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Hi all! My name is Mary Alice (not Cullen). I go by Alice. I have one daughter, Ginevra Marie, and yes, she is named after Ginny Weasly. Her nickname is Ginny.

I have one story so far, Before I Leave. This story is one that tells the story of Edward and Bella, though in a very different circumstance. Bella has only 6 months to live, and Edward wants to help her through the list. Some things on the list seem unattainable, but he is determined to help. Can he help Bella complete the List of Things to do Before I Leave? I have been fairly successful with the number of reviews I have received after only one chapter! Thanks so much!

That's My Brother is currently under construction!!

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The characters:

Edward is perceived as the perfect guy, but I do think otherwise. I think there are far better characters in the story than Edward. Maybe I am looking to much into this, but Edward is overprotective, masochistic, and he cheats at games. That is to name only a few of the flaws in Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. He didn't want his child or to change his wife into a vampire. Edward seems nice enough, but the other Cullen boys seem better!

Bella is a KLUTZ! She has a unique personality and she is very generous, along with kind. She is humorous and lovable. I dont think her personality is captured well in the movie, though.

Carlisle is really the perfect person, in my opinion. I do not like Carlisle, but I think he is all around heroic. He discovered the way of life that escaped being a monster. He could change people into vampires without a problem, and is almost immune to blood itself. He is loving toward his entire family, and he is always compassionate to those around him.

Esme is a great character, who I believe was underdeveloped. Esme could have been such a great character, charming and loving, always wanting to be kind to those around her. She is always so wonderful toward Bella, very welcoming! She is just a great character, I think!

Emmett is a favourite of mine! He is very funny, and his quotes from the books always make me laugh. i sometimes think that in fanfictions, Emmett's silliness becomes exaggerated, and I love it! It is good to have a silly, immature character sometimes. Emmett is sometimes a goof, but he loves Rosalie and his family so much. He is always cheerful, and he is also practical. He's one of those characters you cant help but love!

Rosalie is another of my favourite characters. Many--no, most--people disagree with me, but I think Rose's bitterness comes with good reason. She had a terrible human past, and then the one thing she wants most, mortality, Bella is going to give up in a heartbeat. Rosalie is very loving toward Bella in Breaking Dawn, when I think she warms up to Bella. I love the way Rosalie is portrayed in Family Therapy: Cullen Style. I love the story, and I think it is a great way to show the many sides and feelings of Rosalie Hale.

Jasper is another of my favourites. He is so nice! He is very compassionate toward Bella in Twilight at the hotel. He feels bad that he attacks Bella, and is beyond mortified. But he votes yes to Bella as far as her mortality goes.

Alice is my favourite character. She is so quirky and a typicall girl. She loves shopping and being...human! Her ability to see the future is really cool, and I just think she would be the perfect best friend!

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