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I used to be a stay-at-home wife to a hubby who worked overseas for six to eight months. That's why I had so much time to read, listen to music and fangirl over Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Then I tried writing my own fan fic and Bella's Hymen Theory was born. I was told I was funny and clever but that I sucked at story titles. "Terrible title!" "What were you thinking?" "Hymen? Ewww."


Yep. I focused on the funny and clever...*chants inner peace, inner peace* And still used the same title 'coz for the life of me, I couldn't think of another one. There goes my creativity. And cleverness.

Then 2011 happened and hubby got this idea to open up another small business where he'll leave me in charge. Long story short, my sched got crazy hectic for months (opening a business was not easy, trust!) so I had no choice but to put writing in the back burner for a while *sad face* Then when everything was finally settled and I got the time to write again, Izzyyy - my super Beta - got crazy busy. Seriously. It's like the Universe didn't want Chapter 22 to be posted. And it was already halfway done.

So, I'm trying to make up for the long absence by posting a Chapter 22 teaser. I'll erase this part when I'll be able to post the entire thing. For now, read on :)

“Edward Cullen.”

Both turned to look at the woman standing behind Edward. Tyler eyed her curiously. Brows knitted in concentration, he tried to grasp what it was about the fidgeting woman that seemed so famil— oh snap! She’s like a Blonde Bella! Not that Bella would be caught dead wearing a frilly and lacy dress like that and Blonde is almost rail-thin but besides that...whoa. Stop the presses! Bella has a doppelganger. Elena and Katherine much?


Blond Bella blushed. Even the blushing is spot on! “I can’t believe you still remember me.”

Edward stood up in a rush and gave BB a hug before letting her go to give her a look. “Of course I remember you! What are you doing here in Seattle?”

Red appeared beside BB and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. “Believe it or not, of all coincidences, Lucy is my cousin.” Red and Blonde exchanged smiles “She’s in town for a month, visiting her lonely cousin.”

“Among other things,” BB said. The cousins exchanged meaningful glances that made the alarm bells in Tyler’s head go crazy.

“I was supposed to tell you about her last night, but you were preoccupied,” Red continued still smiling. Fakest smile I’ve ever seen, Tyler thought. “So, I decided to bring her here instead.”

More blushing. “Bars aren’t really my thing but Masen’s is an, erm, exception.”

Edward grinned. “Because of that, drinks are on me. Order anything you want. It’s on the house.”

“I’m allergic to any kind of alcohol.”

Goosebumps. Tyler cleared his throat loudly when he saw a tender expression crossed Edward’s face.

“But, I’m not!” Red cheerfully announced and stood between Edward and BB. Then she linked her left arm to Edward’s right and her right arm to BB’s left and pulled the two away from the bar. “Let’s get a table so that you New Yorkers can catch-up comfortably.”

Tyler watched them go with a feeling of dread. He cursed Rose who is too pregnant to be of help and Paris for taking his best girls away for the weekend. He willed Bella, the original Bella to call or text, and regretted for the first time that it wasn’t a real vampire who bit his butt cheek that fateful night during college. At least if he did become a vampire, he could...He blinked. Hey, fabulous idiot, that story isn’t even true! I need to calm down. Love virgins are notoriously loyal and faithful. And Bella is Edward’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” remember? Nothing comes between an “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.” Even a doppelganger.

He crosses his fingers for added support. And a bribe to All That Is Holy, a.k.a Lady Gaga, Queen Goddess that he’d stop flirting forever if the Belward couple passed this with flying (rainbow) colors.

After a minute, he cringed. Fine, a week of No Flirting? He nodded to himself and patted his back. That’s more believable. I could only deprive myself that long...


Angst is in the works...

If you want to read some more teasers, I do tweet random BHT-related things from time to time. Go check out swancullen12 in twitter, that's moi :)

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