was cute and silly, ultimately it made me very uncomfortable, and I hadn't enjoyed writing it or re-reading it. As I said in the opening of it, I don't write turtlecest or homoerotic stories, as I'm a Catholic and a true daughter of the Church. I left the story up because I knew that as a slash/turtlecest fic, it would attract a lot of attention and get me a bunch of readers, which is what I wanted, even though I didn't particularly like the story. In the end, I had to decide between my faith and getting a bunch of fans, and it boils down to this: I'd rather nobody read my stuff and I publish for my own enjoyment, than publish and have a bunch of people read in the hopes of me writing something else that's incest/homoerotic. It's deceitful to you, since I don't plan on writing any more like that, and it's deceitful to God.

You're more than welcome to disagree with me, but I feel a lot better about my writing myself. God bless and keep you always, and I hope that the quality of my work is enough to continue to attract readers, rather than having to rely on a gimmick. If you can't accept my writing based on its quality, then I understand and I thank you for the brief attention you granted me. If you still are interested in my stories (which I am still working on, yes, despite setbacks from Real Life), then thank you for sticking it out with me.

October 19, 2009-

Well, a brief bit about my life and why I'm behind on my writing, sorry to say it. I had a death in the family that interrupted a lot, and then I was busy trying to keep my job. Things have been a little hairball, naturally.

Something I want to point out - I treat everything I'm writing like a rough draft. That may mean that later on there will be some serious overhauls, re-writes, etc. For now, there will be plot holes, editing mistakes, charcters that will be edited out, and so on. Please know that if you don't like something, I am game to listen to ideas, but don't be surprised if I just go with something that doesn't work. It's my intent to fix things after I've written the first draft of them. Yes, I know, maybe I should just write the draft and then post, but if I did that, I would never have the nerve to post at all. I'm very down on myself about not writing better, but I know I'm not horrible, so I am trying to just wing it. So, please be patient with anything you see here. It's all for the good of having fun. And it'll be even rougher when I do my NaNoWriMo novel online!

A brief list of things that people may want to know (By now I don't think you need the "characters" list anymore, and if you do, I'll haul it out again at a later date).

1) Universes – My stories are all based on a combination of the original Mirage Studios Vol. 1 comic book series and the TMNT 2007 movie. I haven’t seen the 2003 cartoon series yet, but when I finally get the money to buy them on DVD, I will probably add that universe to my stories as well. If I do, I may revamp some of my fics to accommodate any major differences between the three universes, but I will leave big honking notes about it so you know what to look for that’s changed.

2) Characters – a lot of characters from the Mirage Studios Vol. 1 comic are now in the 2003 cartoon. In the 2003 cartoon, they’ve pretty much got stable personalities and a set storyline. In the Vol. 1 comics, different people interpreted the characters differently from each other and from Eastman and Laird. I’m only using the Vol. 1 versions of the characters, and only the interpretations of the characters that I like best. Therefore, some characters may seem OOC but are actually not! I will do my best to keep them IC according to the universe that I know. Again, after I see the 2003 series, I may change some of my stories to fit that better, but I’ll make big huge notes of it if I do.

3) Characters, part 2 – Many characters in the Vol. 1 comic were one-shots or only came back when a particular person or group was brought back later to do another comic book. Some of the characters in my stories might look like OCs but they’re not. I’m listing them below.

4) Storylines – I have almost all of Mirage Studios Vol. 1, but I have maybe four comics from Vol. 2, and none from any of the other volumes. Therefore, I don’t know a lot of stuff that went on after Vol. 1 ended and the “City at War” storyline was wrapped up. None of those storylines will cross into any of my fics, so if characters are missing that you know of and think are common knowledge, don’t be surprised not to see them here.

5) Relationships – I’m playing fast and loose with the character relationships based on what I see in my comic books and how I interpreted what happened. I’ll try to be explicit about what was actually in the comic and what is strictly my interpretation.

6) Cherry Picking – There are one or two characters that I really liked from the 1980’s cartoon series and the Archie comic book series. Those characters may make an appearance, but may be radically altered to accommodate the darker, more intense world of the Vol. 1 comic/2007 movie. I’ll let you decide if those characters are actually Original Characters or if they’re canon, and I’m good either way.

7) The Live Action Movies – The first three movies were pretty much a re-telling of the Mirage comics, tamed down for kids. I’m writing them off as redundant, so they don’t exist in my series. I won’t be cherry picking from them, either, because they didn’t offer anything original.

8) The Coming Out of Our Shells Tour – I am keeping the fact that Raphael knows how to play the saxophone, just because that’s so damn cool! Unfortunately, this talent wasn't explored in the tour, but I didn't care for him playing drums, so no drums, just sax. Also, Mike and Leo know how to play guitar, and Donnie can play piano/keyboard.

9) Next Mutation – Peter Laird hated Next Mutation, as far as I know. From what I understand, he and the rest of Mirage put their foot down during the original 1980’s cartoon series to prevent Mona Lisa from becoming a female turtle. Therefore, out of respect for him (and the fact that I detested Power Rangers and never actually saw “Next Mutation”), “It Never Happened.”

A Little About Me:

I'm a fanfic author from long back, and I reveled in writing bad fan fiction. I admit it with a clear conscience. I wrote almost exclusively for the Gundam Wing community, until I was driven off for various reasons, including the excess of politics on the forums I wrote for. For a few years I stopped writing altogether, and now I've decided to try my hand at it again. This time, I'm focusing on the stuff I've loved since childhood - The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Part of what drove me away from my last fan fic community was the over-emphasis placed on lemons and the under-emphasis placed on plotlines. I like to write plots. I like a story that moves. It's my hope to provide fics that will keep my Constant Readers enthralled.

My goal is entertainment. I write stories that are entertaining to me, and hopefully to you as well. I don't promise perfection, because a lot of what I upload will be rough drafts at first, ready for review and experimentation. This is especially true during November, for NaNoWriMo. My stuff will be unpolished and ugly until it's finished, and only then will I improve on it, if I decide to at all.

I love reading stories with well-written Original Characters. It's my weakness and my passion. As long as the main characters are in character and the stories are moving and interesting, and don't focus entirely on the OCs, then I'll give in and read anything with OCs in it. Naturally, I also write a lot of fics with OCs. I admit it unashamed.

As I said, my goal is entertainment. Some people will find my fiction entertaining. That's all I care about. I may not always hit the mark for people, but I'm always open to suggestions, as I want people to enjoy themselves. If I wanted to write for the sake of making a name for myself, I'd be writing all original fiction and making some money at it, even if it's only pennies. I care about making people laugh, cry, think, and enjoy themselves.

You won't find a new James Joyce novel here. Nor will you find SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE or ONE FLEW OVER THE COO COO'S NEST. I don't pretend to be writing great works of art. But that's okay.

Your Humble Narrator welcomes you to her world.

P.S. - All of my fics, no matter what kind of universe they're set in, are to be treated as Alternative Universes I'm firmly of the belief that every author writes an AU, since no two authors have the same way of looking at the same characters. So don't be surprised if you see "AU" but the story is mundane and set in someone's NYC living room.

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