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Age:Last time I checked was...wait what are we talking about

Bio:Well lets see hmmmmmmmm about me not much to say the name says it all if not then look me up I'm in video games smiles

Hobbies:I have meany


Dislikes:I have a few

Dreams:I don't plan to tell you anytime soon

Rp Bio:

My Name is Neku Yuuhi I am a former Anbu under the command of Hatake Kakashi along with my Partner Nezume we have completed over 70 A-rank 120 B-Rank 200 C-rank and 500 D-rank missions until Kakashi retired leaving me and Nezumi twith no squad and giving us no choise but to retire now we are assistance on my sister's new genin team and watch over the futuer Heir's to the Aburame and Inuzuka clan since Hinata was disowned my her clan my bounty is 200,000,000ryo since I've been an anbu as long as I've been alive it was only recently I found I have a living relitive and have made it my sworn dutiy to protect her and her team at all coasts

Kekki Genkai:Like the Akatsuki Member Kakuzu I possess the Jiongu only diffrence is that My hearts aren't on my back(sericly they're all on his back what an idiot no stratigy to it makes it easire to know where his weakness are)I have my Original heart in its normal place lightning on my left shoulder Wind on my right shoulder Earth on my right shoulder blade and until recently I had water on my left shoulder blade but posion that effected my lightning heart was transfered to my water heart and causing it to be removed

Jutsu:Fire:Hell Fire Jutsu(incases body in black and blue flames and burns anything it touches)Supernova(a giant fireball that I throw at my oponent)Dragon's breath Jutsu(unlike the Dragon fire jutsu this one while expeled from the mouth is a deep crimson color and gold color that like the amaterasu burns for 7 days and nights)and the basic fire jutsu

Water:Hardend Water Drill(a giant drill of water that forms on my arm)

Wind:Air Cannon Jutsu(self explanitori but I shoot concentraited air from my mouth)Air Blade Jutsu(concentrat chakra into a Kunai and slash long thin lines of chakra that can cut through steel)Vaccume Jutsu(I make an air tight Vaccume jutsu around my enamy and sufficate them)

Earth:Earth bullets(slam my hand on the ground and small cylinders of earth launch at my enamy only problem is it goes in a straight line)Metior Shower(using dragon's breath and Earth bullets I can make mini metiors fall from the sky)Stone Skin(like Kakuzu's only I can still move my body)

Lightning:Lightning blade(Kakashi's signituer move)Lightning blade Neku style(I charge the lightning blade up and launch my hand at my enamy)

Static charge(covers an area in electricity so who ever steps in it can't move works up to 1 yard most used to 60ft my math sux just in case 60ft is a yard)

Noticable featuers:Electric blue hair with Violet streaks,Red eyes,Wears eather anbu clothing or an Orange shirt with blue shinobi pants and maskes when shirt is off

Weapons:Three pronged Kunai like the fourth Hokage uses and thread inside of body

Forms of Plasmate:

(Well mostly my favorite because theres a lot Notice:To all you who steal Plasmate's name,Forms,and Likeness be warned its copyright infringment for I made him up 3 years back and I own everything about him)

Plasmate: Controls plasma

Bloodmate: Controls blood

YinYangmate: Yin is peaceful Yang is Violent and deadly

Deathmate: A Skeletal like creature who carries a scythe

Oblivianmate: A creature who can destroy people's minds and send it into the voids of Oblivian

Armageddonmate: A glowing white creature who's power is so great he can create and destroy entire worlds

Favoret quotes

:"Art is fleeting then goes out with a bang"Deidara(Didn't deserve to die he was the best)

"Those who break the rules are scum those who leave their friends behind are worse then scum"Kakashi

"Logic has a brother his name is SHUT THE HELL UP!"Kakashi from Naruto abridged

Heir to Pein OC Yubel

I'm Not My Father

(Ok I sopose some explanation is in order See in My new story I'm working on its about Madara Uchiha but not the one we all know and think is uber bad ass but is also a complete jerck but his son now the thing is along with sealing away the Kyuubi The fourth sealed Madara's powers into his eyes you know Teleporting with out seals or hand signs and ability to have some attacks pass through him so his son was given his eyes meaning he has the perfect sharingan before I get yelled at he's not uber powerfull he can hardly use the Mongekyou sharingan FYI His looks like a demon wind shuriken the one they used on Zabuza you know the one anyway he also has a new affinity Amaterasu we all know this as Itachi's unstoppable black fire well its his affinity any complaints will be handled by the complaint department of TO F-ING BAD its My story and I think its damn good anyway thank you for reading)

XV-The Cerulean Shadow

(Ok so heres an explanation I have bashing around my head like a ricocheting bullet in my head about Naruto and Organization 13 now I'm not trying to copy an Idea from someone sorry if it seems like that but its original swear to god...Jashin...Kami whoever anyone who's reading this that worships one of them I apologize to you strict religious types yes Naruto is trained by the Organization but you have to read o find the twist)

(This is what Naruto looks like yes I know its Zexion but when you read you'll under stand)

B-R-O-T-H-E-R-S Got It Memorized?

(Ok I first want to thank EroSlackerMicha for the story Idea sort of I took small aspects of his story Naruto Prince of Thieves Great story look it up any way its as you can tell a naruto Kingdom hearts cross over no pairing established yet but it may be Fuu to get more of the pairing out there anyway Axel and Xemnas are in Konaha looking for new locations for a castle all the members are alive btw and they see naruto getting beaten up and Axel takes him back to the world that never was and Naruto is trained I'm not giving some of my secrets away but I can say for all you Axel fans boys for his Awesome Kick assness and Girls for obvious reasons He has awesome super ability's in the Naruto world his command of fire is the simplest thing he can do the others are a secret oh and I am Having an OC contest for anyone who wans to enter I will post this in the first chapter so think hard because they will be in here they will be a main character and they will be amazing ok so start thinking oh and one more spoiler Team VIII will be Naruto the Azure Flame, Roxas the Key of Destiny, and Xion the Key of Fate I know she doesn't have a title but come on give her a break ok and their sensei is the ONE THE ONLY ETERNAL FLAME HIMSELF GIVE IT UP FOR AXEL!! so stay tuned I'll have a poll up for Axel's powers soon)

Naruto The Azure Terror of Death

(One night Naruto is being beaten to death until he is saved by the Azure Knights and brought to the capital of the twilight village Mac Anu where his Uncle Ovan adopts him because his Brother(Being the Minato Namikaze/Fourth Hokage/Yellow Flash if you still don't know who he is then look it up)didn't understand his mistake during the time he was in the Twilight village Naruto entered the acadamie and became a chunin but he returns to Konaha and becomes a Konaha Ninja(If you think the Chunin part is to over powering then send me a message plz)now heres what happend to the fox he fused with Naruto but something took its place the legendary demon said to rival the fox's power Skeith the Terror of Death(so the Akatsuki will take Skeith since they can't get the fox let me know if thats ok)Naruto will return to Konaha a master of three blades and also be known as the new Tri-edge is Konaha ready?)

Wake Up Call

(Ok not a good title I get it anyway this is my first Final Fantasy 13 story involving Hope and Lightning it goes like this its been a year after the whole issue and lightning is still with the Gaurdians and her partner is an OC named Kai, anyway one day they get a call and go to investigate only to find that Hope is being abused by his father and now lightning has to try and raise him while trying to help him become the boy she once new)

The Will of Megatron

So Its like this on his 4th birthday naruto is attacked by a mob[insert cleche comment here] anyway and while the kyuubi is forced to suffer and heal naruto one force deep with in Naruto isnt going to take it laying down the once powerfull ruler of the decepticons Megatron(G1/ War for cybertron version)

Challenges:Ok so I see a lot of people saying Challenge by and I'm thinking ok why not I have some ideas I want to see how well someone can handle a challenge of my own and fyi im not being a jerk or something honest I just have annoying standards like spelling and at least 1k for a chapter so I apologize in advanced ok here we go

1.Oblivion:Ok so here's the drill I love the game if you played it you know why one of my favoret parts is Darkbrother hood and Gray fox so heres the challange I don't care which one you pick but I would like to see Naruto brought into the Dark brother hood resulting in a Dark/Skilled/Smart/Untrusting person but deep down cares for who ever you choose to be the love interest Or Adoptied by the Grey Fox resulting in a Grey/Cunning/Smart Naruto

2.Yugioh:Ok Here's the low down Instead of the fox sealed in naruto you have your choise of one of the egyption gods,Sacred beasts,Or Yubel you can add in the fox too if you want ok thats Option one Option two naruto is wounded and his arms legs and body of Exodia ok how he gets them i haven't the foggiest sorry about that the only Idea I have is he was the ancent protector of Konaha but what ever works for you go for it his attidtude should be Suspisious/Grey/and somewhat emotion less

3. Kamen Rider Double: Ok so a friend just introduced me to a great show called Kamen rider and it got me thinking about my favoret Kamen rider Skull who is a Hard-boiled detective as they say in the show so my challange is this Naruto Has the Skull memory and is a hard-boiled detective I recomend looking into Skull before attempting just to get his personality right here is a pic to help you describe naruto in Kamen rider form his attuded should be Grey/Smart/Cunning/and almost Emotionless other then that the only requierment is to make it a somewhat a mystery after all he is a detective anyway enjoy

4. Sherlock Holmes: Ok the out line is almost the same for my Kamen Rider Skull challange Naruto is a detective and must remain true to that even if he is a ninja or isnt your choice all I ask is minor research on Holmes' character so It can be mimicked into Naruto the attitude should be Smart/Cunning/Grey/Chipper/Serious/a tad bit over confident but only because he knows he's right not due to power and thats about it go nuts

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,179 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Published: 7/25/2009 - Akatsuki
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