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Author has written 3 stories for Pokémon, Superjail!, and Invader Zim.

Hiya, how's it going? Thanks for stopping by my page. ;D

Currently I don't have too many fics up here, but fortunately I'm working on fixing that. I plan to eventually get some more Invader Zim fics written and put up, so look forward to that.

If you do like my writings and whatnot, then I suggest you come here for more spiffy-ness:

For Whom It May Concern

Name: Dana. You can call me Ace, though, if you like. :>

Gender and Age: Female, 16. Otherwise known as 'teenage pile of hormones and smartass-ness'

Country of Origin: USA.

Favorite Color: Red, Orange, and Black

Stuff I like:Drawing; writing weird stories; 80's hair metal (Poison

Stuff I Don't Like: Rude people, excessive stupidity, rap, Most of Those Ridiculous Live-Action Shows on Cartoon Network (Contradictory buffoons...), being bored, people who are too serious, most slash stuff (depends on what it is)

Favorite Kinds of Stories: I really enjoy Humor stories, probably above all other, but some good Adventure and Drama never hurt anyone. :D

Fandoms and Stuff (Each with a Handy Special Section~!)


Basic Comments:I've liked Pokemon for a long time, since I was, like, 8, and it never really left me. Though I've watched the anime get progressively and progressively worse (Ash should be dead by now, seriously. D:), I still enjoy the games and cards and such. Currently I'm even playing through Soul Silver, and I'm pumped for Black&White. So, yeah, probably my oldest obsession.

Favorite Pokemon:Top favorites: Lairon and Ninetales. I also really like Floatzel, Weavile, Flygon, and many others.

Favorite Game:Pokemon Pearl. I just had a really good time with it, and got farther than most of my other games. I also love Ruby, as it was my first game, and maybe even Mystery Dungeon: EoS is vying for a spot.

Favorite Character:Anime wise, Drew and Paul, for being kickass rivals. Anyone who's not Ash, though, also works. Game wise: Most of Team Galactic, and Cynthia, for having cool Pokemon and being the only female Champion. Go feminism!


Basic Comments: I first watched SJ online after a saw someone's profile (on another site) with pictures from it. I got hooked instantly. It's just so insane and colorful and funny and awesome, I couldn't help but just get addicted to it. Even thought I haven't done much stuff involving it recently, I still love it, and I'm eagerly awaiting a Season 2 of some sort.

Favorite Character:Though the wonderful Warden's a close second, I would say Jailbot's my number one favorite. I love how he doesn't even have to say anything to be such an emotional character. And he's both adorable and deadly at the same time. I also like the little demon Bird as well. Again, doesn't even need to speak English. xD

Favorite Episode:"Cold Blooded" Evil Attack Jailbot makes me happeh. And all the little snow critters killing evryone adds just another level of insanity.

Invader Zim:

Basic Comments: Okay, this is my newest obsession, technically. I only got into it early last year. Watched a few episodes online, this and that. And then little Zim took control of the steering wheel in my wind and made it go wayward. And then my IZ love got big. Really big. I went and tracked down the DVDs and started picking up whatever merchansdise I can find. So, yeah, now I'm a Zim junkie. And proud of it. Such an amazing piece of work. Dark, funny, crazy, all rolled up into one neat package and shipping directly to your door!

Favorite Character: Dib is my top favorite. He's just so lovable and he has awesome hair. I do like aloooot of other characters though, Zim, Gir, Shloonktapooxis, the list goes on, really... Special shout-out to Minimoose, though, for being such an enigmatic badass.

Favorite Episode: Oh, that's a toss-up between "Backseat Drivers From Beyond the Stars" and "Halloween Spectaular of Spooky Doom". Backseat Drivers for just being plain funny, and for introducing the Resisty, and the Halloween one simply because it's one of the most terrifying, yet darkly humorous episodes of a show I've seen.

Favorite Pairings: This actually the only show I'd ever bother with Pairings, normally I'm not a big fan of any. Anyhow, my favorite IZ pairings is, erm, RAPR. I think it's rather adorable. >> As for "weirder" pairings, I think MAMR (Mimi and Minimoose) could be a cute one. I do believe Invader Johnny came up with that one, so kudos to him. :3
In terms of pairings I can tolerate, I suppose DATR could work, getting past the fact that "she's an alien who wants to destroy us all" part. ZAGR, too. I could see that.

Least Favorite Pairings: ZADR. Oh God... how I dislike that pairings. Very much. I mean, hey, it's cool if that's what you like, I respect that, but it's just not my sort of thing. I just don't see how it could work. D:
Other pairings I don't really like... um, that would be most of the other ones. Not a big fan of IZ pairings here unless they're really well written.

Favorite "Gir-ism": "It's me! I was the turkey all along! Meeeee!!"

I also love a ton of other movie and TV shows and stuff, but it would be too long a list if I said them all. xD

But... hrm, otherwise, I guess that's all. Unelss, of course, I think of something else and I rush to add it in.

So, for now, enjoy my fics, review kindly, and rock on~

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